55,137 crm 份搜到的工作,货币单位为 USD

    现有的CRM系统是使用HTML+PHP方式开发,前台主要框架angular.js,后台主要框架是Propel、slim等。 要做一些页面的修改和工单流程的修改。

    min $50 / hr
    min $50 / hr
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    Project for Wei Y. 已经结束 left

    hi,我想在perfex crm里添加邮件功能。

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    网站用途:旅游行业网站,提供线路查询预订、酒店预订、伴游信息查询等服务。 开发语言:php 旅游网站+付费系统+CMS 网站所需功能: 用户注册 生成用户账号 支持社交网站(Facebook/Twitter)登录 在线支付 用户发表评论及反馈 用户可填写表格 用户论坛 多语言 全站搜索 用户博客/空间 购物车,订单管理,后台管理系统,会员中心,店铺,订单管理 ,客户管理(CRM),售后跟踪、搜索引擎优化(SEO)

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    在现有的主流微分销商城系统上做二次开发,针对客户管理、实体店铺、自媒体功能模块的开发,以及前端ui的视觉和交互的重构。 需要团队来完成,包括ui视觉、ui交互、小型进销存和商城的api对接、实体店铺佣金和调货的程序开发、自媒体功能与主流sns的api对接。

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    用现成的CRM 或ECOMMERCE 软件建立一个小项目市场为我所用。 详细线下交流。

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    食品盒存储管理 (IOS & Android) 1. 首次安装及打开APPS会要求用户注册或登入. 1.1. 用我司CRM API 2. APPS布局 2.1. APPS上面有主TOOLBAR(Home icon, Apps name, Search icon) 2.2. APPS主题Storage icon, Chart icon, Buying task icon, Setting icon 2.3. APPS左侧有滑出食物种类菜单 2.3.1. 大约2/7屏幕宽度, 颜色方块显示 2.3.2. 方块中上行大字显示该种类已存数量 2.3.3. 方块中下行小字显示该种类名称 2.3.4. 可自定颜色及增加食物种类 2.4. Storage 2.4.1. 左面食物种类菜单自动出现 2.4.2. 扫描我司食物盒上QRCODE(‘FS’+18位流水号)及扫描外购回来食物上BARCODE. 2.4.3. 用我司的API可查食物盒大小及颜色. 2.4.4. 用UPC API查出食物名称及细节. 如找不到就提示要用户输入. 2.4.5. 区块显示食物盒颜色大小及食物名称 2.4.6. 用户自己输入EXPIRE DAY. 2.4.7. 用户把该区块拖拉到左面的种类方块存入该种类. (该种类已存数量加1) 2.4.8. 单按种类方块可显示该种类存入名称, 日期及过期日等明细 2.4.9. 点明细可修改/删除, 或加入Buying Task 2.5. Chart 2.5.1. BarChart及PieChart图显示已存食物种类分布 (可选按年, 月, 全期) 2.6. Buying Task (购买任务) 2.6.1. 从2.4.9.加入 2.6.2. 显示要购买东西清单(名称及checkbo...

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    食品盒存储管理 (IOS & Android) 1. 首次安装及打开APPS会要求用户注册或登入. 1.1. 用我司CRM API 2. APPS布局 2.1. APPS上面有主TOOLBAR(Home icon, Apps name, Search icon) 2.2. APPS主题Storage icon, Chart icon, Buying task icon, Setting icon 2.3. APPS左侧有滑出食物种类菜单 2.3.1. 大约2/7屏幕宽度, 颜色方块显示 2.3.2. 方块中上行大字显示该种类已存数量 2.3.3. 方块中下行小字显示该种类名称 2.3.4. 可自定颜色及增加食物种类 2.4. Storage 2.4.1. 左面食物种类菜单自动出现 2.4.2. 扫描我司食物盒上QRCODE(‘FS’+18位流水号)及扫描外购回来食物上BARCODE. 2.4.3. 用我司的API可查食物盒大小及颜色. 2.4.4. 用UPC API查出食物名称及细节. 如找不到就提示要用户输入. 2.4.5. 区块显示食物盒颜色大小及食物名称 2.4.6. 用户自己输入EXPIRE DAY. 2.4.7. 用户把该区块拖拉到左面的种类方块存入该种类. (该种类已存数量加1) 2.4.8. 单按种类方块可显示该种类存入名称, 日期及过期日等明细 2.4.9. 点明细可修改/删除, 或加入Buying Task 2.5. Chart 2.5.1. BarChart及PieChart图显示已存食物种类分布 (可选按年, 月, 全期) 2.6. Buying Task (购买任务) 2.6.1. 从2.4.9.加入 2.6.2. 显示要购买东西清单(名称及checkbo...

