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    ...favourite storybook were glowing. She curiously peered into the book and suddenly everything went black. Emily awoke to find herself in a strange land. The sisters found themselves transported to four different realms, each one representing many different dance genres such as ballet, jazz, acrobatics, musical theatre, street dance and contemporary dance. They would each journey through the lush bamboo forests (Mulan), snowy mountains (Frozen), Ancient Greece (Hercules), and exotic hot desert (Aladdin) As Emily travelled further into the pages of the book, something inside her began to change. She started to see the world in a different way, and began to understand the beauty and wonder that Sophie saw in fairytales. Finally, the sisters found themselves reunited. After finding t...

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    Desarrollo Panel Courier -- 2 6 天 left

    ...inherentes a las del usuario, con opciones modificables. - El pdf Panel courier Admin, detalla a grandes rasgos lo que necesitamos como admin, entendemos que esto es parcial y que van a surgir funcionalidades extras al momento de crear el panel usuario, y desde admin varias opciones deben quedar editables inclusive con la opción habilitar o deshabilitar funciones. -Pasarela de pagos a integrar Bamboo ...

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    ...Anti-Bacterial Our silk and bamboo fabrics are treated with silver ions proven to eliminate many common kinds of bacteria, especially those known to cause skin issues like Staphylococcus Aureus and Cutibacterium Acnes. Anti-Acne Our silver ion technology has been proven to eliminate 99% of acne causing bacteria, helping to prevent breakouts and minimise the formation of pimples, blackheads and whiteheads. Anti-Frizz Hate bed head? Our silk and bamboo fabrics are so smooth that they cause less friction with your hair than other fabrics like cotton. Wake up to tangle free, smoother and silkier hair. Hypoallergenic Silk & bamboo are naturally hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites, fungi and other allergens. Sleep easy knowing we've got you covered. Br...

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    About Sterling Woodworks, LLC: Carpentry, custom kitchen, bath and home remodels including hardwood flooring installation and refinishing and tile Project Description: I saw a design with a evergreen/pine tree with the roots coming out of the base of the tree, I like a simple but formal/professional design. Maybe a house, or tool (hammer, saw, etc.) included. I really like the idea of the Pine tree with the roots exposed above the business name.

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    Plesse see the the logo attached to go on one sude of the business card and back side following details. Wholesalers of premium quality hybrid flooring, all kinds of interior cladding) Address factory 2/51 hallam south road hallam 3803 7 tango circuit, pakenham

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    ...the decoration (marble alternative, wood substitute, led profile) is according to the design 2 children's bedrooms: very simple 3 - Bar area + kitchen: Decor in the bar + black galaxy marble 4 - the master bedroom: Dressing room: ceiling: flat gypsum board The dressing room is divided Sleeping: distribution of the room from a bed + sitting The ceiling is gypsum board according to the design hdf flooring Bathrooms: The cabin: the walls are mosaic for the cabin only + the floor is marble for the cabin only The rest of the bathroom is ceramic There are some suggestions that you can take from or not Winner accepts simple modifications if requested by the client and sends the original files to work for implementation

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    Kitchen flooring replacement from sink to fridge with something waterproof that won’t buckle. At present there exists water damaged and buckling manufacturered wood on slab. Looking into polished concrete or marble open to ideas. $250-$750 category. Approximately 20-40sqft

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    Looking for a marketing specialist, who can help me to find flooring and tile stores, as well as countertop stores which don’t have their own websites. And help our team to propose to create a website for these stores.

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    ...desired outcome and budget for the interior work project. Hire an interior designer or contractor for professional assistance. Design: Choose the style, colors, materials, and fixtures to be used. Create a floor plan and 3D rendering of the space. Preparation: Remove old fixtures, furniture, and decorations. Repair or replace damaged walls and flooring. Prepare the space for painting, wallpapering, or flooring. Installation: Install new flooring, lighting fixtures, furniture, and decorations. Hang wallpaper or paint the walls. Finishing: Add finishing touches such as trim and molding. Install window treatments and rugs. Accessorize the space with artwork, plants, and other decorative items. Maintenance: Regular cleaning and upkeep of the interior work can help ...

