Design a Landing Page Website Mockup for a classified ads website

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We are looking for creative designers who can help us to get what we want for our landing page which would possibly led us to make agreement for sub pages.

Our website is As you may understand, it’s a Classifieds Ads website where users will register, post items that they would like to sell, rent or provide and visitors will see and contact with ad poster through a tel number or private message. The monetization of the website will be from;

1) Ad upgrades (Which will be presented in the ad post form just before the confirmation)
2) Ad banners

Currently we used a ready made template: from But i don't like because it's not very useful. Keeping above in mind, We want our new design to be new fashion style. The designs that look nice in large screen.

The pages that i require mocked up:
1) Home Page
2) Search results page
3) Ad Details Page

Please note that the site will be a responsive design so please also show mockups for tablet and mobile as well as desktop for all above pages.

So Here are the details of what i want, what i expect and what i don't like.

We have got 7 main categories as follows;

Real Estate
For Sale

which all above have their own sub-categories. These are the default main categories which the registered user will post ad to.

In addition, registered users will be able to upgrade their ads to some specific categories at the last step before the confirmation step. which will be easily access from the home page. These specific featured ad categories are:

Fire Sale
Price Drop
Expat Living
New Ads 48h / 7d / 30d
Deals of Day
Private Tutors
Lost & Found

I would like to display at home page:
1) All above main categories
2) Respective Ads in these main categories (Optional)
3) All featured categories
4) Respective Ads in these featured categories (Optional)
5) Blog Posts
6) Search menu, top menu, header, footer, logo
7) Top Searched Terms (Optional)
8) Horizontal and square Ad (Ad blocks optional, not necessary)

I can give you some examples:

1) has got only main categories in their home page.
2) has got both main and featured categories. Featured categories are at the top of the main categories on the left side of the page as you may see at

What I like:
1) has wider layout than normal website. It makes the website new fashion website and allow the website components to be presented in better and bigger.

2) I'd like to add fontawesomeicon into main categories

3) I'd like to separate the featured ads in to its own title, similar to our website: I don't like dopdown selectable as in gumtree.

4) I'd like to have ads area between the blocks as in at home page.

5) i'd like to have blog entries at the home page similar to gumtree.

6) I'd like to have Top seaches, tag cloud in the homepage as well.

7) We can make the main menu at the top right corner.

8) I'd like to have mouse hover action for ads, categories, buttons. similar to our website:

9) gumtree has presented long search bar along with category selection, logo on the left, and you can include in "area names" and search button, but not miles/distance.

10) gumtree has also nice squares or rectangles below the search field which is nice.

What i don't like:
1) featured ads in their home page are quite big. I would like to fit 8 nos ads into one row. in smartphone: 2 ads in one row. in addition, the ad can be smaller hight than gumtree homepage.

Many thanks for reading and I appreciate to who make entries in advance.



  • marcelocintraa
    • 8 年 之前

    Hello , please wait my work. Is under development

    • 8 年 之前
    1. monmohonsingha76
      • 8 年 之前

      Fonts used: "Book Antiqua"

      • 8 年 之前
    2. marcelocintraa
      • 8 年 之前

      Thank you

      • 8 年 之前
  • anazavavjf
    • 8 年 之前

    Sir, please wait,

    • 8 年 之前
    1. troy17
      • 8 年 之前

      take your time to make something good. A reminder: This is general classified ads website.

      • 8 年 之前
  • troy17
    • 8 年 之前

    Please note that I require the following pages:
    1) Home Page
    2) Search results page
    3) Ad Details Page

    And design will be a responsive design so please also show mockups for tablet and mobile as well as desktop for all above pages.

    • 8 年 之前
    1. troy17
      • 8 年 之前

      @hendrilubis @eminhadzi238 don't make entry. I won't work with any unpolite.

      • 8 年 之前
    2. troy17
      • 8 年 之前

      @inbs this is the project with this price. thanks.

      • 8 年 之前
  • inbs
    • 8 年 之前

    I'll submit home page first and upon its approval and getting the budget increased I'll do other 2 pages

    • 8 年 之前
    1. troy17
      • 8 年 之前

      Don't make entry if you have condition!

      • 8 年 之前



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