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    the sticker will include a mother and baby whale in a colorful mosaic style, with a blue watercolor background, company name and short description of product with be underneath the whales. some artistic freedom and suggestions would be great. Pictures below should give you a general idea.

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    ...label should include the following ideas / specifications: - based upon the uploaded bull image - only use 4 colors - rectangle design (no cutting in production needed) - size of the belly label height: 86 mm, width: 72 mm - size of the neck label height: 40 mm, width: 50 mm optional - include a picture of an apple -> if included, make sure it can be remov...

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    ... // Calculate dimensions of output image var w = [登录来查看链接](img[i].width, [登录来查看链接]); var h = img[i].height * (w / img[i].width); // Create canvas for converting image to data URL var canvas = [登录来查看链接]("CANVAS"); [登录来查看链接] = w; [登录来查看链接] = h; // Draw image to canvas var context = [登录来查看链接]('2d');

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    Image Resize Application, with Functionalitis User Upload image and Preview File Details Width Height Size Formate then they Can Crop, Rotate, Flip, Resize Width Height aswell File Size and They seen Updated File Details and Final Download in different Format png, jpg, jpeg

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    Line Drawing Project 2 2 天 left

    ...Characters into Line Drawing, like a Sample, 50 images of different Characters or Skins in order to show someone the step-by-step guide of how to draw. I need 4 pages per image - Character Page 1: The complete line drawing Page 2: a. The human body showing the position of the Character, b. Shows the External line of the character Page 3: a. The

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    I have 2 layers of SVG images on my website, one is the top arrow ...on my website, one is the top arrow and one functions as it's shadow to create a 3D effect. I want to have the top margin of a child div dynamically set to the parent's div height in responsive scenario, so that the arrow's shadow stays in the same position when resizing the screen.

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    ...com</a> I will have a Videos folder which will contain a random number of text files, each text file will have 1 Youtube HTML embed code, an example being: <iframe width="560" height="315" src="[登录来查看链接]" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen>&l...

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    ...a relevant image that shows how the attraction looks overall, like the inside of a restaurant or and overview image of the location. First try to get an image from their Instagram otherwise grab an image from their business website or groupon deal. 2. Image must be at least 700px wide and not larger than 700px in height. 3. Resize image to 700...

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    ADA Stairs, Floor system 已经结束 left

    Find an image of a commercial staircase for inspiration •Determine the type of staircase •Determine floor system •Research ADA requirements for low-rise stairs •Create CAD drawings necessary to convey the construction and materials of staircase ---- elevation, section •Draw a detail of one aspect of the staircase --- baluster, railing, etc. •Draw

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    We need a banner for 247hrm ([登录来查看链接]) and HRPAYROLLOUTSOURCING ([登录来查看链接]) side by side in a single 8ftx4ft horizontal banner I am attaching brochures and other relevant details to help you Shouldnt have too much info. The logos, websites, phone numbers, some highlights (Please show with dummy content where you can place the highlights. We can share share the highlights with you based on ...

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    Project for Noman S. 18 小时 left

    1. d...menu tab 5. increase height and enlarge girl image for @media only screen and (max-width: 767px) 6. center image for @media only screen and (max-width: 767px) 7. center images under “made with care”, “always natural” for @media only screen and (max-width: 600px) 8. center consultation button for @media only screen and (max-

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    ...missing important option, SVG vector image does not adjust appropriately to the screen dimensions. 1. SVG vector images MUST adjust appropriately to any screen dimension and be always at bthe center, right now svg tag is completely dependant on the width and height attributes, and this DOES NOT allow for svg vector image to adjust. Furthermore, we cannot

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    Create Datasheet in Excel 已经结束 left

    ... 1. The product title. (see image 1) 2. The Specification (Height, Diameter, Width, Length, Depth, Lamp Cap & Max Wattage). Some products don’t have all these specifications so just add the ones they have and leave the other fields empty. These should be in their own separate columns. (see image 2) 3. Finishes (see image 3) You can get this informat...

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    image patch component 已经结束 left

    ...grayscale image (main image) * shows transparent color rect with text * shows fixes which are pngs with transparent/white its pos/center * allows scale and navigation Navigation: * allows to scale image by mouse wheel (or +/-) (uses set of percens): 25, 33, 50, 67, 75, 80, 90, 100, 110, 125, 150, 175, 200, 250, 300, 500 * allows to scale image same way

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    Trophy icon Car Concept Drawings 已经结束 left

    ...[登录来查看链接]" The first image: I would like a rendition of picture "Sedan [登录来查看链接]" widened and heightened slightly. The width of the car in the picture is 54". I would like it to show a 6" increase in width, meaning roughly a 10% increase in Width. The height will be increased in the windows to raise the roof. The height o...

