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    I'm encountering a vexing PHP error. The exact message that keeps appearing is: "PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Class "PDO" not found in". This problem is taking place on a shared hosting platform, and I have the flexibility to modify the PHP version or extension on my ...this task should: - Possess deep understanding in PHP's PDO classes and their functionality - Have practical experience in debugging PHP errors, particularly "class not found" issues - Demonstrated ability to successfully work with shared hosting platforms - Good communication skills to guide me through the necessary steps if there's a requirement for changes to the PHP version or installed extensions. Please apply only if you have broad expertise in handling PHP a...

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    I am seeking a seasoned WordPress expert to lend a hand in revamping my website. The scope of the project involves primarily functional changes, largely excluding design modifications and content updates. While specific tasks will be outlined after hiring, you can expect to work extensively on feature additions and the general enhancement of site functionality. As a necessity for the job, I am particularly interested in freelancers with demonstrable experience in carrying out similar WordPress projects. Show me that you are the right fit by detailing your past experience within this field. Let's collaborate to breathe new life into my website's capabilities. the task is very easy and can be done within minutes. I have a reference website from where you can get all you nee...

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    I'm looking to make improvements to an already published Spanish book. The project focuses on content revisions and additions as well as formatting and layout enhancements. Here's a clear idea of what I expect: - Content Alterations: I specifically need alterations made to Chapters 1 and 2. These will need revision and addition of new content. I'll give the specific details upon project commencement. - Layout Enhancements: The layout of the book needs adjustments in alignment and spacing. I will provide directions on where to insert new paragraphs where needed. If you have a strong background in book editing, detail-oriented and excellent at maintaining the essence of the original context while making necessary changes, you're the perfect fit! Previou...

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    I am seeking an experienced developer who ...impart their creativity in this niche field. Ideally, I am looking for a professional who can start this project as soon as possible due to the urgent nature of the project. While no specific features were chosen, I am open to discussing what can be implemented to enhance the app's usability and functionality. Therefore, I prefer someone who is proactive, innovative, and can recommend valuable additions. Your background may include, but is not limited to, - Proven experience in utility app development - Excellent knowledge of Apple iOS platform - Strong problem-solving skills - Familiarity with design principles and interface guidelines. I anticipate prompt communication and a quick turnaround on this project. Can't wa...

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    I am seeking a pro...create a high-end .glb file of an outer box. This model is primarily designed for website use with a 360-degree rotation functionality controlled by user's mouse drag. Key specifications: - Crisp and super realistic textures are required that accentuate the fine details and aesthetics of the model for an immersive online experience. - Should ideally know how to convert 3D designs into .glb extensions for smooth web integration. - Previous experience in creating engaging 3D design interfaces that work efficiently on web platforms would be highly advantageous. - Please ensure the mouse drag control for 360-degree rotation is fluid and easy for users. This is a fantastic opportunity if you are looking to showcase your creative flair and technical skill...

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    ...others a week or even a month. To get to know you better and where your specialties are, please rate yourself from 1-10 (10=best) on the following and include a brief explanation as why you gave yourself that rating: 1. Wordpress plugins 2. SEO experience 3. Javascript 4. Node.js 5. Angular 16 6. API development 7. HTML / CSS 8. PHP 9. Python 10. ERP systems 11. Tailwind 12. TaigaUI 13. Chrome Extensions (please rate yourself and provide any examples you might have) 14. Google Add-on 15. Keyword research tool 16. Web scripts 17. AI / ChatGPT experience 18. Web scraping Next, please answer these "get to know you" questions: Why are you interested in this job/project? What's your favorite stack? How many & what other projects are you currently working on...

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    ...that will involve creating a new, modern bedroom and extending the existing bedroom to include a bathroom. Key Responsibilities: - Plan and design a modern extension for an existing bedroom with a bathroom section and new walk in wardobe. - Draft a new bedroom that aligns with the overall aesthetic of the house. Ideal Skills and Experience: * Extensive experience in building and decorating extensions, specifically bedrooms and bathrooms. * Proven track record of managing similar projects on time and within budget. * Good knowledge of contemporary renovation methods and building codes in Qld, Australia. Additional Details: The house currently has 3 bedrooms and 1 bathroom. The goal is to increase our living space by creating another bedroom and adding a bathroom to an exist...

