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    need to get into my recipes into a pdf style as ebook through shopify

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    ...worn over my gray leather jacket, I had another lady’s stocking. (Where these stockings had come from, I can no longer recall.) For gloves I had two socks. On one foot I wore a boot and on the other a shoe. All my possessions, consisting of a few toilet articles and a few pieces of underwear, were in a haversack. I carried my rifle upside down, like a stick over my shoulder. The haversack and a cooking pot were dangling from it." The size isn't too important. Do what's easiest and best. We will scan the picture and size it to fit in the family history book and Powerpoint. Attached are samples with the realistic style I am after....

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    Please create me a recipe book with images that i could have printed to create book the recipes (around 100) would need to be typed out.

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    Logo company 2 天 left

    Looking for a logo.. I’m a music producer Michelin Shin, work with most genres but known for my hip hop trap and drill style. Michelin comes from the term of cooking up beats. Could be cool to put it in the logo without making it look like I’m a chef. It’s not essential but happy to talk ideas

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    Oscar's Farm Fresh Pressed dog food has just launched in the UK and we are HIRING!! (payment in delicious dog food). Our Fresh pressed recipes are made in Yorkshire using locally sourced, fresh ingredients, that are gently cooked and pressed into the crunchy food dogs love. Our food is grain free, hypoallergenic and full of natural probiotics, to provide for dreamy digestion and gut health. Unlike traditional dry dog food, we don’t use any nasty additives or artificials. Sounds too good to be true right? If you're a food lover who loves the camera, you may be just the pooch we're looking for. APPLY NOW - ** Please note this job is an unpaid position payment in dog food **

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    We are building a website for displaying and managing food intakes information. This website is expected to be used by dietitians or nutrition experts, who will inspect the food intakes generated by their clients/patients. We will work in-house on both the front-end (Javascript) and backend development of the we...user data edition) - Food Intake Logs display (including pictures, ingredients, nutritional information, some plots, etc. for each intake) - Weekly summary screen (including plots and some basic stats) - Calendar for filtering the displayed information - Nutritional goals definition screen (including nutrition consumption plots) - Weight/body measurements plot (historical information display) - Recipes listing and display page A detailed briefing will be given upon job a...

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    Trophy icon CAKE by CBJ 8 天 left

    ...virtual/in-person decorating workshops. Now we would like to introduce our new bake-wear/ware line CAKE by CBJ Studios The vision of CBJ Studio's CAKE By CBJ is to introduce a luxury baking brand that specializes in bake wear and bakeware, to be marketed as luxe in places like Saks5th, William Sonoma and other similar luxury retailers overseas. The line will consist of kitchen clothing and baking/cooking equipment to help fund CBJ Studio’s local mission of providing not only instructional classes to communities of vulnerable populations but also for those who have the privilege and means to bake for fun. We have attached some items that show parts of our brand as far as our popular CAKE sock prints that brought CBJ to a new stratosphere thru innovation and cr...

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    We need a head chef with North Indian cooking skills. We have a cloud kitchen in Andheri West, Mumbai.

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    I have about 200 recipes in 3 different digital formats (Word Perfect - .wpd, Microsoft Word (.doc), and another file that I am waiting to receive from family (probably .doc also). The project is to take all of these recipes and import them into the Paprika App (). I will give you access to my account. You can import in YAML format or a few other proprietary formats. Data accuracy is important so I expect you to audit the data for accuracy. See example of what 2 of the formats look like (recipe ). The other example is a photo of the printed book, but I will provide the digital document (IMG_2107[1].JPG). Thanks!

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    Build a app like Broomies 已经结束 left

    This app will help to hire local workers on a weekly monthly and yearly subscription should include all kind of task like from baby seater , brooming, driver , cooking and local transfer and pick up drop off like services....

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    Wine tasting 已经结束 left

    Book to cover: History of wine Different types of wine Where do the best wines come from Why know how to properly taste wine How to select a wine to taste How to properly taste wine Good publications regarding wine tasting Where to go to taste wine Anything the writer might think is important How to book on Middle Eastern Cooking I am ONLY looking for unique content, meaning nothing that you turn in should be plagiarized or stolen from other sources report needs to be about 30 thousand words of high quality content... no Fluff!! No Filler! When bidding, so that I know that you actually took the time to read this post and are not blindly bidding, please mention the words "New Year, New Me!" The finished project must be: - Written in Times New Roman - 10 point font an...