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    The title says it all... Change div height only when clicked on a specific link using CSS or Javascript / jQuery

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    Create a HTML template 已经结束 left

    ...a paragraph. 2. Products page will have images - 4 in a row with a title and description below the image. Again clicking on image will open it like a door and then go to next page 3. This page will have a menu and show details of product: A 3 image slider covering left 50% of page, and, product description / specifications on right 50%. A video will

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    ...ressources over 2.2) Render an image of the site to be preloaded on our server based on the real users viewport (width, height of screen). Using the onClick event, show the image immediately (since that will be instantly available without render time) and somehow load the real website in the background, then remove the image 2.3) It might be neccessary

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    ...project. Issue is with resizing modals to occupy 90% of the screen height and width. Need solution to work off Stackblitz online IDE. Link to test : [登录来查看链接] Click on open in new window to see project in a full browser window. Issue : Image 1 - In full screen browser, the model appears in a restricted size

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    ...button [登录来查看链接] Link [登录来查看链接] image must be limited to appropriate width and height and renders great on every device - Desktop, Mobile and Tablet. [登录来查看链接] product name (i.e “Jabra Elite Active 65t”) should be a LIST TITLE [登录来查看链接] bullet point should have a checkmark next to it [登录来查看链接] font size, the line height and the content width u...

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    Trophy icon Wordpress start page Tesla style 已经结束 left

    ...know a lot of web design and programming our self, but we need some help to get started! DESIGN INSTRUCTIONS On our new Wordpress site, we want a starter page that uses full width images (and then a footer). Se how we designed it in the PDF of our layout example. We have already done the design; your focus should be to implement it! We got the inspiration

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    Hello, I need a...of the screen, size of the view 260 (width) and 130 (height) which contains a stack view with a lot of text labels. When you rotate the iPhone, in landscape the view will have a scrollable text view, so the user can scroll throw the labels. Thats all. I need it asap (maximum 1 day). Something link in the image attached. Thank you.

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    Trophy icon Create a website logo TimeDick 已经结束 left

    ...representations of the logo with smallest height 24px and width 140px, so would be art then lettering and logo square with art and lettering inside the square logo image, smallest 150px height and width. Those smallest sizes are just example but we need it to look good at any size. So we can make a favicon image with the square and use the other one as

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    ...complete-game-94507 I will provide the Unity project source, here are the tasks to be done : 1) Set the project to be built in webgl 2) Change screen size to 480x800 (width/height) 3) One the home screen remove all the icons except the cart (to choose the car) and replace the Cart with a button « Select vehicle » that will be centered 4) Add the vehicl...

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    Trophy icon High-Res Graphic 已经结束 left

    I need a high resolution version of this picture or a similar "WOW" version of t...constellation HAS to be of the Pyxis Constellation. No other constellations will be accepted. This high res image is going to be for a slider on a website so I need the orientation to be horizontal and the ratio to be 3.4 width to 1.0 height, such as 1680px x 500px.

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    Make Individual Images 已经结束 left

    we have one image that we need made in to separate images for our use. We will need this done in our logo colors which can be found in the the attached logo file.. Each image will need to match the height and width of the current individual image

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    Hello, We have in our home page 4 x hover boxes with different contents. During resize the boxes are not equal in height, they change constantly.. We need someone who can fix the height and keep them equal. thx

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    ...photometric image from a sequence of images of a scene illuminated from different angles. Inspiration can be found here: [登录来查看链接] The algoritm should be feed with a sequence of: • RGB24 Images • Width and height of images • Information of light-angle for each image Output: • Height map (relative height, cannot

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    ...Product 1 - Length: 25 cm Width: 18 cm Height: 2 cm Product 2 - Length: 34 cm Width: 22 cm Height: 2.5 cm Box design requirement: I need a design concept that shows raw materials that goes into manufacturing the actual product. Following are the links of RAW images of raw material, I need just the raw materials in the image to be cut and put in the

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    Create a PHP post page 已经结束 left

    ...post will have an image. The images width will be no longer than half the page size and the height should be no more than 50% of the page. On the right hand column should be the title of the image. Below the title should be the description of the image. Below that should be a button which I should be able to custom edit per image. Below that should

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    ...added. See attached images, I need them to all fit with the same look. Drop shadow settings: 90 degrees 67% opacity 2px distance 16px spread 19px size The height and width of the final image must be 300 x 120px. Need the files in psd incase I need to edit them and optimized .jpg so I don't have to waste time doing that. I will upload the ten files

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    ...card cover for my girlfriend. Please recreate the image with clean lines, shading, perspective, and attractive font for names. Rope should be of consistent width (I freehanded the sketch, so it varies). Make sure anchor points are consistent in height and width. I need high resolution digital image to print on greeting card. Need fast turnaround

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    ...See attached file - this will replace the "lead magnet image" on the left over the orange banner. File specifics: Lead Magnet Image (left hand image, 3d transparent image suggested) Accepted file types: gif, png. MAX WIDTH: 160 Pixels MAX HEIGHT: 185 Pixels - We will crop and size your image to fit, but for the best results send us e...

