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    I need to have my children's book uploaded to Amazon Kindle. It's currently in PowerPoint format, but I can also provide a PDF version if necessary. - The book has illustrations and images that need to be properly formatted for Kindle. I don't requir...format, but I can also provide a PDF version if necessary. - The book has illustrations and images that need to be properly formatted for Kindle. I don't require any interactive features such as links or audio, just a clean and professional upload to the Amazon Kindle platform. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in formatting books for Amazon Kindle - Experience with image and illustration formatting for e-books - Attention to detail in converting PowerPoint/ PDF to Kindle format - Knowledge of pr...

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    ...cartoon style. - Setting: The ideal candidate will have experience illustrating dynamic scenes within a children's book setting. Timeline: There is no specific timeline for this to be done, however, end of summer would be ideal. Previous experience in children's book illustration and a strong portfolio displaying proficiency in cartoon-style animal illustrations are necessary. If you believe you are the right fit, I welcome your this project, I am looking for an illustrator with a strong children's book illustration background and a proven track record in creating captivating cartoon-style animal illustrations. Your portfolio should demonstrate your proficiency in these areas. If you believe you have the skills and experience to bring my cat's sto...

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    I'm seeking a graphics artist with strong proficiency in CorelDraw. The task involves creating a modern and sleek design for an amplifier's front panel. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficient in CorelDraw - Experience in designing audio electronics - Ability to design sleek and modern aesthetics

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    I am in need of a talented artist or illustrator based in Bombay for a short-term project. I require hand-drawn sketch and a painting of an object that looks realistic in style. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficient in hand-drawn sketches and paintings - Previous experience in illustration or similar field is desirable - Must be based in Bombay, India - Able to deliver the hard copy by tomorrow (4/21/2024) Please feel free to reach out for more details or to share your portfolio. Looking forward to working with a skilled artist.

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    I have a detailed script and am looking for an experienced animator to bring my Seinen style anime to life. Key Points: - I already have a script: You won't need to worry ...bring my Seinen style anime to life. Key Points: - I already have a script: You won't need to worry about this part. - Specific style: The anime is in Seinen style (I am open to suggestions), so you should have experience in this or be able to adapt seamlessly. - Backgrounds: I have these covered, so you can focus on the animation. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in anime illustration and animation, especially in Seinen style. - Ability to work collaboratively and bring the script to life with your animation. - Excellent time management skills to deliver high-quality work within t...

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    I'm in need of an illustrator with a knack for simple line drawings to create a series of illustrations. The project entails: - Illustration Style: The illustrations should be in a simple line drawing style. - Subject Matter: The drawings will primarily depict people and objects. - Quantity: I require between 5 to 10 illustrations in total. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Demonstrated experience in creating simple line drawings. - Previous work depicting people and objects would be a plus. - Ability to deliver high-quality illustrations within the specified quantity and timeline. This project would best suit illustrators who can create engaging, clear, and aesthetically pleasing line drawings. If you can bring characters and objects to life through your illustrations, I'...

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    ...let those colors really pop! - Importantly, the image needs to convey a sense of joy and playfulness. This cat isn't brooding or mysterious: it's having fun! To succeed in this task, you'll likely have the following skills: - An excellent command of color. Your palette needs to be bright and engaging, so understanding how to use color effectively is crucial. - Experience in cartoon-style illustration. The image should be playful, so a strong grasp of cartoon or comic style will be beneficial. - An ability to convey emotion through your art. The tone of this image is fundamentally important - it needs to generate a sense of joy. Ultimately, this project will require a balance of technical prowess and artistic understanding. If you can create a visually arrest...

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    ...characters - Proficiency in creating simple yet effective backgrounds that enhance the character - Attention to detail, ability to follow instructions, and flexibility - Experience working on 20-page spread projects - Spanish language proficiency is a plus, but not mandatory - Sense of humor and creativity a must - Responsible and able to meet deadlines If you have a funny creative flair for illustration and a knack for bringing characters to life, I'd love to hear from you. Please include your portfolio or previous work in your bid along with a draft image of your interpretation of the main character. Looking forward to working with a skilled illustrator to make this project come to life! AI generated images will not be considered. The winner of the contest will submit ...

