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    I am opening a restaraunt that is called Sweet Tea. This is a southern restaurant and we need a logo for it. We have been floating around the idea of a sweet tea in a glass with ice and lemon on the top and some kind of design element around it. Closet example we found is [login to view URL] We love

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    ...outsource writing work to others 2> Bids without details of past work will not be considered therefore dont bid without your past work. Post your work in entertainment/food/restaurant review/deals niche 3>You should have excellent grammar and English. Certain information and images will be given to you and using that information you need to create engaging

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    We are looking for a talented drafter with background and experience to help us in the creation of a new site plan for a currently restaurant in Minneapolis, MN that is expanding. Candidate should have the ability to work quickly and being detail oriented, while taking direction from the restaurant owner and GM. Pay will be determined upon experience

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    Search the web for restaurants that serve Russian Caviar in several areas on US east coast. Priority one New York City, divided into Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Long Island and Bronx. New York State in general. Then Boston, Philadelphia. And restaurants within 3 hours drive from New York City. I need the results in a spreadsheet with the following

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    Hello, I am looking for some assistance with interior decorations. I will provide with images and videos (as many as you want). What I need is a visual implementation of color scheme. There are some things which cannot be painted etc, so those colors will need prior consideration and coordinated. I do have a budget but for the right person I ...

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    I would like a custom-made logo, stationary and a pattern created to go with the logo for a restaurant. Something modern, clean and minimal. It has to be black and white only, or just black. The restaurant has an old feeling, industrial, raw and has a feeling of a kitchen. The food is fresh, healthy and a little bit on the high-end. The price can be

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    I need a web designer to make an html/css unique quality template (no coding need, just html). The template will be responsive, professionnal and high-quality design. I need only 2 pages, “Home Page” and “Principal Page”. See joined exemples pictures for “Home Page” and “Principal Page”. This pictures are only ex...

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    Advanced food ordering system that is fixed on the tables of restaurants in tablet form. Customers just come in restaurant and order the food by using those tablets and notification of submitted order goes to waiter panel who then notifies the confirmation message about order is ready or not.

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    I already have a static website. I now need to improve it and turn into a dynamic website. The DB will be done by PHPMyAdmin.

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    We are looking for an experienced copywriter to write approx 100 products descriptions for various restaurant equipment products. Each description needs to be around 200-400 words and will need to include various keywords (I will provide these). If good quality job is performed, this could lead to further work as I have an ongoing project with

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    A logo for Vietnamese beef noodle restaurant (pho). Theme color gold orange white black.

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    On the promotional piece I need the name of our restaurant, the date of the event, the name of event and location of event. We have the Annual Chile Pepper Eating Contest, May 6th,2015. We have had this contest 16 years in a row. It seems to get a good crowd of 50 or so people and we sell t-shirts along with our logo t-shirts. View preivous years @

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    I am having a restaurant and i want to design a logo and banners for the same. I have attached a sample for the [login to view URL] review the sample and design accordingly.

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    Hello Freelancer! We are looking to hire a freelancer, who can create a script like this one [login to view URL] Layout of products, add to cart functionality,selecting location, login or signup accounts,placing the order. Script need to be in php same layout is needed, Note: This is urgent project. if you

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    I need a mobile website that can be use on any mobile like iphone, android. The mobile is able to order food and pay through phone. They can choose pickup location. They able to scan QR8 barcode to download app. They can buy merchandise from the app. Everytime customer order food they can redeem point and accumulate point for free food. The mobile app

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    I need a freelancer who will build a website for me with my menu, location, phone number and other details. This is a simple website with only 1 page, and a menu

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    The restaurant is called L'auberge espagnole. Its going to be a sports and tapas bar It will be really welcoming and warm as a place I need a logo which is simple but special. Maybe use some warm colors on Your work.

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    ...(touchscreen) that utilizes icons. Example: Let's say that I server TexMex. I have two icons on the front screen (Tex) and (Mex). I press Tex and then I have a resultant list of icons on a new screen that presents (Burger, Chicken Sandwich, BBQ Sandwich, Grilled Cheese, etc.). I press Burger and then I have a resultant list of icons on a new sc...

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    i want a website which provide guidance about restaurants with ratings and other features like [login to view URL] 1) website will be in ASP.NET and database will be in SQL Server 2005 or later 2) The required website will be same in features and functions to the example site [login to view URL] but it doesn't mean to copy the same website

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    Hi I am looking to get a list of EMAIL addresses for restaurants, bars and cafes in Australia. Street addresses and all other relevant data.

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    I need a simple game created, similar to duck hunt however instead of ducks, I want to use restaurant logos. If I shot alot of the same logos, that is the winner of the game is the logo of what I have shot the most. Must be responsive, and must be able to be used on PC, mobile, IOS. NO FLASH.