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    Hello, we have a 3D model that we want to add small rectangle shapes to. This is for a replacement server grill and these small rectangles are for the screws that go through the front of the server chassis into this server grill. There are three images attached. The green one is of the 3D model right now, with black rectangles showing where want those to go. The second image is of the current server grill, with the screws in it. The third is from AutoCad Fusion 360. We want to use that program to move these rectangles around in on our own, so we can make adjustments ourselves, to where these rectangles align with the screw holes.

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    Hi Ayesha R., I would like you to make the same additions to my north hills dek hockey site.

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    I'm currently facing a challenge with my OpenCart 3.0.8 e-commerce platform. **Symptoms:** - Persistent error messages for clearing extension cache in admin after various extension installations, such as: Notice: Trying to get prop...with the OpenCart admin area for accessing and modifying extension settings. - Problem-solving skills specifically related to debugging and fixing extension installation errors. - Knowledge about OpenCart’s extension compatibility and resolving conflicts between extensions. I'm looking for someone who can quickly identify the cause of these installation errors and implement a robust solution. If you have a proven track record of fixing similar issues and can ensure a smooth, error-free installation process for OpenCart extensions...

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    ...site's design and layout to ensure a user-friendly interface that reflects my brand's identity. - **Content Integration:** Seamlessly integrate 6-10 new pages and blogs, ensuring they align with the existing content strategy. The content for these additions is prepared and available. - **Navigation and Menus:** Enhance site navigation by updating menus, improving user experience, and potentially increasing engagement and sales. - **SEO Optimization:** Although not initially mentioned, considering the scope of changes, optimizing these new additions for SEO is imperative to ensure they contribute positively to the site's overall search engine visibility. This project is ideal for someone who is not only skilled with the technical aspects of Shopify but...

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    ...precisely positioned to ensure easy findability. - **Content Upload:** Utilize the content and images I have prepared to enrich the GMB profiles. This includes uploading business descriptions, contact details, and relevant images that I will provide. - **Access Management:** I will grant full ownership access to both GMB accounts for the duration of this project, enabling necessary adjustments and additions. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proven track record with Google My Business account setup and management. - Skilled in accurate placement and optimization of business locations on Google Maps. - Ability to work with provided content and images to create attractive and informative GMB listings. - Experience in ensuring listings improve local search visibility and accuracy...

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    I'm in need of a skilled webmaster to bring my e-commerce vision focusing on digital products to life. With the core aim to sell digital products, this project requires a detailed-oriented developer with experience in e-commerce websites. **Essential Features:** - **Shopping Cart:** A user-friendly shopping cart that enables easy additions and modifications. - **Payment Gateway Integration:** Secure and versatile payment options for global customers. - **User Registration and Login:** A smooth registration process for tracking purchases and providing tailored experiences. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proficiency in HTML, PHP, CSS, and JavaScript for custom site development. - Strong experience in developing e-commerce platforms, particularly with digital products. - K...

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    ...functionality. The extension must be able to perform tasks at pre-determined times without user intervention. For instance, if a user wants to submit a form daily at a specific time, the extension should be able to handle this automatically. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Extensive experience in developing Chrome extensions, particularly with knowledge in auto-fill technology and browser automation. - Proficiency in JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, with a strong understanding of Chrome's Extensions API. - Experience with implementing scheduling algorithms that can trigger actions at specific times. - Ability to create a user-friendly interface that allows non-technical users to customize automation settings with ease. - Knowledge in ensuring privacy and security in da...

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    I'm seeking a highly skilled 3D renderer to bring to life ...architectural plans and concepts into stunning visual stories. Key Requirements: - Create a high-detail interior rendering of a commercial space. - Incorporate advanced lighting techniques to highlight textures and furnishings, giving a realistic and inviting feel. - Work closely with me to understand the vision and specific elements to be included in the render. - Suggest creative solutions or additions that could enhance the overall impact of the visualization. This project is perfect for individuals who excel in creating realistic and detailed architectural visuals, specifically tailored to commercial interiors. Your work will help bring a concept to life, providing a clear and impactful presentation of the spa...

