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    Need help with graphic and coding for my website, Must Know: - PHP - MySQL Database Design - Javascript - JQuery / JQuery UI - IIS7 And of course Fireworks or Photoshop

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    We have a win 2008r2 server that runs IIS7 for a company intranet. There is no ecom, just calendaring, workflow, CDO email notifications, and file upload and sharing. Everything is coded in classic asp, JS, Java, and html of course. We have 3 ip addresses assigned as well. We need to find a new best in class host to run a windows VIrtual Dedicated

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    IIS URL Rewriting 已经结束 left

    I have an IIS7 with two sites (TEST and PROD). We have some URL redirection configured but one of the rules is not working properly. What I want is the following: [登录来查看链接] --> [登录来查看链接] And what happens is the following (get's redirected to http instead of https): [登录来查看链接] --> http://example

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    2 个竞标 is currently live on our old server but i want to move it to the new server, i have moved the entire site, the new host doesn't support helicon's isapi rewrite so i converted the rules to iis rewrite and put them in [登录来查看链接] of the new site, i still see some errors in the new host. i use syste system32/etc/drivers/hosts file technique to modify

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    ...happening because Ms SQL DLL is not registering even though its installed. Below is the phpinfo() message: cscript /nologo [登录来查看链接] "--enable-snapshot-build" "--disable-isapi" "--enable-debug-pack" "--without-mssql" "--without-pdo-mssql" "--without-pi3web" "--with-pdo-oci=c:php-sdkoraclex64instantclient_12_1sdk,share...

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    ...and offline sincronyzacion when conection lost or returned. Loding our donloading images from server by ftp or any other faster solucion using a DataSnap Application Using an ISAPI DLL Server. Now i have a virtaul server with MVC web aplicacion. Querys and direct aplicacion will be given to the person will do the job for easy doing. .pas file of the work

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    This is a 1 time support type gig to get my small server up and running. I have my own Windows 7 server using IIS7 with Microsoft Web Platform Installer. I'm having trouble getting php running for a couple phpBB3 forums and php photo albums. I can provide remote desktop temporary password to gain access to the server. Thank you for your consideration

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    Requirements: 1) ISAPI dll will run on IIS6, IIS7, and IIS8 2) Will have [登录来查看链接] that would have allowed file extension types, allowed file mime types, restricted extension types, and restricted mime types, temp directory setting, action setting (copy, delete) 3) Will have the abilityfeature to copy file to temp directory specified in [登录来查看链接]

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    IIS6 ISAPI filter DLL 已经结束 left

    It is required to create a transparent ISAPI filter for certain file extensions by replacing the file name in the context with an empty string.

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    I am looking for someone to Install [登录来查看链接] on a windows 2008 R2 Server. Please if you are not familiar wit...Server. Please if you are not familiar with windows 2008 server, node.js and [登录来查看链接] DO NOT respond to this post. The server is currently running iis7 with iisnode. We are looking for a work around since iis7 does not support websockets.

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    We have web application: * IIS * Custom ISAPI filter handling web ui * MS SQL 2008 DB - back end Over time we have been noticing sluggishness...We have used profiler in the past to analyze and create indexes that have helped. Now it it time to revisit the indexes as some of the db request are taking too long and the web ui components are timing

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    ...running IIS6. I'd like an ISAPI filter developed that will intercept file uploads and allow me to remove them from the posted datafields list if they do not match the allowed mime type or file extension and optionally copy the uploaded file to a temp directory for reviewinvestigation. Requirements: 1) ISAPI dll will run on IIS6, IIS7, and IIS8 2) Will have

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    Hello. We need build an webhooks API to create external handlers for server events real-time. We will need send updates from 6 databas...for server events real-time. We will need send updates from 6 database tables via API for external applications. Technical Informmations: - Windows Server 2012 R2 64 Bits - IIS7 WebServer - MySQL Database - Python

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    I only created on simply project (hello) in visual studio, and I published on my machine and then I cant creat an application in IIS7 (windows 7 64bits), it says that is impossible to find the application.

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    IIS 7 configuration 已经结束 left

    We have an app published in IIS7 and we need to review our IIS7 configuration. The IIS Life Cycle ends too often and we need to identify the issue and resolve it. Memory, max memory, recycle options... We need to make it stable.

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    4 个竞标 to send HTML and Plain Text email with attachments via the Elastic Email API. It does not need to receive emails... Just send them. We require emails to be sent from an iis7 web server as well as a stand alone application (.exe) The solution also requires a separate web based program to act as a "Webhook" to receive the following notifications

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    I'm getting error saying Access denied to the path.... when I try to open a file from browser Below are the scenarios 1)Both IIS and...are on the same work group(No Domain) I have my application configured in IIS for all the above scenarios. I know I'm struck somewhere in Authentication part Versions: IIS7, IIS 8.5 and IIS 10 Thanks

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    I have a Windows 2008 R2 running IIS7 that I need help configuring. I have a website running on the server, DNS pointing to it correctly, the pages serve up without problem.... BUT... my website is programmed in 'Classic ASP' and the 'Session Variable' keep expiring. I have tried to fix it with Google Searches and such, but I fear I have made matters

