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    I have an IP camera with Linux inside (BusyBox). I have no access to web interface, it is password protected and I do not know the password. So, I neet that password and root access to the shell of the installed Linux itself. I have taken a full dump from the camera`s EEPROM. But I am not a specialist in embedded systems, so I do not know how to access

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    hi i have a script i need written to utilize busybox to install openvpn and configure it. this something you can do?

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    Good Morning, I have limited knowledge and experience with Linux and system admin. I installed Urbackup on an Ubuntu 16 LTS, the destination path where to backup is an external NAS (zyxel 542 running on busybox), so i add the mount in etc/fstab as cifs. so far so good, but Urbackup warns me that it cannot create symlinks on the destination path

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    Hi I have a very old device which has embedded linux (kernal 2.6) for RISC. I believe it is running BusyBox. The device is old and most libraries can not be updated. It has a version of OpenVPN which is oudated. I need a Linux guru who can cross compile latest version OpenVPN for this device. OpenVPN must work with pfsense using certs. The device

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    100% Support for: Android/OS Mac/Windows/Linux/Unix/busybox. Plug Android device into any computer via USB cable. Identify OS. Make a backup of all original computer information and network settings. Randomize all network configuration including host-name, Mac address, TCP/IP, Mac address, Randomize DNS addresses and DNS search domains to the random-dump

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    ...directly to the GSM module. The only way to do that is using UART from the ARM11 Chip to GSM module. The embedded busybox includes microcom to which we have access. For this project, it requires some reverse engineering skills in Linux embedded system. It's a little more complicate because the embedded ARM communicates to GSM modules trough FGPA

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    ...router with an old version of busybox (1.01) with an ARM11JF-S. I need microcom in order to send commands over a serial port. I don't want to install it, just to use it (like a portable version), so I can upload it with tftp and call it directly : For example : I send it to /flash, and I just have to call "/flash/busybox microcom ...." or even better

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    I have router based on linux (BusyBox). I can login to terminal by telnet. I want to forward wan port to ip_external:port for example: my wan ip (on my router):[登录来查看链接] my wan port (on my router):1188 my external remote ip (on my vps):[登录来查看链接] my remote port (on my vps):1180 i just try to redirect [登录来查看链接]

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    Hello, I am searching a freelancer who has experience in PjSIP/PjSU... I am searching a freelancer who has experience in PjSIP/PjSUA "[登录来查看链接]". Who can help me compile my source pjsip.c for "BusyBox v1.01" so I can easily run it directly in "Busybox terminal". The binary must contain all the libraries in it. Thank you

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    ...its running Linux (none) i cant compile it on device itself as it has busybox with very mimum install # fw_setenv ethaddr Can't overwrite "ethaddr" need u-boot-tools binary build for the device that will allow me to make this environment change post your bid if you have experience on embedded linux/unix and be

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    Develop Embedded Mobile Linux OS for armi386 architecture. 1. Kernel and Device Device driver development skills in Embedded Linux 2. Strong C Programming Language skills. 3. Strong understanding of armi386 based systems architecture. 4. Strong problem solving, troubleshooting and debugging skills in Embedded Linux environment. 5. Ability to

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    ...get this error message ######################### 01-01 01:10:51.378 1080-1114/[登录来查看链接] W/[登录来查看链接]: [登录来查看链接]: Error running exec(). Command: [busybox, lsusb] Working Directory: null Environment: null 01-01 01:10:51.378 1080-1114/[登录来查看链接] W/[登录来查看链接]: at [登录来查看链接]([登录来查看链接])

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    This is a challenge of writing a script which uses the [登录来查看链接] speed test site. Script must run on minimal embedded device using busybox/debian and cannot depend on huge packages. Output simply needs to be bash variables written to a file. If you can accomplish this, it will open the door to other projects together. I pay in two milestones

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    Need bash alternative to [登录来查看链接] which requires pyton. Must run on busybox which is my clients standard and is also very limited in space. Script must save the output into a file.

