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    I am looking for a team of talented individuals to support the growth and quality of my YouTube channel content. The core roles I am looking to fill are: - Script Writers (Telugu & English): You should have a strong command of your respective language and the ability to craft engaging scripts. The channel's content spans across Educational, Movies and Music genres, so an understanding or interest in these areas will be beneficial. The ideal candidate should be able to generate quality scripts on a weekly basis. - Marketing Expert: I am seeking a marketing professional who can strategize, execute and optimize plans to increase the channel's visibility and drive engagement. Experience in YouTube channel marketing and a strong understanding of the YouTube algorit...

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    $7 - $18
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    As a Python Developer, I'm intent on automating specific repetitive tasks related to file management and organization. Key Responsibilities: - Develop scripts in Python to automate repetitive file management tasks. These tasks are slowing down our productivity and we need a solution to streamline them. - Implement an effective, reliable and user-friendly automated system that requires minimal manual intervention. - Ensure the system is highly secure and can handle large volumes of data effectively. The ideal candidate will have: - Proficiency in Python programming language and experience in automation.

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    I'm currently working with an existing Python code and need a professional to review and improve upon it. I'm not certain what version it is therefo...working with an existing Python code and need a professional to review and improve upon it. I'm not certain what version it is therefore freelancer with knowledge in both Python 2 and Python 3 is preferred. Ideal Skills: • Proficient in Python coding • Experience in code optimization • Excellent debugging skills Work Scope includes but not limited to: • Code review: Inspect existing Python scripts • Troubleshooting: Identify and fix any code errors • Optimization: Enhance code for better efficiency and performance The successful candidate should be able to work independently based on t...

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    ...a dedicated virtual assistant, primarily focused on cold calling and telemarketing, with the main aim of achieving sales conversions. Your job will also involve providing communication support. Responsibilities will include: - Conducting cold calls - Implementing telemarketing strategies - Providing high ticket closure - Assisting with communication tasks. I'll provide you with cold calling scripts and product information guides to aid your efforts. Ideal candidates will have: - Strong phone handling skills - Sales conversion capabilities - Excellent communication abilities - Proven experience in telemarketing and cold calling - Knowledge of high ticket closure strategies. We're looking for someone who can effectively use provided resources to drive successful ...

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    I'm struggling with QuickBooks Snappt, needing help with troubleshooting issues related to printing PDFs. Additionally, I'd like to streamline my paystub downloading process to avoid the need for printing, looking to have them saved directly as PDFs. Key Responsibilities: - Troubleshoot QuickBooks Snappt: I need assistance to ensur...need for printing. This should enhance efficiency and save time in the long run. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in QuickBooks: Experience with QuickBooks, especially Snappt, is fundamental for this project. - Troubleshooting Abilities: A proven track record of resolving technical issues related to printing and formatting PDFs. - Automation Expertise: Skilled in developing software or scripts for automating processes, in this case...

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    I am seeking a professional to develop a software that can efficiently extract and present the scripts used on a list of URLs provided. The software should be able to handle up to 1000 URLs at a time and run specifically on Windows. Key requirements include: - Extracting scripts: The software should be able to seamlessly access the provided URLs and list the scripts used on each page. - Bulk processing: The software should be capable of handling a significant amount of URLs, up to 1000 at once. - Windows compatibility: It is essential that the software is designed to run on Windows OS. Website Accessibility: - Restricted access: Websites that require restricted access or login should be identified and reported separately. The software should skip such pages and indic...

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    I am looking for a well-qualified freelancer to help me develop a motivational app using AI. The user interface required for the app will be a mobile application. We will also need an admin panel to manage user subscriptions. Additionally, AI scripts need to be incorporated into the app as well. The purpose of the app is to motivate users and encourage them to reach their goals. The freelancer I choose to work with must possess advanced experience in both mobile application development and AI programming. They should be comfortable working with both UI/UX design and backend development to ensure that the app functions correctly. Project Brief -

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    ...product pages are easily shareable to maximize viral potential. Currently, the WordPress site is in development on a VPS, and this project will be conducted in a test environment before being deployed to production. We aim to collaborate with other teams working on related projects to ensure a smooth integration What You’ll Do: Integrate BigBuy API for product synchronization. Develop automation scripts using ChatGPT for content generation. Create and upload promotional videos to YouTube. Automate blog post creation with enriched product descriptions and videos. Optimize the site for SEO and ensure easy sharing across social media. Skills Needed: WordPress development (PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript) API integration (BigBuy, OpenAI, YouTube) SEO best practices Python/Node.j...