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    Road Infrastructure 4 天 left

    I need to prepare a brief Note on Road Infrastructure describing its characteristic, including also as much information as possible on road infrastructure management system in Saudi Arabia. If you also manage to find some information on the plans regarding modernization and/or transformation of this transport sub-sector such additions will be greatly appreciated as well.

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    I'm seeking a talented developer to create a Python-based desktop application designed for a very specific purpose. This tool must monitor a designated folder for new files, immediately triggering an action to upload any additions to our website database. The project is critical for our endeavors in analyzing combat log data, especially from World of Warcraft, enhancing our ability to provide a seamless experience for data analysis. **Requirements:** - **Core Functionality:** At its heart, the app must listen for new files (.txt, .log, .zip) in a specific folder and upload these to our website database upon detection. - **Programming Language:** The application must be written in Python, capitalizing on its robust libraries for file handling and web connectivity. - **File Typ...

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    I am looking for a proficient...reports on activities performed Key responsibilities include: - Establishing a secure connection to the API - Code is optimised for speed & handles errors - proper indenting & commenting of code - Code must be clean, maintainable as several future feature enhancements are planned. Front end UI not required. I am looking for a programmer who can work with me on a long term basis as I have a few extensions to this as well as other similar projects I would like completed. More details can be discussed. Experience in Ethereum-based DEX protocols like Uniswap is required. A proven record in bot development and familiarity with API interaction of mentioned platforms is highly advantageous. Apply if you can deliver the project on time and meet all...

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    I am in search of a skilled OpenCart developer to add a unique feature to my e-commerce website. My goal i...specified, without disrupting the website's existing functionalities or user experience. - **Communication:** Excellent communication skills to provide regular updates and discuss any potential issues or suggestions for improvement. **Application Requirements:** - **Experience Showcase:** Please include details of your experience with OpenCart projects, focusing on custom development and feature additions. This project is pivotal for enhancing our e-commerce platform's usability and our operational efficiency. I am looking forward to collaborating with a dedicated freelancer who understands the importance of this feature and has the requisite skills to deliver a s...

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    I'm in need of multiple chrome extensions developed, especially focusing on new tab customization. I'd like to enhance browser user experience by the inclusion of a customized New Tab featuring different widgets, each to allow different kind of productivity for the user. For example: - Extension One: New tab background customization It is expected that this extension will enable users to have more control and better customization of their new tab. For example: change background, show hide a clock - Extension Two: New tab with a weather widget In this new tab, user will be able to get weather information but only those relevant to the user's location. It needs to be streamlined, efficient, and accurate. I will need 10 different extensions to start with,...

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    I am looking to integrate the PhonePe payment gateway into my existing Wix website, for which I already have an index key. Here are the specifications for the integration: - Enable accepting payments and displaying transaction history through PhonePe. - Use existing plugins or extensions, if possible to achieve the desired functionality. - Make PhonePe the exclusive payment method on the website once it's integrated. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven track record in integrating payment gateways into websites. - Strong expertise in using Wix website builder and its various features. - Experience in working with PhonePe or similar payment gateway systems.

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    ...other script installers for easy application installations. Support for various programming languages (PHP, Perl, Python). Resource Monitoring: Overview of server resource usage. Bandwidth and disk space monitoring. DNS Management: Simple DNS Zone Editor for managing DNS records. Advanced DNS settings for more control. Advanced Server Configurations: Apache and PHP settings. Server modules and extensions management. Collaboration Tools: Support for collaboration tools like Git. Access to error logs and server-side logs. Customer Support and Documentation: Access to documentation and knowledge base. Support ticket system or live chat integration. Customization and Branding: White-labeling options for hosting companies. Custom branding and theming possibilities. Reseller Feat...

