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    I need assistance with developing my fencing website aiming to sell a variety of fencing products. The site should highlight the diverse styles of fencing work we offer such as Wooden, Contemporary, Traditional, and Security Fencing. KEY FEATURES: - Product Page: Each product page must carry detailed specifications and related product suggestions to guide the customer's purchase. IDEAL CANDIDATE: The perfect freelancer for this task should have a strong eCommerce background, with a particular focus on website development for product sales. Experience in working with business websites that showcase specific services, such as fencing, would be a considerable advantage. Proficiency in web design to highlight our unique fencing styles in a...

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    I'm seeking a skilled freelancer to implement a geo-fencing and geo-routes definition project using Google Maps. This system is primarily designed for enhancing security and surveillance capabilities within specified geographical areas. The functionality must include the ability to create geo-fenced areas and define custom geo-routes for monitoring and management purposes. Additionally, the system needs to support real-time alerts for both entry and exit events within these geo-fenced areas. **Key Requirements:** - Expertise in Google Maps API for creating and managing geo-fences and geo-routes. - Ability to implement real-time alerting mechanisms for entry/exit events. - Experience in developing secure applications for surveillance purposes. - Strong understanding of location...

    $202 (Avg Bid)
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    Trophy icon Captivating Homepage Graphic Design 已经结束 left

    ...like to show an open concept office building or similar such structure (some type of commercial building) and demonstrate 3 things: 1) Different types of flooring options 2) Different types of paint options, wallpapers, etc. 3) Different types of texture on the walls and ceilings demonstrating drywall options For example, in this photo, you can see different types of cabinetry, landscaping, fencing, gables, roofing, outdoor kitchen - that is the type of photo we want but for the options listed above and would be more of an indoor building photo. **Ideal skills and experience:** - Proficiency in graphic design software (e.g., Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator) - Experience with responsive design to ensure optimal viewing on both desktop and mobile - Ability to translate

    $50 (Avg Bid)
    加急 加保
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    I'm in need of an experienced electronic engineer to dev...designed with a business user interface in mind. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong background in electronic engineering, specifically in developing GPS tracking systems. - Proficient in mobile app development, with previous experience in creating apps for device management. - Experience with battery optimization for portable electronics to ensure device longevity. - Knowledge in implementing geo-fencing and speed monitoring features. - Understanding of the business applications of GPS devices and the ability to tailor features according to business needs. This project is geared towards providing businesses with a reliable and efficient way to track and manage assets, ensuring safety, security, and efficient resour...

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    ...world of fencing sports. The goal is to streamline the management and engagement aspects of fencing tournaments by integrating modern technology. Here's what I'm envisioning: **Core Features Needed:** - **Player Profile Creation:** Enable detailed profiles for each player, including statistics and historical performance data. - **Pool Sheets Generation:** Automatically generate and manage pool sheets for tournament play. - **Knockout Results Management:** Efficiently manage and display knockout stage results. - **Live Scoring and Results Display:** Implement a system for real-time scoring updates and result displays at events. - **Tournament Management Features:** From scheduling to bracket generation, a full suite of tools to manage tournaments seamlessly. - **...

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    Trophy icon Classic Fence Logo Design 已经结束 left

    ...seeking a talented graphic designer to create a logo that embodies the essence of our fence products business. Our main goal is to have a logo that represents our company in a professional light while ensuring it appeals to our target clientele. This logo will play a crucial role in enhancing our brand's visibility and making a lasting impression. **Key Requirements:** Logo for: Farm Life Fencing - **Professional Representation:** The logo should convey professionalism and reliability, appealing to clients looking for high-quality fence solutions. - **Design Style:** A classic and traditional approach is preferred, reflecting the enduring nature of our products. The design should seamlessly blend with our company's values of trustworthiness and quality. - **...