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    I'm looking for an experienced illustrator who can bring my vision to life. The main components of the design are a black & white, minimalist, front view depiction of a goat standing up with words incorporated around the figure. Key Tasks: - Create a life. The main components of the design are a black & white, minimalist, front view depiction of a goat standing up with words incorporated around the figure. Key Tasks: - Create a minimalist, black & white front view drawing of a standing goat - Add words around the goat in a manner that complements the design. "SAFTEY GOAT" Ideal Skills: - Conversant with minimalist style illustration - Experience in working with animal-themed designs - Ability to creatively incorporate te...

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    I'm looking for a talented illustrator to create an engaging graphic novel for children under 12 years old. The storyline is based around a sport theme. Key requirements: - Illustration of characters and scenes in a blend of realistic and cartoon style. The characters should be visually appealing and relatable for young children. - A good understanding of creating engaging and age-appropriate content for children's books - Ability to work with the theme of sports to create dynamic, action-packed visuals The ideal candidate would have experience in: - Illustrating for children's books or graphic novels - Blending realistic and cartoon styles - Creating engaging and dynamic illustrations - Understanding of the sports theme (specifically basketball) and ability to vis...

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    My project needs an abstract illustration developed for an advertising campaign. It's ideal for a freelancer with innovative skills and experience in graphic design who appreciates the avant-garde: ATTACH is the image, dont need hand and cards. Instead of tshirt, HAT has to be written - Create a visually striking abstract illustration pulsating with energy. - The illustration should be creatively dynamic yet clear enough to represent my brand's unique qualities. - This piece of work will be pivotal in our upcoming advertising campaign and can characterize our brand's distinctive visual identity. Previous experience with advertising campaigns and abstract visual design is highly desired. Understand my brand, immerse in our aesthetic value, and redefine...

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    recreate this image with good resolution. Attached file please create your best design - They should be versatile enough to be used in presentations, blog posts, or social media. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong illustration skills, with a portfolio that demonstrates previous work of a similar nature. - Good understanding of design patterns and the ability to represent them in a visually engaging way.

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    I'm in need of a talented illustrator to create some cartoon stickers for me. These illustrations are going to be used for my small business. - The style I'm looking for is a fun, engaging cartoon style. - The stickers will be printed on sheets, so I don't need them to be in a specific shape. - It's crucial that the illustrations are vibrant, eye-catching and cute. I don’t have a big budget so please keep this in mind:) The ideal candidate for this job is someone with experience in creating high-quality, engaging cartoon illustrations. Experience in designing for print. Please provide samples of your previous work in a similar style.

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    I'm in need of a dynamic and vibrant logo for Wheel Master Dispatch Solutions, my trucking dispatch business. The chosen colors should incorporate shades of Pink, White, Purple, and a hint of black. I'm leaning towards a retro theme that successfully captures the essence of the transportation industry. Essential elements to include in the logo are: - A truck illustration - Wheel or tire icon - Implementation of roads The final design files should be delivered in high-resolution JPEG format. Ideal candidates for this project should have: - Proven design experience, especially with retro themes - Strong portfolio in logo design - Proficient in delivering high-quality JPEG files - Knowledge about the trucking industry would be a bonus. Please, when applying, show ex...

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    ...looking for an experienced logo designer who could aid in creating a branding logo for my business. This should showcase our professionalism, creativity, and modernity. The logo should incorporate the following elements: - Typography: Use of letter or character-based design as an integral part of the logo - Illustration: Something that can tell a story about our brand, and adds personality. - Abstract Shapes: A unique and distinct abstract shape that complements the typography and illustration. Ideally, the freelancer will have: - Deep understanding of graphic design principles - Experience with typography and abstract designs This logo will primarily be used for branding purposes. So, it should be versatile enough to be applied across various mediums such as digital a...

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    T-Shirt Design Needed 5 天 left

    I'm in need of a creative t-shirt design for my upcoming project. T...t-shirt medium. - I'm open to different design types, but high-quality and innovative concepts are preferred. - Please showcase your previous t-shirt design work, particularly anything that demonstrates your ability to create marketable designs. - A deep understanding of current design trends and the ability to create trendy, eye-catching designs is a huge plus. - Experience with typography, illustration, and graphic design are all welcome. Please submit your application with a brief overview of your design approach, relevant past work, and any specific ideas you have for this project. Feel free to ask any questions to clarify the project scope before submitting your proposal. Looking forward to seeing ...

