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    ...view the events for the city, to know what activities are going on, the venue and time for the event. Registered users will be able to do the same, but will also be able to post their own events. Registered users can also sign up to belong to any of the ‘special interest' mailing lists at the site. Members of the mailing lists will be emailed qualifying

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    ...site. In other words, a person will be able to select from some services to include in the auction. Sellers will have accounts created for free. Once they log in, they can post on the auction board. They will select the appropriate service(s). Provide an estimate or cost range, provide a subject, and description. If they have a featured listing,

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    ...project is an upgrade of project PHP WEBSITE by member REACTIVE. I would like to thank everyone for the interest in this project! We have decided to upgrade this project to a full ecommerce website category, including but not limited to: --full php/html publication --script building, customization, and install --database setup --company logo --flash intro --payment

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    This is a project that as been half done by another programmer. This is a repost The project it self is a database of telecommuter and port-folio. And the abilities for employer to browse de Database ( see all resume and port folio) and then purchase the contact information one by one with a shopping cart or purchase an membership so the have

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    ...species and a different look for the general themes of breeder, club, show, pet, vet etc The sites need to be visible to the public with registered members able to edit their free page and post show dates, animals for rehoming etc without involving me. Each site needs a forum with the same theme which can be using the adapted cms if it includes one or

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    ...friends list. . 'Block list' allow members to block those they wish not to be contacted by. . Favorites allow members to have favorites list besides the friends list. . 'View/edit profile' and create 'MATCHMAKING' profile. Members can then click on 'Matches' and see those that match what they wanted. . Upload Pictures and Voice intros and Video...

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    ...the site. Deliverables · CMS to edit sites text content. · Mechanisms to connect PHP pages to a database where page data is stored. · Mechanisms to translate “simple script” code to standards compliant HTML 4 equivalents. · Login features. · Ability to add, edit and delete users of the CMS. · Ability

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    Looking for somebody to create a back end features using PHP and MySQL for a hotel website. The requirements are as follows: Development of 3 database tools -- Specials and Packages -­ Ability to use database tool to load, edit and delete specials and packages -- Jobs -­ Ability to post and remove open positions at the hotel. -- Calendar

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    I need web based control panel for linux servers. The control panel should be php based and the progammer needs to know how to start/stop scripts from web based remotely for the game servers. I.e. I want ONE centralized game control panel with ability to add mutiple users with their own username/password. Those users can control mutiple game servers

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    **Shippers and Hauliers website (Reverse Auction)** * **Key Features:** Shippers and Hauliers register their details on the site Manufacturers/Shippers post details of a load Haulage Companies tender bids for the delivery of the goods Shippers select from the companies who place a bid. -They can view details about the haulage

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    Here is what I need. I am working on a paid/free forum. I need a script to register new users to a database. With their name, address, phone, email, username and password. Users will have to choose a checkbox to show where they want to post. At this time there are 2 main directories in the forum. Example: Name Address City, State, Zip code

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    ...approve them. I do not want to do this anymore, so I need a script for this. This script MUST be php and run in a mysql database. The script MUST send me an email to tell me that a site has been submitted. It MUST have an admin panel where I can add/edit/delete the site submissions. I MUST be able to place their submissions in MORE than one, or ONLY

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    ... works better for my visitors, and is easier for me to run, maintain, and update with new career links. The ISP hosting the site uses APACHE and LINUX and supports MySQL and PHP. They have also installed Chilisoft ASP if ASP services are required. NOTE: I am not adverse to changing hosts to a Windows based service provider. I want whatever is

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    ...would need support during launch phase during regular business hours in Vancouver. The site will be built on PHP/mySQL. DATABASE/DYNAMIC ITEMS (including Message Board & Search): 1. News Release Module This would include ability to add/edit/delete news items through a web form on the backend and display items on the frontend. Including a headline,

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    Simple PHP/Mysql script for a good coder. BACK-END 1. I upload the following - picture (goes into a dir) - thumbnail (goes into a dir) - name - description - review (long) 2. The name of the picture and thumbnail should be replaced with a number (same as post ID). 3. Make a browseable list of posts with 20 items per page

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    ...the link to "paid to read email" programs, and they would be taken to a page listing all the programs in that category. This could be achieved by perfoming a search on a MySQL database to return all programs with the category "paid to read email" or whatever. It doesn't have to be done this way, but that is just a suggestion. As long as it is simple to

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    ...agreements, Discussion Forum, Newsletter. Update: We like: [登录来查看链接] but with a different image. Phase 2:-Design and launch Database driven portion of site (Business Directory, Post projects). Phase 2: Business Directory software exists: [登录来查看链接] and we are not opposed to having the developer customize such a package

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    ...the dating process here again: 1. The users registers and post their profile and picture 2. They can edit thier profile 3. Users (Public and Registered) can search for profiles both basic and advance 4. In case they are interested an email is sent to the admin and an entry is logged in database 5. The admin looks at the mails and chooses a. Authorise

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    ...I Want the teacher after logging in (Using MySQL database) to be able to add / delete / edit his posts. in the main page the teacher will be able to see all his available posts by their titles and instantly delete them and edit them. by clicking add new post the teacher should write the title of his post and for what grade it is (1-6 from a drop down

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    ...all, i want to edit this two programs, so it can accept more than one clint. also it can use user id as an input name. for php and mysql: i want to have a code that capture any output from [登录来查看链接] to [登录来查看链接] then display it to the user on the internet. the second code is to get user comment from internet and post it to the chatclint