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    Project for Jayesh V. 已经结束 left

    ...Please check the attached file. If an ID is entered for post1="" and post2="", only the title and the featured post image should be loaded of/for this card. There are two cards, so two presented posts or pages. Each of the two objects (image and title) should link to the related page/post URL in a separate window. Title probably with get_the_title()…? 2

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    Trophy icon Preparing a topic video for Facebook 已经结束 left

    ...without surgery. facelift without surgery. Body shaping. I need a Facebook theme video, Width: 820 pixels Height: 456 pixels Video duration between 20-90 seconds. The video should convey elegance, a high level. Photos are not too revealing. Device image and logo required. The design language in pastel shades is light and soft, in the direction

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    ...directions. Sample Design to understand the concept : [登录来查看链接] See attached an image of a Final output after designing > cutting > printing and making the box Points • Add a Layout ♣ Specify Length, width and Height ♣ Outer Layout is created ♣ Does it need outer border • Yes/No ♣ Specify No of Columns and Rows • ...

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    ...Framework) that takes text content and overlays it on top of an image - and outputs the resulting image as a jpg or transparent png (same format as the source image). This web app will consist of a simple form that prompts the user to enter (1) a title; (2) a body of text; (3) select an image from a drop-down menu of images on the server - this list will

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    Dear Sir/Madam, I need to adjust the height of the mattress in the photo . The attached photo is enclosed here. The actual mattress dimension is 152 x 203 cm Height: 30 cm The height in the photo is more than 30 cm. I need to reduce the height of the mattress so that it become 30 cm proportionally.

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    Trophy icon Build me a Logo 已经结束 left

    ...have another project of making a logo and paper box for a seafood restaurant. What we need is a logo and paper boxfor the restaurant that represent a seafood restaurant image. Please notice about the font and also the colour that you will use. The concept logo should include fish so it show the message really well. The name of the restaurant

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    ...getting set up) User interface to: -Upload image and apply basic edits -Crop -Select size of image (user selects then enters a value for one of the following, length, width height, able to select inches or mm) User interface to apply mosaic criteria -User select tile size -Output View Using user input the image is broken into “pixels” the size of ...

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    ...tasks on input image ○ Detect contour of text from input images with text in multiple line (simple background with little noises). Be able to crop the image of text to a different image object with specified (24 or 36 pixel height - as param) and variant width (based on text length). § Has option to stretch text height to fit image h...

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    Trophy icon Logo design for a Performance Coach 已经结束 left

    ...not that the text will be visible of the company name but the image of the logo will be pronounced. I've attached some logos such as Microsoft whose image take in all the colors used on screen, or John Foley who was a former pilot. The Logo will be used on LinkedIn, so the height and width recommendation will need to fit into a 300 (w) x 300 (h) pixels

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    JavaFX To Create Form 已经结束 left

    Usinng JavaFX I need a form with the layout like this label - centered across top of...centered across top of form textbox - centered on 2nd row of form label - centered across 3rd row of form panel - spanning entire width of form, will house 3 labels that can hold an image with dimensions of 141 height x 244 width below the panel a button centered

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    I want an attractive banner, to be put in a direct mail campaign to 100.000 mail recipients, about our mobile escape game solution! It needs to be classy, attractive and viewers should feel to curiosity to learn more of this game! The game itself contains 13 boxes where teams have to battle against each other to open as many boxes as possible. It all takes 60 minutes and groups can see each othe...

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    I need a php class with methods, which creates an Excel-File. The Excel-File has to look exact as [登录来查看链接] (attached). Using PhpSpreadsheet. The content need to be in variables. An array for each sheet. So I can change every content by edititng this variables.

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    ...uses bongs, pipes, long rolling papers etc. Just marijuana tree or leaf. What I need for each image: - PSD file with separate layers for road, map points, each building, also for each props - resolution should be 1024 pixels width and 2048 pixels height. Example map graphics -> type "match 3 map background" in Google Graphics. Example background

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    I have a Wordpress site in development, and if you look at [登录来查看链接] ....org/ncvoa5new/about-us/past-presidents/ you can see that while I've turned off all of the widgets, it still isn't "full width" and there is a blank space down the left. I would like the option to have certain pages be full width.

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    Design Changes for 1 page 已经结束 left

    ...Only focus on the right side of the page. 1. See the spiral leaf image? reduce the size by half. 2. See the "follow icon" to the right of the top 420portal? reduce the size by half. 3. See the gray box behind all the comments? reduce the width about 1/4 and increase the height a little. 4. See: 420portal How High are you right now? For this section

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    web component 已经结束 left

    ...be an NPM package, the below image is a representation on how it should look. The next section of this document will explain how needs to work, and how is needed to receive the data to show. Component breakdown. The following image shows the principal data structures that the component needs to receive. After the image, it’s described how the component

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    ... the bandit needs to be removed. The bandit is the red and black image with a red hat and scarf on. It is the 8th image from the left, 5th from the right. The remaining 11 icons should combine to make one image that is the same size (height and width) as the current logo. The image should be returned in as a PNG. Ideally, this project can be done

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