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    Logo Design Brief: SOS Global Company Name : SOS Global Company Overview: SOS Global is a cutting-edge solutions provider offering tailored services to meet the unique needs and objectives of businesses. With a commitment to innovation, agility, and scalability, SOS Global integrates advanced technologies like AI, machine learning, and blockchain into its solutions, ensuring clients stay at the forefront of their industries. Design Objectives: The logo should reflect SOS Global's commitment to providing bespoke, cutting-edge, and scalable solutions. It should evoke a sense of innovation, modernity, and uniqueness while avoiding clichéd elements like a globe. Key Messages: Tailored Solutions: Communicate the bespoke nature of SOS Global's services, emphasiz...

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    Sequential Circuit Simulator 6 天 left

    ...and connect them to build sequential circuits. Control Panel: Situated on the right side, this panel will include buttons for saving states, clearing the workspace, etc. Additional Features: The application will include the following additional features: Construction of a graph describing the operation of the sequential circuit. Generation of control input values for the sequential circuit. Presentation of the graph describing the operation of the sequential circuit in graphical form. Presentation of the analysis results of the sequential circuit's operation in graphical form. Determination of control functions for flip-flop inputs. Time analysis (for assumed propagation times of combinational elements) of the implemented control functions. Freelancer Job P...

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    i need a friend who is good at electricity to help me to look whether the following wiring in the photo is in parallel or in series. The whole battery set is measure as 3.2 v now. Then he need to tell me how to put one more new battery to maintain the voltage of the whole set as 3.2 v. All the three battery is 3.2 itself. Interested party pls make bid by telling that you are willing to do this work with one usd.

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    Digital Clock Creation 6 天 left

    I want to make a digital clock. The clock will display the time (hours and seconds), and will have 3 buttons 1. To switch between clock and timer mode. 2. To Increment the timer. 3. To decrement the timer. and there should be a buzzer that ring when the timer finish. The clock should work on a built in chargeable battery. I wan someone to design the electrical circuit and send me code and simulation and I will Do the Hardware wiring under his supervisor. Note that I don't want it on a prototype scale but a product scale.

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    Hey all I am just looking for a simple layout that will allow me to determine when both devices have been connected to the usb-c cable on both ends. It should just be a passthrough design that only monitors the CC lines for attach detection. I'm needing it to know if both ends are connected and not just 1 end of the cable. I have attached an image of my KiCad schematic of what I currently have using the INA219. However, it may be better to use a FUSB302/HUSB238 that's designed to monitor both CC pins so that it dont have to use 2 INA219's for each of my 6 usb-c input/output connectors. I plan on using a Arduino Pro Micro for the i2c communication to the FUSB302. I will be needing only 1 passthrough example that I can turn into the 6 input/outputs that I am needing. ...

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    As someone deeply engaged with residential wiring, industrial automation and power distribution, I'm ideally searching for an experienced Electrical CAD Designer. The role would involve: - Developing detailed schematic designs - Constructing precise circuit board layouts - Creating clear wiring diagrams Demonstrable mastery over AutoCAD Electrical is essential. Past work on similar projects and a firm understanding of the unique demands posed by residential, industrial and power distribution sectors would be greatly advantageous.

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    I'm seeking a talented freelancer to bring to life a microcontroller project utilizing Circuit Python. The chosen expert will intertwine data logging, control of physical components, and sensor integration functionalities into a coherent system that's both reliable and efficient. This project is set to be implemented on microcontrollers, ensuring a compact, yet powerful, application. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proficient in Circuit Python - Solid understanding of microcontrollers (specific models will be discussed) - Experience with data logging, controlling physical components, and integrating sensors - Ability to write clean, maintainable code - Previous projects involving sensor data collection and automation - Creative problem-solving skills and the abi...