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    $33 - $272
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    Automating Logistics Process 6 天 left

    ...details, convert it to PDF, and send it to the courier for confirmation. Technical Requirements: Platform: Microsoft Excel and Outlook. Preferred Methodology: VBA for seamless integration with Microsoft Office suite. Other suggestions are welcome if they provide a better solution. Deliverables: Automated Excel Workbook: An Excel file with VBA scripts to automate data entry, courier selection, and order form generation (if chosen methodology). VBA scripts to automate sending and receiving emails via Outlook (if chosen methodology). Documentation: Detailed documentation on how the automation works, including instructions for use and troubleshooting. Testing and Support: Initial testing of the automated system and support for any issues that arise during the first month o...

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    ...quickly pinpoint the issue and implement the appropriate solution. - Windows proficiency: The automation is running on a Windows platform. The ideal candidate should be familiar with the quirks and intricacies of automation on this OS. - Node.js expertise: The script is written in Node.js. The freelancer should have comprehensive experience with this language, and be able to navigate and debug scripts in this environment. - Problem-solving skills: The ability to identify and fix problems quickly and efficiently is crucial for this project. The candidate should be able to troubleshoot and resolve issues effectively. - Communication: A good communicator is essential. They should be able to clearly articulate the problem, the solution, and the steps taken to implement this solut...

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    I'm looking for a freelancer with extensive knowledge in English Literature who specializes in making IB individual oral scripts. The individual oral presentation will concentrate on: a global issue and how is it present in a literary text. How and what does the author make in order to portray it?

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    ...captivate and entertain the audience. Key Responsibilities: - Develop 3 separate videos in a minimalist animation style - Ensure the videos are engaging and entertaining throughout - Incorporate the ready-made script seamlessly Ideal Freelancer: - Proven experience in 2D animation and motion graphics - Capable of creating entertaining and engaging content - Proficient in working with ready-made scripts - Prior experience with minimalist animation is a plus Brief Documents for 3 Video's Below: Video 1 - Annuity Payout Options: Video 2 - Diff between fixed and indexed: Video 3 - What happens when the

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    I'm in need of a skilled and experienced developer that can assist me in automating several tasks, organizing files and data on Google Drive using Google App Script and Java programming language. Key Tasks: - Create scripts to automate Folders and files - Improve file organization and management on Google Drive - Develop custom solutions using Java Ideal Skills: - Proficient in Google App Script and Java - Strong background in automating tasks - Proven experience in organizing and managing files - Prior experience with Google Drive is a plus Your expertise and knowledge in these areas are crucial for the success of this project. Looking forward to collaborating with a proactive and skilled developer.

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    ...intuitive user interface I'm looking for a freelancer with expertise in AI development and a proven track record in healthcare or similar fields. Excellent communication skills and a proactive approach to problem-solving are highly valued. Key Deliverables include - Technical Specifications Document: Outlining the project requirements, timelines, and milestones. - Data Preparation Pipeline: Scripts and processes for data collection, cleaning, and annotation. - Machine Learning Models: Trained and validated models for diagnosing hormone imbalances. - Integration Modules: APIs and tools for integrating with EHRs and wearable devices. - User Interface: A user-friendly app interface for both patients and healthcare providers. - Testing Reports: Documentation of cl...

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    I'm looking for a skilled ...of "higher highs and higher lows". - When a trend is identified, the script should take no immediate action but continue to monitor the market conditions. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in Pine Script and experience with TradingView platform. - Strong understanding of technical analysis, particularly in the context of identifying trends. - Previous experience in developing trading scripts or bots is highly advantageous. - A background in finance or trading would be beneficial. This project requires a freelancer who is detail-oriented, with a keen eye for market trends, and can create a reliable and efficient script that aligns with my specific requirements. I'm open to discussing and incorporating any additional insight...

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    I'm looking for a skilled ...of "higher highs and higher lows". - When a trend is identified, the script should take no immediate action but continue to monitor the market conditions. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in Pine Script and experience with TradingView platform. - Strong understanding of technical analysis, particularly in the context of identifying trends. - Previous experience in developing trading scripts or bots is highly advantageous. - A background in finance or trading would be beneficial. This project requires a freelancer who is detail-oriented, with a keen eye for market trends, and can create a reliable and efficient script that aligns with my specific requirements. I'm open to discussing and incorporating any additional insight...

