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    Tiles Installation 已经结束 left

    I have a project that needs to be done at M1 5TF. I want to change the current tiles to another one. (Please note that i already have the tiles and only need workmanship). The area of the toilet is roughly 2.3M x 1.7M and another one is 1.35M x 1.43M. Not all parts of the toilet will be in tiles but i hope that will give you a rough image.

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    $326 - $979
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    installation of a server 已经结束 left

    Need to install server on a linux distribution.

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    Zabix installation and configure

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    need some php settings 已经结束 left

    Need to adjust some php settings for website change php version to 5.6.40 enable PHP exec() FFmpeg location PHP mode run as apache module

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    Hi, I need a wordpress plugin installed right now please its a Invoice download plugin Simple quick job 5 star rating review for fast service! Thank you

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    hello, i have an audio and video file in h264 format.. I want a ffmpeg expert who can help me merg and convet to .ts fomart using ffmpeg

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    tensorflow installation support

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    I want to setup wifi auth Coova-chilli server I have Glinet openwrt installed router and Easyhotspot hosted website Can you configure installing coova-chilli , freeradius and (easyhotspot, phpvoucher or other better hotspot management software. I want to give guest wifi service by time limit

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    Any FFMPEG Expert Needed 已经结束 left

    I am Looking for a Expert who have a bit experienced in Cloud CDN, Akamai Streaming or any other Content Delivery Network. Basic Skills Needed: Python, FFMPEG, Youtube-dl Feel Free To Message Me :)

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    Hi, I'm in need of powermta installation capable of sending over 10,000 emails per day. Experienced persons should get in touch.

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    Any FFMPEG Expert 已经结束 left

    I am Looking for a Expert who have a bit experienced in Cloud CDN, Akamai Streaming or any other Content Delivery Network. Basic Skills Needed: Python, FFMPEG, Youtube-dl Feel Free To Message Me :)

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    Want to Custom FFMPEG for Windows to support re-stream DRM MPEG DASH to RTMP Server the example playlist is below [登录来查看链接] * if you didn't have experience in FFMPEG please do not quote the project this job is NOT website design or web programing

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    Hi. We need to build a Standalone Installer that will deploy our executable. Basically, we want to take our executable, and wrap it with .msu so it could be installed with [登录来查看链接] . We need you to show me how to do it. Environments we want to support : Win7x64 Win10x64 Note that you are required to provide the instructions, rather than a file. Thank you, Jorg

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    List step by step installation procedure for rebar

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    I am trying to create a video installation for an art project. The setup will be installed with a camera or webcam input and will need to output a video feed that will be an updating still image. Starting with a clean background plate I want a photo taken at regular intervals (anywhere from 3 to 30 seconds depending on feasibility) which will be isolated

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    We have a 10user 3CX-telephone system running, but not perfectly installed. The job is, 1) to optimize / check the system 2) integrate the 3CX to our hubspot-CRM

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    We need a fresh install of Magento 2 installing on a sub domain of our private server so we can start building our new website in preperation for migration from Magento 1.9. Currently we just need a fully operational install of Magento 2.3.1 so we can install our theme and start working in the admin area.

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    App Installation. 已经结束 left

    I want the application to be installed in as many devices as possible. After installation:- 1. Sign up 2. Name on profile 3. Unique ID 4. Mobile no User is needed to keep the application on his/her device for at least 2 days.

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    We have source codes (that do compile and work) of a simple program written in MS Visual Studio (C++) t...jwPlayer which it doesn't support by default. So we are going to run that app on Windows-based machine with white IP and use as a relay for this video stream. You are free to use ffmpeg or any other utilities or libraries you like that do the job.

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    dimensionnement installation électrique carte bim

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    I need to install adobe premier 6.5 on windows 7 64 bit but when i install this it gives me following message attached below. Is there anybody who can help me out? regards

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    We need a 3D video of our kitchen drawer system with installation video. [Removed by Freelancer.com Admin]

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    I want to install a wordpress website theme with dummy data. The website is for IT consulting company. Please surprise me with the themes and once its selected will ask you to host or give me documentation to host it by myself.

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    Newfies-dialer installation with VM detection

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    We need someone to work right now via team viewer or anydesk to work on our remote computer to fix real time glitches to shipping configuration to shopping cart for 2 different websites. Also other glitches such as the shopping cart plugin and or making one site mobile responsive from flat rate initial programming to newer programming without changing design of site. Need someone now that works fa...

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    I have a Dell PowerEdge T430 server. I want to setup VMware vSphere ESXi on it and create VMs on it. I am looking for someone who can set them up for me.

