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    ...the software for free for 3 days (this can record MAC, hard disk number, QQ number can be). During free use, the user needs to share it with 2 users to use normally. Otherwise, every 3 hours, the software will automatically stop running. Every month, every user, regardless of sharing with several users, must have 2 shared users who have logged in before (during one month) Leave 2 pictures of the ad position above the software, click to jump, leave 2 font ads below the software, click to jump The software can't connect to the server or can't open, can't log in, etc. It automatically detects whether the connected server is attacked. In a few seconds, it can't connect to the replacement server and connect to another server. I will prepare 2 servers for this. ...

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    English Version of the Ad is below ! 诚聘APP开发程序员/团队,负责开发一款提供特定服务的APP(类似滴滴快车但非打车服务),用户群暂时以上海当地用户为主。APP界面的设计将由我们具体负责,因此不会有太多APP界面的设计工作。 关于APP: 简单而言我们想实现让用户通过APP找到其所在地点附近的愿意提供服务的“服务提供方”,并可以在线支付相关服务,支付完成后部分费用归服务提供方部分归我们。具体而言APP应有以下特点: 1、即时服务:需求方可以实时找到附件1-3千米内的有意提供服务的服务提供方。选定服务时APP应显示费用和里程; 2、预约服务:需求方可通过APP预约服务,APP将显示费用和里程; 3、定位及跟踪:用户可在APP的地图上对服务提供方位置进行跟踪; 4、发布特定服务需求:用户可在特定板块发布服务需求(包括服务内容、费用、地点、上传图片),在收到需求回复时用户可收到相应通知; 5、评价系统:需求方和服务提供方的评价系统; 我们希望你: 1、熟悉支付宝、微信支付、银行卡支付嵌入相关技术 2、熟悉地图和定位服务嵌入相关技术 3、熟悉用户评价系统的相关编程 4、熟悉编程技术及相关法律法规 5、能够在5个月内完成APP的开发 6、有创业精神的年轻人优先! 价格: 我们愿意支付合理的市场价格,支付方式可以是固定费用或按小时计费,具体面议。 We are looking for an app developer/coder, for a social service app based in Shanghai China. The app first feature is in some way similar to 滴滴快车. Monetizat...

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    ...page:choose a city like (cookie remember the city that user the return user will go straight to the 2nd page ) the 2nd page please see and its their 1st the top of this page ,there are buttons 【切换 城市,切换英文版(this is link to another site),免费发帖,我的账号,所在城市名称(press go to the main page ,which is 2nd page),招工,群聊讨论或信息,广告说明,购买广告】 the 3nd page just ad page which is posted by website gonna have lots advertising in the middle and two sides ,so will need change and update in future. no need register to post but if use an email to register an account can manage the ads. when posting need fill title ,location,descraption, all in chinese please cookie remembers the ads were read show in red colour. when user browse different

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    主要为英语配音,包括其他语种,如日语/俄语/德语/西班牙语/阿拉伯语/葡萄牙语 dubbing for English and other languages, such as Jananese, Russian, etc.

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    发现国外很多cpc广告联盟的广告代码都是开头都是<script type="text/javascript"> 。 希望开发出一个软件可以刷类似下面广告代码 <script type="text/javascript"> //default pop-under house ad url clicksor_enable_pop = true; clicksor_adhere_opt='left'; clicksor_frequencyCap =0.1; durl = ''; clicksor_layer_border_color = ''; clicksor_layer_ad_bg = ''; clicksor_layer_ad_link_color = ''; clicksor_layer_ad_text_color = ''; clicksor_text_link_bg = ''; clicksor_text_link_color = ''; clicksor_enable_inter=true; </script> <script type="text/javascript" src=";pid=363400&sid=613988"></script> 而且希望软件只要放入广告代码就可以自动刷展示量,点击量

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    16通道AD数据采集,每一通道采样率10kbps. 可以通过网络、usb传输数据

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    Website Design 已经结束 left

