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    I am currently seeking a skilled and experienced CakePHP developer who can assist in upgrading my project to the latest CakePHP framework version 4.2 while integrating specific improvements. **Core Requirements:** - Upgrade to CakePHP version 4.2 with an emphasis on: - **Improved Performance**: My project needs to be optimized for speed and efficiency. - **Enhanced Security Features**: Implementing the latest security protocols to safeguard data. - **Updated Documentation**: To ensure maintainability and future updates are seamless. - **AJAX Integration**: - Utilizing **jQuery**, the project requires AJAX post requests to be sent to the controller. - The data format for the AJAX request will be **JSON**, specifically focusing on **selected option values**...

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    Fix CakePHP 4 Ajax Issues 已经结束 left

    I am currently experiencing a critical issue with my web application that employs CakePHP version 4. For some reason, none of the Ajax requests within the application are executing properly. This is hindering the dynamic aspects of the application, affecting both the retrieval and sending of data to the server. ### Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong knowledge in CakePHP (specifically version 4) - Expertise in Ajax and JavaScript for dynamic web applications - Proven experience in diagnosing and resolving Ajax request issues - Ability to work efficiently to troubleshoot and implement necessary fixes ### Specific Requirements: - Diagnose why Ajax requests are not working within the CakePHP 4 environment - Address and fix issues related to both sending and receiving ...

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    ...customize a CakePHP 3 Plugin tailored for a Support Portal to facilitate user-friendly submission and management of support requests. • Implement efficient and scalable solutions, applying SOLID principles and design patterns to ensure the codebase's robustness and maintainability. • Collaborate with cross-functional teams to integrate the Support Portal into our existing infrastructure, leveraging the CakeDB/Users plugin for seamless user management. • Enhance the user interface of the Support Portal using Bootstrap, focusing on delivering a visually appealing and user-friendly experience. • Interface with JIRA's API to enable seamless communication between the Support Portal and JIRA, streamlining issue tracking and resolution processes. Requireme...

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    We're seeking a highly experienced CakePHP developer to maintain and further develop an existing intricate web application. The application is highly complex with a lot of user interaction and background calculations that require thorough understanding of financial and economic relations. Your portfolio should demonstrate extensive experience with: - CakePHP (3 and 4) - Developing highly-personalized, feature-rich web applications - Problem-solving in complex development scenarios - SQL - Javascript - Connecting various applications via APIs. You should also be able to tweak HTML/css occasionally. We are looking for an individual to join an existing team, we are -not- looking for a company. Please ensure your proposal reflects your understanding of these complexiti...

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    I have made a small one page site - - where I need to some help with the form. On submit you need to make : a) either a flash message / alert on post "thanks for contacting" before redirecting to index. NOTE : Some code or most of the code is already in controller, but cannot make it work, b) client validation of phone input (if not a numerical). I already have the "required". NOTE : code for client valildation is there but not working. c) sending of email on new submit. You need to demonstrate it on the live server. I will provide you with info.

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    Fix CakePHP image gallery 已经结束 left

    I have a custom CakePHP website with: - an image gallery - a member section - a generators section ( crossword generator, ect ) The website has 9 languages. Each language is shown at a different url. Specific issues: After some work was done on the site by a developer: - some pages give a blank result - some pages show the error 404 page Skills and experience required: - Experienced/expert with Cakephp framework - Knowledge of HTML, php, CSS, JavaScript, Cakephp Desired timeline: - Urgent (within 1 week) As far as we can see, the issue is probably related to sessions and/or caching ? The developer was trying to fix some smaller issues in these domains, when the bigger issues appeared. Site is hosted on a 'webhosting plus' package from Godaddy, with CPanel...

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    ...project, I am actively seeking for an industrious CakePHP developer who is proficient in upgrading to higher versions of PHP and CakePHP. The project also requires certain modifications and a significant performance optimization. Key roles and responsibilities include: 1. Upgrading to higher versions: - Ability and experience in efficiently migrating to higher versions of PHP and CakePHP is crucial. 2. User interface redesign: - A keen eye for aesthetic detail to match our predefined color schemes, layout, and font preferences is needed. 3. Performance optimization: - It is important to have comprehensive understanding and skills in optimizing system performance. Ideal candidates should have prior experience working on CakePHP projects, spec...

