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    I am seeking an illustrator who can bring a children’s book character to life. I am looking for someone who can create one or two draft test drawings/images/sketches to help me decide on the correct freelancer to use for a more extensive project. I need your input and skill in creating the character’s look and feel, based on a short brief of the sto...

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    I am looking to hire a digital illustrator or graphic designer to create the cover art of a book that I am about to launch (I am not the author of the book). The book is complete and is in the editing stage at the moment. I also have certain specific ideas for the illustration I would like on the cover which I can describe in detail after finalising

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    Hiring Writer for Children’s Book Series: We are starting the beginning phase of hiring a writer for our first series of Children’s Books for a new online start up. Scope of Project: - 5-Book Series - Approximately 10 pages each book. Approximately 50 words per page. (Total 500 words) (please note these are rough approximations) We are looking

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    I want to hire a freelances artist come UX designer capable of designing different cartoons, logos etc for printing on T-shirts, book cover etc. Designer should have working knowledge of Photoshop or adobe Illustrator. This is long running freelancer requirement. Payout will be based on number of designed approved. This can be discussed over phone

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    Illustration for kid book - Zoo theme Hi, we are looking for an illustrator to draw simple animals and backgrounds for a children's book regarding a zoo theme. The book will be of 26 pages total (including two blank pages), so 24 pages to draw. Since we have a very low budget, we pay 700 euros for the all book. Work will last one mont...

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    ...am looking for a very talented, reliable and professional illustrator to illustrate for my second Dr. Seuss style children's book! I am a singer/songwriter, and for the past 2 years I've been releasing each song & music video through a chapter in my book so that the viewer/reader feels like they are following a story. This book...

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    ALL artwork and text with detailed instructions will be provided, and all three template types will be provided. This is a simple assembly job for the actual print files, but please do not bid unless you can show this sort of experience in your portfolio. See the attached box set sample of the type of work I need done, as my box set will be identical

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    ...-- ONLY IF YOU WIN Do the HTML/CSS The purpose of this contest is to find a good UI Designer who can create a beautiful theme based on project requirements. I'm using this contest to find and hire someone for another project I have listed. The other project is 15 pages with a budget of $1000-$2500. EXPECTATIONS FOR THE CONTEST BEFORE YOU WIN: •

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    I have written a children's book and would like someone to illustrate it. The actual book is quite short at only 8 pages. I would need 6 illustrations for the book - 4 single-page illustrations, and then two double-page illustrations. I would also need a cover design. I don't have a specific art style in mind, so that is open to discussion.

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    ...would like to hire you to do an illustration of a photograph. I am thinking of trying my hand at creating a children's book or Sunday school material. I would like to use a picture of myself as a basis for a character. I saw some cute illustration styles in your portfolio. I would like to send you some pictures from which you could do

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    I’m a three-time award winning author from the US, in non-fiction, fiction and children’s books. I’m hoping to publish 2 or 3 children’s books this year. The winners and runners up to this contest will be the front runners to publish the entire book(s). I’m looking for an illustrator with a magical touch with color and light, who is ta...

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    The overall goal is to hire an illustrator to assist in telling our PR/Marketing Agency Brand story in a 20-page book to celebrate our rebrand and 25th anniversary. Book Goals 1. To inspire company decision makers to consider Moore as their marketing partner. 2. To reinforce the importance of Moore’s partnership with current clients. Audience

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    I'm looking to hire a illustrator to draw a comic book.

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    ...finding an illustrator for an ebook with children's [login to view URL] ebook will have about 20 illustrations in which the main character is a bear. The size of the illustrations will be about half the page. I am particularly interested in illustrators from Romania, but also illustrators from other countries are welcome. I'm interested in finding a price and

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    ...logo is for a fantasy role-playing games press. As a publisher of premium role-playing books (hardback and in color) and PDFs, Griffon Lore Games needs a color logo that encapsulates the depth and feeling of our products. The logo needs to contain a Griffon imposed or incorporated in a presentation similar to medieval coat-of-arms with a clear, sha...

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    Illustrate a 17 -20 page children's book 14 of the pages will have in common a christmas tree with gifts under the tree. That same background is acceptable for those pages. Each page will include a different character. What I mean is that the character will appear on 2 pages side by side. ie Page # will have the christmas tree with the gifts

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    I would like a realistic-looking illustration of a 12-year-old girl and 14-year-old boy lying in a leaf pile. I will provide you with a rough sketch of what I imagine the cover to look like, including specific details about the characters' appearances. I'm imagining the illustration to be of a similar style to the works of Siri Weber Feeney, Mark Elliot

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    I am searching for a designer to design 6 page spreads for a children book within the age range 1-3 with approximately 200 words. The designer will be required to read the paragraph and illustrate as read. The designer is expected to create high quality and detailed artwork for the storybook. The designer will be required to sketch, create and color

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    ...This is my first project on the Freelancer platform as I am just about trying it out. I am seeking an illustrator for a comic book. The story is ready. Most of the script is in place. This comic has a female lead and protagonist. What will the illustrator do? - Listen to the story teller as the story teller briefly describes the story. - Read the dialogues

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    I am searching for a designer to design 6 page spreads for a children book within the age range 1-3 with approximately 250-300 words. The page spreads also includes the cover. The designer will be required to read the paragraph and illustrate as they read. The designer is expected to create high quality and detailed artwork for the storybook. The designer

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    I'm looking to hire an illustrator for a children's book that I have written. I would love to see some of your talents and work related to children illustration in order for me to choose what I feel is right for my story. Thanks for all of your time. My budget is between £20 and £250 for a book that currently consists of 22 pages, exc...

