Logo design for startup company


A logo design is needed for a financial startup named AtomiFi. To bid on this job, please submit one or more concept sketches of a proposed logo. These sketches can be rough, in pencil, photographs of a sketchbook, etc. Once the logo designer is selected and awarded the Freelancer job, the designer will do additional work to tweak the logo, perfect it, finalize it, and deliver in vector artwork format.

About AtomiFi:
The business is a new combination of Real Estate and Finance
A unique aspect of the business is “atomification” which means breaking something up into smaller pieces
The target audience is real estate investors and investment fund managers.
Key messages are:
Liquidity – we make it quick and easy to get access to your money, change it to cash whenever wanted
Transparency – people can see exactly what is happening inside their investment properties
Efficiency – we eliminate a lot of the waste and inefficiency that is currently found in the real-estate investment market

Logo requirements:
The logo should either have a separate graphical symbol, or the entire logotext should form a distinct graphical symbol. The graphical symbol which can be used either alongside the full logo with text, or as a standalone symbol, and could allow for flexibility in layout (for example, symbol could be placed above logotext in certain uses).

- Mastercard – uses a graphic symbol that is separate from the logotext, but is also used with the logotext overlaid on the symbol
- McDonalds - uses a graphic symbol that represents the first letter of the name, and which can be used alone, or together with the logotext.
- Coca-Cola - the entire text has a graphical treatment that makes it a whole symbol
Symbol should convey the idea of "atomification", breaking things down into sub-elements, making it easier to buy real estate because it can be purchased in smaller components.
It would be good if the symbol implied real estate
Is unique and immediately visually distinct from other logos. Instantly recognizable, and memorable.
Conveys a professional tone and appearance, in alignment with the target audience (vs. whimsical, etc.)

Other desired logo attributes:

Simple, and not overly adorned or embellished
Easy to reproduce in various sizes, and would look good on a variety of implementations including web, print, mobile, billboard, etc.
Works in both color and black and white
Looks good on a dark background, or light
Can scale to small sizes and still be legible
Use a minimal color palette (no more than 2 or 3 colors)
Should be delivered as both a vector Adobe Illustrator .eps file and as a high-res transparent PNG image.



“Great job!”

个人主页照片 atomifi, United States.






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