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    ...Unfortunately, this script requires that each video have the same: dimensions, frame rates, and audio/video codecs. I would like the script modified to automatically select the optimal ffmpeg options that also reencodes the least number of videos or the least total duration of the videos. I will send the github link to the existing script privately.

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    Installation of worldpress, whmcs and configuration

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    Microsoft 2012 R2 installation and Website Plus CA Certificates for an Application. i want to support me in the installation of 2012 r2 and Certificates for an application. To make it simple, im new in server field, need to help me to complete the installation. we have an application which needs to be installed on windows 2012 server with signed

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    We are going to build an app just like OBS(Open Broadcaster Software). I need a developer who is expertised in rtsp, openGL, ffmpeg, NDI, C++/C with good comments. NDI IS A MUST! This app should be done in April so one must be available full time in April. Please do not hesitate to send message to me. If one complete this project he will work on another

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    Looking for experience sylius Installation on Linux (Ubuntu) Environment.

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    I am looking for an automated .sh installation for opevpn(with my config), squid3 and stunnel4(with my config) that is compatible with ubuntu 14 64b. This should be simple to experts.

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    Hi i want to install online exam system, so i would like to know the best exam system for exam and their installation

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    What needs to be done: Wordpess installation Theme installation and customization Theme Plugin Install and Activate Loco Plugin Install and Activate Customize from Header / Menu / Footer / Single Post / Main Page 4 Insert new menus (change) Remove advertising / forms Insert and customize 5 icons Fornt in Czech / Back in German Change admin name Insert

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    I have a website that I would like to add a button on a page so that when it is click, it starts recording the screen in...upon stopping, it saves the file to a directory. I cam across this, but I don't know how to implement it exactly. If you can, that would also work. They are using php and ffmpeg [登录来查看链接]

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    ...playlists from individual audio files. Users will select multiple audio files and our system will need to render the individual files into a single audio file, perhaps using ffmpeg. Then, that single audio file will be stored on our server and a download link will be created for our users. They will use the download link to download the single, compiled

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    Dwell. [登录来查看链接] revamp A Wordpress Website I need you to add another search function and install additional datas on our Real Estate Listings. The search function will be able to match a property based on the buyers budget and will do a complex computation that will weave through the budget and the properties differing payment scheme. Tasks: 1. The site should be able to perform property...

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    HI, I need someone to teach me how to setup Insterspire with powerMTA + SMTP with ip rotation ? Lowest bidders will get more chance to get future projects also. Thanks

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    Project for TrueGardener 已经结束 left

    ...short, I have a small android project, I am trying to build an RTSP client using the RTSP Library for android ([登录来查看链接]), which is based on FFMpeg. The video streaming works great out of the box (H264), now I just tried to also capture the audio stream in native code and send the byte array to Androids AudioTrack class

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    Hello, I would like to be trained on how to install WoWonder and Themes.

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    We have a desktop application developed in .exe format. We need to share this file with multiple users but we need to have a control on no. of users installing this .exe file We need solution for below 2 aspects: 1) Code needs to be obfuscated & the source code should not be readable - it should be safe & secure that any available tools/ software cannot decode it 2) The application has ...

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    I want someone who can install newfies-dialer on my server with voice mail detection feature.

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    Hi, I have a need to install two instances of Cyclos 3.7.3 plus two instances of Joomla on a VPS that I have already. I would be happy to hear from you if you have experience with Cyclos 3. Let me know what is a realistic timeline and number of hours. Have a great day, ubahn

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    Hi, I need a website for a management consultant. I already own the domain's name and the WordPress is installed (a fresh and empty one). First, I need a template that fits for a landing page that will be a resume/CV in the management field. We'll have to talk about this if there are many choices. At this moment, I really like this one : [登录来查看链接] Second, the Freelancer must install i...

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    I have a simple .sh script which takes in all the video files in a folder and converts them to images. I want to edit this script to only take the last 5 minutes of the video and convert them (instead of converting all the images)

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    Looking for Linux Centos + Nginx Live streaming server expert for Installation/Security and trouble shooting. Help required via Anydesk and paid by per hour 1. Trouble shoot Nginx server not working 2. Configure Nginx streaming server

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    Looking for expert Windows Administration freelancer to install XAMPP on windows server 2012 and configure all in [登录来查看链接], Harden server with firewall and other security patches configuring the server domains with urls( like if some one comes to server with [登录来查看链接] it should go to http://ipaddress/name/domain2/page-name) contents shall display with domain name Need to Install Wildcart SSL Ce...

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    I have just got OVH basic VPS, I want cPanel and Let's Encrypt free SSL installed on top. Let me know your fixed price quote in AUD.

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