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    show unhappy restaurant owner in empty restaurant. Happy restaurant owner in busy restaurant Other examples between these sketches

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    i need my menu card to be resigned completely. i have attached the menu card old one, which needs to be completely redesigned, in a international standards, with pictures of dishes, it should really look classy. I need this design in 48 hours, I will provide all logos, and text version of the menu. The end menu, not necessary to be 3 fold, you

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    An android tablet application that enables restaurant customers (users) to playfully create their own pizzas, then order it. Project covers the UI Design, animated effects and basic coding of the app. REQUIREMENTS - User opens the app, to see screen 1 (attached), three big icons appear for Pizza, Burger and Others. - If user clicks Pizza, screen

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    i would like someone to create a online ordering system for a local pizza restaurant. i would like it to be similar to https:[login to view URL] it would need to have a responsive theme. so mobile use is possible. all artwork will be provided. i would ultimately like it to run / or to be integrated into "fedelta" point of sale system if possible

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    I need DUTCH language Article writer for the restaurant website. Articles should be in Dutch Language Should be problem SEO keywords, we will provide. Original content. Please tell we price per article you will charge. Long Term work.

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    ...focus on the customer second to make them feel listened to & heard.) I do a lot of restaurant consulting and speaking engagements focused on how to reduce employee turnover and creating effective management as well as creating culture throughout the restaurant. In the restaurant industry, it's more about the people instead of the food. The food comes

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    I would need a Business plan for a restaurant translating from Italian into English. Approximately 11 pages - 2,500 words.

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    I need a logo design and name suggestion for a seafood restaurant located in a Yatching Marina. Should be something sofisticated, maybe a badge or a really clean logo with a nice font. I add a file with a few badges that I like the fonts, the styles and the colors. .psd .eps .ai .jpeg files and negative version.

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    Restaurant Menu Android app for tablets

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    opening a new Restaurant and i need a logo.... i serve english style pub food....i do not serve alcohol so no booze on the logo..fav item on the menu are deep fried pickles if that helps restaurant is named after my border collie

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    Restaurant Management App for android using local database sql-lite and sync services using web services

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    A restaurant needs a simple CMS website to order and pay online with table booking facilities included

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    PLEASE DON'T BID IF YOUR PRICE HIGHER THAN THE BUDGET I WILL NOT CONSIDER OVER-BUDGET BIDS I need to build a simple website for a small hotel and restaurant in the country side .... You have to find a good WordPress template and build the website using it. It is very easy and quick task .... find a good template and customize it ...

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    Printing to multiple printers(restaurant) from html orders. currently html orders are automatically saved into a folder from firefox. I would like a local application which would monitor the folder for new saved orders and print the orders to multiple printers. each printer prints its own food category. for example: diet coke, coke would be send to

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    Verify and complete data in attached spreadsheet as per attached criteria.

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    I'm currently seeking an interior designer to design a small Indian takeaway restaurant, indulging a mix of cross cultured patrons to the taste of India. The brand we are creating must follow a cross cultured theme that values independent thinking, counter-culture, appreciation for art and creativity. The result should reflect a hybrid culture between

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    I want to integrate a GPRS printer a restaurant website. We have a web server using LAMP and the GPRS printer is connected to the server through the GPRS network. The website is built on MODX CMS framework using Shopkeeper add-on. The project consist in create in PHP language a source code to work with the existing MODX Shopkeeper that send the the

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    I pretty much know what I want in way of the interior and layout just need someone with the necesarry skills to draw it out. I doubt it would take more than 4 or 5 hours. I can send you lots of pictures and measurements etc This is going to be a move of location for me so I can even give you the measurements of the equipment I'm moving. Do you use

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    The usual payment.

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    ...mockups, graphic design, responsive website, front and backend, iOS app and Android App Website will hold some explanation videos (video production not included here) Available milestones No robot offers please Full experience in iOS and Android Apps (show) Full experience in Restaurant Apps (show) Western type Graphic Design Delivery time 60

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    Hi, It is an arena simulation project. I need it within 2 days, 31/3/2014. For more details please view the attachments. Regards,

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    I need a software for restaurant and Stock control. The program must be written in VB.NET, database can be (SQL server or Oracle). The stock must be related to restaurant invoices. It controls Meals, Stock Items, Staff, expenditure, users and permissions, etc... I highly prefer those who has former experience with such projects. An example is : http://www

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    we want to have a mobile application for restaurant and food dishes. It should be location based. Almost like my pref app.

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    I need a wordpress site built for a Restaurant where we will have woocommerce for order taking. The template and wordpress is already installed but need to set it up. You will be responsible for testing full website and functionality. We just need to fully working Ecommerce website for order taking. I have attached the file for you to che...

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    Hello Jagruti, I need an application which gives me list of restaurants and their menus. Use should also be able to order food. I need work within few hours. Thanks Tarun

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    I need a Cloud based reservation ( Website / Software ) for Restaurants / Hair Salons etc. It should have the functionlity like [login to view URL] very easy to use. My Customer can create their own account and build a layout of their business ( Restaurant: table ) ( Hairsalon: Chairs ) and fully control the bookings. My Customer can then just add a link

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