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    You'll have to search on the Internet for interesting and delicious recipes with potatoes and beets and to copy them in a template and then to search on a grocery website for the UPC code. Also, you'll have to search on the Internet for interesting, funny, surprising facts about potatoes and beets.

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    Trophy icon FIGMA DEVELOPER 21 天 left

    ...(housewives and students and working professionals) 1) I want single OTP login , no signup -> if user login first time then ask basic details like name , age, gender , city , state , pincode, preffered language. 2) if user logged in second time then take him to home page. at home page user have different categories to select from like -> educational channel or vlogging channel or dance channel or cooking channel. 3)once user select a category he should be able able to see some testimonials with some visuals and then should have an option to buy the service. 4) once he buys a prompt should be visible saying order placed successfully or something went wrong if something goes wrong. COD ORDERS ONLY. 5) At home page he should have a progress bar of this purchases which have dif...

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    Requirement: Deadline: 2 Days Front end: React.js Back end: Node.js & Machine Learning This feature is to be developed in both web and mobile application. In the navigation bar, there will be one extra button called "Recommendation". When the user clicks on it, he will be directed to another page. In this page, the system will recommend the user a list of recipes. These recommendations are generated based on the user's preference using machine learning technology from the user's search history. When the user clicks on any recipe, they will be able to view the recipe as usual.

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    Beeline to Dinner 已经结束 left

    It's a storybook-cookbook that includes some mini essays and notes, with recipes about a project that includes some important information about history of the country and the cuisine in the country and pollination and , my story as an artist as it started as an art public art project. It will become an ebook and eventually a print book. It is like chapter one of a book full of recipes and pollination info and art. I need help with concision. I'd love to have a few short pieces of writing compiled and reduced to essence without loosing the voice I write in. This is a small job, but there will be many more coming at a later time. so if this works, there should be more opportunities to help finalize the writing.

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    I’m wanting to find a chef who is experienced in making rice paper rolls. I thinking of starting a business but need a chef to help me bring my ideas to life. Looking to hire for a day in an industrial kitchen to come up with, and trial recipes.

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    the video is about a cooking channel, where we learn people to cook.

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    Company logo 已经结束 left

    I’m a music producer from south London “Michelin Shin” I’m a multi genre producer but mainly work within the world of hip hop. I am looking for a rebrand on my logo. Something that can be easily read. Bold, but has something unique about it. Not just a standard font. The word Michelin comes from the meaning of a Michelin Star chef. In the producer world we use “cooking up” as a term to making beats so if this can be included but without making my logo look like an actual food chef that could be cool but it’s not essential. Thank you

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    WonderEat. 已经结束 left

    We need a catalog with photos of plant-based foods where each recipe has a small literature for health benefits based on the main ingredients in the recipes. It's up to you to read about the main ingredients for your comment. Each recipe with photo will be given to you, some recipes might not have photos, but the ingredients only. We need a digital catalog and recipe that we can print as well we also need the catalog to have 2 parts: Online store/restaurant and deliverable part with foods we can only deliver direct to the consumers via UberEats We have an online restaurant where consumers can call and order and we deliver at side walk or at prefixed spots or address The right candidate must be able to improve the quality of pictures or photos, due to the fact that...

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    I am needing an app developer to assist in creating a health + fitness app. It will contain recipes, home workouts, gym workouts, goal trackers etc. Users will pay on a subscription service which will gain them access to the app. Then we can also run quarterly challenges where the users will pay a one off fee to do a 6 week challenge for example- in which they would receive a personalised meal plan and workout regime. App will need to be available on android and apple.

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    ...types of zones may exist, or even the entire zone may have these attributes. ■ Lighting and graphics with day and night cycles and volumetric fog. ■ System of levels of the character, accumulating experience points that are obtained for each action carried out by the player: logging, mining, fishing, deaths, and creation of materials. As you level up, you can unlock different blueprints and recipes for the building/crafting system. ■ System of specializations, in the form of a skill tree, which grant different statistics, advantages and unlocking of buildings/areas to the player. There are also special abilities when completing phases of the skill tree, which can be active or passive. ■ Advancing in the story of the game will unlock a system of allies. The process to unlock t...

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    Create a Product Video 已经结束 left

    ...We're excited to announce the launch of our new Frozen Fruit Soft Serve Ice Cream and Sorbet Maker. With its quick and easy operation, this innovative appliance allows you to create a wide variety of delicious and healthy treats. Whether you're looking to make vegan, keto, or dairy-free options, or simply want to enjoy a simple homemade dessert, this machine has got you covered. With 36 included recipes, the possibilities are endless. We're looking for a skilled and passionate freelancer to create a robust video outlining the features and benefits of this exciting new product. Showcase its ease of use and versatility, and help us share the joy of homemade frozen treats with the world. If you're ready to take on this exciting project, please apply today! We...