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    ...has used CakePHP - even just a bit. I'm seeking to add a new feature to an existing web application. Your task is not just about building new features, it's also about keeping the project updated and efficient as the technologies evolve. The new feature to be implemented is a user authentication system. If you're proficient in creating such systems, that's a plus. If not, familiarity with similar projects will also be useful. Specifically, your work will revolve around: - Building strong and secure user authentication system - Upgrading the application to the newer versions of PHP and CakePHP The ideal candidate should have: - Proficiency in PHP and CakePHP - Experience in feature additions on an existing application - Knowledge and expe...

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    Hi Afzaal H., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. Recover website witch is not working and update it cakePHP version according to the server.

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    In my CakePHP website, a page is failing to load and that's causing disruptions in service. The visible issue is a "Server Error" message that appears instead of the expected content. The problem needs a quick resolution. - Details: The problem isn't a simple 'page not found' error, but something more critical. Instead of the regular content, a 'Server Error' message is displayed, implying that the trouble could be more intricate and potentially linked to server or runtime error. - Skills Required: I'm looking for someone with strong experience in CakePHP and debugging skills, capable of finding and fixing server errors promptly. An in-depth understanding of PHP, servers, and error handling is necessary to resolve the issue full...

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    Looking for Senior (at least 5 years) experienced CakePHP Developer to debug and optimize CakePHP 2x application. Looking for full time , on monthly basis. Thank you

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    ...focusing on simplicity, ease of navigation, and responsive design. The core goal is to enhance the aesthetics while maintaining the existing functionality of the software. Requirements: Strong proficiency in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Experience in responsive web design and cross-browser compatibility. Ability to work with existing code and integrate new UI components seamlessly. Familiarity with CakePHP or similar PHP frameworks is a plus. Good understanding of user experience and modern web design trends. Ability to maintain software functionality during the design overhaul. Excellent communication skills and adherence to project deadlines. Scope of Work: UI Design Implementation: Translate provided UI design concepts into functional HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code. Responsiv...

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    ...Chat: Secure and intuitive chat interface for real-time communication. Appointment Scheduling: Facility for patients to book, reschedule, and cancel appointments. Medical Records Management: Easy access and management of patient medical records. Online Payment Integration: Secure payment gateway for consultations and services. Technical Requirements: Platform: The module should be developed in CakePHP, compatible with our current PHP version 5 environment. API Integration: Incorporation of relevant APIs for enhanced functionality. User Interface: The UI should be user-friendly, aligning with the existing DrMHope software interface. Security and Compliance: Adherence to data privacy regulations and secure handling of sensitive information. Testing and Deployment: Functional Test...

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    ...partner with on 3 different projects , the first being a patient intake management system , if good work is done we will go to the next project together 2. The system will have CRUD (Create , Read , Update , Delete ) functions , must be responsive , web based , look good and professional, easy to scale and add other features in future, be built on a well documented and well supported framework eg cakephp, yii , larval , CI, symphony etc 3. The developers should be able to show previous similar systems they have done 4. About the system The patient intake management system will allow a. Creating, Reading, Updating and Deleting system users (3 levels: admin, manager, case worker) b. Creating, Reading, Updating and Deleting patients( clients) which will include their per...

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    I am looking for a developer to upgrade my CakePHP4 project to CakePHP5. The ideal candidate should have experience with CakePHP and be familiar with the upgrade process. Requirements: - Experience with CakePHP and previous experience upgrading from CakePHP4 to CakePHP5 - Strong understanding of PHP and MVC frameworks - Familiarity with database management and migration - Attention to detail and ability to troubleshoot and fix any issues that may arise during the upgrade process - Should work with PHP8.1 or lastest Also we need to prevent stored/persistent cross-site scripting and persistent XSS vulnerabilities Specific Features/Functionalities to Add: - Please provide suggestions and recommendations for any new features or improvements that can be added during the upgrade...