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    I need an experienced German video editor and videographer to create and edit engaging YouTube videos longer than 10 minutes. - Video Shooting & Editing: The successful freelancer will be responsible for shooting as well as editing the content. Your creative flair is essential to transform footage into a captivating final product. - Special Skills: Expertise in video effects, subtitle additions and audio enhancements is crucial as these components will contribute significantly to the overall quality of the videos. Familiarity with YouTube's platform and their video standards is desired. Experience in long-format YouTube video creation is a plus.

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    We are a charity foundation seeking a highly skilled and responsive full-stack development team with expertise in WordPress customization, MySQL via phpMyAdmin, JavaScript, and WHM cPanel on HostGator. Our website requires urgent fixes, form additions, and enhancements. The team must prioritize tasks as per our urgency levels, with several marked as Day 1. Notably, we require immediate attention to a Volunteer Sign-Up Page issue and the addition of an Income Field Amount feature. See attached details and breakdown of items in order of important. *** NO NEW PLUGINS *** THERE IS ONE ITEM WE ARE OKAY WITH ADDING A PLUGIN. FIXED RATE PLEASE. Our priorities are: - Day 1 critical fixes to restore missing content and functionalities. - Implementation of additional form fields with lo...

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    ...'Voting results' page in detail showing the full votes and in summary showing each candidates total scores with percentages in descending order, from the highest to the lowest scorer. 7. There can be unlimited number of positions with unlimited number of candidates for each position which should be stored in 2 separate tables rendered on two separate pages named 'Positions' and 'Candidates' for additions/deletions/editing. A used position or candidate cannot be deleted to avoid orphanage. 8. Each voting session will have a unique id, title, date and voting window (e.g. 12pm to 1pm). 9. Voting can only take place on the voting date and voting the window as specified on the voting session. 10. On conclusion of the voting process, the results of a v...

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    ...operating systems only. Key features will include: - Live trending pages: The browser should be able to filter and provide trending pages based on location, age, gender etc. (also it will send visited urls to our database) - Ad Block: This browser has Adblock Plus extension but i want Ublock origin istead of Adblock plus. - Youtube Play background and only with voice option (There is firefox extensions already doing that) - Adress Bar modification : users should be able to choice the location of Address bar (Top or Bottom) and choice the color of the bar - import history and bookmarks from other browsers (if possible) - 1 click delete the all history - login their Google account such as a Chrome to use their saved passwords to fill the login forms on websites (if possible) -...

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    I'm seeking a skilled developer to design a comprehensive website for information sharing. Key Components: • Showcase our products & services • Display our company history & team • Update with news & company updates This should be done in an intuitive and engaging style for our key viewers that include the general public, industry professionals, and our existing customers. Ideal Skills: • Web design (Wordpress) • E-commerce knowledge • SEO understanding • Ability to design with various user experience levels in mind. • YouTube integration Existing Wordpress website to have multiple changes, video clips/testimonials added. Reconfigured as it doesn’t format properly for iPhone viewing. Social media marketing/management c...

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    ...and reliability are crucial. **Key Requirements:** - Perform a seamless installation of PHP 7.4, ensuring compatibility with Almalinux 9. - Configure all necessary PHP extensions including PDO MySQL, cURL, and GD to support the functionality of my web app. - Guarantee that the installation and configuration will not disrupt the current server environment and other hosted applications. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proficient in server management, specifically with cPanel and Almalinux 9. - Experienced in PHP installations, with a focus on PHP 7.4, and understand its nuances. - Knowledgeable in configuring PHP extensions (PDO MySQL, cURL, GD) critical for web applications. - Demonstrated ability to troubleshoot potential issues during and after installation, ensurin...

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    ...players to style their characters in a multitude of ways, reflecting diverse tastes and trends. **Personality Traits Expansion:** - Incorporate 'Creativity' as a core personality trait, influencing career outcomes, social interactions, and available choices within the game. This would require adjusting the game's algorithms to meaningfully integrate creativity into the gameplay. **Career Path Additions:** - Develop comprehensive career paths in the 'Science and Technology' sector, including but not limited to bioengineering, software development, and renewable energy. Each career should have its own tree of progression, requiring specific education levels and decision-making that affects career advancement. **Ideal Skills and Experience for the Job:** ...