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    Our agency name is "Home Services Program" We're an agency that helps home services businesses like kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, flooring, hvac, basically anything that services a home. We provide calls and leads to these businesses and want a logo that represents that well.

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    Our agency name is "Home Services Program" We're an agency that helps home services businesses like kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, flooring, hvac, basically anything that services a home. We provide calls and leads to these businesses and want a logo that represents that well. Here's our website for inspiration: Contest will be blind, please submit a great logo and feedback will be provided! Our URL:

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    Seeking someone to design my new roof and attic flooring trusses to send the plan to the truss builders. We do not want any interior second floor walls as structural walls.

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    ...modernisation. Our aim as a company is to provide our customers with a cost effective way to transform the look and feel of their home. Utilizing existing spaces, our design consultants assist clients through a range of minor renovation options (listed below) which will ultimately change the feel of a home without having to take out a second mortgage. Services Range: Curtains & Blinds Painting Flooring Cabinetry/Joinery Plastering Electrical Cleaning and Hygiene Assessments Logo Details: Logo to be modern, contain warm colours and to have an interior design studio feel. Website Details 4 pages in total. Home Page Contain smart images sourced online of newly renovated homes. Provide synopsis into who we are and what we do. Why choose us se...

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    Villa interior design 已经结束 left

    We opted for a stylish modern vibe for the interiors. from ceiling to flooring. We used light colors in the bathrooms for a fresh, sleek look. Marble-textured porcelain tiles were used to clad the walls. These were paired with white fixtures and a white countertop for a minimal look. This matched the light colored floor tiles, which replaced the original tiling in the villa.

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    Design flooring flyer 已经结束 left

    I need someone to design a flyer for my flooring company.

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    My company is call Junglewood. We make bamboo products. e-bikes, baseball bats, drumsticks, pool cues, lacrosse sticks and sunglasses all from bamboo. We got hit a little hard during Covid and are looking for funding to get back on our feet.

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    About home right project management: Project management of various trades in refurbishing residential villas in aged care community villages. Between tenants, replace flooring, paint, new lighting, plumbing etc Project Description: Using the same blue as the navy blue theme colour in excel. "Home Right" is what the business name is often shortened too. "Project Management" must be included in the logo but can be on a separate line or in smaller font. Reference that the business is relevant to residential housing

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    It's a 5000sft residential building, structure & civil works dine , we need a freelance draftsman for interiors & flooring

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    It's a 5000sft residential building, structure & civil works dine , we need a freelance draftsman for interiors & flooring

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    Hi. I'm looking for an SEO expert that we can use for a client project. It is an eCommerce website that we will be redesigning, so there is a good opportunity for us top get excellent SEO fundamentals built in from the start. The main products sold are socks, underwear, swimwear, ethical choices (eg bamboo). We are not looking for web designers, but will be requiring the following in your quote: 1. Assess the SEO position for our client currently and develop an action plan to improve their SEO over a 6 months campaign. (DELIVERY - A REPORT ON CURRENT POSITION & ACTION PLAN TO IMPROVE IT) 2. Create a list of key words that will be suitable for the project with weightings (which ones are more important than others - which ones are unique or have a better chance of helping ou...

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    ...dimensions, electrical and plumbing locations, and door and window locations. 3) Elevations: Drawings that show the space from different perspectives, such as from the front, back, and sides. 4) Lighting plan: A plan that details the location and type of lighting fixtures to be used in the space. 5) Finish schedule: A list of materials and finishes to be used in the space, including paint colors, flooring, and wall coverings. 6) Furniture plan: A plan that details the location and type of furniture custom cabinetry, millwork, or other built-in elements to be included in the space. 7) Electrical and plumbing plans: Plans that detail the location and type of electrical and plumbing fixtures in the space. 8) 3D rendering: A computer-generated visual representation of the space, whic...