    We're building a new website We need a clean, professional and kindly design to make visitors feel comfortable and trustable. These aspects must be considered: - Layout - Color - Font - Paragraph At least, there're 3 pages to be designed: - Home page (header, footer, Ad zone, product shortcut) - Product details (left product list, product information) - Discuss page (questions and answers, search)

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    ...Facebook carousel ads. This project requires someone who can design captivating, thought-provoking banners that are as engaging and graphically rich as the example provided. Responsibilities: Design 5 high-quality, graphic-rich banners for Facebook carousel ads. Ensure all designs are visually appealing and aligned with our brand identity. Deliver each banner tailored to the specifications of Facebook ad requirements. Requirements: Proven graphic design experience with a strong portfolio showcasing your abilities in creating high-quality digital advertisements. Expertise in graphic design tools such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, or Canva. Ability to work quickly without sacrificing quality, as this is an ongoing project with potential for more work on our Instagram accoun...

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    I'm seeking a proficient Social Media Manager to efficiently handle my Facebook and Instagram accounts as well as Google ad campaigns. Primary tasks would include: - Creative content development - Ad campaign design and implementation - Thorough analytics tracking - Paid social media handling Importantly, the primary objective of this endeavor is lead generation. Therefore, I would appreciate someone with a proven track record in organic and paid lead generation. Experience in Google Ads and familiarity with the dynamics of Facebook and Instagram interfaces would give you a competitive edge over others.

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    ...banner ads, video ads, and native ads. - The goal is to increase the visibility of my blog, and potentially have it featured in the 'Discover' section. - Your responsibilities will include setting up the ad placements, optimizing their performance, and ensuring they are relevant to the content of the blog. Ideal candidates should possess: - Prior experience in monetizing websites, especially news blogs. - Proficiency in setting up and managing different types of online advertisements. - A good understanding of the Kannada language and the target audience's preferences to provide more relevant ad placements. - A proven track record of getting contents featured in the 'Discover' section. If you have the expertise and skills required to make my Kann...

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    I'm currently seeking a professional who excels in SEO and Facebook advertising. The scope of the project is primarily to increase our website traffic, improve our search engine ranking...seeking a professional who excels in SEO and Facebook advertising. The scope of the project is primarily to increase our website traffic, improve our search engine rankings, and boost our brand's awareness. The focus of this campaign will be directed towards local customers within the healthcare industry. Skills & Experience Required: -Proficient with SEO tools & techniques -Experience with Facebook ad campaigns -Understanding of the healthcare industry -Experience in targeting local markets -Strategy development and execution for increasing brand awareness -Familiar with perform...

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    I'm in need of an experienced digital marketer who can create a high-quality TikTok video ad for my personal account. The primary aim of this video ad is to generate leads and bookings for my hotel apartment business. I specifically want this ad to target business travelers, so understanding their preferences and requirements is crucial. Key Requirements: - The style of the video ad should be informative and straightforward. It should clearly and concisely communicate the benefits and unique selling points of my hotel apartment. - The video ad should be engaging and relevant to the target audience. The ideal candidate should have a good understanding of the preferences, interests, and behavior of business travelers. - Prior experience creating succ...

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    ...specifically target a Business-to-Business (B2B) audience. Key Requirements: - Adjust Audience Targeting: I need the freelancer to adjust the targeting settings in Google Ads to exclude consumers and focus solely on businesses. This is crucial for the success of my campaign. - Optimize for B2B Conversions: The ideal candidate should have experience in B2B advertising. I want to ensure that the ad copy, creatives, and overall strategy are tailored for business professionals and decision-makers. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong Background in Google Ads: You should have a proven track record of running successful Google Ads campaigns with a focus on audience targeting. - B2B Advertising Expertise: Experience in B2B advertising is a big plus, as you'll need to underst...

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    I'm in need of an expert in Facebook advertising. My intention is to sell a yoga fitness course designed for both men and women aged 20-50, who are job professionals. The hired freelancer should: - Have a deep understanding of Facebook ads targeting - Be able to write compelling ad copy to engage potential participants - Have experience in crafting high conversion ads specifically for fitness or health-related courses Ideal Skills: - Facebook Advertising - Copywriting - Marketing Strategy - Experience in fitness industry (preferably yoga) marketing. Looking forward to your proposals!