    $50 (Avg Bid)
    加精 加保
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    Pool Glass Fence Design 已经结束 left

    I'm looking to hire someone whois can draw a construction plan for glass railing. I will send couple job per week. I need a fast return. **Requirements:** - **Drawing Skills:** Proficient in creating detailed construction plans, especially for fences. - **Material Knowledge:** Experienced with glass materials and understanding their application in security and fencing solutions. - **Technical Specifications:** Ability to include precise measurements, material specifications, and installation guidelines in the plan. **Ideal Skills & Experience:** - **Drafting and CAD:** Proficient with drafting tools or CAD software to produce clear, detailed - **Project Portfolio:** Past projects or portfolio that showcase experience with similar designs or materials is h...

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    I'm in urgent need of a biologist report for our upcoming house construction. My focus is to ensure we responsibly address the ecological implications of our build. Here are the specifics I need: - Identification of any protected species on the property. - if fencing needs to be erected is all that is being asked from county as protective measures are necessary for habitat preservation. I require someone who can quickly yet meticulously provide this information. While a full ecological impact assessment isn't needed, the report should be thorough and comply with any local regulations regarding habitat and species protection. Ideal Candidate Should Have: - Experience in conducting biological reports for construction projects. - Familiarity with local wildlife and habitat...

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    I'm in urgent need of a biologist report for our upcoming house construction. My focus is to ensure we responsibly address the ecological implications of our build. Here are the specifics I need: - Identification of any protected species on the property. - if fencing needs to be erected is all that is being asked from county as protective measures are necessary for habitat preservation. I require someone who can quickly yet meticulously provide this information. While a full ecological impact assessment isn't needed, the report should be thorough and comply with any local regulations regarding habitat and species protection. Ideal Candidate Should Have: - Experience in conducting biological reports for construction projects. - Familiarity with local wildlife and habitat...

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    I am seeking a landscape designer to create modern designs for my brand new home's front and back yards. This design should ...able to visit the site. -Familiarity with classic designs concepts. -Experience in designing outdoor spaces from scratch. -Expertise in wooden fence design and installation. Key Deliverables: 1. Detailed Landscape Design: - For the front and back yards of our brand new house. - A modern aesthetic blending beautifully with bricks fencing. 2. Material and Implementation Guidance: - Recommendations on where to source high-quality materials for fencing. - Description in detail of the fence installation process. - Where to source the plants I look forward to transforming my outdoor spaces into a modern haven that perfectly co...

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    Trophy icon Classic Fencing Logo Design 已经结束 left

    I'm in pursuit of a talented graphic designer to craft a distinctive, yet simple logo for my fencing company called ' Bella Vista fencing' (Bella Vista means beautiful view in Italian. The final design should embody a vintage and classic aesthetic that's versatile enough to look impressive on various backgrounds and marketing materials. THIS IS FENCING AND GATES LIKE AROUND YOUR HOUSE NOT SORD FIGHTING Ideal Candidate Must Have: - Strong portfolio with logo design experience - Ability to interpret a brief and adapt design choices - Proficiency in design software (Adobe Creative Suite, etc.) Project Requirements: - Integrate a fence symbol into the logo design - Utilize a color scheme including blue, black, and white, with minimal blue...

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    Child Safety GPS Tracker 已经结束 left

    I'm looking for an experienced developer/engineer to create a Child GPS Wristband System tailored to enhance children's safety. The system must seamlessly integrate the following features: - Real-time Location Tracking - Geo-fencing with Custom Alerts - Accessible Panic Button - Multiple Wristbands Support - User-Friendly App Integration - Large Capacity Charging Station Key Points: - **Development**: Design and program a reliable GPS monitoring system. - **Project Scale**: Initially, produce sixty-two (62) wristbands for trial. - **Charging Solution**: Engineer a charging station that can simultaneously charge up to thirty (30) wristbands. Ideal Candidate: - Proficient in wearable technology - Experience with GPS tracking systems - Skilled in app development (iOS/Andro...

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    ...Android application for employee tracking purposes with a comprehensive dashboard. The app should be tailored to provide accurate real-time location updates, allow for geo-fencing to monitor asset entry and exit, and have the capability to review the history of the asset's movements. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Expertise in Android app development - Strong background in GPS and mapping technologies - Experience with real-time data processing - Familiarity with developing geo-fencing solutions - Proficiency in creating user-friendly dashboards Requirements Summary: - Real-time geo-location tracking of assets - Geo-fencing features to set boundaries and alerts - Historical movement data for each tracked asset - Robust and intuitive dashboard for monitoring ...

