Entrepreneur Brings Indian Food Right to Your Doorstep

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Most people work at least eight hours a day. After a long day’s work, they would just want to lay back, rest, and relax. Most of them prefer to buy takeout meals instead of cooking at home as the latter takes up one’s time. " Since the reconstruction of my shopping cart, I got an average of 3,000 views per month. Previously, it was only 900," Akhil shared.

Akhil Shah, a 25-year-old entrepreneur based in New Jersey, USA, wanted to cater to the needs of those people. He started an online store that delivers ready-to-cook meals to 11 different states. Some companies offered the same services, but Akhil’s business, “Chutney Chefs”, went the extra mile.

Chutney Chefs

“In America, the popularity of Indian food is increasing. However, to make these meals at people’s homes is fairly difficult. That is why most people have to rely on restaurants, takeout or frozen foods. Of course, one can hunt down a recipe, go shopping for specialty ingredients only to come back, and spend 40 - 45 minutes making a curry from scratch. Spending over a half hour on a recipe may be fun for some, but a sink full of pots, pans, cutting boards, and dishes isn’t for anyone,” Akhil shared.

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Other companies send their customers the ingredients needed for the recipe. Chutney Chefs made it easier on the customer’s end by preparing the ingredients ready for marinating and cooking. It saves time for the customers as all they have to do is mix the ingredients together - no need to peel and chop.

A single recipe from Chutney Chefs’ menu would only require 10 - 15 minutes of cooking. “They simply select their meals online, choose a complimentary side dish, and that’s all. The order arrives overnight at their doorstep, free of shipping fee. In their box, customers find pre-cut veggies, fully seasoned gravies, and even fresh garnish to complete the experience,” he said.         

Better Customer Experience

The project was well on its way. Plans of spending for Facebook ads were gaining traction. People were starting to notice Chutney Chefs, but Akhil knew that his business could do even better. He wanted a much better customer experience on his website, particularly on the shopping cart page.

“I am in a group on Facebook full of entrepreneurs from all around the world, and someone asked about where they can find social media managers. The group admin mentioned Freelancer.com as he used it for his digital magazine. I immediately checked it out and was taken aback by how simple and easy-to-use it was. I asked the group member about his experience and found out he uses it for almost all of his work because it’s much more cost-effective, but he still gets amazing results,” Akhil said.

Akhil then hired a freelancer to redesign and reconstruct Chutney Chefs’ shopping cart page.

Working with HITS was a phenomenal experience for Akhil. Like him, they never settled for mediocrity. Their topmost priority was customer satisfaction. They provided Akhil the best service they could. It was a win-win situation for both HITS and Akhil.

Akhil had high praises for his hired freelancer, “The best part about HITS is the fact that they have a team of both coders and quality checkers. It makes the life of any business owner so much easier because the work is double checked before you even have a chance to review it.”

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Since the reconstruction of Akhil’s online shopping cart, customers have been patronizing his company even more. The results Chutney Chefs is experiencing now is the product of the joint determination and perseverance of Akhil and HITS.

Great Mix of Hard Work and Passion

“It’s crazy to think about the impact this entire project has had on me. All I wanted from the beginning was for people to order my meals because I worked hard to make an innovative concept come to life. Last year, I even quit my steady full-time job because I was so passionate about this.

To think that while sitting in a small café in New Jersey, I can design a cart on Photoshop, send it to someone in another part of the world via the internet, and to have it translated into a fully functional checkout process is insane,” shared Akhil.

Freelancer.com made it possible for Akhil. Let’s make your great ideas come to life. Post a project now!

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