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    创建网站 企业门户型网站 包含尽可能完备的功能点 JSP开发三层架构, 数据库使用mysql 应用服务器与数据库需要热备。 企业功能如CRM,EMAIL都需要考虑

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    有完整的产品需求文档和产品交互文档,以及全部前端psd文件,需要你这边使用apicloud开发(如果有更好的也可以,中国打开速度快),同时通过JSON集成一个远程的CRM提供的会员数据。 app 部分功能和交互参考: ,有拖拽服务项目到清单功能和拖动调整预约日程管理两个技术细节。

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    dev crm sys.java+mysql b/s 具体需求私聊

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    创建 Wordpress 模板 已经结束 left

    在Wordpress The7模板基础下完成下述要求. 修改一些商城界面和功能. 需求详情: 按产品分类和目录美化产品介绍(约20件商品).(50%) 制作滑动方式拖动物品属性并且变化价格的功能与界面.(25%) 增加一个在线支持的模块.(10%) 增加一个CRM的模块.(15%) 如有兴趣请加 [Removed by Freelancer.com Admin]

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    修复现有的系统Bug,调整业务逻辑,开发新功能。 现有一个基于的CRM系统,存在部分Bug需要修复,个别功能调整以及新需求开发

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    Precisamos incorporar un experto en telemarketing para captación de leads de empresa mediana en toda España.

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    Integración Contable 6 天 left

    Deseo realizar una integración con mi CRM (amoCRM) y mi sistema de contabilidad (SIIGO) de manera que se puedan crear terceros, facturas, recibos, consultar saldos pendientes.

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    Need an order tracker that follows an order through the different stages of a custom sign. Need to have tasks assigned to employees depending on type of sign and what process is being used. Also looking for a way to get damn emails under control from customers. I have more than this but we can start here and see how it goes?

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    Technical Content Writer 14 小时 left

    Expert native-english language technical writer to produce summary-level content for a variety of technology sectors. You will produce website highest-level content for various software product categories, service categories, and industries. Examples: Product Categories: ERP, CRM, eCommerce, Analytics, ... Service Categories: BPM, Change Management, Integration, ... Tech Solutions for Industries: Distribution, Manufacturing, Education, ... For each, there will be needed either a Dynamic Tile or a Page. In total, we require 33 Dynamic Tiles and 58 Pages of content. Each Tile will include 1-2 sentences describing the content category and potentially a list of bullets associated with applicable areas of interest associated with the content category. Each Page will include a parag...

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    加精 加急
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    Job Description We are looking for an energetic Business Development Associate to join our team! You will be responsible for conducting market research, promoting company services and building client relationships. Your Task Meeting...activities are coordinated and executed in a timely manner Helping in the creation of promotional and sales materials Managing customer relationships About You 1-3 years of work experience in business development or a similar field Excellent written and verbal communication skills Knowledge of the ongoing market conditions and latest developments Experience in customer relationship management (CRM) Excellent time management and organizational skills Strong attention to detail and accuracy Good analytical and problem-solving skills Highly motivated in...

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    Virtual Assistant 6 天 left

    I need someone to become my right arm, someone that writes very well, thinks outside of the box, and has familiarity with business development, if you have experience with Staffing/Recruiting is a HUGE PLUS!! can help me with reviewing templates on my CRM and ATS. Helps me follow up with leads for my business.