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    I am in need of a skilled professional who can develop a Rhino Grasshopper script for a pipe network. This script. Check attachment for specs. Ideal skills and experience for this project include: - Proficiency in Rhino and Grasshopper - Strong background in architecture and structural engineering - Experience in developing similar scripts. Please note that the specifics of the script are outlined in the document that will be provided upon engagement. I am looking for a professional who can deliver high quality work within the specified requirements.

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    I'm in need of a skilled writer to create engaging, informative and trending scripts for my geopolitical YouTube channel.

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    I'm in need of an enthusiastic and creative content creator with a focus on technology. Your tasks will primarily revolve around generating blog posts, video scripts, and social media posts. You'll be assisting me on a daily basis to deliver fresh and engaging content to my audience. Key Responsibilities: - Crafting compelling blog posts on various tech topics - Scripting engaging videos that resonate with our audience - Formulating concise and captivating social media posts Ideal Candidate: - Proficient in the technology industry, with a solid understanding of current trends and developments - Proven ability in creating high-quality, engaging written content - Experience in scripting for video content - Skilled in tailoring content for different platforms such as blog...

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    I'm looking for a Python developer to assist with a variety of tasks on a mediu...for a Python developer to assist with a variety of tasks on a medium-scale project. This would include web development, data analysis, automation scripting, and web scraping. Your responsibilities would cover: - Web Development: Creating and maintaining web applications using Python frameworks. - Data Analysis: Handling and analyzing data to derive insights. - Automation Scripting: Developing scripts to automate manual tasks. - Web Scraping: Extracting and structuring data from websites. Communication is key, and I'd prefer to receive regular updates and progress reports via email. The ideal candidate for this position will have experience with each of these tasks and be able to work on a m...

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    I'm seeking a talented WordPress developer to help me signif...bottlenecks and implement solutions to expedite loading. - I'm unsure about the bounce rates, though suspect it's affected by the slow speed. - The primary culprit of the slow loading is not clear to me. It could be high-resolution images, embedded videos, or complex scripts. The ideal candidate for this project will have proven experience and expertise in: - WordPress website speed optimization. - Identifying loading bottlenecks and implementing solutions. - Addressing issues related to high-resolution images, embedded videos, and complex scripts. If you've successfully boosted loading speeds for WordPress websites in the past, and can help me turn my slow website into a fast, user-friendly...

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    ...with 30 video scripts and ideas for my business centered on getting rid of old block how nervous system control you, personal growth, overcoming fears, and building self-confidence. Each script should be educational and informative, while maintaining a concise length of 1-3 minutes. Key Requirements: - A solid understanding of human development, personal growth, and related topics - Proven experience in creating concise and engaging video scripts - Ability to convey complex information in an easy-to-understand manner - Strong writing skills with a focus on educational content - Previous experience with similar projects is highly preferred Your work will play a crucial role in helping individuals overcome their fears and personal limitations. I'm looking for creativ...

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    I'm looking for a Unix shell scripting expert to help me with my project. Here's what's required: - Automating file transfers: I need a script that can download specific file types from a directory on my server and t...can download specific file types from a directory on my server and then upload them to an SFTP server. - Handling specific file types: The script needs to be able to recognize and transfer only files of specific types, rather than all files in the directory. Ideal skills and experience: - Proficiency in Unix shell scripting - Experience with SFTP - Expertise in handling specific file types in scripts - Familiarity with file transfer automation - Good communication and problem-solving skills If you feel you have the required skills and experience, ple...

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    I'm in immediate need of a skilled web developer to tweak an existing custom-built script for my car rental website. The script that I am using is this: I am looking for a professional wit...this: I am looking for a professional with a high level of expertise in web development to make these adjustments quickly and effectively. The priority is the rapid completion of this project, so it is critical that the selected freelancer has the bandwidth to dedicate to this task immediately. Experience with custom-built scripts is a must. Your portfolio should demonstrate your capability to work on existing structures and adapt them to new requirements.

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    I am seeking an experienced Python developer to improve the functionality of a current script by adding new features, specifically automate...upgrades will involve: - Analysing and understanding the existing Python script. - Enhancing the script by adding automated task features to streamline operations. - Testing the script to ensure it performs as required with the new features. Ideal applicants will have: - Proficiency in Python, with a focus on script optimization. - Experience integrating automation functionalities into Python scripts. - A keen eye for detail and error detection. - A proven track record improving and maintaining Python script performance. I am looking forward to working with someone who can improve our script's efficiency and reliability through thes...

