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    I need the following built: 1. python django front end website. it is simple allows users to login and upload data 2. once data is uploaded it should be stored in access database 3. once data is stored a python script is run and produces a report 4. user dashboard I have source code for website and clear documentation.

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    I need the following built: 1. python django front end website. it is simple allows users to login and upload data 2. once data is uploaded it should be stored in access database 3. once data is stored a python script is run and produces a report 4. user dashboard I have source code for website and clear documentation.

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    need to build: 1.a very simple front end django website that allows users to upload data. I have source code for some of the website. 2. store the uploaded data into backend sql database 3. run python script once data is uploaded and produce a report 4. create a user dashboard The deadline is 4 to 6 weeks

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    We have several years data in a system called SunnyPortal. [login to view URL] This website (if you have a login/account) has a 'Download as CSV' button for each day of data. But with thousands of days of data it would take a long time to download manually. I've already found some online code that used to support downloading from this

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    Create a python script to use it in command line to annotated a file data in 3 steps : - added imput file to the script - connect to website - compare results in input file and website results and add annotation Thanks

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    Windows Python Hello everybody. I would need a windows aplication from a website . I need the specific data from the website to be showed in the aplication with other design and some more specifications. Thanks u all

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    I have a website with millions of data available which have around 10 fields of data for each result. for each page 100 results available, you need to scrape the whole site, i will provide the login details. Thanks

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    ...project is to complete the deliverables and integrate them into the current SafeView website. We recommend that this project be executed over four primary phases, each with clear milestones, objectives and deliverables. This will move us from the current SafeView website to the new one, complete with dashboard, mobile integration and desktop tools. Phase

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    I need the script to extract data from a board in a website with python

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    ...need a new website. I already have a design, I just need you to build it. Matching website which will match between users to find a love The same idea as OKCupid The user will be asked several question to build his personality grade And by this grade an algorithm will match between users. The programmer can write server in python to use smart

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    A. Market Data I want to develop a web crawling tool that will provide me with a weekly market price for an agricultural commodity called Afalfa ( sometimes called lucerne ). - Should be in Python language. - Should be able to quote in USD and Euro and note type of quote ( FOB, CNF, CIF, ex-farm ) - List country of origin, supplier contact details

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    ...tool to scrape a Javascript rendered Website python-qt4 Selenium, lxml and scrapy I need to be able to scrape the menu from this website EXAMPLE: [login to view URL] Send a sample if you're serious about this job image attached explains what should be scraped Data should be in CSV and JSON Thank

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    I need a new website. I need you to design and build my personal website. It might have happened so many times that you or someone yours need doctors help immediately, but they are not available due to some reason. The Health Prediction system is an end user support and online consultation project. Here we propose a system that allows users to get

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    ...developer to setup a sports related website from scratch. We would accept proposals to develop in either PHP or Python. User Experience Once logged in users can see a list of competitions they have taken part in. The data for these competitions are uploaded by competition managers and include inputting data via a form, importing XML files and

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    Hi All, I want to learn following with practical Live session/tutorial ( for R Model only; No Python). i) how does a data scientist uses SQL and R in company and how does one saves the scores of already built R model - Live session/tutorial is required? ii) how does one run R and builds Machine learning Model on Server using Putty- Live demo

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    ...detection, and performance management is essential. A strong understanding of algorithms, data structures, cryptography and data security, and decentralized technologies. Strong coding skills with at least one of the following languages: Go, C, C++ , JAVA, Python. A good understanding of distributed storage, like RDBMS or NoSQL, for instance. And at

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    I need a simple database website for purchasing items like pump, compressor.. Attached is an example of one item "pump". I want to be able to add to more items later on myself. There could be 500-1000 items. The first menu bar should be a searchable dropdown bar/menu. So, when the user select (or type) their items, a questionnaire menu will pop up (attached

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    ...extend processing support to new website not originally included. I would like to have the solution realized as python script or similar, in order to be able to schedule it as cron job on a linux machine, but I am open to alternative solution. For example it would be acceptable to provide the solution as python library which exposes methods to

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    I need to scrape 3 websites for the directory contents. I will share the specific website once the project is commenced. The delivery of project includes the webscraper code in Python , the scraped data in CSV format with fields as provided from the data.

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    ...develop some software for me. I would like this software to be developed for Windows using Python. I would like to create a web scrapper for coupon code on coupon website like [login to view URL], [login to view URL], [login to view URL],etc. The program should imporr all data into csv, which consist store name, coupon's title, description, coupon code, links, and

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    Hi, I have a website where a user will go to a form and enter his first name , last name, and then an email address, at one point we ask for a photo id, which is any generic photo ID , could be passport, state ID, I need an engine that can be deployed on AWS, that will take the image, the first name, the last name as text, and do some image parsing

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    Use python to extract a single piece of data from a website.