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    ...a pressing need for a Facebook ad manager. My company would greatly benefit from someone who can consult on the best methods and strategies when it comes to ad management, specifically focusing on ad placement and ad creative. Key responsibilities will include: - Set-up, targeting, creation, and design of Facebook Ads related to my business. - Performance tracking and optimization to guarantee the best results from our advertising efforts. The ideal freelancer would have extensive experience in managing Facebook Ads and a proven track record in driving web traffic and generating leads. Your ability to provide expert advice on targeting audiences will be pivotal for our success. In a nutshell - I need someone who can take ownership of managing my Facebook ...

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    I'm looking for a social media marketing expert who can help me increase brand awareness on Facebook. Key Responsibilities: - Create and manage Facebook ad campaigns to target young adults (18-24) in an engaging and effective manner. - Regularly monitor, analyze and report on the performance of these campaigns. Ideal candidate: - Proven experience in social media marketing with a focus on increasing brand awareness. - Specific expertise in Facebook advertising. - Understanding of the preferences and behavior of young adults. - Strong analytical skills to measure and improve campaign effectiveness. Knows how to run facebook ads knows how to run political ads is a plus but not a must Please provide examples of successful campaigns you've managed in the past. Your wo...

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    I'm looking for an experienced game developer to create 3000 HTML5 games for my site, compatible with both desktop and mobile devices. Key Requirements: - Extensive experience in HTML5 game development - Ability to develop a variety of game genres (puzzle, action, sports, etc.) - Knowledge of integrating Adsense or other ad platforms within HTML5 games Please note that the exact details of ads placement have been left open.

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    busco una consultoria por un par de horas para terminar de configurar una cuenta de pinterest con shopify. Que sea a modo de pantalla compartida y solo por un par de horas

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    Project Overview: We are launching the inaugural Zari Art Prize, an international competition celebrating exceptional artistic talent. We need engaging and dynamic short ad videos to promote the prize on TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram. Objective: Create eye-catching and engaging short ad videos that attract artists to participate in the competition and encourage art enthusiasts to follow and support the event. Key Messages: 1. Announce the launch of the Zari Art Prize. 2. Highlight the benefits of participating: • Gain international recognition • Have work reviewed by esteemed judges • Win prestigious awards and cash prizes 3. Mention that the exhibition of shortlisted works will take place in November in London. 4. Include a call to action: "Submit You...

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    I need a TikTok agency business center that has worldwide targeting. And the BC should have a quota of creating 300 ad accounts.

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    ...Monitor and manage the Telegram support channel, providing timely assistance to community members. Community Building on Telegram Utilize ClickUp for task management, ensuring all responsibilities are tracked and completed efficiently. Demonstrate strong organizational skills to manage a wide range of tasks effectively. Exhibit self-discipline and a commitment to meeting deadlines consistently. Ad-hoc Tasks: Be ready to handle unexpected tasks Qualifications and Skills: To excel in this role, the ideal candidate should possess the following qualities and abilities: Strong knowledge of cryptocurrency and finance, with the capacity to stay updated on industry trends. Proficiency in using Excel for data management and reporting. Exceptional communication and negotiation sk...

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    I need a video ad edited it’s only 00:50 in running time THIS IS THE VIDEO I NEED EDITED: YOU MAY USE CLIPS FROM HERE: THIS IS WHAT I NEED IT EDITED AS:

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    Modern Ad Design for Dr Diet 6 天 left

    I need an engaging ad designed for my brand, Dr Diet. The target audience is Fitness enthusiasts and the ad will primarily be used on social media. Key Points: - for my Dietician and personal training brand - Target Audience: The ad should be captivating for young adults, providing a fresh, modern appeal. - Platform: As the primary platform for this ad is social media, the design should be adaptable to different social media formats. - Style: I'm aiming for a modern and sleek design. It should be eye-catching and reflect the essence of the Dr Diet brand. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in graphic design, particularly for social media platforms. - Understanding of modern advertising trends, especially those tailored to young adult audiences. - A...

