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I have an artistic project of my own, using my Instagram to showcase my illustrations/creative writing/copywriting. My brand is called Mirador Interno (internal viewpoint/inner lookout is a non exact translation of the phrase). Think of the name as referencing to a spiritual understanding of ourselves, a way to 'look out' to our souls. That's what I mean with the name.

As for the logo, I would like a imagotype because I want a logo I can adapt to different formats. (For example, I want to use the logo as my Instagram profile picture but as you know, the size is limited and the format is circular, so text would not be read correctly. So I would prefer to use just the image for the profile picture and the complete imagotype logo for other purposes such as business cards, branding, etc.)

I would like a clear, sans serif, font. I am open to chunky fonts but not childish looking, something professional. I am also open to narrow fonts but something that is not difficult to read. I am also open to fonts that have a peculiar aspect to them, but again, nothing childish. See attached for examples, but I would like it best if the font is made by you, as I greatly value creativity and originality.

As for the graphic aspect of the logo, I would like an eye (like the 3rd eye. All seeing eye. Pineal gland) and a representation of a lookout, whether in the form of a paradise or a window. But again, I value creativity so as long as I feel the idea I have is being represented, I am open to different ideas. The representation of the idea does not have to be literal, it can be subjective, but still easy enough for the interpreter to get it.

What is most important to me is that when a person sees the logo, they get the idea: A place where you can see illustrations/writing related to spirituality, the finding of self, the search within. As for colors, I really like purple, so you can work with a monochromatic palette or with complimentary colors that go with it. If you have other color ideas, add them as I am open to other ideas. Also would like to stay away from narrow designs because they can be hard to read over a illustrative background, I would like more stamp-like designs. (See attached for what I mean)

Colors I definitely don't want: Grey, Black (nothing boring), not a huge fan of dominant Green or Red.

If you guys think you can also achieve an isologotype that fits my needs (usable and recognizable on the IG profile pic and also usable and readable on print/branding) I am also open to isologotype ideas, since I realize a stamp-like logo might look better as an isologotype. See attached for what I mean.



“Complete sweetheart, got the idea of what I wanted quickly, fixed corrections quickly, and delivered work on time with editables and extra features! Would definitely recommend to anyone! ”

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  • Maa930646
    • 6 个月 之前

    Hi Ch please check #47 , #48 ..Thanks

    • 6 个月 之前
  • hiisham78
    • 6 个月 之前

    Kindly take a look at entry #37 please. I have provided several color variants of the concept. Thank you

    • 6 个月 之前
  • giomenot
    • 6 个月 之前

    Please check #21 , #22 , #23 , #24 , i choose a different concept for your logo.

    • 6 个月 之前
  • hiisham78
    • 6 个月 之前

    Entry #19 for your review

    • 6 个月 之前
  • lukar
    • 6 个月 之前


    • 6 个月 之前



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