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    5,893 App design mockup 搜到的工作,价格货币为 USD * We are requesting the following modifications to be made: * Add touch input so that it can be used on an iPad * Resize drawing canvas so that it fits our design scheme. A mockup screen will be provided with pixel dimensions for the canvas. * Move drawing tools from side of canvas to below canvas according to mockup *

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    iPad/iPhone Catalog App 已经结束 left

    ...iPad/iPhone catalog app framework, no graphics, just placeholders and popups where necessary. 6 functions: 1: Intro (function: Touch to Continue to #2) 2: Featured (Featured Item, data pulled from DB) 3: Products (Will provide mockup) 4: Product + Options (will provide mockup) 5: Cart (will provide mockup) 6: Paypal Checkout (no design other than wha...

    $250 - $750
    $250 - $750
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    iPhone App design mockup 已经结束 left iPhone app mockup + 2 icons + splashscreen for an iPhone app. The app is scrabble help app and there will be two pages: Search page Serach results page Please see the attached image for the basic layout of the first page. The black lines in the sketch represents a "scrabble shelf". The tiles(letters) need a nicer design a...

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    I need a designer to create a logo for a new site/product and the templates for the site. Additionally I need the icons and splash screen for an iPhone app (same product). Please read the details for more information before bidding. ## Deliverables The site template is to be coded in pure xHTML and CSS with support for all major browsers (IE7+, Chrome

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    I need to get a very simple iPHONE app developed. Bids can be divided for graphics design and for development. This project is for the development, but if design is included in the bid then it will be considered. Part 1 - Design – LOGOTYPE: a. Mockup 10: First page logotype b. Mockup 20: Little logo on top, same as (a) but smaller c. Logo shou...

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    We are looking for implementation of a fully designed mockup into a Static Iphone Web app. We will provide: - Designs for this web application (see attached file for mock up pages) - Design files in Illustrator - Most pages are fairly simple - Working Calendar selection feature - Working image gallery Looking for: - Fully implemented Statics

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    ...for iOS apps. I need the following: UI Suggestions and Improvements A fully rendered UI mockup with graphical elements for the app (all separate elements saved and organized by page in PNG format) App Logo (in each of the sizes necessary for iTunes) App Logo that is expanded for promotional materials (website, email, etc...) The wireframes have

    $1500 - $3000
    $1500 - $3000
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    ...designer with experience in User interface design for iphone. Please apply only if you have at least two iphone/ipad designs in the appstore. About current Job I will provide you a wireframe diagram explaining the concept for one screen. You have to design one more mockups for the screen. If I like your mockup I will award you the complete job. Budget

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    Simple iPhone & iPad app to stream radio stations! The design is (all graphics will be provided): - a splash page with logo of radio station - then a header with logo - a graphics banner - posibility to change stream to different radio programe (of the same radio station or group of radio stations) - a rotating banners field (managed by openX

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    ...those jobs as well. **Please provide a mockup of the main screen of the app, and submit it with your bid. I will only look at bids with mockups attached. **Please see the attached screenshot of an example home screen. Copy this format for your mockup, but make it specific to the app details below: This is for an app named "Check out my Mustache." I...

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    ...Deliverables PROJECT SUMMARY --------------- This project is simple, but probably time-consuming for a graphic designer. I am attempting to create an avatar-builder for an Android app using jQuery, but I need the avatar elements to be designed. We're looking for avatars very similar to what is shown here: [登录来查看链接]

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    ...Graphic designer to create the graphics for a small Entertainment application for the iPhone. The app will require you to create buttons, an app icon, and 4-5 very simple screens - each looking world class with a nice, clean, exciting design. The app will operate in a very similar way to Fat Booth, which means you will need to advise what needs to

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    ...a simple demo app to allow people weight pros and cons of something, much like you do in an office meeting with a white board. It consists of two lists where people can write pros and cons, so they have a list. A mockup of what we want can be found here: <[登录来查看链接]> **Only design is needed here

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    We require a simple app containing a searchable directory of businesses, with specific information about each business available in an easy to read form. App will 14 pages in total, with multi "dropdown field" search functionality. We have a wireframe that can be supplied to interested applicants showing how we want it to work functionally. An online