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    Schematics Design 5 天 left

    Hardware Requirement specifications 1 Router Board design using Filogic 880 Chipset. 2 basic / default circuit - Reset , programming interface, Crystal etc 3 Two no's of 10G LAN ports 4 Four no's of Gigabit ports 5 One no's of 2.5G port 6 One no's of WAN port for external modem connectivity 7 ON/OFF & Reboot Switch 8 LED indications for Power, storage, WIFI, security 9 Connectivity: WIFI 6, 6E and WIFI 7 connectivity along with backward compatibility to 3G and 4G 10 6nos of WIFI antennas (tri band) are required 11 Device should operate using standard 12VDC external adapters 12 Temperature Range: -30 to 85 Deg.C 13 Compliance: FCC Part 15 class A, EN 61000-6-4 (generic), EN 61000-6-2(generic) 14 Internal RTC support is required 15 On-Board Nand flash of...

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    I'm in need of a competent electronics engineer to design a laser distance measuring tool capable of accurately measuring distances up to 6 feet. Key requirements include: - Accurate measurement of distances up to 6 feet - An LCD display to digitally display measurements - A built-in battery for portable use (or connector to accept circuit board DC power) - Schematic and parts lists to make the device However, there's no need for a casing to house the device. Ideal candidates should have significant experience in electronics design, specifically in the field of laser distance measurement devices. A firm understanding of schematics and parts lists preparation is requisite. Additionally, practical knowledge on LCD displays and portable power solutions will ...

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    I need an electronic circuit designer and PCB designer. The final project must include the design of a PCB with: 12 digital inputs; 4 analog inputs; 12 digital outputs; 4 analog outputs; 1 USB connection for programming; 4 connections for RS485; 1 interface for a touchscreen display. I will provide more details on certain specific components to be used on the PCB. Your understanding of these components and their proper implementation is crucial. Let's discuss further details regarding the PCB size, which is a detail I would like to finalize together, according to the prototype's requirements. Ideal candidates will have significant experience in PCB design, preferably using DesignSpark, and creating custom prototypes. Your experience and suggestions for ot...

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    I'm seeking a professional to urgently design a Printed Circuit Board and Box for my project. Although I don't have a preferred software ideally it needs to be one that is widely used within the industry. Skills & Experience Required: - Proven experience in PCB design - Proven experience in Box design - Experienced in 3D design - Ability to work quickly and efficiently as the project is required ASAP I'm open to discussion about software used, as I skipped this question previously. The completion timeline for this project is very short, so the freelancer needs to be ready to begin immediately. Looking forward to your proposals!

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    I am seeking an experienced Electronics Engineer to develop a boost converter circuit capable of converting 48v DC 4.800w to 320v DC with a power of around 3500w. Key project requirements include: - Design a boost converter for increasing voltage output - Easy design PCB and schematic in KICAD - Use components that is easy to buy from Mouser our other company in EU - Use most SMD components Ideal skills and qualifications: - Proficiency in circuit design and simulation - Deep understanding of Boost converters - Experience with wide variety of components (Semiconductors, Passives & Integrated circuits) - Proven track record in delivering high power, high efficiency circuits. Your final deliverables will be a detailed schematic diagram, list of com...

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    ...professional to accurately convert my PCB circuit board layouts from PDF files into Gerber files. This task is crucial for the manufacturing process of my double-layer PCBs. An understanding of the technicalities involved in PCB manufacturing is vital. **Key Requirements:** - **Expertise in PCB Design**: Proficiency in reading and understanding circuit board layouts is a must. - **Conversion Skills**: Ability to convert complex PDF files into Gerber files without loss of detail. - **Knowledge in Double-layer PCBs**: Since my project involves double-layer PCBs, experience with these is necessary. - **Attention to Detail**: The conversion process must preserve all elements of the original design. - **Software Proficiency**: Familiarity with PCB design...