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    We are seeking a highly skilled and innovative freelance architect/engineer to take on a comprehensive land development project for a 10,000 square meter 100m x 100m property. The project includes the creation of architectural drawings, building layout, plumbing, electrical planning, fencing, warehouse design (45m x 56m), and a private chalet. Additionally, the project requires the construction of separate and fully insulated office spaces and living quarters for employees, as well as a personal chalet on the opposite end. The design should also incorporate designated areas for agriculture, a sports club, and cinema room. Requirements: - Proven track record in large-scale land development and architectural design - Proficiency in CAD software and other relevant design tools - Stron...

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    I'm in need of a highly skilled developer to create a state-of-the-art GPS software from scratch with a core focus on vehicle tracking. Key Features: - Real-time tracking: The software must provide instantaneous vehicle location details. - Mobile device tracking: The software should be compatible with mobile devices for monitoring. - Geo-fencing notifications: The capacity to set up geo-fenced areas and to receive notifications whenever vehicles enter or leave these areas is vital. - Accurate mappings: The software should integrate Google Streets, Satellite, Hybrid, Terrain, Traffic, and Street View for precise location tracking. - 90-Days history: The software should store and render access to location history for up to 90 days. - Reporting: The software should have capabili...

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    ...dynamic android application with the following features: * Employee attendance tracking: The app should provide a simple and efficient way for employees to clock in and out, perhaps through a unique identifying feature. * Real-time location tracking: The app should be capable of real-time location tracking, helping us to understand and manage our employees' movements and schedules better. * Geo-fencing: We want to include geofencing capabilities to set boundaries for employee movements during working hours. * Route history: I'm also interested in the ability to trace the route history of our employees, which should help with logistical planning and overall operational optimization. We would prefer candidates who have prior experience building similar applications,...

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    I am in need of a designer who can make me a creative logo. I am starting a new website and am in search of a unique custom designed logo. The website/business is 'Rural Glass Fencing'. It is a business that provides frameless glass pool fencing for pools. Specifics: - I would like a modern-vintage or rustic design analysis for my logo. Someone who can incorporate elements of both styles would be optimal. - The colors must be bold and vibrant. This is important as the niche is glass pool fencing, an outdoor living business. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience in combining modern and rustic design elements is desirable. - Strong grasp on color theory, particularly in creating bold, memorable logos. - Portfolio of past logo design, particularly for star...

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    I'm in need of an experienced and creative content writer to craft precise, engaging content for the services page of my website. The services to be highlighted include Garden Play Equipments, Chain Link Fencing, Industrial RO Plant Supplier, Garden Benches, Garden Water Sprinkler System, and Outdoor Gym Equipments. While the detailed descriptions of each service were skipped, the writer is expected to conduct a necessary research and create captivating content that will effectively communicate the benefits and uniqueness of each service to our clients. Key skills and experience: - Previous experience in content writing, specifically for websites - Excellent research skills, particularly in the gardening and outdoor equipment industry - Exceptional English writing skills wi...

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    Project Requirements • When user scans QR Code, system will determine the geo fencing for GPS • To link schedule with scanned data. so once scanned, the record will disappear from schedule screen. • To check on alert notification when send chat and remain all existing function • To resolve 3 X Technical Defect • This include mysql, php and android Project Timeline 1 week

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    ...for a GPS system with the capabilities of: - Real-time tracking, giving instant location updates - Geo-fencing capability, allowing to set territorial limits for the pet - Long battery life, necessitating minimal recharges The perfect candidate for this project will have significant experience in GPS system design, GNSS receiver calibration and GPS signal processing. Familiarity with pet behavior and needs or prior experience in designing pet-related technology would be a plus. My main aim is to keep my pets safe, and their exact location known at all times, anywhere. It's essential for the device to have a strong battery life to permit uninterrupted service and a flexible geo-fencing capability to ensure pet safety. Kindly share your relevant experience and le...