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    Tengo un desarrollo sistema, busco un experto que me ayude a implementar un modulo de referidos donde cada referido y en el panel de administración muestre las ventas de esos referidos solo el admin podra acceder a esa información y un exportador de las ventas en formato PDF para que se le envien al referido lo que vendió. Estoy utilizando CakePHP.

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    I have CakePHP based online exam system which is taking load on concurrent users but the developer says its due to Server. I want someone to configure the same script on AWS with at least 1500 concurrent user support. I have script developers need server support.

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    ...version ( we use Cakephp PHP version 4.1.14) to the latest version of CakePHP, which is 5.0.1. The upgrade aims to enhance performance, security, and maintainability of the software. ## Project Scope The scope of this project is to upgrade the existing CakePHP framework used in drmhope to version 5.0.1, ensuring that all functionalities are retained and optimized for the new framework version. ### Objectives - Upgrade CakePHP to version 5.0.1. - Ensure compatibility of existing features with the new CakePHP version. - Optimize performance and security. ## Detailed Requirements ### 1. Environment Preparation - Set up a development environment that mirrors the current production environment. - Ensure backup of the current system, including all files ...

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    ...and a comprehensive patient information management system. Mobile Number-based User Identification: Implement a system with mobile number identification and OTP verification. Advanced Search Functionality: For efficient and detailed client information retrieval. Post-Consultation Services: Provide follow-up services after consultations. Technical Requirements: Technology Stack: Currently using CakePHP with PHP version 5. PHP Version Upgrade: Plan to upgrade to a newer PHP version for enhanced performance and security. Compliance and Security: Ensure GDPR compliance and robust data security. Testing and Quality Assurance: Conduct thorough testing across all functionalities. Deliverables: Source code of the upgraded DrMHope software. Detailed documentation, including setup and us...

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    Senior CakePHP Developer for Existing Product Updates and Add-ons We are seeking a senior-level CakePHP developer to join our team on a monthly basis. The ideal candidate will have extensive experience in CakePHP development and be able to handle existing product updates and add-ons. Responsibilities: - Collaborate with our team to understand and implement project requirements - Perform bug fixes and server-side logic enhancements - Develop new features and functionalities for our website Requirements: - Senior-level experience in CakePHP development - Strong knowledge of PHP, MySQL, and JavaScript - Experience with front-end technologies such as HTML, CSS, and jQuery - Ability to work independently and meet project deadlines - Excellent problem-solving an...

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    Expert CakePHP Developer 已经结束 left

    Looking for expert and senior CakePHP Developer to fix SMS and Email Issues in existing Application. The software is written in CakePHP 2.x.

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    I am looking for a PHP developer to create a simple and clean CRUD system for recording client information. using a php framework eg YII, cakephp , CI or laravel The system should have the following features: - Create, Read, Update, and Delete functionality - Search and Filter capabilities - User Authentication While mobile responsiveness is not a priority, it would be nice to have. As for security requirements, standard security measures are sufficient. The ideal candidate for this project should have experience in PHP development and be familiar with CRUD systems.

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    Hello, Admin url is not working for my cakePHP project after cloning from different server. Can anyone help urgently. NEED CAKEPHP EXPERT ONLY Thanks

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    ...upgrade our Ubuntu 20 website from php7 / cakephp 2.9.4 / mysql 5.7.37 to Ubuntu 22 / php8 / cakephp 5.0 / mysql version 8.1. Individual contractors only. In your proposal, please: - list at least one job on your Freelancer profile which has a similar scope. - explain your experience in coding to prevent SQL injection attacks. - confirm you have experience working with the Bitbucket source code repository. - confirm that all work can be done on our development server, connecting to it using PuTTY or similar. Deadline: - I have a specific deadline for this project, which is within a month. The developer should be able to complete the upgrade within this timeframe. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong knowledge and experience in Ubuntu, php, cakephp, and mysq...

