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    We are a high-tech company located in Shanghai, China, and we would like to recruit American automotive chip purchasing managers and sales managers in the United States. This person must be an American with more than 10 years of working experience in the US chip industry, and have held positions such as sales, procurement or automotive chip research and development. Our company now has a commercial representative office in Virginia, USA, and is currently opening a chip technology company in Austin, Texas. Our working language is English.

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    $50000 - $50000
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    Russian SEO articles 已经结束 left

    I need to find a great writer. The abilities he/she must possess are: 1. Proficient in SEO related knowledge 2. Have many years of writing experience 3. Must speak English and Russian (or only Russian), and can write Russian articles 4. Research on topics/themes 5. Need to be familiar with every product of our company. Need to know the functions and features of each product, and under what circumstances the product will be used. You need to clearly know how each product is used, and you can write out the operating steps. What I can provide: 1. Order at least 5 articles per month 2. 20-25$ per article of 1200-1500 words 3. Provide article structure, keywords, and articles on similar topics for your reference If you meet the above conditions, please actively communicate with me, I am ...

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    research paper 已经结束 left

    英语文学课 research paper 页数:7页 格式:MLA 芝加哥时间5月1日下午需要 $85

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    我有一个持续工作,之前与之相关的项目为'Advance Research on Wordpress website development'

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    关于online shopping的5000字REPORT,已经写了3000字左右,剩下research methods ,analysis finding 和 conclusion.

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    THE AGILE AND CMMI 已经结束 left


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    I'm a chinese I don't speak english. So , I will introduce the project in chinese language.I'm sorry! 现在,很多中国人开始创业。也有很多人在从事风险投资。创业者在寻找投资资金,投资家在寻找具有开创性的项目。重要的是,对很多创业者,尤其是对那些朝气蓬勃、斗志昂扬的年轻的创业者来说,最缺乏的恐怕还不是钱,不是资金,而是经验。成功的企业家,不是培养出来的,成功的创业者,也不是训练出来的,正如伟大的爱因斯坦、比尔.盖茨等人类精英一样,谁还记得他们的老师是谁呢——他们不是训练出来的,不是教育出来的。可是,他们也一样需要相关的经验的传授。创业也不例外。第一、线下进行创业的相关经验、知识的分享、交流;第二、帮助那些极富创造性的创业意向,能够切实可行;第三、向那些具有丰富经验的投资家推荐靠谱的创业项目;第四、创造更广阔、灵活的创业、投资交流平台,让创业者与创业者之间,创业者与投资者之间的交流,都变得更加方便;第五、跨越行业、地区、国界、种族、文化的创业与投资交流平台。 我们可以设想一下,如果,美国纽约的世贸大厦,也有阿拉伯人的股份,而海豹突击队员也有投资伊拉克的某个小型公司,这个世界,也许会更加美好。我相信,这种可能性,是肯定存在的。可以说,跨越行业、地域、国界、种族、文化的分享交流、利益共享、责任共担,是人类社会未来发展方向。作为这个世界的一份子,我们每个人,都可以为此努力!我们每个人,都可以为此做出自己应有的贡献! 你需要我,你们需要我;我需要你,我们需要你。这个世界上,每个人都需要别人的帮助,而每个人都可以帮助到别人——更为可喜的是,我们可以用一种经济的方式来推动人类社会文明的进步。 请把你的手...

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    food express to power 已经结束 left

    double space, 5-7page, MLA style, persuasive research paper, I already finish 2 pages and outline of this essay, please help me to rewriting this 2 page. use at least 4 sources to explain how and why food is connected to some dimension of the social or societal realm, the paper's goal is to use research findings to help the readers take a side on a particular issue. use evidence from sources to analysis and support the thesis need at least 2 requirement sources in the file. and also, need at least 2 sources from library website, I already found it and add it in the files. there totally have 4 sources in the files. 2 library source link (i also sent in the files)

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    我们公司为在中国的澳洲留学生提供代笔服务,如果您有意愿为我们服务可以留下您的联系方式。我们主要是代写essay,assignment,还会有research paper等,我查看你了的简历并想与您合作,更多细节可以详细聊

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    我们公司为在中国的澳洲留学生提供代笔服务,如果您有意愿为我们服务可以留下您的联系方式。我们主要是代写essay,assignment,还会有research paper等,我查看你了的简历并想与您合作,更多细节可以详细聊

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    把英文学术论文翻译为中文学术论文.从Page 184 Research Overview 到 Page 208 Future Research之前。

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    Check out: You see the following phrases: 缘分是前世感情的延续, 缘分是今世的擦肩而过。 缘分是前世不变的誓言, 缘分是今生痛苦的约定。 缘分是一次机遇的把握, 缘分是一种爱慕的流逝。 缘分是相遇时美好梦想, 缘分是别离后苦涩回忆 I need 500 10-15 word phrases on 缘分, nothing shorter and nothing longer. The meanings and words from the 500 phrases must all be different from one other.