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    Web Banner Design Urgent 已经结束 left

    Hi There I require a banner for our branding on job boards website such as seek. Needs to have the slogan over a picture of our product. Fencing & Gate Centre - Where our people matter. 1400x500 I've attached our branding from a catalogue to give you a rough guide. Design Elements and Colors: - I have specific colors and design elements in mind - red, whites and blacks Purpose of the Banner: - The main purpose of the banner is to create brand awareness for my product/service. Skills and Experience: - Proficient in graphic design and web banner creation - Ability to understand and incorporate specific design elements and colors provided by the client - Experience in creating banners for brand awareness campaigns - Creativity and ability to design eye-catching visuals ...

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    I'm looking for a consummate professional in the industry who can create captivating direct mailers for my decorative fencing and gate company. Your tasks: - Design mailers aimed at homeowners, business owners, and contractors to generate new business leads. - Incorporate key company contact information in an engaging way. Ideal experience and skills: - Experience in graphic design - Excellent marketing acumen to design mailers that can effectively generate leads - Familiarity with the home improvement or construction industry would be beneficial. - Sharp attention to details to ensure the most vital information is being highlighted properly. If you have innovative design ideas to capture the attention of my target audience, get to work with me! I look forward for a...

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    I am seeking a professional who can deliver a high-quality render of some modern commercial buildings. This project goes ...high-quality render of some modern commercial buildings. This project goes beyond just portraying the general shape and structure. Main focus is the new addition of the modular building as attached. We need Renderings to submit for permitting. KEY TASKS: - Rendering the exterior in an appealing and accurate way - Incorporating environmental elements such as sidewalks, parking areas, landscaping, Fencing and lighting for a comprehensive look. ESSENTIAL SKILLS: - Experience with architectural rendering - Expertise in modern commercial building style - Intense attention to detail - Ability to visually incorporate environment and lighting elements into the ...

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    Hi, I’m looking for someone with experience in architecture and landscaping to give us recommendation as well as render designs for an old villa (clinic) and be able to suggest executable methods in order to turn the external aesthetics of the clinic into modern look. It’s a commercial villa dates back to the 90s with single floor and concrete fencing wall. I can provide more photographs as well as indoor and outdoor shots for the clinic. Write 'Pets' at the beginning of your bid if you have read this JD. This job is only to give a direction on how we can turn the aesthetics and make this job as easy as possible without the need to stop work within the clinic.

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    I’m looking for a professional to design and estimate cost for a chain link fence customized to enhance security around my commercial area. The fence should be 8ft tall and run a distance of 1km. Key features: - Security camera attachments: The design should integrate this component to help in surveillance. Ideal freelancer for this task needs to have experience in fencing design and knowledge in security systems. Expertise in cost estimation of construction projects would be a plus. Your proposal should include a rough estimation of the total cost in USD.

    $470 (Avg Bid)
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    I'm in need of a skilled individual who can help transport and install chain link fencing hardware and heavy materials, including metal poles and concrete, to job sites. I require someone who: - Has access to their own reliable mode of transportation, preferably a truck. - Has experience and specific skills in handling heavy materials such as metal poles and concrete. This is very important for the safe and efficient transport and installation of the materials. - Can install chain link fencing once the materials have been safely transported to job sites. Experience in fence installation would be ideal and a plus. Your safety and health are of utmost importance so this job is not suitable for those without experience in handling heavy materials. Please consider ...

    $8 - $15 / hr
    $8 - $15 / hr
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    I'm in the market for a talented graphic designer to bring to life a unique logo for my fencing brand. It's vital that this logo is bold, modern, and captures the essence of the sport. Necessary Elements: - The incorporation of fencing gear and (DRS) logo is a must. This will form the pivotal component of the design. Color Scheme: - The logo needs to be in a monochrome color scheme. This choice is essential for encapsulating the modern style I'm seeking. Ideal Skills: - Proficient in modern design - Experience in logo design and/or sports branding - Knowledge about the sport of fencing would be an advantage. - Efficient in incorporating the user-specific elements in a cohesive and engaging way. These requirements ideally capture what I'm lookin...

