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    Project for Tithi L. -- 3 已经结束 left

    Hi Tithi - thank you so much for the outstanding artwork! I constantly receive compliments about your artwork when I attend conventions and I always tell people about you. If you have the time, I would like to hire you for perhaps a simpler project. This will be like the project you did for me last year involving multiple images, bu...

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    I have a sci-fi/fantasy tv pilot script that I would like to turn into a graphic novel. The script itself is about 50 pages long, however, the graphic novel should only be about 25-30 pages long depending on your style. I prefer to see a anime/manga style for this piece of work but I'm open to which style of manga. The full script and d...

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    Last year, I decided to write and design an online autobiographical comic strip, in a similar vein as Harvey Pekar's 'American Splendour'. The idea was to create a series of very mundane, drab but true to life comic strips that we based on moments in my life. They could be funny, they could be sad - but more often they were to be just moment...

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    I need an artist to create a large scale rainbow using permanent balloons -Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Pink, Purple, and clouds on either side. This piece would be stationed on the top of a trailer that will be used as a pop-up shop.

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    Comic Book Artist. 已经结束 left

    ...employee. I am in need of a computer artist for a comic book I am currently writing and I need it to both look good and to be done within 25 days. I already have all of the main characters drawn and I have only the title to put on the cover. I need you to, in addition to replicate the art style, make any and al...

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    ...have amazing work. I am working on a web novel that I would love to find an anime/manga artist for. Your style seems to be exactly what I was looking for, so I was wondering if you would be interested in working with me on an ongoing basis. I must admit, my budget is rather conservative. I have never hir...

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    Project for Helen C. 已经结束 left

    Hi Helen C., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. I would like some graphics made for some buttons. It's a small project, but i am looking to hire an artist on an ongoing basis from time to time, so this project could easily lead to more work. Let me know if you...

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    Artist, Cartoonist 已经结束 left

    Searching for artist able to create and build upon some ideas I wish to use for my business, would like to hire some creative that can work with me building on image ideas. Some examples of images are: Old Ships such as Galleons antique compass Very minimalist drawings no color required black and white is fine. Would love to s...

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    Short Manga-style Comic 已经结束 left

    ...looking for an artist to do a short 10-15 page full-color side-story comic based on my existing webcomic. The ideal artist should: * Be able to draw expressive characters. * Be able to draw in an anime/manga style, similar to the existing comic. A couple sample pages from other short comics that we've done are attached. * Be able <...

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    I have three small photo albums. One has to create lovely memories out of it.

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    ...wasting your time and mine. I hired a web developer who began re-designing my entire site. I loved his artistic flair/style and the quality of his work, how he incorporated flowing lines into the site rather than the standard "boxy" feel. How he came up with different features and animations to show me, tested out color schemes to give me options, and added

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    ...your time and mine. I hired a web developer who began re-designing my entire site. I loved his artistic flair/style and the quality of his work, how he incorporated flowing lines into the site rather than the standard "boxy" feel. How he came up with different features and animations to show me, tested out color schemes to give me options, and added

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    Hi, we are putting up a new MOTORCYCLE CLUB. I just need a simple but very precise logo that represents our club.

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    Hi, we are putting up a new MOTORCYCLE CLUB. I just need a simple but very precise logo that represents our club.

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    Hello, I would like an vector artist to create 100 Vector Art Designs (Black and White Only) Of Dog Breeds from raster pictures I provide. I want commercial rights to the designs to sell the designs commercially. I am attaching a sample of the Raster and the finished vector design that I would like. T...

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    I would like to hire an artist to draw something for us on a chalkboard at the venue and then spend the next few hours drawing portraits/caricatures of guests who are interested.

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    I would like to hire an artist to create a romantic Game of Thrones style painting/drawing of myself and my boyfriend. We don't have to be specific characters, but would like to just be drawn/painted in a similar way, as a birthday gift to him. I would like him as one of the Nightwa...

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    Design project 已经结束 left

    I would like to hire an artist to create a small comic (ideally around 7-9 pages long) for a friend's birthday. The plot will be simple as well.

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    I am writing a book for youth, to be used to help young people in therapy. I would like to hire someone who is good at doing black and white drawings that would appeal to adolescents.. The images don't have to be totally reality based, e.g., i can imagine a teen age girl standing in a school yard. their are w...

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    im am finishing up my book desperation wastelands. Its an anthology consisting of [login to view URL] short stories, illustrations and quotes...its a dark, (light at the end of the tunnel) kinda book. Im looking for someone who would like to collaborate with me on the illustrations for the three stories a number of poems.

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    ...work I need done is for a personal project; I like to write in my spare time, mainly quotes or poems about life; depression; hardships; heartbreaks; anxiety; insomnia; spirituality; growth; enlightenment, etc. I would like to hire an artist who can draw illustrations (computerized) to accompany and best represen...

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    HEART OF STONE CEMETERY If I could draw worth a damn I would create a cartoon of an enormous cemetery in the middle of which was erected a huge heart of stone inscribed, "TRUMPCARE". All around it far as the eye could see would be countless millions of mounds of American souls and in the foreground a gravestone that explained it all: "Here Lies

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    i am looking to hire an artist to design a tattoo for me. i have a concept in mind of what i would like done, but i cannot manage to find anything online along the lines of what i am looking for.

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    Online Character Design 已经结束 left

    ...this is because we would like ownership and rights to ALL artwork when this is finished. I discussed with Freelancer, and they state that we are allowed to send our OWN contract through the private messaging board to allow the freelancer to sign, transferring all ownership to us. This can be done digitally. If you do not agree to th...