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    My main objective is to drive product sales through a focused Google ad campaign. I need a freelancer that can: - Understand the beauty industry and the dynamics of promoting online courses. - Harness this understanding to create a strategic Google ad campaign, aimed at intermediate learners. The campaign should stand out visually but also contain content that speaks directly to intermediate learners looking to improve their beauty expertise. Experience in the beauty industry is desirable, but more importantly, I'm looking for someone who can demonstrate a solid track record in managing successful Google ad campaigns tailored to specific audiences. Familiarity with online education platforms is a plus.

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    ...for an adept After Effects designer to create a mockup ad promo keeping a calm and professional tone. This project will focus predominantly on text animations with an occasional presence of other elements. Key Deliverables: - The mockup should be designed around text animations, and such animations must be of high quality and engaging. - The ad promo should have a calm and professional theme, consistently appealing to everyday consumers. - Although the emphasis is on text animations, if applicable, feel free to incorporate creative ideas that will increase the appeal to our targeted audience. Ideal Skills & Experience: - A strong portfolio showcasing your prowess in After Effects, especially in text animations. - Previous work on ad promos geared towards every...

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    I'm looking for a skilled professional who can help me generate leads with a new Google Ads campaign in Saudi Arabia. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in Arabic language is a must - Extensive ...Experience: - Proficiency in Arabic language is a must - Extensive experience in Google Ads, particularly in lead generation - Familiarity with the Saudi Arabian market and audience preferences Key Objectives: - Tailoring the existing Google Ads campaign to target the right audience in Saudi Arabia - Ensuring the ad effectively generates leads for my web design and development business - Incorporating a clear call-to-action for people to reach out via WhatsApp or phone call after clicking on the ad Please include "I know Arabic" in your bid to indicate you...

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    Google Search Expert Wanted 5 天 left

    I'm in need of a Google search expert to help with keyword research and ad campaign management. Key Tasks: - Keyword Research: The primary goal of this research is to increase website traffic. The expert should be able to identify high-performing keywords for our industry. - Ad Campaign Management: The target audience for these campaigns are national customers. The expert should be able to set up and manage effective campaigns on Google. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in keyword research and search engine optimization. - Track record of successful ad campaign management, particularly for national audiences. - Knowledge of Google's advertising platform and its functionalities. - Ability to analyze data and optimize campaigns for better per...

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    ...and Facebook, identifying child-friendly content that resonates. - Email Marketing: Creation of engaging email campaigns, possibly featuring game previews or related content targeted towards parents and children. - Influencer Partnerships: Experience in identifying and collaborating with child-friendly influencers who can promote the game. - Google and Facebook Ads: Proficiency in managing ad campaigns on these platforms to effectively reach our target audience. - Main Objective: The primary goal of this marketing campaign is to enhance brand recognition and to gather more emails/ followers on Kickstarter before launch. The candidate should have a proven track record of executing brand awareness campaigns and be able to tailor strategies specifically to a my target audienc...

    $9 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    I'm in need of a digital marketing expert who can set up and manage a Facebook Ads campaign focused on generating leads for my business. Key Requirements: - Proficiency in managing Facebook Ads, particularly in generating leads - Demonstrable experience in successful lead generation campaigns - Insight into developing effective ad creatives and audience targeting strategies - A track record of delivering quantifiable results in terms of lead generation Your responsibilities will include: - Setting up and structuring the campaign - Carrying out continuous monitoring, analysis, and optimization - Providing regular reports on campaign performance and lead generation metrics - Proactively suggesting new strategies to enhance lead generation efficiency The ideal candidate should...

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    ...among professionals aged between 35 and 56. Number of 3 different creative has to provide by designer Key Requirements: - Design a series of engaging, professional-looking static images. - Ensure the images are appealing and suitable for a middle-aged professional audience. - Prior experience in creating Facebook ad campaigns, particularly static image ads, is a plus. - A keen understanding of lead generation strategies and how to incorporate them into visual content. ***** The Ad should be a clear message content to the viewer - A readable phone number - with looking commercial building photo******* and neat looking with an attractive professional look Your role will be pivotal in driving the success of our campaign, so I'm looking for someone with a strong track...