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    AL DIAB is specialty in out fit supply like Furniture for schools, university, hospital, Sanitary, wallpaper, mosaic, doors, flooring wood, all can be customized. Logo should be describe for AL DIAB NAME. Which should show the our business aim towards our products like Furniture logo

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    Her...vector file. This can be done using a program like Adobe Illustrator or AutoCAD. Import the converted file into a 3D modeling software, such as SketchUp or AutoCAD. Trace over the 2D floor plan to create a 3D model. This may involve creating walls, doors, and other architectural features. Add materials and textures to the model to give it a more realistic appearance. This may include adding flooring, paint, or other finishes. Add lighting and other environmental effects, such as shadows and reflections, to the model to give it a more realistic appearance. Render the 3D model to create a high-quality image or video of the 3D floor plan. Separate files of the 3D and 2D with accurate dimensions will also be needed. Make any final adjustments as needed and export the final ...

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    Liberty trading is specialty in out fit supply like Furniture for schools, university, hospital, Sanitary, wallpaper, mosaic, doors, flooring wood, all can be customized. Logo should be describe for liberty & furniture business Which should show the our business aim towards our products

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    Create exotic furniture views for 5 pieces of furniture with perfect lighting in 3...textures in size 9"X6" at 300 DPI as per attached reference. The textures must be an absolute match to the given reference image textures. Vector graphics need to be changed from the attached reference textures. 2. Make 2D plans in AutoCAD for the 5 pieces of furniture and seek approval for those 5 plans 3. Make 3D renders with a nice environment and accessories with nice rustic background, flooring, and walls, with proper lighting effects to make it a 100% photorealistic view. Unrealistic views will not be an acceptable standard of delivery 4. Each piece to have an individual view, the environment maybe same but different placement and angles and accessories must be used for each view ...

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    ...ability to call for help and limited resources, Dr. Jon and Col. Riley set out to explore their new surroundings. Following a fresh set of footprints in the sand leads them into a dense forest canopy filled with strange glowing bird-wing butterflies, bats, and an eerie thick fog that emanates from the trees. Deeper within the forest they find a small village with three houses, skillfully made from bamboo, cut poles, aircraft parts and ship siding. The main large hut is well constructed, and lit inside… with its front door wide open. Cautiously observing the area, Dr. Jon concludes that the village appears to have been recently vacated. As the night falls the two are forced to seek shelter as the forest comes alive with the rustling of leaves, grunting of wild boar and scr...

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    My wife and I had the opportunity to purchase the home she grew up in. We are excited to move in, but before doing so want to update the home's interior. Our plans and ideas include: 1. Replacing the flooring throughout the home 2. Baseboards 3. Interior Paint 4. Kitchen Update: to include new cabinets and an island (layout to remain mostly unchanged) 5. Bar Update: will include reducing its current footprint (shaped like a horseshoe) to something more practical. We are seeking help designing the plans for our project.

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    Removal of internal wall and converting roof spacing (laying of T&G flooring) to roof space for storage. The dwelling consists of single storey, brick veneer on slab on ground. The roof is concrete tile and structure is "W" trusses at 600mm spacing. The perimeter wall dimensions are 11.6m x 10m The internal wall I wish to remove I believe is non-loading bearing as there is a 20mm gap between the bottom chord of the truss and top plate of the wall frame. However, its good practice to get a structural engineer to check for any other type of support it may provide (lateral). In addition to removing the wall I want to install structural flooring in the roof space to use the roof space for storage of everyday house hold items.

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    ...or 2 colors works too) 3. The submission MUST include a square icon that is recognizable when scaled down to 32x32px. 4. The width to height ratio of the logo MUST be between 2 and 5 (Width larger than Height). 5. DO NOT copy other user's submissions. Business Description: KBF Market refers to Kitchen, Bathroom & Flooring Market. An online content platform with information focused on but not limited to, the subject of Kitchen remodeling, Bathroom remodeling, and Flooring renovation. A search directory that will enable customers to find specific services, products, and general information regarding the renovation process, remodeling, and products. Purpose of the logo: A universal, simple design will be used on the website header, business card, and social me...