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    ...upload/download speed test using a bash script on busybox. The results must be in Mbps and can be written to a local file. 2: Need to use multiple speed testing services that will not block us if we want to run many tests daily. -Service must allow consumer and commercial use for free. -We use busybox as our standard which means there are space

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    ...bash script on busybox. The results must be in Mbps and can be written to a local file. 2: Need to use one or more online service/s that will not block us if the user wants to run many tests every day. -Service must allow consumer and commercial use for free. -Since we are using busybox in many of the applications we build, it will be our

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    ...bash script on busybox. The results must be in Mbps and can be written to a local file. 2: Need to use a service that will not block the device if the user wants to run many tests every day. Service must allow consumer and commercial use for free. Perhaps even using more than one service to compare against. Since we are using busybox in many of the

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    Hi all I am looking for a prebuilt busybox binary which can run on beaglebone black with android kitkat or we can download the source code crosscompile and generate the binary if you have done this task before it is an added advantage. Regards

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    ...ExtranjeroRequisitosRequisitos Mínimos Sistemas basados en GNU/Linux (Redhat, Fedora, etc.) Programación y depurado en C/C++ y PHP Bases de datos Postgres y servidores web Apache Sistemas de VoIP y Sip, integración y programación multipuestos. TCP/IP C/C++ Linux embebido ( Buildroot , Busybox, etc ) Toolchains y compilación cruzada con des...

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    ...indefinidoSalarioEntre 21.001 € y 25.000 € - Bruto/AnualPaísESPAÑAUbicación En El ExtranjeroRequisitosRequisitos Mínimos C/C++ Linux embebido ( Buildroot , Busybox, etc ) Toolchains y compilación cruzada con destino ARM ( Oselas ) Arquitecturas ARM sobre linux a bajo nivel , dispositivos multimedia ( SDL, DirectFB, FBdev, etc ) S...

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    I have a Synology NAS that runs a linux called BusyBox - I need a script that auto downloads some google sheets and stores them in a folder with today's date named - and I need this script to auto run once per day I don't mind what script language or tools you use - I had an old script that was working for over a year but suddenly stopped working

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    Looking for Linux embedded developer for work on Time and Material basis in Kiev office for 2-3 month length project / projects. You will take part in customizing linux-based firmware for embedded devices (network routers, thin clients etc.). Required skills: Ansi C, Make files, Shell scripts writing, Experience with Linux configuration (configuring

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    5 个竞标 is factory install as rooted (no need to root it) i checked with is my phone rooted and installed superusersu and succeeded to allow root required app to be installed Busybox checked and installed properly too. Done with Root Checker Pro sp flash soft installed but i don't know which scatter file to select? i am not sure that even with scatter

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    I need you to develop some linux scripts for me, to automate the lengthy steps which are described here: [登录来查看链接] ... Need couple of simple scripts one for setup, one for running. Goal is to use busybox as pre-boot environment, re-mounting remote drive as root for full system

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    ...want to permanently change the mac address of the android device several times. (Even if the device reboot, the mac address should not change.)... Note- I have tried with busybox implementation for change the mac address. It is changing the mac address on temporary basis. Once you reboot the device. It gains back the original mac address again.) I

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    We are looking for Asterisk mISDN expert with embedded Linux experience (uClinux, builroot, busybox) who can setup mISDN to work with Alcatel-Lucent PBX on our embedded IP PBX.

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    9 个竞标 at a certain point,I give these commands : root@manta:/data/local/tmp # mount -t ext4 /dev/block/sdb2 /root root@manta:/data/local/tmp # ./busybox chroot /root /debootstrap/debootstrap but I get this error : Segmentation fault maybe it is caused by the 0 mb space left on the /system partition ? 139|root@m

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    Fix a SEGV in BusyBox in an Embedded Linux development. BusyBox is part of BuildRoot The target microprocessor is NiosII

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    BusyBox for Arm, compile BusyBox for friendlyarm tiny6410, so it can be installed from a sdcard (.ubi/.img/ext3/.bin)

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    ...Bidders, I would require a python script to connect to a Busybox (router/switch) via SSH using paramiko, parse the header for word Busybox and execute the command (show system status). In order to successfully complete this project you will require: - A router/switch which runs BusyBox OS. - Extended knowledge of paramiko(channels, sshClient,

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    Need to forward port from eth0 to device on eth1. This is simple linux on sh4 infrastructure with short command, without iptables, apt-get don't work.

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    I need a Windows version of BusyBox which contains the mtr network tool and curl. I am not sure if this means having to compile a custom version or if I just need to install mtr and curl for windows versions. I would prefer to keep everything as part of BusyBox only. Can you help?

