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    i want small software for customer details, I can import and export .xls file from this

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    We are looking for someone who can write scripts to scrape publicly available data into workable .csv files.

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    Hello, we need to have our plants catalog on your wordpress and woocommerce website. Need to transfer our simple excel catalog plants dabatase on the website and add few information like image, description,... Please contact me for few example Regards

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    We have many database applications in Lotus Notes, and while we have IBM Verse (previously known as Traveler) this only gives e-mail...that give (limited) access to other database applications. Apps should be developed for both Android and iOS. There will be numerous projects - the first one will involve a simple corporate message posting application.

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    The idea is similar to data mining but requires a bit better skills. It will require to get data from sites like [登录来查看链接] or similar forex/binary sites.

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    Query and update databases using SQL

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    Query and update databases using SQL

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    The selected freelancer will have to create and update content for both platforms: Project profiles, M&A Transactions’ profiles and jobs. We work with a “work pipeline” document on Google docs. He/she will have a color code so that we assign him/her tasks of our pipeline. The pipeline document has all the content to be created/updated during next days

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    Hello everyone, I'm looking for forex,binary and personal mobile phone databases with (valid) mobile phone numbers. Right now for Germany,Italy,,UAE, Spain, Bahrain, Kuwait, Indonessia, Latin America, South Africa, Qatar,,Iceland,Vietnam,Malaysia and Philippines. If you can provide such a database I would very much want to work with on the long run

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    I need these queries written in relational algebra.

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    object databases 已经结束 left

    I want to link objects together and to retrieve the objects, whenever I want.

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    Hi, Having had 2 different apps developed(android and iOS for both projects) I now need the source code to be uploaded onto my server for the databases (admin and super admin panel for both projects) and i need both apps uploaded to google play for android and the app store for iOS. And need everything linked so that it works and can be further tested

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    Medical website utilize there different databases. We have wholesale clients, retail clients and drug database information area that is the core of the design. I need a creative person to assist in the the design idea and creative process beside the development

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    A Web application has been hosted ...application has been hosted in production server as well as local. Few of my staffs will work on live server and few of them will work on local. After some point, both of their Databases has sync to properly with out loss of any [登录来查看链接] mentioned synchronisation should be a two way process not replica of database.

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    ...based in Toronto, ON. I have a list of databases for festivals and events happing around Toronto and surrounding cities. I would like to someone to go through each database and compile a list of contacts for each event. Website, Name, Email, Phone number. I have already found the most reliable databases and compiled a list of where to start.

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    I need a person who is REALLY switched on when it comes to complex websites and programming! Confidentiality Agreement to be signed. Website is 70% built. Layout all is done and most features work. Want an option to build a brand new site if repairs/modifications cost too much! The site is currently in Wordpress. Its an internet advertising business where advertisers pay in different meth...

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    Answer Questions about databases I have answered multiple already but need assistance with questions that will not take long

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    I want to be able to search a keyword or phrase in multiple databases. The structures of the SQL databases are not the same! Some of the databases are Wordpress blogs but not all of them. I WILL IGNORE ALL REPLIES WHICH DO NOT CONTAIN THE WORD "QUARK" BECAUSE IT MEANS YOU DID NOT READ THIS TEXT AT ALL. ;-)

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    Build Databases 已经结束 left

    QUOTING A PRICE TO BUILD THE FOLLOWING NEW ZEALAND DATABASES FOR PURE HEALTH AND SAFETY LTD : E: angela@[登录来查看链接] Scope of Project work required: New Zealand nation-wide Databases of companies and businesses (you may include Associations): Note - for your info Please see attached file which outlines the scope of database building required

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    ...script with "Every Single RDS (Amazon) Database we have, all their Sub Databases, Tables and Coloums/rows/fields. We want to be able to simply mention a keyword/question and it return the information. This is actually a simple task, the script for connecting with the databases needs to have cred's to connect to all db instances, and from there dynamic

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    I'm the editor for a journal called swedish design research journal. I want help to look in databases for suitable images for the cover. (you don't need to purchase the image - we do, just to find a good one). The cover should relate to the theme of the current issue and the theme of the journal itself. Theme of the journal: design / design research

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    We have two programs that have SQL databases that talk to each other. One of the products is now redundant and we need to develop an interface to a new product to produce the same reports. Something like wireshark that can sniff out what calls are been made or how the two talk to each other.

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    We have some issues on some sub-domains websites from our primary website domain; Hercobuly.Biz. Issues related with WP, phpMyAdmin, MySQL® Databases, CMS. More details will be given after!