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    ? Calling All Visionary Video Editors! My name is Linus, founder of an innovative advertising agency based in Norway. We’re on a mission to transform advertising through compelling video content that not only engages but inspires. As we prepare for ambitious expansions, including breaking into the dynamic Chinese market, we are searching for the best video editing talent out there. Why Join Us? • Innovate: Work on groundbreaking projects that redefine advertising standards. • Expand: Be part of our exciting expansion into new markets, starting with China. • Collaborate: Join a diverse team of creatives from Norway and beyond, all driven to create stunning visual stories. We are looking for professionals who are passionate about video editing and eager to push cr...

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    ...my e-commerce website. The tool should be capable of processing data from around 30,000 products across 5-10 different stores. Key Requirements: - Cross-reference 30,000 products from 5-10 stores: The tool should be able to analyze and compare prices for a substantial number of products across multiple listed stores. - Avoiding Captcha and ad blockers: The tool should be designed to function effectively while avoiding common barriers like Captcha or ad blockers. - User-friendly filters: The tool should offer a variety of filters to help users refine their search results. - Display results directly on product pages: The comparison results should be integrated and displayed on the corresponding product pages. Or through a widget function. Project Scope: - Estimated 3,0...

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    I need a professional to set up and run a LinkedIn ad campaign with the main goal of generating leads for my business. Key Requirements: - The focus of this campaign should be on lead generation. - The campaign should initially run for one week, with potential for extension should it prove successful. Preferred Platforms: - I am specifically interested in advertising on LinkedIn. Ideal Freelancer: - Experience with LinkedIn advertising and lead generation is a must. - Proven track record of delivering successful ad campaigns. - Strong analytical skills to evaluate campaign performance. Please provide a brief overview of your past experience with LinkedIn ad campaigns and your strategy for lead generation. I'm open to suggestions on how the campaign can be op...

    $150 (Avg Bid)
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    ...enterprise, a website dedicated solely to football video highlights. The aim of this platform is to attract viewers and generate ad revenue. Requirements: - **Video Highlights:** I prefer to source the video highlights from an existing API, such as the one from This provides a vast selection of football action to draw in viewers. - **User Interface & Experience:** The website should be intuitively designed and easy to navigate. Users should be able to easily locate, access, and view their desired highlights. - **Revenue Generation:** The website should be optimized for ad placements. The goal is to maximize revenue from viewership through strategic ad positioning and formats. - **Scalability:** As a new enterprise, the site should be scalable and able to handl...

    $291 (Avg Bid)
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    I'm in the process of developing a website and considering the addition of advertisements. I'm open to the idea but haven't made a final decision yet. The policy for the site and the subscription model for advertisers are both areas that I would like further details on. - **Ad Placement & Frequency**: I'm considering incorporating advertisements but I haven't decided on the specifics yet. I would appreciate suggestions on where to place them and how frequently to show them. - **Subscription Model Design**: I'm leaning towards a subscription-based model for advertisers, however, I need assistance in designing this effectively. I'd like help in creating a pricing structure, subscription durations, and the benefits and features that would be i...

    $332 (Avg Bid)
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    I'm seeking a skilled web developer to create a responsive classified ad website with a blog section. Integration of the Stripe payment processor is a must. Key Details: - **Stripe Payment Integration**: You should be well-versed in integrating the Stripe payment processor into websites and ensuring smooth transaction processes. - **Blog Section**: The blog will focus on "Classified ad tips and tricks". Experience in setting up and maintaining engaging, informative blogs is important. - **State and City Pages**: I need pages for all states and relevant cities. Knowledge of SEO and how to structure these pages for optimal search engine visibility is a plus. - **Minimalist Design**: The website should be designed with a minimalist approach, emphasizing: - *...