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    ...ref_project_id=6920203 So, here is the project yet again. Project outline; Currently running many Linux scripts on Linux based BusyBox devices and machines. Need to convert some of these so they will run perfectly using BusyBox on win 7/8 desktops. MUST know Linux bash scripting and windows scripting VERY well in order to help convert the script where...

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    Project outline; Currently running many Linux scripts on Linux based BusyBox devices and machines. Need to convert some of these so they will run perfectly using BusyBox on win 7/8 desktops. MUST know Linux bash scripting and windows scripting VERY well in order to help convert the script where windows uses different tool names and options. MUST

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    Hello I'm finding a skillful linux engineer (or a tool) I've got a network camera. And I can upload the camera's file system image with a ".dav" file. Now I can connect to with with telnet and see file directory mounted to drive. But there is no scp in busybox, i can not read and write in it's directory. I need to unarchive and edit and archive

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    how to launch applcation on busybox? we have router with busybox and looking for a way to launch app on it

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    Hello, We are company from Czech Republic and looking for Busybox experienced developer. We have China producer for hardware based at Busybox (small ARM board) and our own firmware for this hardware. This hardware producer in last time prefer more and more his own firmware and make difficult to upload our firmware to his devices. Thats reason

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    android code modify 已经结束 left

    ...paste some code from one project to another The application allows to download a linux image and some other software from our server and also from playstore. Once the linux image and other software is downloaded, next time onwards the application starts linux which start our application at startup. We will be modifying bvnc application code

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    I use VirtualBox to to emulate an android device. I use the [登录来查看链接] ISO, which is great, however I do not know how to use root, write to system, use busybox, etc. I would like someone to assist me doing this. I am looking for someone who can speak english, is readily available, and does not just post a spam bid. In your bid message, please

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    Customized Build and Functionality for OpenWRT Build will be running on TP-LINK TL-WR740N or you tell me another equally priced $20.00 US. eg: Requirements No WEB GUI Needed WAN will be static IP configured WAN will establish GRE (Simple

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    I need someone who has experiace working with Dreambox receiver. I need a running banner for Dreambox. If i need a live banner running with a defined text. Please only bid if you know what I am talking about.

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    ...which has telnet access to linux. The linux is embedded in the firmware itself (busybox 1.9). The modem does not allow me saving my changes into it. All the changes was restored back to default everytime the modem was rebooted. I know there is a way for this online but I'm not expert enough on linux particularly in busybox. Things need to be done:...

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    I have a few Galaxy/Omnitech miniature NAS boxes running what's assumed to be a BusyBox distro with your average file sharing (samba) down to a basic CGI based web interface. **I have the manufacturer's source code (which will require a legal NDA)** which I'd like to have some updates made to. 1. The Samba server: Currently set to 'nix - I'd like

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    ...Android viewer and the C++, or just the iPhone. ## Deliverables **Background:** We make a home automation product, "Vera", which is essentially a wi-fi access point running Linux and our own C++ software (see Vera at [[登录来查看链接]][1]). One of the features is the ability to remotely view your IP cameras from outside the home on a web browser

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    ... start_profile fi arg=restart fi done Script needs to be done in shell/bash script because it is run on busybox on an embedded device and I cannot change anything on it (not even writing it on a different programming language). It needs to be able to restart the system using the "start_profile"

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    We are looking for a coder who can document, package and install a syslog daemon app for our DroboFS device as a DroboAPP. Note: The Drobo OS is running Busybox. OVERALL GOAL: We need to setup our DroboFS as a standalone device that can receive and store syslog messages from many of our IT devices into the public volume. DELIVERABLES:

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    $30 - $5000
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    Provide the Maintenance of a Linux Debian System installed as a Vserver. perform apt-get dist-upgrade and make sure the services are up and running. Perform all installation process special with Plone and Zope CMS. - Experienced of Plone Installation of adds-on. IT system administrator role, paid for this task : The following packages

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    Squeezecenter 已经结束 left

    I need to have installed and functional Squeezecenter on my NAS running busybox(debian) ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Deliverables must be in ready-to-run condition, as follows (depending on the nature of the deliverables): a) For web

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    $15 - $20
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