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    we are looking for someone to create an intro video for our company and to also create a custom song for o...would like to have several small clips panning in and out of the intro with some talking audio from our owner. and at the end of the intro we would like our logo to pop up in the middle with a monkey call as the last thing they hear. i will add the logo but the short clips and talking audio will have to be sent once we find someone to work with. as for the music we would like something up beat and jungle feeling, we like the sound of low drums and the inspiration we are taking from are the impractical jokers intro music, as well as the brave wilderness intro music. we also like the songs funky monkey minus the lyrics as well as the jazz songs from the mask movie again ...

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    Reference apps: Meet me and tagged. Features: 3D animations , Livestreaming and filters for communication and better search results. Applications include animations: 1. Parachute floating in air with boy hanging from it 500 diamonds 2. Monkey eats banana in middle of their stream 400 diamonds 3. Pink Hearts falls from top of stream and pop into little ones 100diamonds 4. Old man walking off into abiss with cane on back 500diamonds 5. Popsicle on a stick (just icon) 50diamonds 6. Dice (just icon) 100diamonds 7. Microphone (just icon) 50diamonds 8. Ninja in dark 200diamonds 9. Chayote howls in dark around smoke 300diamonds 10. School of fish under the see 200diamonds 11. Bed with tufted headboard (just icon) 50diamonds 12. Lipstick (just icon) 100 diamonds 13. Boy drinks Milkshak...

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    Social media icons , Applications include animations 1. Parachute floating in air with boy hanging from it 500 diamonds 2. Monkey eats banana in middle of their stream 400 diamonds 3. Pink Hearts falls from top of stream and pop into little ones 100diamonds 4. Old man walking off into abiss with cane on back 500diamonds 5. Popsicle on a stick (just icon) 50diamonds 6. Dice (just icon) 100diamonds 7. Microphone (just icon) 50diamonds 8. Ninja in dark 200diamonds 9. Chayote howls in dark around smoke 300diamonds 10. School of fish under the see 200diamonds 11. Bed with tufted headboard (just icon) 50diamonds 12. Lipstick (just icon) 100 diamonds 13. Boy drinks Milkshake slurps with bck turned in middle of the screen stands up 400diamonds 14. Tornado around the stream 400diamons 1...

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    We need three design concepts one will be chosen to be finalised in a vector format ready for printing We are after a classy modern design that is design worthy to show you have read the ad please reply with funky monkey

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    Happy monkeey 7 天 left

    Hello, I am the person who hired you for the Happy monkey logo, but since I cannot verify the account, what we are going to do is how it is verified, we do it here, so now I create the Milestone and you send me another one, all the models and the logos, and we close Already this first operation

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    Need to design a book cover for a Book written in Native Indian (Maithili) language, based upon epic Indian Saga called Ramayan. The book title is called Ruma. Ruma was queen of Monkey kingdom and the first wife of Monkey King, Sugriva , from the epic book, Ramayan (the Hindu religious book). She was a beautiful, strong and yet ignored character. This book make the case that she was one of the main reasons why Ram won the epic battle between Ram and Ravan. She was instrumental in getting her husband, Sugriv commit his monkey army help Ram which led to Ram's victory. The book cover should tie the above theme directly or indirectly and try to depict that. . Please see attached the book title page showing the book title, the subtitle and the author'...

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    For this contest I would like to see who has the right style to match my kids story. The image for this contest is to draw a Donkey with a pet Monkey and/or a Platypus with a pet Octopus. Style points for funny, silly and cute. Good luck and can't wait to see the submissions.

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    Trophy icon Pura Vida - Costa Rica 已经结束 left

    I would like a tattoo of a sea turtle with bubbles ? coming out of its mouth and within the bubbles spells out “Pura Vida”. My goal is to come up with a tattoo that symbolizes Costa Rica. I may be interested in a howler monkey and a sea turtle together design as well. I just want it to be a fun tattoo. The following uploaded file is a sea turtle that I thought was fun and cartoony…

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    ...recognizable as well as appealing to the sports collectors and hobby industry. We are open to any or all ideas or suggestions however we want the focus to be on a cartoon style monkey, while incorporating baseball as well as possibly football. That can be in the form of trading cards, swinging a baseball bat, etc. We like the idea of incorporating a banana into the logo somehow but that is not a must. We are looking for our dream logo with a lot of fun that applies to sports collectors, athletes, and sports fans. Once again we plan to heavily brand our logo, so we want a great turnout with a realistic cartoon-styled monkey with surrounding aspects and details. Eye catching, easily remembered and fun are what we are really wanting to focus on to achiever our branding goa...