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    ...are looking for 6 wordpress websites & web spp view in which - 3 are single vendor woocommerce websites, - 1 is multivendor woocommerce marketplace. - 1 is for branding content writing, SEO, SMO marketing, affilate maketing, blogging, influencers marketing. - 1 for accounting company & legal services. Plugins like - Blogs, Post, Events, Social media integration, Social logins, lead management crm, Online Dukaan, Amazon, Flipkart listing, Payment Gateway, Shopping Plugins, Order tracking, Live chat, Gst & Invoicing, ssl certification, speed test, RTL, Notifications, seo, listing of products, content writing, tagging etc will be done. All content will be provided by developer. 1 website for accounting & legal firm. Services which we are providing. Company Fo...

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    Need a caller to cold call and do follow up calls We are in EST time zone and we market 5 days a week. Need to be able to follow script and speak english CRM knowledge is great Cold Caller will need to find 4 pillars from seller 1) Motivation to Sell 2) Timeline 3) Asking Price 4) Condition of Property Follow Up Caller will be calling sellers that have moved into Leads. To see if they are still interested.

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    Develop web based CRM. More details in document uploaded. Provide technical support, instruction and development work to develop web based CRM system. The owner of the CRM must have first hand knowledge of how to make changes to the CRM over time. The programmer will provide instruction. The owner will host the software. Must have excelent English. Must provide sample of previous work. Budget for this project is €5,000. The first thing a programmer must do is to provide a sample of previous CRM or similar web based work. Any other communication from applicants will be ignored. No offers at this time. Agree only that you are available for a such project.

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    ***URGENT SOLUTION REQUIERED*** AIRPORT TRANSFERS SOLUTION WE HAVE MANUAL DATA ENTRY WHICH ALSO CAN UPLOAD BY BULK THOURGH EXCEL SHEET AFTER DATA ENTERY EXCEL AND VERIFY THAT What we Need -Admin Panel for manage 1- Drivers & Vehicles data 2- Suppliers data and also connection through Api 3- Connect admin with Mobile App All booking which we upload manual or excel sheet or which come to us through API will land in admin panel Offer page from there we admin can assign to specific driver manually and also can send into market place Mobile App driver will sign in with login details he will see all rides in market place he can accept from there what he can do there will be some kind of restrictions like if he have one ride 12:00 and in market...

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    Serve as the primary contact for a dedicated client list and perform various inside sales activities such as phone calls, appointments, customer service, and more. Record sales activities in our CRM system. The most qualified candidates will have: At least 2 years of experience in a customer service sales-focused environment Excellent communication skills (written and oral) and problem-solving skills in dedicated customer service and

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    This is a full-time, long-term role paying a salary of 60k INR to 80k INR depending on experience, knowledge and ability. We are looking for EXPERIENCED open source business application developers with strong PHP, MySQL and javascript skills. MUST have STRONG experience in customising, extending, and integrating open source business applications like Dolibarr ERP, Vtiger CRM, SuiteCRM, WHMCS, OrangeHRM.....or other similar applications. We are looking for developers who can pick up large/complex projects and take responsibility for delivering projects correctly and on time. Must have experience with Command Line, Git/Bitbucket, WinSCP.

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    Data transfer 5 天 left

    I need to transfer my wix data into my zoho crm. I need a database manager able to map fields to be loaded into the CRM DB

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    We are looking to create a CRM within that allows us to centrally manage stakeholder data for UNLV's College of Education. It would include contact information and various categorizations (e.g., community partner, elected/appointed officials, alumni, scholarship applicants and recipients, past faculty) with some individuals residing in multiple categories. In addition, we need to have open text fields to record notes (e.g., who interacted with them, details from the interaction, etc.)

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    ...customers and collecting them in our CRM system Hubspot - Contact customers - call, email, Linkedin - Book and hold demo, follow-up and close offers - Send invoices when you have closed a deal - Onboarding meeting of the platform - Follow-up meetings to keep the customer happy What we are looking for: - Background in sales, preferably B2B - Self-motivated, able to work independently and take own initiative - Love to close deals! - You can work towards and achieve results, goal-oriented - You are results-oriented and get a kick out of closing deals - Good computer habit. You must have understanding and be able to convince the customer within classic tech platforms, i.e. not for beginners in front of the computer - Bonus if you have worked in Hubspot our CRM system and Fort...