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    Lead Software Engineer 已经结束 left practices and emerging technologies. - Ensure that software development follows best practices and coding standards. - Participate in code reviews and provide constructive feedback to team members. Requirements: - Proficiency in English is mandatory for effective communication within our international team. - A minimum of 5 years of experience in software development. - Expertise in the CakePHP framework. - Proven experience in leading software development projects. - Ability to work collaboratively within a cross-functional team. - Strong problem-solving and analytical skills. - Knowledge of best practices in software development, including design patterns, code reviews, and testing. - Strong organizational and project management skills. - A commitment to continuous learn...

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    CakePHP Web Developer 已经结束 left

    I am looking for a CakePHP web developer who can help me fix my login page. This is a quick job, just unable to complete it myself. Need the formatting on my CakePHP login page fixed. This is what is should look like: And this is what it looks like: Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Strong proficiency in CakePHP framework - Experience in implementing user registration and login features - Ability to work within tight deadlines and deliver high-quality work If you can get this done today, please reach out.

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    Hello, URGENT Needed in 2 days. I have a cakePHP website that need to be redesign. I already have a mockup for inner page. Other inner pages should be designed according to that. A form on home page should also need to redesign. MUST have a good knowledge in PHP, CAKEPHP, HTML, CSS, JQUERY. Thanks

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    Project Overview: We are seeking experienced freelance developers to join our network and assist in fixing and updating a CakePHP-based Content Management System (CMS) that currently faces responsiveness and functionality issues on the backend. This project presents an opportunity to collaborate with a dynamic team, contribute your expertise, and improve the performance and user experience of our CMS. Project Description: Our CakePHP-based CMS serves as the backbone of our web applications, enabling efficient content management and site administration. However, over time, we have identified certain issues related to responsiveness and functionality in the CMS backend that require immediate attention and resolution. Scope of Work: Backend Responsiveness: The CMS currently ...

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    I am looking for an experience CakePHP developer who can write a script / code for the following: We have a folder called "inbox", the inbox folder receives approx 50 - 100 xml files per min. We have a regular cron running, that reads 1 xml at a time and processes the file accordingly. Due to the volume of xml files arriving in the inbox folder, it is taking us longer to process all the files. We are now looking into ways how we can implement a multi thread channel, where we can process these xml files simultaneously, rather than 1 by 1. You need to consider the following: 1. XML files have been uploaded successfully in the "inbox" folder before its sent for processing. 2. Maintain error logs 3. Create an option where we can configure the number of simultaneo...

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    CakePHP Expert needed to setup live website on dev domain

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    using a php framework eg yii2 , cakephp, laraval, CI or symphony create an application that counsellors can use to register client information, and adding update notes to the client file over time. as part of registering a new client the is a quiz Create: create client record including an intake quiz read: view client records update: add notes to client records

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    ...are seeking an experienced CakePHP developer to address this issue and optimize the integration. Key Responsibilities: Review the current integration of our hospital management software with OpenAI's ChatGPT API. Identify the root cause of the 3-minute delay in the response from ChatGPT. Implement solutions to optimize the response time and ensure seamless integration. Test the solutions in a controlled environment before deploying them to the live system. Collaborate with our internal IT team to ensure smooth deployment and transition. Document all changes made and provide a comprehensive report on the solutions implemented. Provide post-deployment support to address any issues or bugs that may arise. Required Skills and Qualifications: Proven experience in CakePHP...

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    ...looking for a skilled CakePHP developer to make both front-end and back-end changes to my existing project, which is currently on CakePHP 3.x. The ideal candidate should have experience working with CakePHP 5 and be able to complete the project within a timeline of more than 3 months. The main tasks for this project include: - Making front-end changes to improve the user interface and user experience. - Implementing back-end changes to enhance the functionality and performance of the project. - Working closely with me to understand the specific requirements and goals of the project. - Providing regular updates and progress reports throughout the development process. Skills and Experience: - Strong proficiency in CakePHP 5 and previous experience working wi...

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    Company Overview We are the esteemed creators of DrM Hope, an award-winning Hospital Management Information System (HMIS) software. Initially developed in 2012 using CakePHP and a MySQL database, our software was designed as a multi-tenant platform. However, we're facing challenges in its current multi-tenancy functionality and are urgently seeking an experienced developer to resolve this issue. Job Description We urgently require a skilled Software Developer with specific expertise in CakePHP, MySQL, and multi-tenancy. The chosen candidate will work diligently to optimize the existing multi-tenant features of DrM Hope, ensuring it functions seamlessly for multiple hospitals to use concurrently. This is an urgent project that needs to be completed within a 2-day tim...