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    I need a detail oriented soccer jersey design for a character from an anime called "One Piece" named "Monkey D. Luffy" familiarity with the show is helpful I want the attached logos included in the jersey. The crest with the skull is the jersey crest and the other is like the logo on the other side. the crest comes in 3 different variations, i don't mind which one you use as long as the jersey is looks nice. I want the "Crimin" to be the same color on the right side of the jersey and the skull crest on the right.

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    Salve, per presente ed eventuale futura collaborazione si ricerca sceneggiatrice per fumetti. Il prodotto sarà un fumetto nell'ambito pirata, una sorta di versione divertente di pirati dei caraibi, ma meglio ancora molto simile ad un vecchio video game, di cui troverete molto materiale ed anche una sorta di fumetto online, dal nome: The Secret of Monkey Island; per poter avere un'idea si consiglia di ricercare quest'ultimo. Le pagine del fumetto saranno 80, ovviamente il testo della sceneggiatura sarà molto più breve, essendo il fumetto all''80% Grafico. Per l'assegnazione del progetto verranno valutati nell'ordine di seguito: tempi di realizzazione, costo ed esperienza pregressa. Il progetto è riservato, si dovrà...

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    I'd like a grease monkey script created that will allow me to hide certain fields on opportunities and leads in salesforce. Or at least change the appearance of fields that are important. I know that technically this should just be done by an admin, but our administrators are slow and I'd just like to optimize this view for myself. Be sure to use the word pineapple in your proposal so I know you read it and understand what's needed.

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    Trophy icon Logoerstellung 已经结束 left

    PLEASE INCLUDE THE ORIGINAL SUN WUKONG CROWN! Logo Sportartikel Markenname: Monkey King Design: schlicht und einprägsam Krone des Monkey King soll mit einfließen Unklar, ob Markenname komplett ausgeschrieben werden soll oder nur z.B. MNK KNG und dann die Krone

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    To Design a Tandem Diesel Trailer and Provide Plans/drawings and Rendered images of what the final trailer will look like. Experience in trailer and tank design is a must. Tank Dimensions/Bund Size will be supplied, and Rear box minimum size will be supplied. The trailer will consist of a rear Toolbox to house a diesel compressor, Air line and Grease gun kit Bunded Fuel Tank in the middle 1200L Front Drawbar Locker with Fuel pump and hose reel. Design of the trailer is to be modern looking and practical. Designed to meet ADR/VSB1 Australian Road Rules. Specs of the trailer will be provided. i have uploaded a image i found online of what we want to achieve but not copy.

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    1:Manage and update email content, drip sequences and overall email communication from email software we use mailchimp and website notification emails from our plugin features namely gamipress, woocommerce etc . 2: a chatbot to be managed and updated for 1 FB page. We use mobile monkey Key skills we require: copywriting, mailchimp and mobilemonkey software understanding, wordpress basics. Duration of project: ongoing business requirement needed on a monthly basis.

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    3D Character modelling 已经结束 left

    Dear Freelancer, I need a 3D modeling and rigging of a cartoon character (a monkey). It is for an avatar. We have more characters to do after that. Please attach an example if you have one. Thank you very much.

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    JOB ROLE:- 1. The intern will be helping the senior management set up a research laboratory for lubricant-related products like oil, grease and related products. 2. Will be responsible for searching out appropriate equipment and technicians. 3. Will be part of the purchase and negotiations during the procurement process of equipment and its ancillaries whenever necessary. 4. Will be responsible for helping the senior management understand the importance of certain chemicals in specific lubricants and their implication in practical use deployed in a machine. Skill set required:- 1. Pursuing a bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering. 2. Overseeing and assessment of existing processes and workflows. 3. Ability to perform chemical analysis and physical property testing of materi...