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    ...Pine Script should be optimized for performance on the TradingView platform, ensuring efficient execution and minimal latency. - Strategy understanding: It's crucial that the freelancer understands the trading logic and conditions embedded in the Amibroker AFL script, and can effectively translate these into the new language. Ideal skills and experience: - Proven experience in converting trading scripts from Amibroker AFL to TradingView Pine Script. - Expertise in algorithmic trading strategies and technical analysis. - Strong understanding of both the Amibroker and TradingView platforms, and how they execute orders. Please note that I'm unsure if the strategy will require integration with third-party APIs for data or execution. If the freelancer has experience in thi...

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    We’re on the lookout for Senior Java Developers who can effectively refactor Lombok by changing its base package structure from lombok.* to io.gilly.* . We need a specialist who can: - Change the base package of all classes, config files and build scripts - Ensure that the unit tests pass after the change You’ll know that the job is complete when: - The final repository must have no mention of “Lombok” (except for places where it’s unavoidable, such as downloading artefacts from the web, eg: “”) - the generated jar can be added as a dependency on a Dummy Java app, and it should work exactly like Lombok. For instance, when I annotate a POJO with @, getter methods are added to the .class - Additionally, we will add both Lombok and

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    I am in need of a talented script writer who can create engaging, Hindi language horror scripts for YouTube. The scripts are for short films, with each video being less than 10 minutes. The focus of the horror should be more psychological thriller than supernatural or slasher. Key requirements for this project include: - Fluency in Hindi - Proven experience in scriptwriting, particularly for the horror genre - A deep understanding of the psychological thriller subgenre - An understanding of the dynamics of YouTube content and how to captivate an audience in a short span of time. The ideal candidate will be able to weave a compelling narrative that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats, all while maintaining a distinctly Hindi language and cultural context.

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    I'm in need of a JavaScript expert who can help me to optimize the custom JavaScript code on my WordPr...slideshow from an image sequence. This slideshow is an integral part of the website's design and user experience, so the code must be functional, efficient, and fast. The current script works, but it's far from optimal. Skills and experience: - Strong background in JavaScript, particularly for website optimization - Experience with WordPress, particularly in customizing and refining existing scripts - Understanding of user experience and how JavaScript can impact it - Previous experience in refactoring and optimizing code to improve website performance If you're an expert in JavaScript and have experience in optimizing and refactoring code for WordPress sit...

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    ...compelling promotional video scripts. Key Responsibilities: - Crafting engaging, informative written content: The text content you'll be working on will largely be informative, and should aim to educate and inform the audience. This includes articles, blog posts, website copy, and more. - Developing compelling video scripts: The primary goal of the video content will be promotional. You'll be responsible for creating scripts that can effectively promote our products/services. Ideal Candidate: - Proven experience as a content writer, ideally in creating both text and video content. - Strong writing skills: You should be able to write in an engaging, clear, and concise manner. - Video scriptwriting experience: Prior experience in writing promotional video ...

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    ...on same script. We usually assign work on few particular scripts to each dev, so that this needs to be done minimum number of times). 4. Recurring projects based on expertise, and project flow (usually 1-5 projects per month per lancer depending on work quality, ethics, expertise and behavior). Pay : We are all developers, no end clients, and get a fixed budget from our managers to perform tasks. Everybody knows what time which task takes, and payments are fixed accordingly by the managers. 1. Single App projects : INR1500-2000 2. 2/3 Apps (user, vendor, delivery boy) projects : INR3000 3. Custom projects on lump sum based on work (given only to devs who are part of rebranding team from time to time as extending functions on scripts, or complete projects according to r...

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    Autohotkey to C# Conversion 5 天 left

    I have a fairly complex Autohotkey script that customizes the behavior of an application. This script involves some advanced functions like Windows API calls and file manipulations, and I need it to be converted to C# code. The C# application doesn't need to have a G...SendMessage WinGetTitle WinGet WinActivate ControlGetFocus Key requirements: - Convert an advanced Autohotkey script that customizes application behavior to C# code - Ensure the C# code replicates the original Autohotkey script's functionality - No GUI is required in the C# application Ideal skills and experience for this job: - Proficient in both Autohotkey and C# - Experience in converting complex scripts between different programming languages - Familiarity with Windows API and file manipulation in bo...

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    I'm seeking a skilled calligrapher who can create traditional Farsi and Arabic scripts for inscription on a tombstone. Requirements: - Proficiency in both Farsi and Arabic calligraphy - Experience in creating traditional styles - Sensitive and respectful approach - given the solemnity of the intended use Please submit your portfolio for consideration.