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    I'm in need of a skilled 3D illustrator, specifically someone well-versed in creating cartoon-like characters. The project consists of creating an engaging scene depicting a South Indian family enjoying their meal. The expressions and postures of the characters should primarily focus on cooking and serving. The aim is to use this illustration as a colorful and vibrant representation of South Indian culture in a pamplet for food product promotion. Experience or familiarity with Indian culture would be highly appreciable, but visual creativity is paramount. If you believe you can bring these characters to life with your artistic skills, I'd love to connect with you.

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    I'm seeking an experienced children's book publisher who can bring my 7 years old daughter's story to life. - Illustration Style: I prefer a realistic style for the illustrations. - Theme: The book should revolve around an everyday life theme. The ideal partner for this project will have experience with both publishing and illustrating children's books. They should also have proficiency in realistically portraying everyday life scenarios within a child's understanding and imagination. It would be beneficial to have previously worked with first-time authors, particularly young ones, and understand their unique needs, imagination and storytelling abilities. Knowledge and experience in printing and distribution of children's books will be an additiona...

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    I'm on the lookout for a skilled illustrator...keen sense of color theory and the ability to use both vibrant and neutral color schemes is essential. Key Requirements: - Proficient in fashion illustration: You must have experience in illustrating fashion designs to a high standard. - Strong understanding of color theory: You should be able to apply both vibrant and neutral colors effectively. - Able to work from existing sketches: I'll provide you with the fashion design sketches, and you should be able to color them in a cohesive and appealing way. This project offers a great opportunity to showcase your skills in fashion illustration. If you have a passion for fashion design and illustration, and you're confident in your ability to bring these sketc...

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    I'm in need of a talented and creative logo designer who can create an illustrative, sports-themed logo for my t-shirt brand. The logo will be primarily utilized for pr...of sports. The logo should be visually appealing and capable of catching the attention of sports enthusiasts. - Understanding of Print Design: The logo will be primarily used for printing on t-shirts, so the design should be adaptable to this medium. Experience in designing for print will be highly regarded. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in logo design - Proficiency in illustration - Previous work in sports-related design is a plus - Understanding of print design and logo application on apparel I'm looking forward to working with a designer who can bring my vision to life in a uniqu...

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    I'm in need of a creative designer who can help me craft a stunning wedding invite to be sent out via WhatsApp. The theme of my wedding is floral, and I'm looking for a design that incorporates unique custom artwork. It's important to me that the colors used are bold an...stunning wedding invite to be sent out via WhatsApp. The theme of my wedding is floral, and I'm looking for a design that incorporates unique custom artwork. It's important to me that the colors used are bold and vibrant, to make the invite really pop. Key Requirements: - Theme: Floral - Elements: Custom Artwork - Color Scheme: Bold and Vibrant Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in graphic design and illustration - Experience in creating digital invitations - Understanding of design principles,...

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    Project Description: We are seeking a talented freelancer with expertise in graphic design and illustration to refine our marisco seafood restaurant logo concept. The current logo concept, attached for your review, features seafood elements arranged in an outer circle and a beach palm view in the center of an inner circle. However, we feel that the seafood elements appear too cartoonish and could benefit from a more realistic or less animated approach. Specifically, we envision the seafood elements to be depicted in a more authentic and refined manner, capturing the essence of quality and freshness. Additionally, the inner circle concept requires enhancement, with "MARISCOS" curving around the top section and "LA PLAYITA" curving around the bottom section. The...

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    Logo Building and Enhancement 5 天 left

    We are seeking a talented freelancer with expertise in graphic design and illustration to refine our marisco seafood Mexican restaurant logo concept. The current concept, while functional, leans towards a cartoonish aesthetic that we feel does not fully represent the sophisticated and professional image we desire. We are looking to enhance the logo with more realistic and refined depictions of sea creatures and seafood elements. What I seek is as attached, the “Mariscos” I expect to be in a curvature font/form at the top of the circle, like a spiral followed by “La Playita” at the bottom section. The center of the circle I seek something like how it is with the palms but maybe 2 palms and the water. The ideal candidate should be able to elevate the desi...