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    Lotto big 已经结束 left

    80$ awarded to you , lotto big monkey new logo

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    Vtuber designing 已经结束 left

    Looking for an artist that can design a vtuber model. I would like a female presenting character to be based off of the bearded vulture with a similar color palate, spiked hair a pale face with black grease makeup that circles the eyes and drops down the face on either side of the nose. I would like the character to have a eyes with a bright yellow iris with distinct pupils and red sclera, a human body with bird structured angel wings with feathers that are black tinged with sunset red. Because of the bearded vultures diet, I would like my character to have bones incorporated in their outfit or jewelry. I have attached photos of the bird I would like referenced as well as an example of the hairstyle I would like on the character.

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    Trophy icon Design a Kung Fu Spirit Border Collie 已经结束 left

    My new Kung Fu website “Friends for Fighting” needs a “spirit animal”. Traditionally these have been the tiger, crane, leopard, monkey, mantis, snake or dragon. Breaking from the dull and dreary, Friends for Fighting’s spirit animal is my border collie Winston. The friends for fighting website has not been drafted yet. However it will look very much like this one . For context, I would imagine the border collie spirit animal to roughly measure from the tiger’s head to the bottom of the yin and yang logo.. Winston is a soft, soothing and solid friend who enjoys holding paws. However, he is also an ever-vigilant guardian protective of all in his care. With superior athleticism, determination, intelligence and focus Winston is no ordinary ...

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    Rig provided, face and body animated to the sync of the voice clip with the relevant video clip provided. 4 seconds, will need the original blender file at the end as well as A draft eevee render of your grease pencil sketches showing key poses and rough visemes (3-5 seconds) as a H.264 mp4 A draft eevee render of your character animation with breakdown poses (3-5 seconds) as a H.264 mp4 A draft eevee render of your character animation with splined animation (draft) (3-5 seconds) as a H.264 mp4 A lit and high quality eevee or cycles render of your character animation with splined animation (final) (3-5 seconds) as a H.264 mp4

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    We are a small 501(c)3 nonprofit in Pa specializing in services for women & girls. We are looking for a professional versed in using Monkey Chimp for email marketing and our quarterly Newsletter. Your initial task will be creating our Newsletter due to market in mid September. Depending on that experience and outcome, we'll add the other pieces of our project. This is a virtual opportunity. Please visit our website to get to know who we are, our tone, etc.

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    Survey monkey specilist 已经结束 left

    Our company is using survey monkey web app for some promotions we need specialist who can help us on it.

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    Trophy icon diseño de logo 已经结束 left

    Logo Monkey Wee-d, necesitamos un buen logo de un mono dentro de una hoja de wee-d, o ideas similares ya que aceptamos creatividad.

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    Trophy icon Dope Soap Label Design 已经结束 left

    I need 3 labels designed for soap. Size= 2.25 x 3.75 inches The brand is called DOPE SOAP Similar labels but different colours and scents. 1. Colour = red and Scent = Monkey Farts 2. Colour = Aqua and Scent = Peppermint 3. Colour = Blue and Scent = Blueberry I'd like them bright and eyecatching. Maybe a similar design to the example but if you have a more eyecatching idea I'm flexible. Ive attached an image of the box too

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    App for learning Thai named Easy Thai There are 10 courses, each associated with a Thai animal. I need svg icons with matching style for each of them 1. Ant 2. Fish 3. Chicken 4. Snake 5. Cat 6. Dog 7. Monkey 8. Buffalo 9. Tiger 10. Elephant Also I need an app icon (in required sizes for app stores) Any suggestions about colors and UI design is welcome Project web:

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    In an homage to Olivia Newton-John, John Travolta The late singer's co-star in the popular movie musical "Grease," actor John Travolta, has written a statement in memory of her.

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    Trophy icon logo for buisness 已经结束 left

    Posh packaging co. Company providing fancy customised packaging paper, shopping bags, packaging, wrapping paper, grease proof paper etc

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    Adobe illustrator For 26 Birds and 26 Animals Birds 1. Albatross 3. COCK 6. Flamingo 7. Golden pheasant or Goose 8. HummingBird 9. Ibis 10. Jay ...14. Nightingale 15. Ostrich 16. Peacock 17. Quail 18. Robin 19. Swan 20. Toucan 21. Umbrella bird 32. Vulture 23. Woodpecker 24. Xantus hummingbird 25. Yellow finch or Yellow hammer 26. Zebra Finch Animals 1. Alligator 2. Bear 3. Cheetah or camel 4. Dinosaur 5. Elephant 6. Fox 7. Giraffe 9. Iguna or Impala 10. Jaguar or Jackal 11. Kangaroo or Koala 12. Leopard or Ilama 14. Monkey ir Meerkat 14. Narwhal or Nilgai 15. Orangutan 16. Polar Bear 17. Quokka or Quagga 18. Rabbit 19. Sloth 20. Tiger 21. Uakari or urinal 22. Vampire bat or Vipers 23. WATERBUCK OR WOLF 24. Xerus or Xray fish 25. YAK 26. Zebra