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    * Collaborate with multiple departments and system owners in the coding and implementation of functions in various Zoho applications (Specifically CRM, Creator, Flow, Projects, and Marketing Hub) * Design, develop and maintain custom Zoho functions and workflows for multiple Zoho applications * Automate workflows within multiple Zoho applications based on multiple requirements * Make your own Zoho applications to automate operations * Integrate/sync Zoho applications with one another and with 3rd party applications using APIs * Administer Zoho ONE, maintain user security, and optimize the configuration * Develop workarounds and alternate ways within the system in case of system limitations * Ensure that Zoho One applications are functioning efficiently to meet corporate objectives a...

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    I have a client list that I need updated. My list is in Cognito Forms and I want to send it to Travel Joy without duplicating contacts. I also have contacts in my CRM that has the date of births attached that i need added to Travel Joy once the list is exported.

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    We want below enhancement work to be done on our existing php stack built on laravel mysql. 1. Add roles for admins to access certain features. 2. Add r...to be done on our existing php stack built on laravel mysql. 1. Add roles for admins to access certain features. 2. Add reseller module with zones based on locations. 3. Add alert selection boxes and email templates. 4. Regroup the menu, add our maps key, add captcha on login etc 5. Add promo code voucher based payment system. 6. Configure api for single sign with zoho inventory, books, desk and crm Additionally, we wish to do mysql db sync from cloud server to local server. We want to pull the data to the local server which should always be a slave server. We further would like to run the correlation to get a merged data from ...

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    I need a very experienced full-time developer to work on custom projects, building websites, member areas, CRM systems etc and hooking up restul API's and custom endpoints. The role will cover a number of jobs so you will need to be able to work on multiple tasks at the same time. You will be required to work on existing projects as well as manage new projects. You will have access to your own account manager to liaise with. Experience with the WordPress CMS iis required. This could be an ONGOING monthly position fo the right candidate. LIST A FEW PAST PROJECTS THAT ARE VERY SIMILAR TO THIS PROJECT IN YOUR BID

    $396 (Avg Bid)
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    I need a full time virtual assistant for a wholesale real estate business. My company buys and sells distressed property throughout the United States. I need an experienced assistant to help keep the business organized and to help with marketing. The task will include but not be limited to: Organizing and maintaining CRM- Podio Maintaining contact with sellers and buyers Growing and maintaining a buyer's list Marketing properties to sale to buyers Transaction coordinator- maintaining contact with buyer, seller, and title company I need a freelancer with deep experience in this. Must have done this before and have a resume of work The person we hire will need to come in and help us grow immediately. Must be able to implement systems from day 1. Must be 100% fluent ...

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    Monday boards 5 天 left

    Vi leder efter en der kan hjælpe os med at lave forskellige monday boards og vedligeholde de boards vi allerede har. Nyt - Tidsregistrering på kunder vedligehold - CRM

    $481 (Avg Bid)
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    Need to create a freelancer who can help us make a CRM for our sales team we can share document with reference for the same

    $481 (Avg Bid)
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    We are looking for a professional and experienced freelancer with Zoho CRM/Projects platform knowledge. Who would be able to make Customization of the reports and generate a unique for our business Programming Reports and Analytics?