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    business logo 已经结束 left

    I am looking for a creative and skilled logo designer for my residential fence installing business. Industry: Construction / landscaping Logo Type: Combination of text and icon Design Preferences: - I have a slogan ' guarding your dreams, one fence at a time' - The business name is ' First Class Fencing Tweed Coast' Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong portfolio showcasing previous logo designs - Proficiency in graphic design software - Ability to incorporate both text and icon elements in a cohesive and visually appealing manner - Understanding of the technology industry and ability to create a logo that reflects its innovative and modern nature

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    I'm in need of a capable photo editor to seamlessly erase an unwanted fence from an image I have. The project involves: 1. Full Fence Removal: The task is to completely eliminate the fence that's currently spoiling the otherwise pleasing aesthetics of my picture. 2. Replace with Landscape: Once the fence is gone, I don't just want a blank space. The removed area should be replaced with elements of the existing surroundings to maintain a natural look. This is a nuanced request and I'm therefore seeking someone with a keen eye for details, deep understanding of photo manipulation and familiarity with tools like Photoshop or GIMP. An individual who has previous experience in similar projects will be favored. Showing me similar projects you've worked on in the past...

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    I urgently need a craftsman with experience in pool fencing, particularly using clear glass panels. The project involves the installation of four glass pool fence panels in front of my Spa Area. I have got the glass panels and posts including quick set cement. It’s crucial that the posts must be concreted to the ground securely. Key requirements include: - Constructing and setting up clear glass pool fencing - Making sure the posts are securely concreted to the ground - Delivering the job ASAP Prior experience in glass pool fencing and evidence of your work would make you an ideal candidate.

    $163 - $489
    $163 - $489
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    hi i am looking for a developer that can help build my courier service website. we would like geo fencing and quotation system where customers can receive instant quotations. the quoting system must read the geo fencing area we only service and if we do not service that area a curtesy message must pop up that we do not service that area. the quoting system will also have to take in to account the different service levels we have. standard delivery service: (1-5 days delivery) Next day delivery service oversized delivery service: over 15 kg Sat delivery service(Sat only) please let me know if this sounds like a job for you.

    $135 (Avg Bid)
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    I'm a limestone block, retaining wall and fencing installer. I need an exciting business card design with a standout logo. (cartoon style) - Desired Colour Themes: Varied colours are preferred. However, blue and gray, or green and brown colour combinations can be incorporated. - Design Style: The design style should be modern. - Logo Elements: The logo should highlight the aspects of retaining wall design and fencing related elements. Ideal freelancers for this job would have graphic design experience and a portfolio of business card designs. Experience in creating logos for construction or similar businesses will be beneficial. The task will require creativity and an understanding of the balance between professionalism and excitement in designs.

    $58 (Avg Bid)
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    Create a private webpage 已经结束 left

    ... Basically this is what I’m looking for: A webpage that is secured and inaccessible to those not given access to. This can be done via a login password or if the URL is private itself I think. On that webpage we need there to be google MyMaps embedded in such a way that we can plot polygons on the map and generate the square footage of the area highlighted. In other words In other words geo-fencing. That would be the first page! On the other pages there will be basic calculators that can be embedded for example one page for budgetting calculator. The next page for hours calculator that I can create using excel and then maybe you can add it on the website. There will be 5 calculators in total approximately! It doesn't have to be urgent. This project can be done in a f...

    $799 (Avg Bid)
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    water color render 已经结束 left

    I am looking for a specialist with great proficiency in digital watercolor rendering. The project entails creating a loose watercolor render of a building with privacy fencing and privacy trees to soften the view. Additionally, adding some windows and porch/roof over the door. I'd like to lower the height of the garage door as well. The ideal candidate for this job should have: - Extensive experience in digital watercolor rendering - A strong artistic sense for creating realistic renders - Prior experience working with architectural designs Your role will primarily involve transforming an architectural design into a digital watercolor render featuring a realistic style. It's crucial that the final render highlights the nuanced detail of the architectural design, invokin...