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    survey monkey 已经结束 left

    Necesito montar una encuesta en Survey Monkey tipo NPS

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    Various objects -- 2 已经结束 left

    For everything expect the monkey which is separate

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    The outputs need to be as a summary of total and along Individual Accountancy Firm. Individual firms should be able to view their results and the summary of all accountancy firm results. No individual company should be able to acce...their results and the summary of all accountancy firm results. No individual company should be able to access another company's research. This will be a subscription service research that will be priced along company size I would like what the graphical summaries & analyses that Survey Monkey provides but want my client to be able to view and print their data as well as overall summaries in a similar graphics analyses as Survey Monkey. I need a simply to understand and aesthetic graphics interface with labelled X & Y Axis

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    I have an existing individual plan "Advantage Annual" with survey monkey I was told by them this plan would do the job. IT BRIEF Inner Performance is conducting training programs for corporate groups and small businesses. We require software to measure individual improvements and data via self assessment surveys from individuals phones so it's easy, seamless and practical. We need to identify participants' unique (self generated number they reuse in followup surveys) group, departments and age group categories. At the commencement of each program, the survey needs to be sent out and completed by each participant to answer up to 25 questions on the context of the training course being provided at the time and send answers back to us. At the end of e...

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    It's a culture survey with about 70 questions. It will go out to 143 people. The questions will be provided and details on parameters for options to select etc to be discussed. The data will be submitted in a standard survey monkey format. We anticipate the project to start mid - late September and reporting by mid-late October.

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    加封 保密协议
    $503 - $1006
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    Trophy icon Hawaii Woodworking Company Logo 已经结束 left

    Looking for logo for our company "Hawaii Woodworking Studio". We are a start up. We will be making custom furniture using locally sources woods such as Koa, Mango, Monkey pod, Lychee, and other. Furniture will include tables, epoxy tables, desks, benches, cabinets, doors, gates, garage doors, etc. We will also be making wood sculptures. ----NOTE: Not a big fan of the saw blades, hammer and chisel, or even hand plane. You could try to incorporate a square and compass but certainly not required. If you do, it can be done without putting all the emphasis on those elements. Hope this helps.

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    Trophy icon Create a Logo - 25/07/2022 19:00 EDT 已经结束 left

    Looking to create a logo for a premium craft-quality cannabis company. Brand Name: Fire N Grease Open to exploring all brand elements including colours, fonts and graphics. Look forward to seeing the creativity. Kind regards, Adam

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    Topics: how to iron linen how to style linen pants linen sheets vs cotton sheets how to get wine out of linen are linen sheets soft percale vs linen does linen wrinkle how to get stains out of linen wedding table linen ideas how to get grease out of linen Please read this before bidding: Please bid for f10x blogs, not separately 500 words minimum per blog Need to do research, and it should be factual Reader persona and some keywords are attached for reference.

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    Trophy icon Product Designer 已经结束 left

    We need someone to design a new collection for our kids stamps. It could be a Jungle Theme for example: Tiger, Lion, Monkey, Zebra, etc. Feel free to suggest other stamp ideas. Could be a bunny stamp, sloth stamp, fox, sea otter, cute Pig, UNICORN, GIRAFFE, Our collection : NEW DESIGN Price is only for show

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    Trophy icon Logo Design - 20/07/2022 11:46 EDT 已经结束 left

    I’m looking for a creative logo designer for an e-commerce company called Tickel Monkey. The logo must be clean and catchy, please do not submit boring or outdated designs.

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    Cartoon Monkey Sketches 已经结束 left

    I’m hiring for a collection of roughly 15 black-and-white sketches of a cartoon monkey in a variety of simple situations. Some examples: on a talk show; catching fireflies; dressed for Halloween. Lots of lightning in some images. The monkey hasn’t been designed yet. Style references are Housebroken and Family Guy.