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    E-Commerce Site Launch 3 天 left

    ...Integration**: Integration of credit card payments to ensure a seamless checkout experience for users. Familiarity with secure payment gateways and PCI compliance is a must. - **Product Display**: Although specific enhancements like 3D views or video demonstrations are not initially required, the ability to incorporate customer reviews is preferred. The platform should allow for easy updates and additions, should we decide to include more advanced display features in the future. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - **Web Development**: Proficient in e-commerce web development, with strong skills in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and relevant frameworks (e.g., Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce). - **UI/UX Design**: Experience in designing attractive and intuitive user interfaces that enhance ...

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    I'm looking for an experienced and licensed architect to provide a Residential Architect's Seal on my already-existing blueprint for a 2 car detached garage. This will require: - Reviewing my blueprint for any necessary changes or additions - Applying your state-specific Residential Architect Seal (the seal must be from my state) The ideal candidate would have a strong background in residential architecture and a thorough understanding of state building codes and regulations. Having previous experiences in sealing blueprints would be a strong advantage.

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    I am in need of a talented web developer to construct a custom site for showcasing my art and content, managing online bookings, featuring a shopping cart for merchandise, and collecting user reviews and testimonials. It's paramount that this website also includes room for potential additions in the future. Your design should catch the eye with colors and vibrancy. Key functionalities should include: * Detailed registration/login for users as well as a way to use the website and purchase and submit forms/reviews as a guest * Efficient online booking system with a way to get in touch with my booking agents as well as submit proposals * An easy-to-use shopping cart for merchandise * An integrated system for reviews and testimonials * A fully functional ecommerce store for art...

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    ...Data visualization and report generation. - Real-time data tracking - Reports and analysis Preferred system architecture: - We are developing a system similar to Clickdealer, so it is preferable to have a good knowledge of its architecture. - initially we are going to develop a web platform. In the future it is planned to develop and expand to a mobile app, so it has to be clear for new extensions. We will have integrations for the following: - ad control - affiliates - reports and analytics - tools - third party apis - payment systems - etc Ideal skills and experience: - Strong knowledge of user authentication and authorization implementation. - Experience in data visualization and reporting. - Experience in tracking navigation data and cookie management f...

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    I'm currently in need of a seasoned freelance developer capable of expanding the functionalities of my existing project. The enhancement will entail: - Integrating support for multiple ports, enabling it to run on at least 4 different ports simultaneously. - Converting the project to be a 32-bit application, which will require modifying the current to be 32 bit as well. - Ensuring the project remains compiled with .NET Framework 4.5. This task demands a thorough understanding of .NET Framework, proficiency in implementing multiport functionality, and experience in converting applications to the 32-bit format. Interest parties should be able to handle application modifications without compromising the existing system.

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    ...platform. You will work closely with designers, content creators, and clients to bring their vision to life, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience for all. Responsibilities: 1. Design and develop websites using Squarespace and Shopify respectively, adhering to best practices and industry standards. 2. Implement custom functionality and integrations using Squarespace and Shopify respectively extensions, APIs, and other tools. 3. Optimize website performance for speed and SEO. 4. Troubleshoot and resolve technical issues related to the website. 5. Stay up-to-date on the latest Squarespace and Shopify respectively features and trends. 6. Collaborate with designers, content creators, and clients to understand their needs and deliver exceptional results. Qualifications: 2+ ...

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    ...that ensures a great user experience. - Robust backend infrastructure capable of handling real-time data efficiently. **Desirable Features:** - Although I skipped specifying additional features, considerations for future integrations like push notifications, user registration, and login, along with real-time chat functionality, should be made. This foresight will facilitate easier updates and additions to the app in later phases. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proficiency in Android app development, with a portfolio of similar projects. - Experience in working with real-time data and APIs. - Knowledge in implementing user-friendly interfaces based on UX/UI best practices. - Capability to set up a scalable back-end architecture. - Preference for developers who can suggest i...