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    I am looking for some help putting together a very simple website that is optimized to run as a mobile web app. The primary purpose of this web app is to provide a blue or greenscreen fill on a device screen to aid film & video professionals with compositing and post-production tasks (screen replacements). Most often this is accomplished with either

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    ...books within danish online stores [登录来查看链接] (in danish). I would like to have a simple iPhone version of the website. I have attached a mockup for the design. I might still make minor design changes. Description (also see attached file) When the user makes a search for a book (picture 1) - in the background, a search on the actual

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    ...apps are in top ranking in the iTunes AppStore, Android Market and the Palm Catalog. We're going to do a major upgrade to one of our top apps- 23,000 GREAT QUOTES. Check the app out here: [登录来查看链接] ## Deliverables We're an mobile development studio based in London, and we're looking to find an experienced and

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    ...grey colours. gaana dot com crooklynclan dot net crack4djs dot com yourremix dot com theremixclub dot com We would like first you build a screendesign/mockup from the new store design, if this is for us 100% ok, build the store with admin panel and database.. ou must build the new store also with an existing database from the old store (about

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    ...would like to build an HTML5 web app that allows a user to mash a CSV file with data from an API. It uses a client-side HTML5 database for confidentiality. And to make the application more secure, it deletes that data store when the user confirms the mash is complete. You will *not* be responsible for any design or slicing work. We will provide

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    Need to take a mockup I've got of how I want a gallery to operate, and have it finalized into operating mode. It is to be a tool that's used to showcase a feature item, with thumbnails next to it of other items, and be easily and crisply navigable by choosing a thumb or by choosing a category up top that brings in a new set of thumbnails. The way

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    ...talented design team to build an end-to-end website wireframe mockup for our new online delivery service venture. Site will need to function comparable to existing competitor web sites in the online food & beverage delivery service industry (i.e. [登录来查看链接], [登录来查看链接], & [登录来查看链接]). Specifically, we'll need similar workflows and design as those

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    ... 2. Search for showroom: View showroom list View showroom on map Select showroom Call or navigate the potential iphone dev will receive from me a full mockup of the app + all the design elements + API for the database with all the stop procedure to ease the need to analyze the database...

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    ...Freelancer, We are a new modern bike retailer in need of web design and website och webshop development. We are only looking for skilled individuals with serious approach. Scammers don’t even bother. - You will not be paid up front - You will not have the opportunity to make a mockup design and then run from the rest. - You will not be qualified because

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    ...for most pages and create some; if you are good in UI design or at least in knowing how applications should look in order to appear good you can improve our design. You need to test the application (unit test, at least 2 different devices, also long-term) although we will test as well. The app will run on phones and tablets alike; various settings

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    My team is designing a new cross platform messaging application (similar to BBM). We need a designer to design a customized user interface for the app. We will need the following: - Buttons - Message Bubbles (in and out, multiple colors) - Backgrounds - Header, Footer - Few other things that are not listed To get this job, we would like you

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    ...the design phase of a software application which will assist in finding published academic papers online and retrieving/archiving these papers in an elegant, easy to use fashion. This project will solely be to design the software and build a mockup. Execution of the design will be a separate project, though the programmer who completes the design well

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    Custom Website Template 已经结束 left

    SPECIFICATION FOR WEBSITE TEMPLATE The purpose of the website is to be the home page for customers to learn about our new iPhone app and "be motivated" to sign up for our service and buy the app in the App Store. Many customers may be viewing the site on their iPhone; therefore, compatibility with Mobile Safari is critical. Essentially, we're looking

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    SPECIFICATION FOR WEBSITE The purpose of the website is to be the home page for customers to learn about our new iPhone app and "be motivated" to sign up for our service and buy the app in the App Store. Many customers may be viewing the site on their iPhone; therefore, compatibility with Mobile Safari is critical. SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION The

    $250 - $750
    $250 - $750
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    Web Service App Design 已经结束 left Photoshop mockup for a Web Service App I am creating. It needs to be designed on the 960gs 16 column grid. The designer needs to understand the techniques used in 960gs such as gutters etc. Designer DOES NOT NEED to code the design. The Photoshop file needs to be layered professionally and clearly detailed. This Web Service App will provide a