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    Build A Website 已经结束 left

    I need someone who has used [登录来查看链接] and successfully created a project to upload large files (2 0 15 GB yes GB). The server is IIS7 windows 2008 R2. [登录来查看链接] uploads the files in chunks, and retries if there are network errors. I don't know and need the server side code written in .net probably . I want a web page that has

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    I have a dedicated windows server (2008 R2) which is set up with a number of websites using IIS7. I need someone who can update the server so it can run multiple wordpress sites in addition to my web sites and apps. If you have never done this before, please do not bid. I will reject any bid immediately that does not start with

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    Azure Architect 已经结束 left

    We are looking for an expert Azure architect who can help us migrate our existing C#.NET based web applicatio...detailed satisfaction that you are the right person to get my project. I will give you a walk through of applications if required before the project is awarded. We are using IIS7 and MS SQL SERVER 2008R2 and C#.NET MVC stack. Good luck.

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    ISAPI C++ work 已经结束 left

    I'm looking for an individual C++ programmer who has good experience with writing ISAPI DLLs. I need to make some changes to an existing DLL. Fairly small work for now. But, will be an ongoing job.

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    ISAPI extension 已经结束 left

    We have a small ISAPI extension developed in VC++ 2003. It needs an upgrade, so it's compatible with latest IIS and we're in need of a few bugfixes as well. The original developer of the extension is not available, so you will need to figure it out by yourself. We can provide you with the purpose of the extension and the overall logic.

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    Rewrite Software 已经结束 left

    Have an application written in D5 as an ISAPI runner under windows with an extensive suite of scripted server side functionality for ecommerce etc. Want to move the functionality off Windows based platform dependence by adapting the current app to work with FastCGI rather than only ISAPI in order to be able to use NGINX as the web server and create

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    Upgrading PHP Version 5.4.27 to 5.6 on iis7 windows2000 using CGI/FastCGI we also run an older version of coldfusion. We have site running that can not be down for more than 30/60 mins max.

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    ...saved signatures with each others (result should be percentage with similarity comparing ) Environment : OS : windows server 2008 R2 DB : SQL server 2014 and later IIS : IIS7 and later Browser : internet explorer 11 or Googlechrom or Firefox and safari Platform : ASP.NET C# and you can use any additional language to build the Similarity and auto

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    We use a windows server with the ISAPI URLREWRITE addon so can use most functions of .htaccess. I want to prevent direct access to images. As an example say I have a folder with the following files [登录来查看链接] [登录来查看链接] .htaccess The "[登录来查看链接]" would include: <html> <body> <img src="[登录来查看链接]" /> </body> </html> W...

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    We nee a woocommerce in Catalogue Mode ( No Ecommerce Functionality Required) on a Windows IIS Server 7.5. The site is about printing and printers. Hope to have good enough developer to complete with in very short period. We have in house development team but they are engaged in other project.

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    Write some Software 已经结束 left

    I have a simple HTML form which collects simple data from the user. I want to be able to send this data 'On Submit' straight to a ema...a simple HTML form which collects simple data from the user. I want to be able to send this data 'On Submit' straight to a email address through a exchange server. I have a IIS7 installed and would prefer to use .asp.

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    ...after project completion you MAY be re-hired. Freelancer working this project must: Go through an NDA via Freelancer Use remote software to the Windows 2008r2 webserver iis7 with company supervision Maintain regular communication via: Skype, email and any necessary systems More questions may be asked to select freelancers we take interest in

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    I have moved existing site from old Microsoft IIS7 server to another IIS7 server. Site works fine on old server, but on the new server site is really slow (takes 30 seconds to load), especially on initial load after Application pool recycling and sometimes I am getting "The timeout period elapsed prior to obtaining a connection from the pool. This

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    Trophy icon Build a Website 已经结束 left

    Dear Freelancer, Vippie is a white-label RCS apps dev...Freelancer, Vippie is a white-label RCS apps developed by Voipswitch Inc. We just rented the apps from them and going run it with our own brand. So needed to build a website on IIS7 such as [登录来查看链接] . You just need to build pages before LOGIN. Basically, we love cool and clean theme.

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    We need a sample for a Delphi XE (any version) 32Bit ISAPI-DLL (IIS 10) to deliver inifinite jpeg images to a WEB-client as a result of a client request. The sample may create JPEG-images internally and displays timestamps on it. A client request sample: ../teststream?framerate=20 -> 20 frames per second The full sourcecode is a part of the project

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    ...Gestion de incidencias, y seguimiento de las mismas.- Conocimientos de SQL Server 2000/2005/2008.- Adminstracion e instalacion de Microsoft Clúster.- Administracion de IIS6, IIS7 y IIS8. Tunning de IIS.- Administración de granjas de Sharepoint.- Administración de MSMQ.- Conocimientos de programación de scripts en PowerShell.- Resolución de incidencias-

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    We have moved a website from one server to another on IIS7.5. The previous server had an Isapi filter on it that allowed the .htaccess file to work for the website. We need this set up again on the new server. Please quote the word 'Isapi' in your reply to show you read the description. Only longstanding freelancers with a good reputation will be

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    Moving website The error it is giving is page not found but the page is there. Need help with that and help for an hour or two until we get the site running. Need help with Helicon Isapi filter as well if possible, have the .htaccess file just need to make sure it works on iis. Please include the number ''404' to show you have read this.