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    ...engagement) Overview We are seeking an experienced CakePHP Developer to make enhancements to our existing Inventory Management product. The initial task focuses on filtering database results, potentially at the query level. After filtering the results, you'll also need to update the front-end to display badges based on specific conditions using our existing CSS styles. Successful completion may lead to long-term collaboration that includes bug fixes, feature development, and PHP Unit Test writing. Responsibilities -Gain access to our GIT repository and set up a local development environment using LAMP stack. -Install required packages via Composer. -Populate your local MYSQL database using our Phinx migration scripts. -Work on existing CakePHP code to filter datab...

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    Busco experto en PHP para un proyecto personal de moderada complejidad con un plazo de entrega de una semana. Habilidades y experiencia ideales para el trabajo: - Amplio conocimiento y experiencia en desarrollo de PHP (Code Igniter, CakePHP, Laravel) - Capacidad para trabajar en proyectos de moderada complejidad - Cumplimiento de plazos de entrega ajustados - Capacidad para comunicarse en español de manera fluida y efectiva El proyecto consiste en ajustar unas pantallas y comunicación con archivos en servidor remoto, estimamos unas 20 horas de trabajo en CakePHP 3.5

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    Dear All Before bidding make sure you cna handle the project , our website conatians more than 500,000 pages so we need expert who have deep knowledge on below issues SEO Requirements Document for Objective We have an existing website, that currently runs on CakePHP with PHP version 5.6. We've already upgraded to Laravel 7.4 on our test site, and have resolved most functionality issues there. On our current live site, we're facing numerous SEO issues. We aim to ensure that these SEO problems are completely addressed before making the test site live. We're looking for a freelancer who can resolve all types of SEO issues. Below, we've mentioned a few that we are aware of; however, if there are additional SEO issues that we haven't identified

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    SEO Requirements Document for Objective We have an existing website, that currently runs on CakePHP with PHP version 5.6. We've already upgraded to Laravel 7.4 on our test site, and have resolved most functionality issues there. On our current live site, we're facing numerous SEO issues. We aim to ensure that these SEO problems are completely addressed before making the test site live. We're looking for a freelancer who can resolve all types of SEO issues. Below, we've mentioned a few that we are aware of; however, if there are additional SEO issues that we haven't identified, we'd like you to suggest and address those as well. Our main goal is to resolve all existing SEO issues.". Website Structure and Performance 1. Site Speed Optimization

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    Hi, We need to prepare files to translate for our saas platform. we need someone who can prepare these files and add them in Thank you

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    CakePhP developer 已经结束 left

    I am looking for a CakePHP developer who can assist with API integration and development. Specific requirements for the project include: - API integration and development - Utilizing an existing codebase Ideal skills and experience: - Proficient in CakePHP framework - Strong understanding of API integration and development - Experience working with existing codebases As for the project completion timeline, there is no specific timeframe mentioned, so we can discuss and agree on a suitable timeline.

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    Project Title: CakePHP Budget Planner Update to PHP 8.0 Description: I am looking for a skilled developer who can update our CakePHP Budget Planner to be compatible with PHP 8.0, previously working on 7.4. The specific requirements for this project are as follows: Updates Needed: - Syntax updates only Skills and Experience Required: - Strong knowledge and experience in CakePHP - Proficiency in PHP 8.0 and its syntax - Understanding of budget planning functionalities Documentation: - There are no pre-existing notes or documentation available for this project. Timeline: - The expected timeline for this project is within 1 week. If you have the necessary skills and experience, and can complete the project within the given timeline, please submit your proposal. Web ...