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    Circuit Design/pcb design 3 天 left

    In this project, I'm seeking a talented PCB designer who can assist me in creating a robust circuit design. Key Responsibilities: - Designing a circuit according to my requirements - Proposing suggestions to enhance the overall functionality - Familiar with SAM-M10Q-00B gps receiver IC - Familiar with ESP32-S3-WROOM-1-N16R8 esp32 integration For this project you will need expertise in creating a circuit that will function as a DAC that can oscillate both a 1575.42Mhz and 1227.6Mhz respectively. There needs to be multiple of these circuits, driven by the esp32, and the DAC circuit that you build will route to connection. Circuit design and PCB design is needed.

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    ...integration with any existing systems, thus the sensor should be capable of operating completely independently. Main Project goal. Design of a single PCB which can be glued on a surface, 24VDC supply, 1 output to connect to PLC(short circuit proof), some LED's for status, RS485 connection for configuration/monitoring. use of STM32L071 micro-controller, and other parts preferably from our stock list. Design shall be made in Ki-Cad. No programming required. We have allready selected a structural sound sensor. Key Requirements: - Design expertise: Proficiency in PCB layout, design, and testing, with an emphasis on sensors. - Simplicity and autonomy: The design needs to stand alone without the need for integration into existing monitoring s...

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    hello friend . i would from you designing circuit to controlling in small cars by using radio signals in many receivers in same time without interference

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    Trophy icon Cyber-Electric Future Logo 2 天 left

    ...must be integrated into the new design, albeit with a futuristic twist. 2. **Project Purpose**: - *A harbinger of Change*: The primary goal is to use the futuristic logo on a Tesla Cybertruck as a testament to our commitment towards replacing gas with renewable electric energy. This logo will serve as a beacon of innovation, representing our shift and dedication to a greener future. 3. **Design Aspects**: - **Futuristic Appeal**: The design should scream futuristic but retain a connection to our present brand identity. This means innovating around our traditional elements and infusing them with a vision of 2100. - **Electric Circuit Design**: A nod to our leap towards renewable energy solutions, the design should subtly incorporate el...

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    I require an expert in PCB design, specifically for EV (Electric Vehicle) charging stations. Your task will be to create a design for a PCB that is compatible with both Type 1 and Type 2 charging connectors. The design must ensure a power output of 22 kW, a fairly high specification that will require in-depth knowledge and experience in the realm of high-power electronics. Moreover, the EV charger PCB must integrate crucial safety features including: - Overcurrent protection - Short-circuit protection - Overvoltage protection Ideal candidates will have a strong background in electronic engineering, particularly with a focus on high-power applications and charging systems. Any prior experience with similar projects, especially related to EV charging stati...

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    I am in need of a highly skilled PCB designer specialized in creating an intricate yet robust printed circuit board (PCB) for a quadcopter drone. This drone will primarily serve surveillance purposes, capitalizing on advanced technology and innovation. Hence, I am looking for someone with profound experience and a creative mindset to tackle this challenging yet exciting project. Here's a breakdown of the project and what I envision: ### Key Requirements - **Design and develop a PCB** tailored for a quadcopter drone. - Must support **long-range communication** to ensure it can be operated over extensive distances without signal loss. - Implement **high-resolution camera support** to capture clear, detailed images for surveillance purposes. - Integrate **night vision capa...

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    Seeking a skilled freelancer to create a basic overview hydraulic circuit diagram for a system aimed at controlling machine movement. This project requires a focus on integrating key components, specifically including valves, pumps, and actuators, to facilitate precise control and efficient operation. Ideal candidates will bring a robust understanding of hydraulic systems and prior experience in designing circuit diagrams that balance performance with simplicity. Requirements: - Proficient in hydraulic system theory and application. - Experienced in designing hydraulic circuits for machine control. - Ability to identify and integrate essential components: Valves, pumps, actuators. - Capable of delivering a diagram that offers a clear, basic overview while highlighting main c...