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    ...designer to help enhance my company's image with a rebranding initiative, motivated mainly by my desire to increase brand recognition. Our newly redesigned logo should have a modern and minimalistic style. Key elements to incorporate in the logo include: - Company initials: Our initials should be noticeably incorporated into the design but shouldn't dominate it. - Symbolic illustration: A creative but relevant illustration that symbolizes our company's identity is desired. - Abstract shapes: These could also be incorporated tastefully and subtly into the design (shapes as letters). The ideal candidate for this job should have a proven track record in creating unique, captivating logos and successful rebranding campaigns. Expertise in contemporary, minimal...

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    ...biltong company. Biltong is a type of dried, cured meat that's popular in South Africa. Key Requirements: - I'd like the primary colors of the logo to be red and either yellow, white or black. - The style should be vintage. This means that the design should reflect an older, classic era. - I'm particularly interested in including an animal element in the logo ( a bull). This could be an animal illustration or representation that reflects the nature of our product. I'd like Our band name "The Spice Boys" around the outside. Thinking Incan / Aztec feel - but if doesn't suit don't mind. Logo should be a circle. The brief is not strict, feel free to ideate and create something special. Ideal Skills: - Experience in designing vintage-style ...

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    I'm looking for a skilled illustrator who can create realistic drawings of ...Key Requirements: - Style: Realistic - the cars should be depicted in a detailed and lifelike manner. - Models: Focus on classic cars - think vintage vehicles with a touch of nostalgia. - Usage: The drawings will be featured on the back side of the t-shirts. - need to know cars and engines and be able to make them look like they should Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in realistic illustration, particularly of cars. - Experience in creating designs for apparel or merchandise. - Knowledge and appreciation of classic car models. Please provide a brief portfolio or samples of your previous work in a similar style. The selected freelancer may be offered additional projects if the collaboration...

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    Illustration 7 天 left

    Illustration as per the client’s request.

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    I'm looking for a digital template for a virtual sticker collection that I can create and manage. - The primary purpose of the template will be for me to design and create my own sticker collection. - I don...I can create and manage. - The primary purpose of the template will be for me to design and create my own sticker collection. - I don't need any specific functionalities that involve user interaction. This template will be for my personal use only. - The collection won't be large, I need less than 10 different card designs. Ideal candidates should have experience in: - Graphic design and illustration, especially in creating sticker designs. - Digital template creation for virtual sticker collections. - Understanding of the "panini" style of sticker...

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    I am in need of a personal semi-realistic illustration. I would like to have my friend's face in place of the Burger King king's face, like in the attached picture. I can supply a picture of my friend upon acceptance. Finally, I would like the Burger King logo on the crown and on the necklace amulet to say "Derger King" instead of Burger King Key Points: - I require a semi-realistic style drawing for personal use. The illustration does not need to be hyper-realistic but should have some degree of detail and depth. - The illustration is for personal, non-commercial use, so the focus is on aesthetic quality rather than specific branding or marketing goals. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in illustration, particularly in a semi-...

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    I need a talented artist located in Fort Myers who can take on a small project. The goal is to create a cartoon-styled character illustration based on two real individuals. The details are as follows: - Art Style: The art style should be cartoon-like in nature. - Detail Level: I am looking for a basic level of detail that includes simple outlines. - Subject Matter: Artwork should be based on two real individuals. Proficiency in cartoon-style sketch or drawing is critical for this job. Experience working with real-life models and capturing their likeness in a simplified manner will be an added advantage. I look forward to seeing your past work, and discussing my project with you.

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    I'm seeking a creative illustrator with experience in digital art...adventure running through the story. Requirements: - Expertise in digital illustration with a portfolio showcasing related work. - Experience or understanding of children's literature, specifically within the elementary age group. - Ability to produce vivid, engaging illustrations that captivate young readers. - Availability for possible future books, providing consistency in design and characters. If you can bring a sense of adventure to life with digital strokes, we would love to see your work. The book is based off of my Newfoundland Dog and the adventures he gets into. This would be small illustrations 10-12 per book which I have many books written. I would like a cartoonish style. Also would need...