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    ...partnership and has the necessary experience with browser extensions. **Key Requirements:** - **Feature Integration:** The core functionality will encompass browser toolbar integration to facilitate quick access and seamless interaction with the web elements I frequently use. - **Primary Purpose:** While the main focus wasn't specified, the ideal applicant should be versatile, capable of enhancing productivity or managing content effectively through the extension. - **Compatibility:** Specific sites or applications for compatibility were not mentioned. However, adaptability across a wide range of web platforms will be valuable to ensure broad usability. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Extensive experience in developing Chrome extensions. - Proficiency in Java...

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    Do you have a keen eye for detail and a passion for dissecting online trends? Are you fascinated by the world of browser extensions and the competitive landscape they inhabit? If so, we're looking for a Competitor Analysis Writer to join our team! In this role, you'll be responsible for conducting in-depth analyses of one key competitors in the Chrome extension space, providing us with actionable insights to refine our strategy and gain a competitive edge. Responsibilities: Conduct comprehensive research on one direct competitor in the Chrome extension market, focusing on functionality, pricing, marketing, and user feedback. Analyze website traffic, keyword rankings, and social media presence to understand competitor reach and engagement. Develop insightful reports with...

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    We have two extensions which work with extension 1 is perfectly fine and sends the message to all the WhatsApp contacts and we need to just change its logo and the company name, we will provide you with the source code. extension 2 has some minor bugs, actually when someone says hi it will prompt the message hello or whatever you feed them. The source code is here. All we need to to integrate the source code of extension 1 into to source code of extension 2 + minor bug fixing of extension 2. Please bid only if you have done it previously on the Google Chrome extension. NO third party is allowed to bid.

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    ...style. It's essential that the new extension looks like it was always part of the original structure, with similar materials and detailing. - **Layout**: I prefer an open-plan interior. The space should be flexible, allowing for efficient storage arrangement while keeping it accessible and airy. Ideal Skills and Experience: 1. **Architectural Design**: Experience in designing traditional style extensions, understanding of proportions, materials, and details typical to the style. 2. **Storage Solutions**: Creative in proposing smart storage solutions that are practical and aesthetically pleasing. 3. **Project Planning**: Ability to plan the project from conceptualization to execution, ensuring all aspects meet the desired outcomes. I'm looking for a professional who c...

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    ...providing up-to-date information directly within a Google Sheet. I've attached example code which can be built on. **Core Requirements:** - Develop a Google Apps Script. - Link the script to Coinbase to monitor various cryptocurrency performances in real-time. - The script should update the portfolio data in a Google Sheet automatically. - Design the script to be flexible for future feature additions or modifications. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proficient in Google Apps Script. - Experience with API integration, specifically Coinbase API. - Knowledge in handling real-time data updates within Google Sheets. - Understanding of cryptocurrency market fundamentals. - Prior work on financial monitoring tools is a plus. This project is perfect for someone who is detail-...

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    ...providing up-to-date information directly within a Google Sheet. I've attached example code which can be built on. **Core Requirements:** - Develop a Google Apps Script. - Link the script to Coinbase to monitor various cryptocurrency performances in real-time. - The script should update the portfolio data in a Google Sheet automatically. - Design the script to be flexible for future feature additions or modifications. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proficient in Google Apps Script. - Experience with API integration, specifically Coinbase API. - Knowledge in handling real-time data updates within Google Sheets. - Understanding of cryptocurrency market fundamentals. - Prior work on financial monitoring tools is a plus. This project is perfect for someone who is detail-...

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    ...posture might need slight adjustments. - **Facial Expression Modification:** If necessary, subtle tweaks to facial expressions may be required to ensure consistency in mood and setting. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proficiency in Photoshop and other photo editing software. - Prior experience with photo manipulation, specifically involving group photos. - An eye for detail to ensure the additions are undetectable and blend smoothly with the original photo. - Creativity in adjusting elements to achieve a natural-looking outcome. - Strong communication skills to understand and implement specific requirements. I'm looking for someone who can achieve a realistic and aesthetically pleasing result. Please share examples of your previous work that demonstrates your ability...