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    Looking to sell tile and stone products for interior construction on a new website. Needs to look like Pinterest when a user opens up the site. There will be 6-8 basic images on the front page which are clickable leading to another page with 6-8 more images. Once these images are clicked on, a new page opens up with the image and each item (flooring tile, wall tile, etc) in the image for sale in a simple shopping cart style. Customer needs to be able to input quantities for each item in Square footages or pieces. I have several domains that will point to this site. Wondering if this can be done in Square? My master website "" is based on square (formerly weebly) at the moment. Needs a to also have a “contact us” page.

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    Note: No need to visit showroom. Designs only. We have a total area of 400 square meter in a square showroom shop 20 meter * 20 meter. We want an interior design to showcase different stainless steel kitchen displays including commercial equipment such as ovens, grills, coffee machines ice maker, preparation lines, exhaust hoods, sinks, mobile units etc.. all stai...sub-sandwich line. 8. 25 square meter to show bbq joint cooking line. 9. 25 square meter to display and show the kiosk or mobile cooing or service lines. 10. 25 square meter to show roastery kitchen lines 11. 25 Cold room with shelving units. 12. The remaining area of 160 square meter should be offices for the team. The design shall be a mix between modern and industrial feel including lighting flooring colors and...

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    We are in the progress of building our new home, and we are well on the way. We already have an architected house, but our home looks very sterile and uninteresting. We are looking for an, we want large closets in "Bedroom 1" and "Bedroom 2" on the lower floor. - This will be a CO2-neutral house, so no fireplaces or the like Exterior requirements: - We will be used the Cembrit Patina Original () in a light colour for most of our facade. However, we would like to perhaps combine it with another facade like bamboo to get some contrast. - We would like lights outside the house and possibly on the facade too for decoration Renders and drawings of the house are attached. Photos of houses that we like are also attached.

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    Brokers open flyer 已经结束 left you can add on there. - This sprawling estate offers a timeless and elegant design. This is the largest model in Equus. This is the Eccelstone original builders model with over 600k in upgrades & custom finishes. This home is situated on lushly manicured grounds abutting a paddock. Horses are welcome in this Community. This home offers a large custom gourmet kitchen, marble and wood flooring, a 2nd downstairs master suite, a game room with media library and built ins, a wet bar, custom design ceilings, exquisite finished details which include 7.5'' crown molding & baseboards, a huge grand main suite with a walk out balcony, all main level rooms open to the gorgeous pool and deck area, impact windows, a summer kitchen and a heated pool and separate spa ...

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    I am looking for someone who can prepare sketches of bamboo structures. Portfolio for similar projects must be proposed: marcin at Thanks.

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    ...ment|building|facilitie|living|bedroom|suite|maintained|amenities|parking|entrance|amenities|downstair|occupant|landlord|management|manager|lease|Laundry|resident|Estate|bed bug|bedbug|ceiling|trash|leased|Pool|Storage|room|conditioning|gated|fenced|courtyard|heating|tub|shower|toilet|roaches|dishwasher|disposal|complex|appliance|pantry|pitchen|microwave|oven|range|refrigerator|freezer|window|flooring|patio|lawn|application|clubhouse|bath|elevator|maintenance|neighborhood|residency|moving|wheelchair|housing|Tenants|facilities|stairs|rent|manager|inspection|maintenance|lease|landscaping|utilities|community|disabled|low income|Repairs|new home|quite|place|apt|renew|conditioner|landlord|evict|playground|roaches|"; $Paragraph ="An apartment building bedroom modern updated...

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    Build me a website 已经结束 left

    It's for a home services company, basically looking for a landing page with simple email,name,etc... Then afterwards; a home page, a services page (displaying the services I'm offering: Painting(Interior/Exterior), Lights installing, Renovation, Home siding, Flooring, Siding, Snow clearing, Carpet cleaning Afterwards an "About us" page, then a page to contact us.