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    I have a project started, but my illustrator can no longer continue due to family issues. We have the basic characters down but I need someone that can pick up where he left off. I have a children's book that needs to be illustrated. The book is about 18 pages worth of drawings. This contest is to see if you can match or exceed his drawings. I need

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    I would like to hire an illustrator to help me produce a children's book to self-publish. It is a private project, and will not be sold commericially

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    ...are a group of three siblings. My name is Jasmine. I am the oldest of the group at 18 years. We have written a book to raise money for our own education. We are crowdsourcing for help with the illustrations for this book. We would like you to produce old-school art for this, ink, oil paint, acrylic, watercolor etc., because after the book is a succes...

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    I'm looking for someone to illustrate my children's book. Please submit your entry showing 4 characters and a background: 1. a rabbit (the main character) 2. a squirrel (rabbit's friend) 3. a dog (a rough, tough dog) 4. a raccoon (a referee in a contest between the rabbit and the dog) The rabbit and the dog will be...

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    My name is Gregory Newson i'm a Afro-American and illustrator that has produced/self-publish one book named; Stonewall Jackson and the Black Confederates, I'm not here to teach Civil War history to the Y/A market my main concern is to paid tribute to the Black Confederates who is really responsible for Abraham Lincoln being forced to craft; Emancipation

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    I am looking for an illustrator to create 30 high quality and detailed designs for a children colouring book. The designer will be given picture files to create the required artwork for the colouring book. The ability to develop a final design from multiple images is essential. The final output should be high quality colouring pages with well-defined

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    ...looking to hire an illustrator/artist to assist in finalising the illustrations for a children's picture book about Christmas, which I have written and intend to self-publish by December 2017. Standing at 32 pages, I am looking for 24 illustrations. Original (pencil-drawn) drafts and layout of the pictures have been established, along with a stylistic

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    I am looking to create a mandala themed coloring book for adults with original illustrations created by a designer/illustrator (the one I am looking to hire). For this adult mandala coloring book, designs will start easy and get harder towards the end. Here are some examples - [login to view URL]

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    Hello, I am a creative writer and I am looking to hire a graphic/story illustrator for a new avatar graphic/comic book I am developing. The graphics must be detailed and life like. The fictional character has already been illustrated. The perfect candidate will want to establish a long term relationship for future graphic/comic books. No informat...

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    Im looking to hire a illustrator for a book cover design and possibly a back cover design as well. In truth, I have no idea how much these projects cost, I gather its based on quality of work, I.E style, detail, colour, affects, etc etc. So if my budget of £250 is not adequate, please feel free to update on that part.

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    I recently wrote a children's book. I'm looking to hire an illustrator to draw all the characters and designs.

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    I am after an illustrator for a child book. Should the first be successful there are plans to do many more. I need no more than 12 illustrations in full colour 210x210. I have one main character and only require an additional one in the first book. If you think you can help, please contact me. Thanks :)

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    I would like to hire a cartoonist/illustrator for a children's book.

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    I have a children's book manuscript and I would like to hire an illustrator. The book is divided into 29 segments, imagined as 29 pages. The book includes many references of geographical sites in Egypt and in the city of New Orleans.

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    Designing a young adult book cover, must have work for me to see, must have excellent communication skills, must be work for hire, must be able to sign confidentiality agreement, must be able to get this done quickly and efficiently as I'm looking to hire best illustrator asap.

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    Dark, rhyming story about zombies, the suburbs, and love.

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    I have a book about health. I need a passionate and experienced writer and illustrator/designer to create a workbook based on my book. The workbook would include some new and original text, lots of tables, some illustrations, bullet lists, and self help tools. At least 130 pages needed . I also need to see your previously created workbooks before I

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    Hi, I'd like to hire an illustrator for a children's book about bath time and an imaginary lion who has adventures underwater. Before commencing the project (12 pages), I'd like to test things with a single page only. Attached is the title page, with text layout and my hand drawings.

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    This contest is to identify a good illustrator to work on my next project briefed below (Please note that granting the project to the winner after the contest is finished, will be subject to the agreement on the final budget, and timeline of execution.): I would like to hire an illustrator for my upcoming book “My Best friend lives under my bed”,

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    Would like to hire an illustrator for 11 color illustrations for a book. Illustrations of 11 characters and 1 illustration of all the characters seated at a table. These are African American characters. I would expect the project to be delivered within 3 weeks.

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    This is a short project that could become a longer more extensive one. I am in the process of writing a manuscript for the first of hopefully many children's book series that features neuro-divergent children as main characters. The most important thing about this book series is that it will depict these children as round characters rather than flat

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    I am looking to hire a good digital illustrator who can draw the attached characters (exact copy) in 23 new positions in Photoshop. It is VERY important that you can draw these characters exactly as they are in the attached with the same colours and accessories. These extra 23 positions will be in the same book and will work alongside the drawings

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    We own a kids and family marketing company. Our current website is extremely basic : [login to view URL] We are looking for website development to rebuilt our website Strong requirements for shortlisting 1. You or your team must have strong knowledge and experience in flash and 3D animation 2. You or your team must have creative skills

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    I am writing a 20 page children's book and need an illustrator to help with the images

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    I am writing a 20 page children's book and need an illustrator to help with the images

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    I am writing a 20 page children's book and need an illustrator to help with the images

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    I am writing a 20 page children's book and need an illustrator to help with the images

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    I am creating a fantasy role playing rules set that will take the world by storm. I have just finished the text of the first portion, rules for PSIonics, (powers of the mind such as telepathy), and need a full color illustration for the cover, as well as a few ink drawings for the inner pages. These would need to be along the fantasy gendre. Update:

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