    $250 - $750
    $250 - $750
    136 个竞标

    ...for the Facebook campaign is predominantly young adults and middle-aged adults. Therefore, understanding the psychology and preferences of these demographics, and crafting content that resonates with them is crucial. The ideal freelancer for this project should be adept at: - Creating engaging, sales-oriented content on both Facebook and TikTok - Demonstrating a strong understanding of Facebook's ad platform - Proficient at targeting specific age demographics - Providing regular analysis and reports on the performance of the campaigns - Capable of adjusting the strategy based on the results to ensure the best possible ROI It's imperative that the selected freelancer can provide evidence of similar successful campaigns they have managed in the past. A proposal with a c...

    $379 (Avg Bid)
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    I am looking for bidder to grow my fresh profile on Freelancer. Earlier I was working on Fiverr. I have served 600+ clients with 4.9 ratings on Fiverr. Now, I want to grow on this platform. My expertise are graphics designing, photoshop, Ad design, photo editing.

    $87 (Avg Bid)
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    Trophy icon Edit videos for my ads 5 天 left

    ...edit a short video clip for my ad. There are about 10 options to choose from. I will buy more than 10. Watch this loom: Edit the videos for my ad: Link to document: We want to add different beginnings to the VSL ad that is already working: VSL ad video that is working: Script for the ad: Script for the ad We want to use viral images to attract more people’s attention. Format: Beginning of the ad is a viral meme + cut to my recording + cut to body of the edited ad (old body that works) Beginning of the ad is a viral meme GC | Viral Memes + Middle of the ad is ME acting out something -

    $20 (Avg Bid)
    26 项参赛作品

    in need of a skilled photoshop designer who can create Facebook and Google ad sets for my med spa. The main goal of these campaigns is to generate leads. Please upload as samples for each treatment below and making sure all ads would be compliant to Facebook and google guidelines I will need 1 ad per treatment for our med spa for the following services. Once hired we will need 5 color variations for each ad. Key Treatments: - The ad sets will focus on a range of treatments, including Morpheus8, tri-Lift, Vampire Facials, and PRF Microneedling. - The ads should highlight the benefits of these treatments and why they are the perfect solution for anti-aging. Target Audience: - The target audience for these ads are individuals looking for anti-aging solutio...

    $157 (Avg Bid)
    加精 加保
    32 项参赛作品
    Trophy icon URGENT Animated AD Design 28 天 left

    Need an Amazing AD for Meta platforms and other digital ad spaces. The ad should feature our logo in a simple yet eye-catching animation, accompanied by additional text to convey a special sale message. so the design should be appealing. along with the logo animation. The text should be: Website design and deployment $299 when you mention Spring Sale and or “730” $675 Music Video Production sale. Payments plans available.

    $10 (Avg Bid)
    14 项参赛作品

    I'm looking for a skilled Google Ads speciali...industry: Understanding of the nuances and competitive landscape in the flight booking sector will be a significant advantage. - Lead Generation: Ability to strategize and implement tactics that result in a higher volume of quality leads. Your responsibilities will include: - Auditing the current campaign and making recommendations for improvement. - Keyword research and targeting optimization. - Ad copywriting and A/B testing. - Landing page optimization for lead generation. As my business and campaign are focused on international flights within the US, you should demonstrate a strong understanding of the travel industry in this context. The success of this project will be measured by the increase in quality leads generated fro...

    $142 (Avg Bid)
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    Animated AD Design Text based 5 天 left

    create a captivating ad for Meta platforms and other digital ad spaces. The ad should feature our logo in a simple yet eye-catching animation, accompanied by additional text to convey a special sale message. so the design should be straightforward and appealing. along with the logo animation. The text should be: Website design and deployment $299 when you mention Spring Sale and or “730” $675 Music Video Production sale. Payments plans available.