    $134 (Avg Bid)
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    I'm in need of a proficient developer to build an interactive instant quote application for our fence installation company's website. The app should allow users to input their ...Presented in real-time on our website - Emailed to the user's address immediately. The following information needs to be included in the emailed quote: - Total cost - Estimated installation time - Estimated delivery time - Deposit details The ideal candidate for this job is someone with experience in developing real-time interactive applications, particularly quoting software. Familiarity with the fencing industry would be a plus. This project demands proficiency in automatic price calculation models, as well as the ability to develop a simple, user-friendly interface for inputting measu...

    $40 (Avg Bid)
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    Hi We have bought an OPENER AE File this one: htt...local builders. Second video: Get Pool Quotes - A website that makes it easy for users to connect with quality local POOL builders. Third video: Get Kitchen Quotes - A website that makes it easy for users to connect with quality local kitchen builders. Fourth video: Get Driveway Quotes - A website that makes it easy for users to connect with quality local Driveway Builders. Fifth video: Get Fencing Quotes - A website that makes it easy for users to connect with quality local Fence Builders. Sixth Video - A video aboout the Brand that manages the network above Get Quotes Network. We will supply images and text we want for each video. And its up to you to use them and make it LOOk amazing. Budget is $50 per video so $300...

    $252 (Avg Bid)
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    Hi there, My client wants a logo that looks good for his tree care business, we have had a designer try a few logos and the client liked the text and the helmet idea, however he wants a better logo, we are open to creativity The logo must include the text "Outstanding Services" in a full logo capacity but it should have an element which can stand alone as an icon/favicon. Attached we have added some of our designers attempts. The client rated them 6/10. The client expresses the want for a design that includes an arborist/tree surgeon hat. LOOK CAREFULLY A TREE SURGEON HAT IS DIFFERENT FROM A BUILDERS HARD HAT! Best of luck!

    $63 (Avg Bid)
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    we need our profile to be redesigned for our company.

    $103 (Avg Bid)
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    ...from GPS trackers on a map. You would help me in configuring the trackers to ThingsBoard and create a geo-fence with the coordinates I provide. Also, I would like to set alerts for different scenarios like number of trackers online, time spent to complete the task, path taken, idle time, stoppages, time taken at every stop, distance travelled, area covered, (and area not covered using the geo-fencing), and an alert on entry and exit in the geo-fence. I expect to have charts for all these scenarios on the dashboard. Requirements: - Develop an IoT dashboard on the ThingsBoard platform - Configure the trackers to the platform - Ensure the dashboard updates data in real-time - Create geofencing to use with GPS trackers - Create multiple rules and alerts based on tracking data S...

    $130 (Avg Bid)
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    Revised plans 已经结束 left

    Revise my current architectural drawings with temporary fencing so I can apply for a hoarding permit

    $150 (Avg Bid)
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    ...month payment for auto businesses on the Lowrider Shop/Customs page 7. Vendors pay $40 per 6 months to list their businesses on teh Vendor Info page 8. Admin will charge 10% of the fee collected from the Lowrider Hollywood page. This payment will be made on the back end thru app admin. 9. Sponsorship ads on pages. Rate will vary. Is there a way to have different ads in different areas based on geo fencing? 10. CONTEST page. Contestants will register for free, then add their bio, IG accounts, 5 photos to their contest profile. They will get their very own link to their profile to give out and promote for their vote. All registered members will be able to come to their page and vote for their choice. Each person gets one vote per day. 11. Models, Photographers page. This is a secti...