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    ...experienced PCB designer who can optimize an existing double-layer circuit board design to improve its efficiency. The ideal candidate should possess a strong background in electrical engineering, with significant experience in PCB design and optimization for high efficiency. Here are the specific requirements and skills needed for the project: **Requirements:** - Optimize the current double-layer PCB design to significantly improve its efficiency without compromising performance. - Conduct a detailed analysis of the existing design to identify areas for efficiency improvements. - Implement changes that reduce power consumption while maintaining or improving overall functionality. **Skills and Experience:** - Proficient in PCB design software ...

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    ...of a machine and implement necessary modifications to enhance its safety features. The project's main goal is to integrate additional safety components, such as protection fuses, safety relays, and input/output relays, different Power Supplies to ensure that the machine operates smoothly and safely. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proficiency in electrical engineering - Experience in machine design and safety enhancements - Ability to read and modify electrical schematics - Proficient in drafting technical specifications -Knowledge of CSA Canadian Standard **Modifications Required:** - **Safety Enhancements:** Introduction of protection fuses, safety relays, and input/output relays into the current electrical setup, changing the type of power supplies. - **Verify Electr...

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    ...father on a wall) Racing track Name: (*see the attached logo) we can put it onto the garage facade Land surface available: 10-15.000 sqm Race track length: 300-500m long Race track width: 5-6 m wide Style: see the “Model 2 karting track” picture Model of racetrack – your choice – i like the form of the circuit in “Model 1 karting track” and in picture “Model 2 karting track”. Lights: yes, the circuit needs to be night usable and to have lights on the side Spectator stands: Yes, the circuit needs to have spectator stands. Capacity: around 100 chairs. I was thinking to use the car collection showroom building and to place the spectator stands on top of that building. (*see the attached zoning file). Other details: f...

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    I am looking for an experienced circuit designer to construct an intermediate complexity radio PCB circuit. The successful freelancer will be able to confidently handle both analog and mixed-signal circuit design to deliver a solid end product. While the specifics of the project will be discussed in more detail, I am expecting the freelancer to: - Have a proven history in circuit design, particularly in radio circuits - Understand and meet the specifications of an intermediate complexity circuit design - Provide their own original and creative solutions while staying within the stated parameters Notably, the main attribute I am searching for in applicants is experience. I am more interested in practical, hands-on abilities and previ...

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    In need of professi...need of professional help in electrical design electrical radial circuit. Understanding the intricacies of these systems as an electrical circuit designer is vital for this project. Applicants must be proficient in the following: - Circuit Design: Such that resources are used efficiently and the circuit serves its purpose effectively. - Electrical Design: Able to consider the wider picture of electrical engineering, beyond just the circuit at hand. - Knowledge of Radial Circuits: I specifically need a radial circuit designed, so familiarity with this type of circuit is a necessity. Your intuitive understanding of electrical engineering, specifically in regards to radial circuits, will be instrume...

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    I need a skilled freelancer to develop a rough schematic of an integrated circuit for our unique line of gym equipment, which will form part of a patent application. Your main tasks will include: - Creating high-quality 2D CAD drawings for our six distinct pieces of gym equipment. - Designing a schematic layout of our circuit to effectively illustrate both connectivity paths and power sources. Successful completion requires expertise in creating patent-friendly schematics and professional 2D CAD drawings. An understanding of electronics and experience with gym equipment will be beneficial. Your output must be clear, concise, and well-suited for inclusion within a patent application.

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    The Proposal will include adding audio amplifier, adding capability to lower power consumption by turning off DFPlayer and audio amplifier when not used and removing DC/DC converter to take only 5V input, it will also include adding eFuse or other more advanced circuit protection system.

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    I would like to Design a Graphics Card Schematic File. I am Looking hire Design Schematic File - For Graphics Card (GPU) Conducting thorough research on current GPU architectures, technologies, and industry trends. Defining the specifications and performance targets for the graphics card, considering factors such as core count, memory bandwidth, and power efficiency. Designing and modeling the GPU architecture using computer-aided design (CAD) software, incorporating advanced features for rendering, compute, and artificial intelligence. Implementing the design using hardware description languages (HDLs) such as Verilog or VHDL, and simulating the functionality using specialized tools. Conducting rigorous testing, validation, and optimization to ensure the gr...