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    ...Potrzebujemy dokonać usprawnień portalu / portali w zakresie: 1. Migracja do WordPress 2. Usprawnienia obecnego portalu Wymagania: - Dobra znajomość PHP5.x i 7.x poparta minimum 2-3 letnim doświadczeniem - Znajomość CakePHP lub przynajmniej jednego z popularnych frameworków (Symfony, Laravel, Zend lub inne) - Dobra znajomość relacyjnych baz danych (preferowane MySQL/MariaDB) - Znajomość HTML oraz CSS - Znajomość języka JavaScript (ES5) oraz technologi AJAX Mile widziane: - Umiejętność pracy z poziomu CLI - Doświadczenie w używaniu framework-a CakePHP - Doświadczenie w używaniu biblioteki jQuery - Znajomość zagadnień związanych z RWD Umożliwiamy pracę w redakcji / współpracę hybrydową lub na zasadzie rozliczanych projektów. Zapraszamy każdą kreaty...

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    I have this online examination system written with Cakephp ! i want to make a little modification on code on user side dashboard.. To get the better understanding of what i am talking about please do check the dashboards: User side username: student @ pass: admin Admin side user:admin pass: admin -- The objective of this project and wireframing designs attached

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    Project Description: Add a reCaptcha at the creation of an account Platform: CakePHP API Keys: Yes Timeline: 1 Day Job Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in CakePHP - Experience in integrating reCaptcha at the creation of an account - Familiarity with reCaptcha API - Ability to complete the task within a 1-day timeline

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    Project Title: Migration of system in CakePHP to Laravel I am looking for a developer to migrate the existing codebase (of developed system) from CakePHP 3.x to Laravel. System Db developed in MySQL Specifications and Requirements: - The final Laravel codebase should meet the client's specifications and requirements. - The developer should have experience in both Cake PHP and Laravel and be able to ensure that the codebase and DB is migrated accurately and efficiently. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong proficiency in Laravel and CakePHP 3.x. - Strong proficiency in Gitlab, Ubuntu - Strong proficiency in MySql - Experience in code migration projects, specifically from CakePHP to Laravel. - Knowledge of best practices for code migration and ensuring c...

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    cakephp project 已经结束 left

    task to be done 1. i have cakephp platform and when an user is deleted, all the properties created by the user are deleted. I need to fix that bug or just create some function in which the user is archived instead. 2. I have up to date database with properties missing because was deleted by previous bug. I have old database. I need to mix the old and new database in order to appear, on the current db, the deleted properties which appear on backup I need someone who start now and finish asap

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    I am looking for experienced CakePHP developers that can help me add additional features to my existing CakePHP based project. Specifically, I need help with user URL redirection, DOM Manipulation, Google Recaptcha Integration, 2FA, etc. I have the source code and documentation of the existing project. If you think you have the skills and knowledge to successfully add the necessary features and improve the existing project, please reach out to me.

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    php quick job 已经结束 left

    task to be done 1. i have cakephp platform and when an user is deleted, all the properties created by the user are deleted. I need to fix that bug 2. I has up to date database with properties missing because was deleted by previous bug. I have old database. I need to mix the old and new database in order to appear, on the current db, the deleted properties which appear on backup I need someone who start now and finish asap

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    Project Title: Code migration CakePHP to Laravel I am looking for a developer to migrate the existing codebase (of developed system) from CakePHP 3.x to Laravel. Specifications and Requirements: - The final Laravel codebase should meet the client's specifications and requirements. - The developer should have experience in both in Cake PHP and Laravel and be able to ensure that the codebase is migrated accurately and efficiently. Existing Laravel Environment: - There is no existing Laravel environment developed that the code needs to be migrated into. The developer will need to set up the Laravel environment for the migrated codebase. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong proficiency in Laravel and CakePHP 3.x. - Strong proficiency in Gitlab, Ubuntu - Strong ...

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    I am looking for a skilled freelancer to convert my CakePHP website to WordPress. The following requirements and preferences should be considered: Current Version of CakePHP: v 0.2.9 Timeframe for Conversion: 1-3 days WordPress Theme: The client has a specific WordPress theme in mind. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong proficiency in CakePHP and WordPress - Experience in converting websites from CakePHP to WordPress - Ability to meet tight deadlines - Familiarity with the latest WordPress themes and customisation options

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