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    hi. i've financial website about banks. now i would like to create a system,that stores and shows by request all the data about banks, their financial data and products. all these databases will be connected each other by keywords. for example on banks grid you will be shown banks list. when you click bank bank name, it shows it's financial data

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    I have install the ponzy script on my file manager but am having problem to upload to create MySQL Databases also to myphpadmin. all what i want is someone who we install it proper and create the dashboard login both admin and user (2) create MySQL Databases (upload to myphpadmin) [登录来查看链接]

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    Hello... I have a wordpress site that has been active for almost a year and has thousands of registered users. I extended my site by adding another wordpress database to it but I don't want the old users to have to register again and I want new users who register to be automatically registered to both sites.

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    Looking for a freelancer to create multiple databases based on locality within australia of all real estate agents, stock and station agents, business brokers etc. will require initial research via internet together with possibly print media and other cross refrencing this job will be for 20 hours a week initially but will be ongoing until all

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    Move my site, new server, update links install supervisor more configure it, make sure system works Budget 50$

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    organize 3 databases ni excel with diferent formats, i need it fast and working with teamviewer because im in a company and

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    Hello! I am looking for a software developer to develop a complex web app. You will be working with a front end developer and designer, either someone from your circle that you've worked with before or someone I will choose for this job. The software will consist of and work approximately as follows: Different types of data will be collected/scraped

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    We are looking for a long-term relationship with a freelancer interested to contribute to our specialized online magazine in the energy sector ([登录来查看链接]). VERY IMPORTANT: Please, see attached file.

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    We have an existing client who would like to update their current web site to a fully responsive Wordpress web site, and keep the same functionality as the current site has. This includes many pages of public content, and many different portals and levels of password protected content. We will share additional details with qualified candidates, and walk them through the current web site to...

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    Merge two databases data 已经结束 left

    I have 2 databases with completely same schema (tables, columns, primary keys, ...). These databases have different data in it but columns are same. 1. tables have primary key - foreign keys 2. tables have one to many relationships mostly 3. in one table key is composite of 3 columns

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    A Database should be created on server, according to the commands given through a UI, the data has to be pushed to various local databases in the network.

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    I have a website with several different WordPress installations on it. We are basically moving the databases and files from the old ultimate web hosting Linux plan to the new cpanel hosting within the godaddy account

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    I need assistance in migrating a website and it's connected databases. I've completed some of the work (uploaded all site files & have one database moved) however I don't have the site working and I still need to transfer an MS server database & configure it from Azure to Mochohost. I would prefer to have someone use team viewer to complete the transfer

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    looking for right programmer / data collation experts to assist in extraction of contact records from public web database for import into CRM. [登录来查看链接] Looking to collate all ACL's and credit representatives.

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    Use databases to search for email addresses of prominent people in real estate in the San Francisco Bay Area. Input email addresses where the email cell is highlighted yellow.

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    We are trying to merge 2 databases inot one Hope this video helps [登录来查看链接]

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    Hello, I need an urgent yet COMPREHENSIVE leads database list of GCC B2B email addresses with phone, address contaxt name and last and other misc information. . Only an [ up to date list ] of less than a year old, and this must include emails of the executives in the company - not their company general email addresses.

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    Merge 2 Databases 已经结束 left

    We are trying to merge 2 databases inot one Hope this video helps [登录来查看链接]

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    Find, analyse and describe genetic databases.

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    Email databases 已经结束 left

    What I am looking for is the TOP 250 B2B Companies In the below Countries 1.U.K [登录来查看链接] Dhabi, [登录来查看链接], [登录来查看链接] [登录来查看链接] [登录来查看链接] Khong [登录来查看链接] [登录来查看链接] [登录来查看链接], [登录来查看链接] [登录来查看链接] [登录来查看链接] [登录来查看链接] I need the CEO / CFO email of the Company Turnover or number of employees and all of the information supplied in an Excell file. Please le me know what you are ...

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    I´m looking for a web developer with excellent programming skills to optimize/correct MySQL databases using [登录来查看链接], Wikitravel data (calls, correct database update process, ...). I expect direct communication with web developer.

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    I need a bunch of databases created from Google for Online Reputation Management Companies and SEO companies In total, I need over 1000 entries. I need the person to submit 100 entries to me a day. I need name of the company and an email address in an Excel. If there is no email, then the link to the Contact US form should be there. Please place

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    I need some changes to an existing website. I already have a design, I just need you to build it.

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    I need some changes to an existing website. I already have a design, I just need you to build it.

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    Databases in Australia 已经结束 left

    Looking for australian health, Fitness and lifestyle databases

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    Urgently need a php script to create sub domains with its home directory, databases and users. If you have one that works with CPanel api, that is also fine If you have something that is working already, that is preferred. Basic example is here for only sub domains. [登录来查看链接] Show me a demo and lets go.

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