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    I need an automation expert to streamline my data entry process on Google Sheets through app script. Key Requirements: - The automation is triggered when the number is input in the cell. - The data source for this automation will be online forms. - we have three google sheets. and the same scenario where we need to triggered a message via Twilio. Ideal Skills and Experience: - must be able to show the demo. - Proficiency in Google Sheets and App Script. - Experience in automating data entry processes. - Knowledge of Twilio and Whatsapp API is a plus.

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    Filipino Appointment Setters 5 天 left

    Looking for experienced Philippines based Appointment Setter to call from our existing customer lists, which consist of small business across UK, introducing our new product line which is websites, and making an appointment for our consultant to pay a visit. Appointment Setter would need to have experience in making appointments however, technical website expertise is not necessary. Scripts will be provided. The Appointment Setter will have a reliable internet connection, a good computer and experienced in using Skype/zoom/teams Initially, this position will be for 10-20 hours a week and will grow to 40 hours full time over the coming months. The Appointment Setter must be able to work the 10-20 hours a week minimum without interruption from a quiet environment. Only bids from ...

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    ...specifically: 1. Game Scripts: I require assistance developing game scripts that facilitate player movement and define game objectives. Having experience in creating dynamic and immersive game experiences is a must. 2. UI Scripts: Your task would also involve constructing UI scripts. These scripts should be designed to enhance player engagement through interactive menu buttons. An understanding of user-centered design is preferred. 3. Animation Scripts: Although not directly mentioned, developing animation scripts will also be part of this project. Roblox Lua experience, excellent problem solving abilities, and a keen eye for detail are all essential for this project's completion. This is a great opportunity for scripters famili...

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    I am searching for an innovative and hilarious TikTok creator who is experienced in making comedy content. Your main roles will involve: - Creating and executing comedy sketches for TikTok. - Writing your own scripts for the comedy content. To increase brand awareness, your content should be engaging and hilarious to prompt widespread shares and likes on the platform. The ideal candidate should have: - A background in comedy scriptwriting. - Proven experience in creating comedy content. - Familiarity with the TikTok platform and understanding of its algorithm. - Ability to work independently and within strict deadlines. - Capability to measure the impact of content on brand awareness. If you can create rib-cracking, unique, and engaging TikTok content, you could be the perfect f...

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    Hi I need help with the following 3 tasks in my website, my website is built on Wordpress. COOKIE POLICY PLUGIN Im currently having an issue with my cookie plugin, it is not displaying on my website even after excluding its scripts and files from my cache plugin, the issue appeared after I deactivated and deleted my old cookie plugin "Cookie Notice & Compliance for GDPR / CCPA" I now want to use a new plugin called "#" but it is not loading at all. I need you to look into why my new plugin is not working and showing my new cookie policy. CLICK AND COLLECT I have an online store that does deliveries according to a time and date you choose, I use a plugin called "WooCommerce Delivery & Pickup Date Time" to achieve this, I now want to impleme...

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    I'm looking for a Virtual Assistant with solid experience in Python, JavaScript and VBA, particularly for handling scripting tasks. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficient in Python and JavaScript - Previous experience with scripting tasks - Excellent communication skills - Pro-active communication style Main Responsibilities: - Writing and implementing scripts in Python and JavaScript with APIs - Ensuring the smooth execution of various scripting tasks

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    The website is built on a custom CMS platform. I need the following customizations: - Custom Functionality: The current...and the ability to make the necessary alterations whilst ensuring the overall functionality of the site is maintained. Instead of Following or Subscribing to unlock content, content will be unlocked after completion of affiliate offers. This includes backend modification to add affiliate offer links based on country of visitor, and integration with the affiliate network through API and postback scripts so affiliate statistics and earnings can be tracked from the backend. - Custom Integrations: I also require the integration of a new service into the website. This will require you to have experience with API integration and be able to work smoothly with externa...

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    ...experiences and factual, statistical information. The personal anecdotes should seamlessly integrate with relevant facts and statistics, providing an authentic touch without overshadowing the message. - Making sure the script is engaging, thought-provoking, and highlights the importance of reproductive rights effectively. Skills & Experience Needed: - Experience in scriptwriting, particularly radio scripts. - Familiarity with, or willingness to research, modern day issues surrounding reproductive rights. - Ability to combine personal experiences with factual information seamlessly to create a compelling narrative. - Possess sensitivity and understanding for the topic at hand. Be clear in your presentation with the following: What issue you are addressing Why the issue is ...

