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    For this project you will be given a list of products that will need the price updated. Price can be found from Amazon or Ebay or other online stores. Ongoing project if we are satisfied.

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    ...our new care homes depending on where they are. Care home prices are determined by local income levels, existing supply and demand, and quality of competition among other things. We want someone to gather relevant local data for existing homes and create algorithms that explain the prices they charge. We believe all relevant data to do this can be

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    I need an Android app. I would like it designed and built.

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    Need an excel macro to get prices from website into excel

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    Hi, i need to extract by aliexpress api the prices of items but i have a problem, i used aliexpress api library( [login to view URL] ) but if the item have 2 prices for example 5.10$ - 11.30$ the api give me only lower price, so if i use on excel formula: =webservice("[login to view URL]

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    Hi We need to check that the prices on our website is the same as the price on Amazon and other websites we are linking to. e.g. this is our website. [login to view URL] But when you click the buy now button it goes to another site and the price is wrong. [login to view URL]

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    39 竞标[login to view URL] To know more about gtfs look here: [login to view URL] This documentation is in dutch and describes how to use the open data on prices and tarifs: [login to view URL] You may use php and mysql. Keep the code as simple and a short as possible. Use as few scripts

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    EXPERT ONLY Hello i have a huge woocommerce website where there are a lot of products . i Am looking for a developper who can increase product prices by range of prices

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    I have a n excel which autoupdates the results from the wesites links i pasted in excel for the stock availability and prices .its not working when i hit the start button on excel to do the job and giving me the error procedure error-- error 5

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    Hi. I am looking for a solution that gives me a notification via email or other notification on android smartphone when the provided values differ by X percentage (should be customizable). Value one is last_price of currency XRP from this link: [login to view URL] Value two is "last" here: [login to view URL] Best regards, Staffan

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    Please bid what you would like for this project in your narrative. Need assistance in searching for 1825 products from 2 different websites (e budget and another furniture website) and listing the data in a spreadsheet. The model numbers are provided for you

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    Ho bisogno di alcune modifiche di un sito web già esistente Hi i have a problem with Woocommerce Dynamic Prices and flatsome. When i use percentage discount on Dynamic prices on flatsome template appear discount bubble -100%. I need to solve This problem.

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    ...into getting some some pricing on trainers for some AWS training courses that we're looking at running later on this year so, we're very much on the look out for 'quotes ' , prices , information ,etc (preferably London based or, not too far away). Please do feel free to contact me with any quotes /samples of work , etc...Cheers.. - Regards .. - Joel.

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    Every month my real estate business spends thousands of dollars on supplies from places like Home Depot and Lowes. Items like floor tile, blinds, caulk, garbage bags, door knobs, kitchen faucets, and ceiling fans. I need someone to search online where I can find these and other products at a really low price.

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    Get daily prices on 25 commodities over the last year in graphical form, and then produce a graph using an excel spreadsheet of the average price variation. Just trying to show the volatility of commodities when averaged together.

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    Hey there, I require someone to change the prices of 3-400 products on my e-commerce website. I have a database which contains the prices of the products and I require you to reference the products from the database via their SKU and then change the price accordingly. This an easy job, and I'd like to have it completed today.

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    I need a freelancer to create a simple static website that links into a exchanges api to pull through live prices (needs to be updated every minute). Then it must do some basic calculations. I will provide a Google Sheet that does exactly what I need it to do (problem is the google sheet only updates values (via IMPORTXML) every 2 hours and I need it

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    *** ONLY QUOTE IF YOU CAN DO THIS JOB RIGHT NOW **** The job is get a excel file with SKU & Price and upload this file into Woocommerce only changing the price for the one at the excel file without changing any other field *** THE QUOTE SHOULD BE FINAL , DO NOT QUOTE TO START A NEGOTIATION *** I will provide: . Excel File . Wordpress Admin Access

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    5 竞标 API and retrieve the individual store's prices of a particular item. The script would look something like: 1) user inputs a specific product(s) SKU(s) 2) script searches the local price of the thousands of individual stores 3) script returns the individual stores that have the ~5-10 lowest prices for each SKU The script would need to be

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    I want a spreadsheet (Google Sheet, or MS Excel), with current price information from [login to view URL] and I need Ask and Bid live prices for these: XRP:EUR BTC:EUR BTC:XRP The spreadsheet needs only 6 cells: XRP:EUR (in Kraken) BTC:EUR (in Kraken) BTC:XRP (in Kraken) XRP:EUR (in Bitfinex) BTC:EUR (in Bitfinex) BTC:XRP (in

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    Hi, I'm looking for someone who can build a web-based spreadsheet that displays the real-time crypto prices. My needs are as following: It needs to import: EUR/KRW (exchange rate from any source) XRP/EUR (from [login to view URL]) XRP/KRW (from [login to view URL]) One cell containing XRP/EUR(Kraken) * EUR/KRW(exchange rate)

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    The information in my shopping cart needs help (stylistically). I have attached 2 pictures. 1) The "product-list", I want the product information in the grid to appear with the style of the attached image. 2) The actual "product-page", I want the product cost, quantity and add to cart button to look like the attached image. I can provide the images in photoshop files

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    Build alerter that compares crypto currency prices on two websites and calculates difference in price. If difference exceeds user set threshold % then send email and sms to user specified addresses. More details provided in attached files. Excel file gives outline of page to be created user inputs and calculations as well as functional description

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    We are a retreat centre in Somerset UK which serves the best food imaginable (no joke) - and we want to set new prices that compare with the rest of the 'market'. We want to find out what other providers charge for a similar offering. Key components of our offering are: breakfast, lunch and dinner for groups of between 12 and 28 persons menu

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    ...price is cheaper than another, and sending it there. However, I am limited by the time it takes to check different prices. I would like a way to plug a laptop or something into a mounted monitor, which will give me the prices for the various coins on the exchanges I belong to. Price information can be pulled from [login to view URL] and other

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    We are a travel agency. We need an application, which will get as input a ...for returns with the same information. The application will be scheduled to run in a daily basis. Also there is a hard constraint the prices returned for each flight must not exceed a 10% margin of the prices that the flight companies populate at their official sites.

