15 GIFs only startup founders will understand

Being a startup founder can be isolating, but take heart. There are plenty of people out there who understand the struggle
Dec 12, 2019 • 2 minute read
Adam Smith @HomebrandAdam
Technical Co-pilot
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No matter what your startup journey has been like, there are certain experiences every founder understands

The road of a startup founder can be a solitary one, but be encouraged that you're not alone. There are certain scenarios just about every startup founder can identify with. We've presented them in the universal language of our society: the animated GIF. Enjoy!

1. When you get your first customer

2. When you try to release a new feature and break your entire sales funnel

 Find out why you should avoid feature bloat

3. What you're really thinking at board meetings

4. When a pushy B2B software salesperson keeps calling you

Find B2B software you actually need

5. When an employee leaves to join one of your competitors


6. When you're facing cashflow problems but have to act optimistic for the team

Learn how to fund your startup

7. When you're outgrowing your office space but you're still stuck in your lease

How to scale your office space sustainably

8. When customers complain that your product doesn't do something it was never intended to do


9. When your slide deck won't work during a pitch meeting

A VC shares the elements of a great pitch

10. When a potential investor asks a question you don't know the answer to


11. When your product breaks during a live demo

5 epic product demo fails

12. When your brilliant growth hacking strategy spectacularly backfires

Learn how to grow your business the right way

13. When the stress of running a startup gets to be a bit too much


14. When your engineering team keeps shipping bugs


15. When all the hard work and frustration finally pays off



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