Create logo for HEMA Regnum Nabarrorum

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I would like to receive logo proposals for the Association of Historical Fencing Regnum Nabarrorum.

HEMA Regnum Nabarrorum.
We are an association of study and perfection of historical fencing.

Important that text and logo image can be separated, for its use separately.



“Great work!”

个人主页照片 NekaneEsquinas, Spain.




  • NekaneEsquinas
    • 8 个月 之前

    the weapons that appear in the logo do not have to be just florets, in medieval recreation wide swords are used ... two-handed swords ... ... bracamartes...bukler .... long sword... etc

    • 8 个月 之前
    1. manuelgonzalez91
      • 7 个月 之前

      The design of Uthpala D. #57 is a copy, please check all links: Copy of the warrior:

      Copy of the swords:

      • 7 个月 之前
  • Dahf
    • 7 个月 之前

    Please check #60

    • 7 个月 之前
  • SandipBala
    • 7 个月 之前

    Hi, check my Entry #52

    • 7 个月 之前
  • DepartmentS
    • 8 个月 之前

    Will entries that in anyway reference the flag for the Kingdom of Benin be welcomed, applauded or unceremoniously shown the exit? I'm guessing the answer's the latter, but I continually live in hope of the former and it never hurts to ask...

    • 8 个月 之前
    1. NekaneEsquinas
      • 8 个月 之前

      all the logos until now make more reference to the traditional fencing (sports) than to the old fencing that is also practiced with other weapons.

      We are looking for something more aggressive and that is out of the current line of logos that people are sending. think something whit a raven ....a sword and a shield us the winner.

      • 8 个月 之前
    2. DepartmentS
      • 8 个月 之前

      : )... Sounds very reasonable - now that people know that you're in with a chance of getting what you need. I'll stick my head in later, see how you're getting on. But now people have a more distinct description to work towards - you shouldn't have any difficulty getting it nailed. My very best to you, M : )

      • 8 个月 之前



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