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    I'm seeking a developer to create a Roblox executor compatible on Windows. This program must feature: 1. Script Execution: - It should have the capacity to successfully execute scripts in Roblox games without interruption or failure. 2. Game Exploits: - The program should be able to identify and exploit weaknesses in the game for a better user experience. 3. User Interface: - Creation of a detailed, intuitive, and user-friendly interface is crucial. I prefer a UI design that is simple to navigate, even for new users. The ideal freelancer for this project will have robust experience in Roblox, an understanding of game exploiting methods, and the proficiency in creating user interfaces in different platforms, particularly Windows. A portfolio showcasing similar completed pro...

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    I have a high-complexity T-SQL stored procedure used for data analysis that I need translated into PySpark code. The procedure involves advanced SQL operations, temporary tables, and dynamic SQL. It currently handles over 10GB of data. - Skills Required: - Strong understanding and experience in PySpark and T-SQL languages - Proficiency in transforming high complexity SQL scripts to PySpark - Experience with large volume data processing - Job Scope: - Understand the functionality of the existing T-SQL stored procedure - Rewrite the procedure to return the same results using PySpark - Test the new script with the provided data set The successful freelancer will assure that the new PySpark script can handle a large volume of data and maintain the same output as the pres...

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    My project revolves around setting appointments through cold calling within Insurance and Investments realm. Key Tasks: - Initiate calls towards potential clients. - Craft compelling scripts that pique interest in our Life insurance, Health insurance, and Retirement planning offerings. - Schedule meetings with potential purchasers. Ideal freelancer: - Proven cold-calling experience and success. - Familiar with insurance and investments industry. - Excellent communicator with a flexible schedule.

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    2 个竞标 professionals. The creator should be able to tailor the content and style of the videos to resonate with this specific demographic. Scriptwriting Process: - While the scriptwriting process won't be completely managed by the freelancer, I expect them to have strong scriptwriting skills. I'll be providing the main content and direction, but the creator will need to be able to enhance the scripts provided, ensuring they are engaging for viewers. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in creating engaging and informative YouTube content - Strong scriptwriting skills - Ability to tailor content to a business professional audience - Familiarity with SaaS platforms or tech industry is a plus The successful candidate will be a pivotal part of my marketing...

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    Spanish Script Reading Needed 4 天 left

    I'm seeking Spanish speakers for a project where you will be reading conversational scripts in a formal tone. Your role will be to: - Read Spanish scripts in a formal tone - Ensure the scripts are conversational in nature The ideal freelancer for this job would have: - Native proficiency in Spanish - Ability to convey a formal tone - Experience with voiceover work would be advantageous - Knowledge of different regional Spanish accents is a plus. PLEASE FIND ATTACHED THE PROCEDURE YOU NEED TO FOLLOW TO DO THE RECORDING.

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    I need a Python programmer to create automation scripts that streamline our workflow. The primary goal of these scripts will be to automate our processes for both our database and cloud storage systems. Key responsibilities include: - Understanding our current workflow processes - Developing Python scripts to automate these processes, primarily focusing on streamlining database and cloud storage tasks - Implementing the scripts and ensuring they work seamlessly to automate our workflow Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Proficiency in Python programming - Experience with automation scripts development - Knowledge of database management - Familiarity with cloud storage systems - Strong analytical skills Your successful completion of t...

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    I'm in need of an experienced professional who can help improve my workflow by automating tasks within Visual Studio using C#. Key Responsibilities: - Understand my workflow: The first step would be to understand the tasks that could be automated in Visual Studio. - Develop automation scripts: The core of the project will be developing efficient and effective C# automation scripts to handle these tasks. - Testing and optimization: After developing the scripts, there will be a need for testing and optimization to ensure the automation runs smoothly without any issues. Essential Skills: - Proficiency in C#: A strong background in C# programming is a must for this project. - Knowledge of Visual Studio: Familiarity with the Visual Studio environment will be a defini...

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    I'm searching for a specialist with an intermediate level of outbound sales experience. This individual will work to create connections and nurture relationships with businesses within the consumer goods sector using Instagram and Facebook. Key Responsibilities: - Identifying potential opportunities - Active engagement in relevant Facebook groups - Deploying provided scripts for strategic outreach Knowledge in Solution Selling methodology is essential as you'll be utilizing it to maximize results in the outreach process. A US-based Facebook and Instagram profile is a solid requirement due to our specific target market. Ideal candidates should be prepared to start working a few hours per week, with the potential for this role to expand based on results and company ne...

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