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    illustrator 4 天 left

    More details: What is the purpose of the illustration? Memories Book for a birthday What theme should the book cover illustration follow? Illustrations from (old) family photos or moments What specific moments or photos would you like to include in the illustration? Family vacations, Childhood memories, Funny traits

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    I'm in need of a versatile illustrator with experience in a variety of styles. Primarily, I'm looking for anime-style illustrations, but I'm also interested in digital art. The project I have in mind requires a combination of different styles for a cohesive look. Ideal skills and experiences include: - Proficiency in anime illustration - Strong digital art skills - Previous experience in combining different styles - Animation experience would be a big plus Would love to see a diverse portfolio showcasing your various styles and animations. Looking forward to working with a talented artist who can bring a unique and creative vision to life.

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    I'm looking for a talented cartoonist to create an engaging animal illustration for my project. Key responsibilities: - Create a cartoon-style illustration featuring animals. For the application process: - Please include examples of your past work, particularly any where you have produced cartoon-style animal illustrations. Ideal Skills: - Strong creativity and drawing skills - Previous experience in cartoon-style illustration - Artistic skill, with an emphasis on capturing the essence of animals in a cartoonist style.

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    I need an artist to realize my vision of a full-body fantasy knight complete with armor and weapons. This should be created in a relatively realistic art style, requiring detailed knowledge of the anatomy of plate armor. In terms of posture, I want the knight to have a relaxed pose, with no need for a detailed background or foreground; the pose can be creatively interpreted if needed, but keep in mind: This artwork is a character portrait, not a detailed fight scene. Ideal Skills/Experience: - Strong art and design skills with a focus on flexible realism, but a more intense focus on detailed work. - Familiarity with armor designs, able to create accurate depictions of human anatomy required for the work. - Experience creating full-body character illustrations. - Fantastical Elements are n...

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    As a passionate art creator, I'm on the hunt for a talented digital illustrator. Could you carry off west cartoon and anime style? If yes, keep reading. I need 1-5 unique characters, sketched. The interesting part - they already exist, you've got to bring to life my vision of them. Skills that could catch my eye: - Experience in creating digital drawings in a hybrid of west cartoon and anime style. - Ability to interpret and stay true to existing artwork while adding some creative flair. - Excellent communication to ensure a smooth understanding of the requirements. Are we on the same page? Hop on board then!

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    I'm seeking a talented digital artist to create a unique cartoonish and realistic illustrations of a hammerhead shark with a leg in its mouth. The project will be a part of my personal collection. This digital illustration should: - Be in a cartoonish style - Portray a hammerhead shark with a leg in its mouth - Be suitable for framing I'd love to see your portfolio showcasing similar works to get a sense of your style. This project would be great for someone with a playful and imaginative approach to art.

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    As the author of a children's book aimed at the 0-3 year age range, I'm seeking a talented illustrator, or someone with limited experience but a ...Looking for someone to help bring my book dream to life. * Proficiency in creating visually appealing, light, and positive images, maintaining consistency throughout the book's entirety. * Adherence to a mutually agreed-upon timeline for completion. * Openness to revisions based on feedback provided throughout the project. Skills & Experience: Experience with watercolor and children's book illustration. Excellent communication skills, for interpreting and implementing feedback. Great opportunity for an illustrator wanting to speak truth and love into the children that read it. Opportunity to create an engag...

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    I'm on the hunt for a highly skilled and creative illustrator to help us design minimalistic, eye-catching marketing campaigns for our target audience, c...that stand out in a visually competitive platform. Responsibilities: Collaborate with our marketing team to understand the brand, objectives, and the message we aim to communicate. Produce and iterate compelling artwork that aligns with specific campaign goals. Deliver polished final illustrations in the required formats and sizes for each platform. Requirements: Proven experience in digital illustration, specifically for advertising. Strong portfolio showcasing your ability to adapt styles and concepts to fit brand and campaign needs. Excellent communication skills and responsiveness. Ability to work on a deadline and ada...

    $67 (Avg Bid)
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    I'm looking for a talented illustrator who can create engaging watercolor illustrations for a children's book aimed at 5-8 year olds. The book will require around 10-15 illustrations. Key requirements: - Experience in children’s book illustration - Proficiency in watercolor technique - Understanding and ability to create visuals that resonate with 5-8 year olds It's important to me that the illustrations are colorful, imaginative, and can visually narrate the story to evoke curiosity and captivate young readers. Please include a portfolio of your previous works when applying for this job. Below is an example of the style I am after.