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    Urgent PHP Website migration 1 天 left

    ...modifying features. I'm looking for guidance on what could be beneficial for my website during this transition. **Ideal Skills and Experience**: - Proficient in PHP and familiar with popular CMS platforms (WordPress, Drupal, Joomla) to recommend the ideal new platform. - Experience with website migration, specifically from a PHP background. - Ability to provide consultation on potential feature additions or modifications that could enhance website performance and user experience. - Strong communication skills to guide me through the decision-making process on platforms and features. - Proven track record of completing migrations efficiently with minimal downtime. I'm looking for a freelancer who is not only technical but also consultative, helping me make the best dec...

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    ...users before purchase. - Managing eBook listings in conjunction with existing course material. - **Bundle Package Sales**: Implement a system that enables the sale of course and eBook bundles at discounted prices. This strategy aims to boost sales and provide value deals to our users. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proficiency in Laravel and PHP. - Experience with e-commerce modules or extensions in Laravel. - Familiarity with DRM protection (for future updates, not immediately required). - Ability to implement secure payment gateways for both online and proposed offline payment methods. - UI/UX design skills are a plus, to ensure the new features are seamlessly integrated and user-friendly. The right candidate for this project would not only possess the technical skills...

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    ...comes entirely from residents of Green Valley who are members of Green Valley Recreation. We have no salaried members or employees. The only ongoing paid support we have is our current website programmer. We have a website that has been in existence for about 5 years. It’s written in WordPress with PHP coding and third party modules added in. It began as a club membership management tool, but additions were made over the years to provide needed functionality. As with a lot of software that evolves this way, the overall design was never taken into consideration, other than the initial membership management portion of it, and as a result we have a website that satisfies our current needs, but is not the “friendliest” to work with and has a few annoying bugs....

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    Senior React Developer Needed 1 天 left

    ...strong focus and proficient skills in JavaScript and React. This project aims to build a cutting-edge front-end for a Chrome extension. It is imperative that the developer not only has the technical ability to implement complex features but also an eye for modern, responsive design practices. **Key Requirements:** - Profound knowledge of JavaScript and React. - Experience in developing Chrome extensions. - Familiarity with responsive design principles. Mastermind Front-End Developer (React & JavaScript) for Impactful Chrome Extension! Craft the UI, Unleash NLP for Fiverr Seller Success We're building a groundbreaking Chrome extension to empower freelancers with personalized insights and optimization tools. You'll be our front-end maestro, wielding React and Jav...

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    ...required. Shape Flexibility: While the inspiration comes from a square-shaped design, we encourage creativity in the logo's form. The final design does not need to be confined to a square. We are open to horizontally rectangular shapes that extend from the central logo, similar to the lateral extensions observed on the Initio perfume bottle. The goal is to achieve a balanced and elegant composition that extends organically from the mushroom logo at its core. Your artistic interpretation of how these extensions contribute to the logo's mystique and overall impact will be a valued aspect of the design evaluation. Deliverables: Vector file (.ai, .eps) Adobe Photoshop file (.psd) PNG file with transparent background (.png) Two additional color variations to be det...

    $70 (Avg Bid)
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    I'm seeking an experienced 3D designer who is proficient in Rhino for some alterations on my existing 3D CAD models. Key tasks include adding and removing specific details to improve the existing prototypes. Key responsibilities: - Analyze the original 3D CAD models which will be provided in Rhino format (.3dm). - Implement additions and removals based on my specific instructions. Ideal Skills/Experience: - Expert user in Rhino CAD software I have attached a render. I have the 3D cad drawings that it was generated from. What I need is someone to adjust certain elements. Note: I am not a CAD technician myself, my terminology may be wrong!

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    ...ensure modifications improve user engagement and site aesthetics. - Strong background in developing and integrating custom features into Shopify stores. - Knowledge of third-party app integration to enhance the product search capability without compromising site performance. - A portfolio showcasing previous Shopify projects, particularly those that involved complex customizations and feature additions. **The Perfect Candidate Will:** - Communicate effectively, translating technical solutions into simple terms. - Demonstrate a problem-solving attitude, proactively identifying and addressing potential issues before they arise. - Work collaboratively to understand my vision and offer suggestions for improvements. In your proposal, please include your approach to tackling this pr...

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