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    Looking for experienced Python 3.5+ developer with very well knowledge about data scrape from web, working with MySQL. We use a ready made script to collect public proxies, we need to add new websites as data source, need to develop "templates" which can adopt to our script to collect public proxy IPs. Our budget low, but fair enough. You need to

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    I am looking for a developer who has skills in PHP and Python languages , jquery, html5, and have expertise in creating Android app (both website and android app shall be integrated) for data flow & synchronization. Prefer the developer be able to be reached over telephone via any video chat or conference calls for requirement discussion and more advantage

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    I have built a program that puts items (such as a shoe) from the Adidas website into a cart. It basically allows the user to cart an item within a second. Recently, Adidas has updated their website and there have been some changes. One of these changes has to do with carting an item. Previously, one could get the cookies associated with a cart through

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    ...using Python. Need web scrapper to get product information from the biggest eccomerce website (froam a to z slogan one). Need the product title, a-s-i-n, price, availability, main image and alternative image, product description, etc. Looking to work with a safe script that will not be banned or ip blocked by the ecommerce website. The data need to

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    Our product collects data from trucks and reports information via a web-based interface to our clients. A recent improvement to our product is to show content on digital displays installed throughout our client's business. The reports shown on these screens are created by filtering the website as needed, taking screenshots from our web interface

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    I am looking for a Data Scientist who is expert in writing the scripts to get the required trends on social media and publish in form of reports on website. This requires to refresh automate as needed . Expert in python, Expert in understanding the block chain , Crypto worlds previous work is done in collecting the social media feeds and

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    I have a python code that I need a web GUI for it. This code, reads an specific medical images. User will upload the data to the server and can visualize the data on the website and can see across all platforms. Things need to be done: 1- Login page 2- User dashboard where user can see all their data as well as change the password 3- Main window

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    I need some help with data scrapping from a website. The data needs to be in a format that will be shared. (Python preferred)

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    I am looking for a developer who has experience of working with...has experience of working with Discogs database which is based on Python. Then either using the api or the monthly download I want to be able to use the data to populate Linnworks database. Separately I may also want to make access to this data available online via our website.

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    I want to extract data from a website which is available in different tabs or pages on the website to a single MS Excel sheet on the click of a single button. I already had this done from another freelancer using Python . It was working fine but there is some issues with it now and I am unable to contact the freelancer again. So, one can offer

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    Hi there. I work with python and hit the wall scraping a single value from a specific site. The challenge is that the data is dynamic loaded to the site, changing from time to time. I haven´t managed getting the data with the modules selenium, bs4 or/and urllib. I need it done soon as possible. Details about the site will be provided. Requirements:

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    We are planning to collect data from a Facebook Graph API ( [login to view URL] ) using Python and storing it on an AWS or Azure database. We would like to create compelling infographics from this dataset displaying the infographics on our wordpress website on demand.

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    We need a website with database of math problems and admin web interface to add/edit them. You can choose one of the following two technologies: * WordPress * Python/Django The website consists of two parts: 1. Webpages for users to show the math problems 2. Admin web UI to add/edit math problems The first part "Webpages for users to show

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    I downloaded an application on python and json (JavaScript Object Notation). I installed it successfully. The purpose of the application is to connect to website and its server and download the data and upload the data and do some transactions. I have reference document how to connect using python & json. Other wise with the given document if it is

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    I would like a web scraper built to scrape the website "[login to view URL]" I'd like the scraper to be able to pull all data from the page and return a table either in python or R that I can then work with.

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    We have a web scrapper already written by another developer in python and we need someone to modify it in order to take in consideration an update on the target website . Then gonna have to adapt an existing nodeJS app to the new data generated with python , the nodeJS up is running nginx and it's built using nodejs/expressJS /mongoDB . this is

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    2 竞标 data scraping / web scraping to obtain information on specialist doctors who work are registered to operate at 12 hospitals in Western Sydney. Could they please use Python or a similar language. We would like the person to provide the data sources (attached and listed below) for select specialist doctor fields and cross reference the data through

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    Hello, I am planning to start a new online learning space for Machine Learning, Analytics, Data Science, Big Data etc. for those who has strong desire to become an independent programmer/developer by own effort (self-taught) rather than by a teacher. For that, we need to set up an online step by step learning contents like the way online learning

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    Attention: Only high skilled professional workers!! This website is very hard to understand!! No Junior Developer… The website is separated by country. Every country works “like a single website”, but anyway all the countries are together. Please ask for more information’s and take you time to control all. Accept this job only if you understa...

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    I need to scrape some data from legacy website that uses ASP. I'd like the project to be written in python and output json data. Specifically, I'm looking for the 'availability' data from all of the rental properties here: [login to view URL] I would like to have the availability data for the whole year scraped

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    Looking for someone to scrape a dynamic flight website, capture the html and related meta data. You may use python or Javascript scraping frameworks. Must be able to deliver the source code. The tool must take a list of parameters: From, to airport, depart date, return date, one way vs round trip, flexible dates or exact dates. The tool must be able

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    Hello There, We have to develop a coupon website using Django Python framework. After developing this website we need to fetch all the data to [login to view URL] with the same structure of existing site and same functionality. For example refer below links: Main site URL: [login to view URL] [login to view URL] URL:

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    ...fluent/proficient/expert in Python and/or Java code Must know how to explain sequence of operations Must have prior knowledge of proxies Must be similar layout/format/similar concept as RSSOwl Must be familiar with sitemaps and locating them for any website Program: Must have efficient way of discarding unwanted data (similar to rrsowl feed)

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    **READ CAREFULLY** Need images with matching content and descriptions from other website that does not currently have an API. Need this content to display on a Wordpress website running Woocommerce for the purposes of a Wishlist section. Need image(s), description and other info (sizes available, etc). If this can be done or is possible, please

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    ...looking for a Python script that will extract all data from a forum and put into a text file using beautiful soup. The output will include the person posting and the actual post. The script will allow me to specific a wait time between each get call from beautiful soup. Need the script as well. The forum is in the standard forum layout. Website: https://www

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