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    Need a technical author 已经结束 left

    ...Factory, etc.) Data Pipelines Hadoop framework services (e.g. HDFS, Sqoop, Pig, Hive, Impala, Hbase, Flume, Zookeeper, etc.) Spark (EMR, Databricks etc.) Tableau PowerBI Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning Natural Language Processing Python C++ C# Java Ruby Golang Node.js JavaScript .NET Swift Android Shell scripting Powershell HTML5 AngularJS ReactJS VueJS Django Flask Git CI/CD (Jenkins, Bamboo, TeamCity, Octopus Deploy) Puppet/Ansible/Chef Docker Kubernetes ECS/EKS Test-Driven Development Deployment models (Canary, Blue-green, etc.) Amazon SQS RabbitMQ Kafka TCP/IP Routing (Cisco) VPN Firewalls DNS SMTP Apache IIS Nginx JBoss Tomcat Biztalk Weblogic Tibco Penetration Testing WAF Threat Intelligence Security Frameworks Digital Forensics Incident Response ELK Stack Datadog ...

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    Create service website for thousands of business to sign up and customers to sign up for various services offered by contractors, for painting, flooring, roofing, HVAC, Lanscaping, plumbing etc. When customer request for service, contractors pay for a flat fee for various customer types of leads. Portal for customers and contractors. replica of the website.

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    Flooring renders Maryland 已经结束 left

    I will create 4 scenes from zero and render them and provide 4 field files

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    I’d love to get some business cards designed for my renovation company. Services we provide are - drywall - painting - flooring - tile - plumbing - HVAC - Electrical My door hangers are for marketing and I would like them to target basement finishes & full hole remodels. You can use some of my pictures for “work we’ve done”

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    Home Landscape Design 已经结束 left

    Looking for an expert designer to provide a 3D design for home landscaping. The main elements in the design are: 1- Flooring 2- Swimming pool 3- Garden lighting 4- Planting trees 5- Kids sand playing area 6- sitting & BBQ area The design should show the elements in day and night time on actual sizes. autocad file will be provided . attached the villa layout and the landscape area need to have the design

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    Trophy icon Design Small Modern House/Cabin 已经结束 left

    ...have someone take all of our ideas and combined them and come up with some thing creative, very unique, very modern, but also cozy. Here is a list of things we like: - One bedroom - Possibly a loft - Lots of large glass windows, in the living area we'd like them down to the floor - Walk in Rain shower - Soaking tub by window (Black stone tub) - Very smooth modern cabinets - Floors either a light bamboo hardwood floor or light colored cabinet plywood. - I like this style beds: - I like this Airbnb but dont want the A frame look. - This one has some nice features like big windows. - We want a view (balcony) - In ground hot tub - Pebble tile floor in bathroom

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    ...floor types • Provide the floor cost for at least 6 options -2 low priced floors -2 mid priced floors -2 higher priced floors • What are the pros and cons of each option. Make sure to provide links to suppliers and sources of information. I am paying $50 for this task Google Search suggestions- buy basketball indoor flooring, affordable indoor basketball flooring, what are the different types of indoor basketball flooring, how to create small indoor basketball court, what is the cost for indoor basketball floor...

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    Edit photos -- 2 已经结束 left

    Seeking someone to brighten three photos and edit the carpet out to another flooring

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    Carpet pictures 已经结束 left

    I have a few photos of property with wood flooring. I would like to photoshop carpet in to show client options

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    Carpet pictures -- 2 已经结束 left

    I have a few photos of property with wood flooring. I would like to photoshop carpet in to show client options

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    Trophy icon Add to existing logo ProMark HandyMark 已经结束 left

    ...logo. I like the font. I need to expand it. I need it to say ProMark (the existing logo) (It doesn't have to say "Electrical Services" - I prefer not) / HandyMark (new symbol you design). Please use the same font or one very similar. Both words need to be the same size fonts. ProMark is short for ProMark Electrical Services. HandyMark is my handyman business. I fix door latches, install plank flooring, do minor plumbing, hang anything on walls, fix drawers, install helium manifolds, etc. I repair most anything in commercial and residential buildings. I plan to have both names on the side of my work van. ProMark (with existing symbol only) on top and HandyMark (with new symbol only) on the second row. Or they can be opposite each other or at diagonals. Later I w...

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