    $23 (Avg Bid)
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    21 个竞标

    I am looking for a talented designer to create a formal, elegant print ad. The purpose of this ad is to celebrate a significant achievement. SPECS: 4.85” W x 5.3” H in pdf Logos to Include: Dallas Business Journal 40 Under 40 LineQuest Other things to Include: 1. Picture of Shawn 2. Congratulations

    $274 (Avg Bid)
    加精 加保
    1042 项参赛作品

    I'm in need of a talented graphic designer who can create a brand new logo for my company "ABC Company" along with a compelling advertisement design. The logo is to be designed in a modern and minimalistic style. Key Requirements: - Company Logo: The logo should be a visual representation of my company, ABC Company, and should be created in a modern and minimalistic style. The design should be aesthetically pleasing and easily recognizable. - Advertisement Design: I require an advertisement design that compliments the logo created for ABC Company. The design should be engaging and attractive, utilizing cool colors such as blue, green, and purple. Ideal Skills: - Proven experience in graphic design, ideally with a strong portfolio of modern and minimalistic logos. - Profic...

    $23 (Avg Bid)
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    20 个竞标

    As a business that primarily gains leads through referrals, I'm eager to expand my reach with effective Facebook ad campaigns. I'm keen on briskly escalating my lead count. To achieve this, I seek a Facebook Ads expert with a proven track record in lead generation. Key tasks: - Design targeted Facebook ads to draw potential clients. - Track and adjust campaigns according to performance. Ideal Skills: - Experience in creating high-converting Facebook ad campaigns. - Proficiency in lead generation strategies. - Strong problem-solving skills to identify and fix poorly performing campaigns. - Extensive knowledge of Facebook Ads Manager. Is this your skillset? Bid on this project, and let's take my business to the next level.

    $75 (Avg Bid)
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    I'm looking for a professional web developer to help me build a platform that will serve as a combined social media, e-commerce, and membership site. Key Features: - **Membership Site**: - User registration and login. - Content access control. - Discussion forums. - Should be automated like Craigslist. - **E-commerce Integration**: - Tie-ins with PayPal for ad orders and other services. Content Types: - **Text and Images**: Regular textual and image-based posts. - **Videos**: Capability to upload and view videos. - **Audio Files**: Ability to upload and listen to audio. The ideal candidate for this project should have: - Strong experience in building complex, user-centric membership and e-commerce sites. - Proficiency with integrating payment gateways, espec...

    $7 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    I'm looking for an expert in Facebook Pixel who can help me set up this feature correctly on my Facebook ads account. I'm experiencing setup issues and need assistance in getting it right. My ultimate goal is to ...help me set up this feature correctly on my Facebook ads account. I'm experiencing setup issues and need assistance in getting it right. My ultimate goal is to increase my website traffic, generate leads, and boost my brand awareness through an effective Facebook ad campaign. Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in manual Facebook Pixel implementation. - Ability to troubleshoot setup issues. - Expertise in lead generation and brand awareness through Facebook ads. Your skills and experience should ultimately provide a seamless Facebook ad campaign that will ...

    $19 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    I'm seeking a sk...freelancer will be responsible for creating engaging ad content that resonates with our target demographic. - Weekly update of ad content is expected. This includes refreshing creatives, testing new strategies, and optimizing the campaign based on performance data. - The specialist must be able to analyze metrics, interpret results, and make data-driven decisions to improve the ROI of the campaign. The ideal freelancer for this project should have proven experience in Facebook ads management, particularly in the e-commerce sector. They should be adept at targeting diverse audiences, driving leads and sales, and continuously refining and improving ad performance. Please provide previous examples of successful multigenerational e-commerce Faceb...

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    ...course sign-ups - The primary aim of this project is to increase our student base by collecting potential students' information who are interested in our data analytics courses. YOUR ROLE: As the selected freelancer, your tasks would include: - Setting up Google Ads account and campaigns from scratch, tailored to the specific target audience and objectives. - Conducting keyword research to optimize ad performance. - Monitoring campaign performance, optimizing it for maximum lead generation. - Regularly providing reports on the campaign's performance and suggesting improvements. - Collaborating with our team to ensure the campaign aligns with Oure Academy's branding and values. REQUIRED SKILLS: - Proficiency in Google Ads and PPC campaign management. - Experience ...

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