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    ...project requires intricate design capabilities and a deep understanding of both analog and digital circuits to seamlessly blend them for optimal performance. **Requirements:** - Experience in designing large (>20x20 cm) PCBs. - Proficiency in multi-layer PCBs, capable of handling complex circuit integrations. - Strong knowledge in both analog and digital signal processing. - Ability to optimize design for signal integrity and power efficiency. **Ideal Skills:** - Expertise in PCB design software (e.g., OrCAD Altium Designer, KiCad, Eagle). - Familiarity with PCB manufacturing processes and guidelines to ensure design is manufacturable. - Experience in designing PCBs for high-speed digital and sensitive analog signals. - Good communication skills ...

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    Hi Aleksander - I have come to the point where I am again in need of your skills on the Talk Box Project. Are you interested in an available to help me advance it to the next phase? - The DC/DC convertor on the prototype is no longer available. I can take 5v power though. - I need an amplifier for the audio. - I need a power saving circuit to disable the DFPlayer and amp when not in use. I've run out of characters to type here, let me know your thoughts!

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    Embedded system developer 已经结束 left

    I'm currently in the market for an experienced embedded system developer with a strong background in firmware development and hardware design, specifically aimed at enhancing industrial automation processes. My project demands not just the creation of a system but also its integration into a moderately complex environment where networking and wireless communication play crucial roles. **Key Tasks Include:** - **Firmware Development:** Crafting and implementing custom firmware to run on the embedded system. Experience with real-time operating systems (RTOS) is desirable. - **Hardware Design:** Designing the physical components necessary for executing specific control and automation tasks. This includes selecting appropriate sensors and designing the layout for effective ...

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    ...specifically require: - **Garage Electrical Update:** - Adding additional standard 120V outlets. - Installing a new 240V outlet for high-powered tools or electric vehicle charging. - Adding additional circuit breakers in support of the expansion of electrical outlets. - **Outdoor Electrical Expansion:** - Extending electrical power underground to an outdoor gate. - Providing power to a shed, ensuring it can support both lighting and a 120V outlet. **Skills and Experience:** - **Licensed Electrical Engineer**: Someone with experience in residential electrical projects. - **Electrical Design**: Ability to create or modify electrical drawings for permit approval. - **Outdoor Electrical Work**: Knowledgeable about running electrical lines outdoors and underg...

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    ...skilled electrical engineer to develop a compact circuit tailored to power both LED and EL panels efficiently. The project focuses on a design that fits within specific dimensions and operates within a unique voltage requirement. **Project Overview:** - Develop a circuit that supports LED and EL panel operation. - The circuit should be powered by a 3.7V source but is expected to efficiently increase output specifically for the EL panel without overheating or overloading. **Specifications:** - Voltage: 3.7V input with increased output for EL. - Size: The circuit must not exceed 1.75” x 2.25” in dimensions. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proficiency in both analog and digital circuit design, with a special focus on mixed-...

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    I am looking for a highly talented and experience analog circuit design engineer. Who has knowledge on sensor design, modulation and filter design detection of modulated signals. Project is related to IR receiver design for a low power battery operated device. You need to develop a low power IR sensor that detects modulated 36 or 38khz IR signal. But the receiver sensor power should only be less that 20-50uA consumption. Demodulation is not required just detecting the correctly and giving high output. You will have to provide me design and bill of material.

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    3 个竞标 to design a relay protector for a 220V, 40 Amp T90 relay for an inductive load. This project requires a focus on relay welding protection, caused by high current flow, voltage spikes and frequent on/off cycling. Key requirements are as follows: - Overcurrent, Voltage Surge, Short Circuit Protection: The design should effectively mitigate the aforementioned issues causing relay welding. - Cost-effective Solution: While quality and functionality are of paramount importance, the design also needs to be cost-effective. - Easy Installation and Maintenance: The design should be straightforward to implement and maintain, reducing potential downtime. Ideal skills for the job include experience with electrical relay systems, electrical protect...