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    I'm in need of a talented graphic designer to create illustrations for my logo. Key Requirements: - Proficiency in illustrating logos - Ability to translate brand message into visual representation The ideal candidate should have: - Proven experience in designing logos and brand elements - Strong illustration skills - A keen eye for detail and aesthetics - Excellent communication skills to understand my company's branding message. I'm open to your creative input, but am looking for a unique, eye-catching design which can help my brand stand out.

    $30 - $250
    $30 - $250
    135 个竞标

    I'm in need of an illustrator for my children's picture book. The book is targeted at a young audience, so I want the illustrations to be in a realistic style. The project entails: - Creating more than 20 illustrations for the book - Designing the book cover Ideal candidates should have a strong portfolio of previous work in realistic children's book illustration. Experience in creating illustrations for a book cover would be a plus. Good communication skills and the ability to meet deadlines are also important. Looking forward to collaborating with a talented illustrator who can bring my story to life visually.

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    I'm looking for an illustrator to create two children's books using the lyrics from my viral songs "Little Brown Girl" and "Little Brown Boy". The main theme will for each book is seld-esteem. I've attached a pdf of the lyrics, broken down according to the page I want them to appear on. Each book will have 24 pages, not including the cover and the back page. I've also included examples of the illustration style I am going for. Capturing the essence of black beauty, in our hair, various skin tones, and facial features is extremely important for these books. Please ONLY submit if you have created illustrations of young African American girls and boys, and you can provide a link to your previous work that matches this criteria. Ideally, the ...

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    I'm in need of a talented illustrator who specializes in cartoon style. These illustrations will be utilized for online content, tshirts, mugs etc I am attaching 2 pictures for rough ideas. Want the duck to have sunglasses that are cockeyed on his face. Needs to be color and primary color for the duck to be yellow. . Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in digital cartoon illustration, particularly comic book style. - Strong understanding of storytelling and composition. - Experience in creating engaging and dynamic characters. - Ability to work in alignment with online content requirements. Previous experience in illustrating for online content or comic books will be highly regarded. Your portfolio should demonstrate your skills in this area.

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    I am in need of an expert illustrator who can transform a blueprint into a realistic house illustration. Key project requirements: * Convert the blueprint into a realistic illustration primarily focusing on architectural structures. * Use neutral colors for the illustration. Ideal skills and Experience: The ideal candidate for this project should have: * Strong experience in creating realistic illustrations, particularly architecture or real estate. * Proven ability to work with neutral color palettes. * A keen eye for architectural details. * Ability to interpret and utilize blueprints. If you fit this description, I encourage you to bid on this project. Explain your process briefly and provide examples of your previous work in similar projects. Let's bring t...

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    I need an expert in creating captivating, kid-friendly digital products such as coloring books. - Your task will be to design children's coloring ebooks with a specific theme: farm animals. - I appreciate someone who has previous experience in illustrating for children's books or has a solid background in creating engaging visual digital products. - Superior skills in graphic design, illustration, and ebook creation are paramount. - Your creativity, precise attention to details, and adherence to deadlines will be crucial for the success of this project. - The final product needs to be high quality, fun, and engaging, prompting children to interact and learn about farm animals through coloring.

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    I need a skilled graphic designer for Instagram post designs with great creativity and color palettes. Your responsibilities will include creating unique, stand-out designs that will engage our social media audience. Ideally, you would have: - Exceptional skills in graphic design, Photoshop editing & Illustration - A strong portfolio demonstrating your ability to design in a bold and colorful style - Experience with social media post design Let's collaborate long-term and create some eye-catching Instagram posts together.

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    I'm looking for designer to create a cheeky, funny and cool Zebra mascot in a cartoon style. This mascot will be used for personal purposes, decorating a Land Rover (with a ze...size about 12 x 12 inch or 30 x 30 cm). To print the stickers I need a suitable image file : in addition to a jpg (at least 300 dpi) also a PSD. - The final design should be suitable for printing stickers. The stickers serve as giveaways and to decorate a Land Rover, introducing a fun and light-hearted touch to the vehicle. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in character design and illustration, especially in a cartoon style. - Creativity and a good sense of humor, to ensure the mascot is both cheeky and cool. If you're ready to take on this project, please provide examples of your prev...

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