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    ...Grace lvl 1 ? M24 Pharohs Might lvl 1 ? AWM Muave Avenger lvl 1 ? Vss Crow lvl 1 ? Vector Blood Tooth lvl 1 ? UZI Ethreal Emblem lvl 1 ? 3 Meterials ❤ MYHTICS ❤️ ❤️ Bling Set ❤️ Arctic Witch Set ❤️ Dazzling Youth Set ❤️ Red COmmander Set ❤️ Rouge Set ❤️ Anubian Magistrate Set ❤️ Snowman Set ❤️ Obsidian Eagle Set ❤️ Nightscape Set ❤️ Flower Queen Set ❤️ Kong Set ❤️ Star Gaurdian Set ❤️ Cyber Monkey Set ❤️ Galactic Marshal Set ❤️ Quicksand Dominator Set ❤️ Sky Explorer Set ❤️ House Dj Set ❤️ Violet Blossom Set ❤️ Cycle 2 Set ❤️ Enigmatic Nomed Set ❤️ Heart of Jade Set ❤️ Wukong Prime ❤️ Evangelion Mari Plugsuit ❤️ Floret Fairy Set ❤ Season 5,9,10,11,12,13,14,16,17,18,19,20,24,25,26,27,28,30,32 Max ❤️ 1011.1k POP ❤️ Acc lvl 73 ?Veichles ? ? Lamborghini urus Giallo inti ? Mc...

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    Trophy icon brand logo 已经结束 left

    BRAND NAME: BaghadBillow The ongoing creation of a fashion brand and for this contest, we need the best logo! The brand is called BaghadBillow and the keywords are luxury, prestige, sharp, empowerment, entrepreneurship,... The target audience really is the sophisticated, sharp people, that really care about being at their best for...well-groomed and well fitted, the logo should represent that. Visually the logo goal is to be simple, clean, and sharp with a Favicon. Make sure the logo is filled so as it should be easy to put on all fashion accessory products. Basically, the icon want relevant with the name. BaghadBillow mean Male Cat**** Other stuff can surprise us but some well-known brands (and their logos) we love are urban monkey, and others which are brands with a nice let...

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    Trophy icon Design Project - 12/07/2022 05:12 EDT 已经结束 left

    I need to get a logo made for my Gaming Channel on YouTube/Instagram/twitter , I will also need to get a Banner made for my YouTube channel . I will also need a banner made for Twitter account My YouTube Channel name is Monkey Gamer . Attaching some samples

    $12 (Avg Bid)
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    Monkey & ME is the title. I have a vision. Swingin' upside down over the Austin skyline w my electric blue guitar, I'm a hippie, and my sidekick musical Monkey is playing an instrument and swingin next to me.

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    Monkey Vietnam - a Vietnamese company specialized in developing English learning applications for children () is looking for writers who can join our project to write English stories for children aged from 2 to 10. The number of stories in the project: 48 Rate: 30 - 70$/story The number of stories/ week: 10 To get started, you need to write a demo story so that we can know if you're a good match for our project.

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    Trophy icon Weed Shop Logo competition 已经结束 left

    HI, WE are opening a new cannabis and CBD dispensary and in need of an attention grabbing cool logo. You will take the concept colors and idea from the attached images and combine to create an eye catching modern cool logo that fits with the business. WE are also not sure about the placement of the monkey ( in between the text at the side etc so feel free to play about with options) The gorilla needs to be redrawn to be unique for us but in the same style We are open to what font is used. The color tones can be changed but the main colors to stay the same. Also make the word pattaya smaller The successful prize winner will deliver the logo in all sizes ( for social media and printing up to a5) and the usual formats for prints We will need the fonts, colour palette etc f...

    $50 (Avg Bid)
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    ...and culture of our hero’s adventures. For our first story, we would need approximately 16 illustrations. We'd like to see samples of your work that show stylistically how your children's book illustrations would look. If you have a website that shows your style, we’d love to see it. Also, as an example, you could draw an 8 year old African-American boy hunched down, looking curiously at a pet monkey of a street vendor that appears to be a statue. If we think your style is a good match for us, we can talk further about details. Thanks you in advance for your responses....

    $1839 (Avg Bid)
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