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    ...need a PCB design for my hobby project. It's a very basic, through-hole design with no surface components required. Here's what I'm looking for: - An uncomplicated design; the circuit isn't complex so experience with advanced circuits isn't necessary. - Hobbyist-level designers are welcome. This could also be a great opportunity for beginners looking to gain more experience with PCB design. - There's no need to adhere to specific electrical standards like RoHS compliance or FCC certification, I only wish for functional design. Ideal skills and experience: - Familiarity with through-hole PCB design. - Able to communicate design specifications clearly. - Reliable and careful attention to details. - G...

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    ...well as planning out lighting systems. The key aspects of the project are as follows: - **Circuit Design:** Develop efficient and reliable electrical circuits. - **Wiring Diagrams:** Create detailed wiring diagrams to ensure safe and effective electrical connections. - **Power Layout:** Plan the layout for power distribution throughout the residential building. - **Lighting Layout:** Design lighting systems that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. **Compliance and Standards:** All designs and layouts must comply with the National Electrical Code (NEC) to ensure safety and regulatory adherence. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proficiency in electrical engineering software for circuit design and diagramming. - Familiarity with the NEC a...

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    In need of a dedicated electrical engineer to focus on the design and development of an analog circuit for motor controller. The primary function of this circuit will be for pulse power supply to the motor coils. Your expertise will be absolutely instrumental in the success of the project. Key Responsibilities: - Analog circuit design - Power supply design - Understanding of the single phase or two phase motor functionalities Ideal Candidate: You are an experienced electrical engineer with a strong background in analog circuits and power supply design. Your troubleshooting skills can quickly identify and rectify any issues during the circuit design process. Knowledge in power distribution planning will be considered a bonu...

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    I'm seeking an experienced electronics designer to develop a DPDT relay board controlled via USB. The key requirements for this project are: - On/Off control functionality should be implemented on the ...requirements for this project are: - On/Off control functionality should be implemented on the relay board. - The control device will be an Industrial PLC system. - A Command Line Interface is preferred for the USB control. The successful candidate should understand industrial automation, PLC systems, and be experienced in USB interfacing and command line programming. Knowledge in relay logic and circuit design will also be crucial to meet these specific requirements. This project will require both hardware and software skills. Understanding of industrial control syst...

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    ...designer to create a double-layer printed circuit board (PCB) that functions primarily as a relay controller with WiFi communication capabilities. This task requires a delicate balance of technical skill and innovative thinking to ensure functionality and reliability in its application. **Core Requirements:** - Development of a double-layer PCB layout tailored for efficient relay control. - Incorporation of WiFi connectivity for communication needs, facilitating remote operations and data exchanges. - Ensuring the design complies with standard protocols and best practices for safety and performance. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Strong background in electrical or electronics engineering, specifically in PCB design and layout. - Proficiency with PCB design...

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    ...talented freelancer who excels in Arduino development, circuit board design specifically tailored for consumer electronics, and medium-complexity 3D printing. This project is an exciting opportunity for someone passionate about blending electronic engineering with creative 3D design to bring unique consumer products to life. **Core Requirements:** - **Arduino Development:** Must be proficient in programming Arduino boards for various functionalities. Experience with integrating sensors and actuators is a plus. - **Circuit Board Design:** Skill in designing efficient, reliable circuit boards for consumer electronic products. Knowledge of PCB layout, component selection, and power management essential. - **3D Printing:** Capability to desig...