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    Fire and Ice Sweet Shop 已经结束 left

    We need to design a new logo or clean up our logo. We need to have something that is printable and suitable for flyers. coupons, business card, etc. We also need to brand our company. We also need videos to put on our sales monitors screens using a USB flash drive. We also need the videos to loop with spaces in between to display our different new recipes by using videos or screen shots of our products. We also need to be able to insert different pictures or videos, whenever we want to change the products we are selling that day. We have 3 monitors the center monitor is the logo with special effects. I want to display our products for the fire side and display our products/specials for the ice products. We need the logo within 48 hours for business cards, brochures etc. the animate...

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    We are looking for people with Mexican heritage who would like to share a family recipes for a new website that celebrates cuisine around Mexico and other countries around globe. We are looking for real people (not professional cooks or recipe writers), who would like to share 1-5 recipes that they enjoy making at home. This is the perfect opportunity for anyone who can talk and write about a recipe they love that has meaning to them.

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    Google Sheet Formula Help 已经结束 left

    I'm making a basic meal planning spreadsheet in Google Sheets with 3 sheets: Calendar, Recipes, and Shopping List. I want to select a meal on "Calendar" and have the ingredients display on "shopping list" based on the ingredients listed on "Recipes". If there is a duplicate ingredient, I'd like them to merge and have the quantity show in a separate column.

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    Need someone who can edit all my cooking videos. Return them to me ready to place into SM Chanel’s. You will have 1 year experience working in similar role. You will be able to provide real working examples of your work. You will understand food and be a capable cook yourself. You will also if you’re right handed or left handed to make sure you read this far. Just a note to freelancer- I will not be paying $23 to prove ownership of my videos. Best of luck

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    Video gaming tips videos 已经结束 left

    ...The location of key items and more... Type 2: Understanding the Game Interface can include: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Navigation screen menus and icons Character dialogs including classes, attributes, etc. Weapons screens including attributes, mounting and unmounting Armor screens including attributes, navigation, etc. Items, spells, recipes, etc. Game Navigation such as moving from one location to another The video game titles can include but are not limited to: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Elden Ring Diablo Immortal Assassin's Creed Valhalla God of War Ragnarok COD Modern Warfare 2 Outriders Worldslayer Tower of Fantasy Other 2022 releases (check fo...

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    Yummly Redesign 已经结束 left

    Yummly a food recipe app It helps you discover new recipes tailored to individual tastes, and you can customize your recipes. Yummly was redesigned to increase conversion and enhance the user experience using the 6D process.

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    I have a small hobby/business making small goods like beef jerky, sausages, bacon, seasonings and all things bbq really, I’m after an emblem for my hobby, so I’m Australian and a lot of my secret recipes were given to me by a great Canadian friend of mine so I have called my hobby AusCan Smokehouse. I would like my emblem to be a kangaroo and a moose in skeleton or maybe half skeleton on fire up in smoke, with AusCan Smokehouse.

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    I am looking for a video editor to edit youtube videos and instagram reels for below category - 1. Life hacks (reels) 2. Finance (reels) 3. Cooking recipe (long videos and shorts)

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    I need a business consultant. I am looking to open a kids area in central london which offers: Yoga Robotics Cooking Spa Arts & Crafts Birthday venue etc...

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    Looking for professionals who can shoot videos of street food cooking process in their country. Horizontal videos 4K, minimum 5 min long, edited.

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    Build me a website 已经结束 left

    Looking to get a simple website created. I am looking for a well designed shell that i will be able to edit in the way of editing text, photos and the additional recepie pages. A small section for an ad will be placed on each page similar to as seen in the below link. Disability cooking and recepies. 3 main pages, home, about and recepies. Main page will contain limited info/text and a few cool photos as will the about page. Recepie page will provide links to the following(all identical, but a different list of recepies to link to) Breakfast Lunch Dinner Dessert Snacks Drinks These pages will then link to unlimited amounts of recepies to be loaded as they get made. Youtube videos to be visible on recepie page, aprox 5 to 10 per recepie showing each step. Ie get bowl, crack egg, ...

