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Authentic Gaming is premium live casino supplier. We are streaming roulette from luxury casinos around the world, and our games are available in top on-line casinos.
Right now we are live from 5 different locations (USA, Denmark, Romania, Italy, Georgia), much more locations are coming.

We are offering a lobby with all our games (see example in the attachment).
However, we would like to create View 2 of lobby - instead of thumbnails with games, present to players world map and highline the idea that they could play from different locations around the globe. We produce a video which shows the best this strategy: [login to view URL]
We would like to ask you for some mock-ups how it might look like, and then develop that with coding in-house.

(All mock-ups should be in 2 versions: desktop and mobile).

# Mock-up 1: General map/view
· World map with casinos from where we are live (notice: sometimes it might be more than one casino per country).
· Legend with: Authentic Roulette, Authentic Roulette Premium, Casino Floor Studio, Auto Roulette

# Mock-up 2: Picking up a country
· Way of highlighting when somebody is picking up specific country/casino (few ideas: when we click a location, there is zoom effect to the country). Any animation ideas welcome.

# Mock-up 3: Chosen country
When we already choose country/casino, there will be following information:
· Name of country/flag
· Name of casino
· Short description (1-2 sentences).
· Photo of property/table
· Example of games (sometimes is just one stream from casino, sometimes there are 4)

# Lobby, additional features:
Place for logo
Information about balance
Possibility to switch from map view to thumbnail view

You could work on example from Italy (there are 3 games there).
Details are as follow, assets attached:

Saint Vincent
Games available: Authentic Roulette Superieur, Authentic Roulette Professional, Authentic Roulette Original

I am happy to answer any question which might help you to understand product better.

Thank you for your help! :-)



  • creationidea
    • 10 个月 之前

    Dear contest holder please check #17 , Thank You

    • 10 个月 之前
  • babupipul001
    • 10 个月 之前

    Working, please wait..

    • 10 个月 之前
  • greenarrowinfo
    • 10 个月 之前

    Working, please wait..

    • 10 个月 之前
  • jimist
    • 10 个月 之前

    can you extend 1 more week? #extended

    • 10 个月 之前
  • ProUiUx
    • 10 个月 之前 link dead

    • 10 个月 之前
  • simpion
    • 11 个月 之前

    Kindly extend this contest for another day :)

    • 11 个月 之前
  • EverTechnology
    • 11 个月 之前


    • 11 个月 之前
  • SonjaNZ
    • 11 个月 之前

    Hello, it would be much appreciated if you could extend the contest. Thank you in advance.

    • 11 个月 之前
  • alen91k
    • 11 个月 之前

    So you only need design ideas,mockups for the layout and you're going to make it? Or you need the whole thing in a readyforuse package?

    • 11 个月 之前
  • KsWebPro
    • 11 个月 之前

    #extended - i found your contest too late and I really want to work on it.

    • 11 个月 之前
  • Johnelvin
    • 11 个月 之前

    hi! cant open the Google Drive. Its Not Found(Error 404).

    • 11 个月 之前
    1. DagBat
      • 11 个月 之前

      Hi @John! It's enough to delete dot in the end of the sentence. Here you have:

      • 11 个月 之前
  • adixsoft
    • 11 个月 之前

    Working on it...

    • 11 个月 之前



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