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    I'm currently embroiled in a legal situation that demands a precise and strategic approach to navigate the complexities presented by the Oakland County Circuit Court. The lawsuit alleges a breach of contract against me and my company, an issue that was resolved on my end prior to the lawsuit, over five years ago, hence the need for a dismissal motion and a robust argument against a default judgment. **Ideal Skills & Experience:** - Thorough understanding of the legal processes within Oakland County Circuit Court. - Proven experience in drafting and filing motions for dismissal, particularly in cases involving breach of contract claims. - Strong background in contract law, with the ability to dissect and counteract claims of breach effectively. - Exceptional research...

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    I need an electronics engineer highly proficient in mixed-signal circuit design for a telecommunications project. Ideal Skill Set: - Strong expertise in circuit design especially mixed-signal circuits - Vast experience in the telecommunications sector - Familiarity with PCB layout and embedded systems programming Your role will involve the design and development of an efficient mixed-signal circuit targetted at a telecommunications application. I look forward to your exceptional skills in creating a functional and highly efficient circuit design.

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    I'm in need of expert electrical assistance for my industrial facility. The specific area of expertise required is power distribution design. The scope includes but isn't limited to: - ETAP Study (Short Circuit, Load Flow, Relay coordination....etc) Ideal Skills: - Deep knowledge of industrial power systems - Proven experience in power distribution design. - Familiarity with industrial machinery and operations Please note; the facility does not have any unique power usage or supply requirements. Your input will play a crucial role in optimizing our power utilization to streamline our operations. Your bid should include your strategy, timeline and cost. I'm looking forward to your expert solutions.

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    Need a spring boot code on : Microservices Design Patter 1)API Gateway 2) Circuit breaker 3) Event Sourcing 4) Database per service 5)Saga 6)Command query responsibility Segregator 7)Strangler 8)Aggregator 9)Backends for Frontends 10)Decomposition 11)Asynchronous messaging 12)Bulkhead 13) Cross-cutting concern 14)Sidecar 15) Design patterns for microservices 15) Observability 16) Service discovery 17) Command Query Responsibility Segregation 18) Shared database 19) Externalized configuration 20) Branch 21) Chained or chain of responsibility 22) Gateway Aggregation 23) Database patterns

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    ...for specialized radio applications. This unique and challenging project requires the design and implementation of an amplifier that can elevate a 12V supply through a transformer to output 10kV to power a neon lamp with frequency switching capabilities. Here’s a concise overview of my requirements and the ideal skills I’m looking for in a freelancer: **Core Requirements:** - **Design a voltage amplifier** that takes a 12V input and outputs at 10kV to drive a neon lamp, indicating a successful boost in voltage. - **Frequency switching range** should be versatile, accommodating anything from 10 Hz to 30 kHz, to suit a variety of applications and experiments within the radio domain. - **Custom Transformer Design:** Development of a 12V/10kV transformer tai...

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    ...the advancement of MicroSCADA X applications for 110kV (5 bays) and 20kV (approximately 20 bays). The primary objective of this project is to bolster control and monitoring capabilities within these power bays. Required Expertise: - Proficiency in MicroSCADA X - IEC 61850 protocol to relays - IEC 104 to Network center - Experience in power system automation - Extensive understanding of circuit breaker operations - Strong background in impelmenting MicroSCADA systesm with Siemens Siprotec 5 and ABB Relion 615/620 relays Ideal candidates will demonstrate their experience with the aforementioned specifics and showcase their ability to enhance the efficiency and reliability of MicroSCADA X application. A focus on enhancing cybersecurity measures in power systems would also be...

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    I need a proficient, detail-oriented individual to design and manufacture an H bridge circuit and PCB for motor control purposes. The system will specifically be catering to a DC motor. The expected voltage range the system needs to handle is from 5V to 12V. Requirements include: - Experience creating and fabricating complex circuits - Understanding of motor control systems - Knowledge on working with DC motors - Experience handling voltages between 5V to 12V Ensure you have a proven history demonstrating these skills, as the specifications need to be strictly followed. Your understanding of these requirements and your capability to execute this task will be a deciding factor when awarding the project.

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