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    Hi I have an excel sheet with a list of 150 SKU product numbers, i would like to retrieve the prices for each product number from this web site on a weekly base. the site url is [login to view URL] an example of the query would be [login to view URL] the product number in this case is 5200124320014 when

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    Looking for an experienced, fast web developer who can build a cryptocurrency live charts and prices on wordpress through API. EX: coinmarketcap . com Look and feel are very important for me, i don't mind using ready themes to accelerate timeframe and reduce cost.

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    This project takes a template (see attached sample), and a csv file of domains, descriptions, & prices (attached) and creates a folder for each domain that allows customers to click on the domain at the location below which takes them to the template to buy their domain with a PayPal button. [login to view URL]

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    I have a data analysis task. Need someone to export data to excel from our sales software. Need to compare current pricing margin to new cost prices. Then perform an update the prices in our software to reflect new costs while holding gross margins constant.

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    We are looking for a freelancer that can designwebsite that displays cryptocurrency prices in live time. Example websites of what I'm looking for are [login to view URL], [login to view URL], and The website should be able to pull live data from exchanges in order to provide live tracking data of the coin. Monetization methods such

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    Hi, I'm looking for a freelancer that can design a sleek website that displays cryptocurrency prices in live time. Example websites of what I'm looking for are [login to view URL], [login to view URL], and The website should be able to pull live data from exchanges in order to provide live tracking data of the coin. Monetization methods

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    At a click of a button in excel, I need to download the following information for unlimited number of stocks: Close Price $ Change % Change Book Value BID Price ASK Price Today’s Volume Average Volume Day Hi Day Lo Last Trade Date 12 Month High 12 Month Low 50D MA 200D MA Used to be able to do with Yahoo but file no longer works. See attached file.

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    I need an extension ( or bot ) for Opencart 2 which periodical...Opencart 2 which periodically scans my supplier's site ( custom made site ) for products stock ( that site doesn't show how many left in stock, just available or not ) and prices and updates my OpenCart 2 products. Is it even possible? I have no access to supplier's FTP or MYSQL.

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    I want to scrape ticket prices of sports matches, theater plays or concerts from [login to view URL] into a database. This has to be done in a certain interval, for example daily, hourly (I want this to be a parameter I can set). For example: American Football tickets, list of all matches, for each match the current value and the historic values (historic

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    Hi, I would like to create an excelfile with the Prices per share or coin where it fetches from predefined pages the actual Price/rate once the Excel file is opened.

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    This program was originally written in early 2008 and the output from the merging of the template, list of domain names, and their individual prices sow up as seen below in the attached file. Then that file is somehow uploaded to the website and creates a searchable & sortable output as seen at: [login to view URL]

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    Hi I require the modification of a Magento extension, the original gets the current Bitcoin price for use in the Magento e-commerce store from Bitpay (Bitpay only has prices for Bitcoin) I would like it to get RIPPLE, Zcash, or whatever anything but Bitcoin as its now broken for small transactions I looked at the code and it seems this is what needs

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    I would like a program that will scrap prices from our site

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    excel expert needed Create a live connection to crypto coin prices and update prices every 15 minutes. create a custom field where prices are divided by Bitcoin volume

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    Problem: I have installed woocommerce and woozone and have problems with synchronizing prices. I have used the solution desribed here without succes: [login to view URL] MILESTONE PLAN: • milestone 1: delivery: analysis and decription of the needed changes • milestone 2: delivery: implementation

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    Hello! I am looking for someone who can code a simple php page which can fetch Crypto Currency Prices from a few exchange websites who provide API service. A simple table with data will do! The data should get refreshed every X Seconds/Minutes using AJAX/JQuery. Below are the API from where I need data to be pulled. [login to view URL]

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    - I want to get price from 4 site of BTC in every 5 mins. - I want to get exchange rate of a currency ( tell later ) - I want to make some calculations ( I will share excel with you ) - I want to see a dashboard screen of that day, highgest price difference, hpd all the time, displaying price difference according to hours, ( [login to view URL] ) - I want to see all history with in a datagri...

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    ...price is currently showing the same price for any day that is hovered over. The price should reflect the seasonal prices that were set on the Escapia server. For example, the price over New Years Eve might be more expensive than the prices in February. The seasonal rates have already been set in Escapia. We just need them to display correctly within

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    Hi all, We have a product b...and add them to the mysql database. We are looking to add 100 sites per month to the product. We need to scrape these daily to detect changes in them, we will scrape the prices, product titles, images - as much as possible. Please let me know your price for 100 sites only and quote duck on your comment. Thanks

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    I would like to have something similar to this for wordpress ([login to view URL] ) A list with all the crypto coins with the realtime prices and info

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