    $9 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    We're a small business in growth mode. We have a new strategy and clear goals for the year ahead. If you're someone looking to succeed, along with plenty of opportunity for growth and development, then this could be the opportunity for you. We recognize and value our people. Duties • Selling a range of digital services • Management of the complete sales process • Reporting and CRM management Skills and Experience • Highly motivated • Customer focused with good follow-up • Exceptional communication skills • Confident in cold calling and close-win

    $669 (Avg Bid)
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    ...interesa registrarse, se le dice que lo único que necesitamos es el precio de 3 a 5 procedimientos dentales. El uso de la plataforma es gratuito para todo usuario. El plazo del empleo es de un mes, 8 hs por día, 5 USD por hora. Los pasos serían los siguientes: 1) Prospectar dentistas en ciudades mexicanas, buscando en Facebook o Sección Amarilla. La generación de listas es aceptable en Excel o CRM online gratuito de preferencia del marketer. 2) Establecer contacto y simplemente que nos digan si les interesaría o no; La plataforma es gratuita para médicos y pacientes, tenemos varios videos cortos que explican cómo funciona: 3a) Si no se logra el interés del dentista en el primer contacto, se hace un seguimiento,...

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    Necesito modificar el módulo de presupuestos del sistema perfex crm para poder generar un resumen de trabajos a facturar.

    $62 (Avg Bid)
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    ...our customers and potential customer data base in our CRM software HubSpot. The selected person will have to: 1) Make calls (we provide skype line for this) to a list of hotels and guest houses located in Ireland. The person will have to follow a simple script similar to "Hi My name is XXX, I'm calling from the company XXX, we are currently updating our data base and we would like to get the best contact for the general manager or person in charge of the property. The last name we have in file is XXX, could you please confirm if this person is still in charge of the property and if not who is the best person to contact and the best email address?" 2) Ones you get the full name and email address, you need to update these details in our CRM system and then y...

    $455 (Avg Bid)
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    Gerlenco it's a forwarding agent company who owns a CMR system develop internallly by our developers we want to add a rate and quote management system to our CRM software which it's built in Java/ Angular. it should be able to store rate information in order to use it in the quote creation process, the system should also generate the corresponding documents in PDF format This module will need you to: * Create a SQL data base structure able to store all types of rates used by the company * Create UI that uses the same visual design as the already existing system * Create a efficient form design in order to facilitate it's use to our employees * Create PDF file generation and storage capabilities. The company wants to initially work on this module, if this devel...

    $35 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    I need a report that takes information from my CRM and puts it into specific reports that I can update with dropping a file in weekly

    $345 (Avg Bid)
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    ...you to be fluent either in English or in French. Your main tasks : - prospecting real estate agency in Italy by proposing a one month free trail - onboard agencies during the trial and mostly help them configure the gateway between their CRM and our portal - ensure the sale at the end of the trial - do the customer success on our complete client base in Italy (100 clients) - ensure the retention and the upsales on the client base Fully remote you will work closely with our head of sales in Paris using Hubspot as CRM, Aircall as phoning tool, Hubspot as CRM and Microsoft Teams for the internal exchanges. We already have a database of all the real estate agents in the region. For more info, please read the Powerpoint on

    $13 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    Hi Galih, You have helped me before running the macro of the Macro Convert CRM File Excel file you did for me in 2016. Can you do it again? I'm a Mac person, and I really can't figure out PC... It will probably take you 2 minutes :) Hope you are well Søren

    $100 (Avg Bid)
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    As discussed, converting an hourly rate to a flat rate for the project: Perfex CRM - Create custom create invoice view

    $150 (Avg Bid)
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    Onboarding CRM 4 天 left

    Help on boarding crm and optimization long term

    $25 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    I have Perfex Crm with subscription module as well but by default stripe is option for subscription and stripe does not work in Philippines need to change integration to paypal for subscription

    $167 (Avg Bid)
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    Deseo un sistema web con aplicación móvil que me permita crear campañas de correos verificar quien dio clic, quien lo abrio, cuantos rebotaron, enviar whatsApp masivo, que me permita realizar publicaciones en redes sociales de manera directa y que exista muchos reportes para la toma de desiciones el cmr me gustaria que sea como AMOCRM es como ideas de lo que requiero. La personas que este interesada me gustaria que hable español

    $701 (Avg Bid)
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    Need accounting, bill of materials, inventory management, purchase orders, sales orders, work orders, scheduling system, shipping/freight, customer and vendor information, label creation , auto fill pdf creation. Reports to go along with everything and a crm that will tie into the main system.

    $4565 (Avg Bid)
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    49 个竞标