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    I am setting up an art print, card and invitation studio (online and retail) for an artist in Milwaukee. We are in need of a graphic/digital artist to support transferring and color enhancing original artwork into print files. We have immediate work, for a limited amount of hours, and then additional work over the next few months. In short: we have

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    I would like to hire an Icon Designer that creates professional, modern looking icons for our existing and expanding portfolio of software products. Existing icons (done by a very poor designer - me... :) as well as product descriptions, etc. can be viewed on our website - [login to view URL] to help you create ideas - though by

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    I need a Painter 已经结束 left

    Only open to UK artists. I am an Insurance brokers looking to hire an artist to come to our office in Leicester. We have a matte black wall that we would like to turn into a huge decorative chalkboard. The design will be mainly decorative text.

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    I need a drawing of A man on the seashore, looking out over the water. A few feet over a man in snorkelling gear swimming just beneath the surface of the water. then a little more to the right a man deep sea diving in full gear. ( The Idea is to show the contrast of studying. Do you (1) just glance at your material? Do you just (2) do enough studying

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    ...for my social media. I would like the following: Image 1: Cartoon Animated "cartoon" look Characterized Portrait made similar to a hip hop artist with same color style hair, clothing, gold chain with pendant. The face should be centered and the top of the chest should show with the gold chains. I want the diamond pendant to say &q...

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    I have five books that I would like to hire an artist to illustrate: the books have the same main character. Therefore, I am looking for an artist that can capture my vision of the main character first and subsequently I will hire this artist to illustrate the five books.

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    Trophy icon Sketch a realistic looking Dracula Coin 已经结束 left

    Hi, I intend to mint coins with a Dracula theme. I am looking here for an artist who can sketch such a coin. If I like the sketch I will offer him after the contest also a project to finish the coin artwork. Here is what I need in sketch form: Front of a coin - Dracula on it with theme features (like long teeth or ba...

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    Hi. I'm looking for an artist to create a piece. I'm not overly concerned with the specific medium, except in that I'd like to be able to hang it on a wall. It's becoming a bit of a family tradition for me to hire an artist to create something as an anniversary gift for my wife. (It's a rec...

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    ...friend described to me a scene from a crazy weird dream he had. I would like to hire someone to depict his vision in an animated caricature. I will send a description of the scene and actual pictures of the people who I would like depicted. I would like to be able to review ...

    $363 (Avg Bid)
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    ...I'm currently looking to hire an artist to do a little Valentines day cartoon strip for my Girlfriend. I have the story, and I have the idea, I just need a creative mind to get that Idea down on paper. It will need to be as "CUTE" (for lack of a more creative artistic word) as possible, with quite a bit of bac...

    $74 (Avg Bid)
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    As a funny birthday gift I would like to hire an artist/painter who can turn my boyfriend into a captain.

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    Hello. I would like to hire a photoshop wizard to do some photo manipulation for me. I have a number of artistic images I would like to have done in different ways in terms of theme and background. I am perfectly happy to do one and one image as a project with a skilled artist, so that price is neg...

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    Twitch Overlay with video 已经结束 left

    ...looking to hire a professinal artist that can make me a twitch overlay, along with other elements. I'm not an artist at all. So please don't mind my skills. This is a blue print of my idea. This must work with "OBS Studio" -------- I would like my logo on the top left Logo "I'll send logo onc...

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    Design project 已经结束 left

    I need some graphic design. I need an a day time underwater scene for my daughters art work she has a few little drawings that need to be done in png with a clear background so she can place on the underwater scene. i also need a night time beach scene with water in view and sky. As the sky goes higher I would like to have a galaxy s...

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    I would like to hire an artist to paint at a wedding. I would like an abstract of the wedding. I have a sample. Nothing precise

    $250 - $750
    $250 - $750
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    Artist for window Art 已经结束 left

    I have a store in Shadyside Village on South Aiken and would like to hire an artist for Halloween window art.

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    Vigas Replica Wanted 已经结束 left

    Hi - I would very much like to hire an artist to do a replica of one of our favorite paintings by the Venezuelan artist Oswaldo Vigas. Please contact me if you are familiar with his works and feel strongly that you can create in a similar style. Our medium of choice is acrylic and would prefer a piece that is 30x40.

    $1102 (Avg Bid)
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    I am an instructional designer for Deloitte University, a centre for learning and leadership development. We would like to hire a digital and/or live artist to create a visual of "Leading in a VUCA world". The idea is that attendees to this particular leadership programme would explain to the artist w...

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    I would like a HD picture created it will be for a bandana. The colours will be printed in a UV Reactive Ink. All up I need 6 different designs. This job is for 1 design only, if all goes well I will commission you to do further designs. The design attached is the style of work I am looking for only. At the end I want to own all co...

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    Artist Needed 已经结束 left

    I would like to hire an artist to paint two large pieces of foam board in the design of an "old country store"

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    Hi, I am looking for an artist who can draw me a figure with some background for a coin that will be sold via kickstarter. We need 3 coins for that project which would make 6 images. But in this contest I only need 1 coin which is 2 images, front and backside. If you win this contest then we hire you for another 4 images (2coins) and probably some

    $232 (Avg Bid)
    加精 担保
    71 作品

    I am wanting to convert 10 photos (single individuals - Face shots) into a sketch collage by the 11th August (4days)

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    I'm a film composer working on my portfolio and I need some art! The music I write is often based on fantasy/sci-fi/superheroes/movies and so I need some original drawings/paintings to use as a picture for each when I upload them. I have written about 13 pieces, but realistically I will only need 7 pictures: 6 for 6 different pieces (my main...

    $324 (Avg Bid)
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    it is going to be my parents 16th anniversary so we would like a canvas painting as a celebration. We are also going to be moving house so this canvas will be a great addition. We would like to display love in this picture and a sense of fantasy yet not too deep perhaps roses in a beautiful garden or something like that. I would...

    $261 (Avg Bid)
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