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    Translate 25 of the following documents on cooking into French. The following document contains five lines of data. Please translate a total of 25 lines of this same amount of data. You will receive 15 rows of data by 10.00 am (GMT) today. By 2.30 pm (GMT) today, we will give you a further 10 lines of data. We need this translated by 4.00 pm (GMT) today.

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    Translate 25 of the following documents on cooking into Spanish. The following document contains five lines of data. Please translate a total of 25 lines of this same amount of data. You will receive 15 rows of data by 10.00 am (GMT) today. By 2.30 pm (GMT) today, we will give you a further 10 lines of data. We need this translated by 4.00 pm (GMT) today.

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    Translate 25 of the following documents on cooking into Italian. We need this translated by 4.00 pm (GMT) today.

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    ...un nombre fácil, y sencillo, recordable. preferiblemente ESPAÑOL o ingles :) al enviar tu propuesta y tus ideas: elabora más sobre por que esa elección he aquí algunos ejemplos de creación de contenido similar que quiero que tenga el canal: Blackbean CMS/ HICE UNA MUÑECA PERSONALIZADA DE CORALINE.. Mairewink / TAMALITOS ARCOÍRIS MINIATURA - TINY COOKING. sean elliot oc/NUEVO, SERIES DE REMODELACION ?? REMODELACION DEL BAÑO part 01 tengo muchas ideas, pero estos son algunos títulos que yo he pensado y contenido que en algún momento me gustaría crear; - Esculpiendo desde cero mi propia mascota Chía (chia pet) - - Intentando hacer mi propio charcuterie

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    I need a Social media influencer, youtube Marketing , SEO to spread out my cooking channel to reach across the world @misturkitchen/about

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    Food Label Design 已经结束 left

    Redesign label with using brown and bright yellow, change “good cooking” to “Bonfire”, add “cookie” for “Chocolate Chip Cookie”, replace stove image with a campfire image, label size is 6” long x 2.5” tall

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    Trophy icon 3 images from template for merch 4 天 left

    Hello, I need 3 pictures for my merch with this template, which are funny but serious. They should show the professor gaming, cooking, and hunting. You can change the clothes and the look, but the style must remain. Please do not copy and paste the head. I'm looking for a complete picture not composed.

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    The proposed system is a website where chefs can post their making video and user can view it. Additional features can be applicable

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    label for oil 已经结束 left

    I am looking for a private label to use for cooking oil i.e vegetable oil, canola oil and olive oil. i have a few ideas like fast fry or chefs select or something you may think that will work. attached is the website of sample including ingredient list i need to have something similar

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    Program Siemens PLC Software according to attached diagrams and instructions. Pressure test Ball Valve Cycles (on/off) Needle Valve Cycles (multiturn 0-10v) Ball Valve Recipes Needle Valve Recipes Alarms and Sirens Possibility to download results in Excel ethernet NDA and IP agreement must be signed. You have to send the source code without passwords or licenses.

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    it is a website for posting food recipe video and text for chefs and users can register and view and ask for more recipes based on subscription

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    We have over 15 recipes and we want each of them on the menu to have a brief on the main ingredients in the food, the health benefits and other necessary for the consumers. Vegan Wonder, LLC is a plant-based web restaurant dedicated to developing and serve only healthy plant-based vegan foods to our community. We have delicious treats for breakfast, succulent, Non-GMO, Gluten Free and organic foods for lunch as well as healthy dinner. We cook with leaves, roots, flowers, grains etc..., but all ingredients are natural and fresh.

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    Compile a recipe book of 100 simple AIRFRYER recipes, supplied in MS word form similar to supplied layout/example...Append to current example with table of contents and index... Sections, Chicken, Meat, Vegetables, Egg etc

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    We requi...easy to handle and comes with lots of health benefits. Our products. We want to approach big chains like IKEA, MYER, BIGW in Australia and we need the content writer to come up with a perfect brochure. Introduction, About US, Our products , Benefits for Customers, Benefits of partnering with us. Continuous product supply, support, Variety of product range to chose from. One is Table wares, cooking utensils and home decor items too. Please refer the website for more information. 4 pages A4, We will also add some images. EMAIL ----------- We also need a nice appealing cover letter to introduce ourselves to the big chains and it should tempt them to have a look at our products, set appointment to meet them and demonstrate the products and able to close delas.

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    Database operators 已经结束 left

    Trying to auto generation certificates for my cooking class. Tried using power automate so when students enter their information in MS Forms it triggers flow and name of each student is auto generated on a certificate in Word and then the next action the Word Document is converted to PDF action in a flow and auto emailed to student.

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    精选cooking recipes社区文章