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    Get a Website Built 已经结束 left

    ...white-label RCS apps developed by Voipswitch. We just rented the apps from them and going run it with our own brand and so needed to build a website very similar to [登录来查看链接] on IIS7. - You just need to build for pages before LOGIN. -All content will be the same as above mentioned site, just need to change our brand name with "vippie". -All function will

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    ...oriented)Dominio de [登录来查看链接] de Diseño en PHPConocimiento de CMS (WordPress / Drupal)Rest Api / SOAP WebservicesJQuery, HTML5, CSS y Json dataConocimiento básico de Web Servers (IIS7, Apache, Ngnix)Deseable – No excluyenteTDD (Test Driven Development)Native Javascript OOPNodeJSUnix OS based (OSX o Linux por consola)Al menos 1 Frameworks JS : AngularJS, Backbone

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    Técnico Microsoft 已经结束 left

    ALTEN selecciona un Técnico de Sistemas Microsoft con experiencia de al menos 2 años en el mantenimiento de aplicaciones Web (Configuración y administración de IIS7, administración de TFS y DNS).Es imprescindible haber trabajado con:- BBDD SQL Server- Backup (ARC-UDP)- Almacenamiento en Disco (administración de VNX)- Servidores (configuración...

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    PHP Developer Sr 已经结束 left

    ...Mysql.- Patrones de Diseño en PHP- Conocimiento de CMS (Wordpress / Drupal)- Rest Api / SOAP Webservices- JQuery, HTML5, CSS y Json data- Conocimiento básico de Web Servers (IIS7, Apache, Ngnix)*Deseable – No excluyente- TDD (Test Driven Development)- Native Javascript OOP- NodeJS- Unix OS based (OSX o Linux por consola)- Al menos 1 Frameworks JS : AngularJS

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    As the title says, I want to run a batch command which restarts the WAS and W3SVC windows services which I have already created when my to go about it automatically stopping and restarting these services when they do fail. I've included the batch file for your perusal, I am running windows server 2008 iis7 Thanks in advance Ben

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    ...oriented)Dominio de [登录来查看链接] de Diseño en PHPConocimiento de CMS (Wordpress / Drupal)Rest Api / SOAP WebservicesJQuery, HTML5, CSS y Json dataConocimiento básico de Web Servers (IIS7, Apache, Ngnix) Los interesados enviar CV que serán contactados por mail a la brevedad, chequear spam.-...

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    We have an old asp classic website and it has been migrated into a new virtual machine but seems that something it still to be setup according to make url rewrite working as it must. We are looking for an experienced skilled developer that can handle this issue.

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    I have a website that has a DTS module which imports an from uploading new entries. We need to have the limit found and removed so we can add to the database. System is a dedicated server running MS Server 2008, SQL 2005, IIS7 Please only apply if you are able to complete this in a short time, we have less than a week to get this solved.

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    Write a IIS rewrite rule 已经结束 left

    I need someone to write an IIS rewrite rule that will work in IIS 8.5 (64 bit), and can be copied and pasted into a [登录来查看链接] The Rule will change urls in this format [登录来查看链接] to [登录来查看链接] or, for example; [登录来查看链接]

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    5 个竞标 servers 2012 (by taking servers leased in US data center) & accessible through internet by using web browser. The software’s that we are using are mentioned below. 1. IIS7 (For Web Hosting) 2. SQL Server 2008 r2 (For Data Base) Currently we are working on to move web application hosting & Data Base from our own servers to AMAZON RDS & AWS

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    Recently upgraded my IIS server and my SQL server. I can browse Web sites and fetch data as "anonymous", but I need to configure security so that when someone must authenticate in IIS those credentials are passed to the MYSQL server. Currently I'm just getting the "Login failed for user 'NT AUTHORITYANONYMOUS LOGON'." error. We can collaborate over the Inte...

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    Hi I need to convert my php application so it can run on IIS7 on Windows. Currently the application runs on Apache webserver. Here is the .htaccess file contents that will need to be converted to [登录来查看链接] file. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ <IfModule mod_rewrite.c> RewriteEngine On RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d RewriteCond

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    Type of Website: Web portal Environment: Type of Database Server: SQL Server 2012 Type of Web server: HTTP Server/ Web Server: IIS7 (SharePoint server with 2 clusters) & All Servers are running on virtual environment Servers Hosting Status: Web server & Database are hosted on different machines. Web service application built on top of a framework

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    I have web application: * IIS * Custom ISAPI filter handling web ui * MS SQL 2008 DB - back end Over time we have been noticing sluggishness...We have used profiler in the past to analyze and create indexes that have helped. Now it it time to revisit the indexes as some of the db request are taking too long and the web ui components are timing

    $250 - $750
    加精 加急 加封
    $250 - $750
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