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    ...please post questions if needed. The sooner the better for this to be finished, as I am completely unorganized, and need this! But please give a close estimate of time for this to be completed. The URGENCY is only to choose the programmer for this within the 2 days, writing the script can take longer if needed. This would be written in php and use

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    E-Commerce Site User Login Modifications listed below are to be made to a current catalog system which uses a third party shopping cart. The catalog system is written in PHP using an MySQL database. It currently stores order information that is posted back from the third party shopping cart. The below changes will be enhancements to the catalog system. #1

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    ...Payment after the script is fixed only I will install it No generic post you will not get the job so don't wast my time and yours This is what the script does Overall Script Features =================================== - MySQL Database Support - PHP Coded - Template Based - Auto Installer ===================================

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    PHP/MySQL Weblog 已经结束 left

    Basically I want a PHP/MySQL weblog. I have the design and I think all or most of the pages are designed. I just need someone to go in and use PHP to program the backend. Please visit this site [登录来查看链接] That is my install of pMachine which has the functionality that I desire. If you visit <[登录来查看链接]

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    The requirement is for an experienced php programmer to help me out in customising, and writing of codes in order to develop a blogging solution based on geeklog as per my requirements. Would prefer a sharp programmer who can access the work properly and deliver on time. Reliability of the final product is quite essential ## Deliverables

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    ...something just like that. Here's my requirements 1. the database backend must be in MySQL, you are welcome to incorporate php 2. no one should be able to respond without first registering and the registration process should add that person to the database in a de-activated state (ie: they can't post yet) then send them an email they must repsond to. ...

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    Simple WML application to track automobile milage. Create a PHP/mySQL application to allow user to record milage. We are looking for JUST the WML application for now, we can edit database/tables on-line. Must use HAWHAW for this: [登录来查看链接] HAWHAW stands for HTML and WML hybrid adapted Webserver and is a toolkit to

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    ...[登录来查看链接] called links 2.0 . check the demo out see the set up .I have a License for this Changes I would Like added [登录来查看链接] of current perl and flat database site to a mysql database site /php so the site can handle more data and quickly 2. Right now one template called category is set to define the look of all the categories I create, I would

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    76602 Realty Website 已经结束 left

    We require a website...) Require a login area for dealers to post/edit their ads. Listing info to be obtained will be similar to [登录来查看链接] Payment for listings will use Paypal, check, and possible a payment gateway system (yet to be determined). All listings should be saved/retrieved to/from a mysql database using PHP.

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    I need to have a mysql database and a php engine created and integrated with a user management script I already own. Users (subscribers) will be able to post prospect entries to the database and only that user can edit/delete that entry. The entries however can be searched globally throughout the subscriber list. I have graphically demonstrated

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    ...site with my products on ie [登录来查看链接] or [登录来查看链接] and when they get a sale order comes 2 me and i post it out aand pay them commision when it reaches an amount i will need to be able to edit/add/remove produucts on all sites from one admin section and be able to view salws commsiosn etc from each shop and example for a

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    ...Need a web based application for tracking shipments. A PHP application is a must using a MySQL database. Will need a admin backend for adding new users and shipment details. The frontend will require user/ID/pass authenication. Users will be able to view their shipment information as well as post notes or upload files to their personal message area.

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    ...information based website that provides information and resources to members and non members. General Mock-up, some content and bulletin board are in place. Need someone skilled in PHP programming with design capabilities. Flavor of site is simplicity. But it is crucial site is not junky, gimmicky or the like. Must have professional look of a site with integrity

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    ...around the world signup (with a fee) and they gain access to areas on the site with use of their username and password. I want this to be as secure as it can be using php and mysql database. Form on signup must be divided into multiple pages, and once a user has made their payment (using paypal or 2 checkout) they gain access to the secure area. If for

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    Looking for a php classified program. With unlimited categories and subcategories listed under the main categories on the front page. Need to have up to 10 customizable fields for input option for check box or text box, registration is not required, preview posting before listing, password to edit posting, completly searchable, add header and footers

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    Hello, I have an existiog script for a Joke/Humor site and need a small mod. The script is php and it has a MYSQL database. What I need modified is how it allows customers to send the admin jokes... so the joke can be added to the database. Currently it only has an email link so that the person can email me the joke and I have to copy/paste it into

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    ...will be emailed a welcome email with their login information. This needs to be customizable (maybe [登录来查看链接] or something). The information they submit will be added to a database (each webmaster should have their own folder created with their information stored inside, instead of having one huge flat-file DB). The section for clients will be a form

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    ...these features to a PHP/mySQL support desk and need it done right away! 1) custom signup fields like address, zip code, phone, cell phone, etc... I should be able to add as many as needed at any time. 2) Email to desk. I mean user should be able to respond to a ticket directly from his email and it would be stored in the database as if it was responded

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    We are in need of a simple php+mysql driven web site for our small travel agency with a few pages and small database behind. With the site it should be possible that: 1. visitors should be able to see the list of a directions (countries), regions, hotels we have, text, pictures, prices for the available accommodations, etc; 2. they also should be able

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    ...can locate "buyers" with a spending limit, and try to negotiate a better buy. I need it where "buyers" are charged a flat fee when setting up an account and accessing the database of ad "sellers". This is a one time access fee for buyers. Advertisers will be charged by a "rate price" based on the "final sale price" (i.e. $5 if price is ...

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