    $1656 (Avg Bid)
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    Shopify Website 已经结束 left

    I am looking for a skilled Shopify developer to create an e-commerce website for my business. The main purpose of the website is to sell products online. We sell fencing, gates, balustrades and privacy screens. Branding: I already have existing branding including a logo and color schemes that I would like to incorporate into the website design. Layout and Functionality: I have specific ideas for the layout and functionality of the website. I can provide detailed specifications and examples of websites that I like. References: I like this one for the sophistication, elegance and particularly the photos. I also like for the same reasons, sophistication, elegance and simplicity. I really like how the featured products on the front page are

    $11 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $11 / hr 平均报价
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    加精 加封 保密协议

    I am looking for a skilled graphic designer who can insert two metal blade fencing options into an image to help me visualize the fence on my deck. The fence is to be inserted between the square timber posts and beneath the timber hand rails. I have also supplied examples of the blade fence in the colours that I am considering - The fencing material should be metal, and the height should be under 4ft. - I have attached a photo of the area to insert the fence and of fencing style and colour samples. - I have a specific design in mind for the fence, so attention to detail is important. - The image should accurately depict how the fence will look in real life. - The ideal candidate should have experience in graphic design and photo editing software. - Creativity and...

    $23 (Avg Bid)
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    I am looking for a skilled designer to re-design our company brochures. The purpose of these brochures is to inform our current clients about our products and services. Design Style: - We prefer a modern and minimalist design style for the brochures. Content: - We already have the content ready for the brochures. ...effectively - Ability to work with provided content and incorporate it into the brochure design. We need all brochures to have a standard template and then change the design based on the product. Brochures we Need done: I'll provide written content for each brochure and photos, it will be up to you to design Colorbond Fencing Picket / Blade Country Post & Rail Horizontal Slat / Louvre Tubular Brochure Security Fencing Chainwire Fencing...

    $246 (Avg Bid)
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    ERPNext Implementation 已经结束 left

    Hello, We are a small company looking to implement ERPNext in our company. We have a Linux Cloud Dedicated Server and want an implementation on it along with whitelabeling, SSL and basic configuration. We are also looking for Geo-fencing based attendance system. Give us your quote for both requirements separately.

    $86 (Avg Bid)
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    ...Functionality: - The main functionality required for the GPS tracking device is real-time tracking. - Additionally, the device should have the capability for geo-fencing and alerts. - Data logging and analytics features are also desired. Battery Life: - The GPS tracking device should have a battery life of more than 48 hours. Communication Protocols: - The device should support LTE-M/NB-IoT communication protocols. Skills and Experience: - Previous experience with Nordic NRF9160 firmware development. - Strong understanding of GPS tracking devices and their functionality. - Proficiency in LTE-M/NB-IoT communication protocols. - Knowledge of geo-fencing, alerts, and data logging. - Ability to optimize battery life for extended periods. If you have the necessary skills an...

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    I'm looking to get a detailed construction plan for 2 pickleball courts on my property. The size of each court will be standard (20' x 44'). I already have specific materials in mind that I'd like to use for the construction, so I need someone with expertise to provide advice and guidance. Additionally, I'd like for there to be some seating, lighting, and fencing around the courts, but not necessarily all of these. I'm looking for someone with experience in this kind of project to create a comprehensive plan based on my needs.

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    ...unique identifiers. • All above-ground detention or retention facilities, BMPs, or similar facilities shall be represented on the drawing using 1’ contours enclosed by outer breakline(s). Labels or text indicating the maximum storage volume (for a 50-year storm event) and associated elevation should be placed inside the feature or adjacent to the feature with which it corresponds. Perimeter fencing associated with storage facilities must be represented on the drawing per as-built conditions. A field surveyed as-built detail of any outlet control structures or associated features must be included. • All accessible structures and conveyances associated with underground storage systems shall be represented within the drawing. Labels or text indicating the maxim...

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    Trophy icon Design a drink cooler. Simple artwork 已经结束 left

    ...would like a with striped color scheme. Will include company logo and text. There are two sample photos showing some design ideas. I would like 3 stripes horizontal, with a up curve at one end and down curve at the other. Our logo will be above and all text below. Will need to include a website and phone number (generic for now is fine) and the text; "Specialists in Glass Balustrades and Pool Fencing" Final file details; PDF File. Art must be in CMYK colours 300dpi minimum resolution. Total Artwork Size Required = 220mm(W) x 120mm(H) Significant art, Text/Logo's - 190mm(W) x 100mm(H) maximum area Skills and Experience: - Graphic design expertise - Experience in creating vibrant and eye-catching designs - Proficiency in creating abstract artwork - Ability to in...

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