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    Ipad App Mockup Design 已经结束 left

    I have an app in the iOS store and I want to redesign the user interface. THIS JOB DOES NOT INVOLVE CODING! I only want a handful of pages and interface elements. I have sketches and only need a designer to complete the mockups into fully functional photoshop/ illustrator files. Here are links to give you an idea of the elements I am looking

    $424 (Avg Bid)
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    25 个竞标 graphics for a simple iPhone application. Here is what I need done: App icon Splash screen 5 other screens, They are very simple and i expect most of the time will be spent on 1 main screen. I will provide a simple mockup with features and you will design the App. Payment is released after delivery of final PSD files. I retain all copyright

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    Camera iPad App 已经结束 left

    Hi, this is a very simple iPad app. Attached you will find a set of mockup screens. First screen: company logo, a graphic on the left and scrollable UI list view to the right. Cell of UI list will contain name and last name of a person and an image container. Search box at the top will allow to search within ui list. Second screen: Tapping

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    Drawing App using Flash 已经结束 left - Help button with pop up explaining the drawing app I have attached jpg with design ideas. Please use this mockup as guideline for building the app ( e.g. dimension, icons etc.). I will send psd to winning bidder. Please provide links to similar projects you have created. The app needs to be done in 14 days. Thanks for bidding.

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    26 个竞标 take it a step further in terms of UI and make it graphically closer to a "web 2.0" app. The output needed is just a mockup with its specifications. The actual html/css implementation is not requested. However, attaching graphic elements needed by the mockup (buttons, icons, etc) is a bonus. There is an already developed company image and logo

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    I would like to develop an Facebook application for universities. We would anticipate the design execution to take place in two distinct stages: 1) Demo version – Mockup page only 2) Fully functional and transactional product I would like the demo version to be developed in a very short timeframe (ideally within 1-2 weeks or less). This

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    I have a very simple data entry web app (written in .NET) that needs a facelift. It has two web pages which share a navigation menu bar. One of the two pages functions as a listing page. The other page functions as a detail page. The listing page currently consists of two horizontal (top/bottom) panels. The top panel contains 11 filter parameters

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    Redesign 已经结束 left

    ...stuff' on the web. The site is called [登录来查看链接] and we are hoping that this idea will really go somewhere! Jokefire is a solid concept that is gelling into a very real web app that is very easy to use. It’s also a powerful idea that will encourage people to share material that they consider funny thereby dragging joke and humor sites kicking and screaming

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    16 个竞标 take it a step further in terms of UI and make it graphically closer to a "web 2.0" app. The output needed is just a mockup with its specifications. The actual html/css implementation is not requested. However, attaching graphic elements needed by the mockup (buttons, icons, etc) is a bonus. There is an already developed company image and logo

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    This is a very quick and simple project. We need our home page redesigned on two of our websites announcing launch of our iphone app. Graphics of the announcement will be done similar to this site (with slight changes to it doesnt look exactly like them): [登录来查看链接] OR You can also do few non-flash

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    ...developers to program an iPhone / iPad App. We're going to launch a game, so what we need is basically a developer that can program an app like Bubble Wrap (See the link) The App (Bubble Wrap) is just an example of the kind of development we need and how it has to work. We're going to give details about concept and design to selected developer. We nee...

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    iPhone App Development 已经结束 left

    ...with experience to develop some iphone apps. In the following URL you will find a mockup of the app that we want to develop at a first contact: [登录来查看链接] We just need the developer to create what is stablished in the pdf, design less, only the structure is needed as we will add the images (buttons, backgrounds

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    i have a iphone app to create. i need some design mock up. take note : i need the design to be with a dark blue background the buttons and user interface must be web 2.0 theme style. big nice buttons. once design is confirmed i need the psd and high resolution png format to give my developer its a very simple app with only 3 "screens"

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    I need a new feature added to a custom music player app as well as the design modified as per a psd design I will supply. Please look at the attached mockups to get an idea of the changes I need done. Please also visit the app here: [登录来查看链接] (you can test the app out by registering an account and then dragging and dropping an mp3 onto

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