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    Looking to build a model that I can use to input a clients financial data in order to determine the best real estate investment plan, debt relief plan, other ancillary investments, etc, All information and ratios will be given. Applicant needs to be an excel wizard.

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    Legal Research 9 天 left

    Legal research for Colorado data protection law.

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    We are a promising startup at an early stage, we are established already, we are looking for a REAL fundraising expert to work with us on percentage commission basis ONLY , meaning, he/she gets a share of the funding they can bring to us, so the more they can bring i...startup at an early stage, we are established already, we are looking for a REAL fundraising expert to work with us on percentage commission basis ONLY , meaning, he/she gets a share of the funding they can bring to us, so the more they can bring in, the more they get... Please DON'T apply if you are looking for hourly based pay, we won't pay anything until you secure the funding. We have the investment pitch deck, we have the business and financial plan ready, we just need investors to finance us and push u...

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    I’m looking for a top scriptwriter who meets the following criteria. (very long-term position with a lot of opportunity for growth) Deep knowledge of football (soccer) Being able to write viral scripts for videos like this: 1) 2) - 1800+ words -3+ Scripts per week - Do your in-depth research from the title you get and write the script. - No high plagiarism score I would like to see examples of work you have done before. (especially links to YouTube videos (scriptwriting by you) in the sports niche that went viral) This is a very long-term position where you will have consistent orders and will have a crazy growth potential with bonuses and raises. You need to have deep knowledge of football/soccer and be a fan of this sport

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    Logo Design 6 天 left

    We are seeking a talented and highly creative Logo Designer to join our team. The successful candidate will be responsible for creating logos that effectively communicate the brand's strength and ideas, while also resonating with the target audience. Responsibilities: Conduct research on the brand and its target audience to inform logo design

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    Selected candidate has to perform the following activities: 1. Work on day-to-day tasks assigned 2. Work on website content and creative writing 3. Work on social media posts and ad writing 4. Work on blog writing 5. Work on PPC ad writing 6. Work on captions and email writing 7. Research using multiple sources

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    TechMahindra seeks participants for an Artificial Intelligence study in Sunnyvale, CA. for one of the largest technology companies in the world! A diverse group of individuals from various age groups and ethnic backgrounds is required for a successful study outcome. Attendance on-site in Sunnyvale is mandatory. The duration of the study is 1.5 hours, including a 30-minute COVID screening and 60 minutes for the actual study. The total payment for the 1.5 hours is $100 and we are seeking to award this job to many freelancers.

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    Revamp my website -- 2 6 天 left

    Revamp my investment and financial news website. Check out the attached document

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    need help in managing finance and investment Need help as where I can invest money and get some good interest

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    I want research papers in various areas of law like corporate governance, tort and criminal liability, Intellectual Property, Corporate Law , Constitutionalism and economic cost of law etc. which should be within 6500-7500 words and less than 6% plagiarism content in the paper.

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    Full stack Developer 6 天 left

    ...oxwall store. I will research and purchase these - you will install and configure 3) successful redesign and store acceptance of IOS and android apps to match UWA and web site looks ( this includes any Facebook, Google IOS T's and c's updates etc 4) Gamification features for gathering info - each log in gather info from users to allow for more BI and better search parameters - i will look for your direction on this 5) Adding dating profiles and managing these ( i will buy around 30,000 pre filled dating profiles, we need these added then some removed each week as we add genuine users - a script built to manage this) 6) up to 10 user profiles free, basic, paid etc ( these should all be easy to set up via the skadate CMS dont expect any custom work and ill do all t...

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    Academic research paper For " ADVERTISING IN RECESSION " ?

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    You now have to combine your Research with the assigned work. Your goal is to use storyboards and/or paper prototypes to describe your concept as fully as you can. You may need to combine some of the techniques that have been discussed in class and in the design readings. should include the following information for your proposed app: • App name (Max 30 characters, including spaces) • App description that would appear on the Market (Max 4000 characters, including spaces) • A slogan or promotional saying that would appear on the Market (Max 80 characters, including spaces) • Application Type (pick either "Applications" or "Games") • Category (specify one of the categories on the Market) • Succinctly answer the following questio...

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    ...required to support the research questions. The Data Analyst will be responsible for formulating compelling research questions ( 3 to 4 questions) and creating data visualizations using Python scripts. The project's final deadline is set for 4/14/2023, with the requirement of completing phase 01 and phase 02 drafts prior to the due date. To ensure seamless collaboration with the project team, regular communication with the analyst through live chat sessions is preferred. 1. Your analytics project must have demonstrable real-word value. 2. Your project must rely on a large, real-word dataset. 3. Your project must address at least three specific research questions that, when answered, will directly inform managerial decision-making. 4. You must investigate y...

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    SEO Expert Needed -- 2 6 天 left

    ...extensive experience in managing and executing SEO strategies, with a proven track record of driving organic traffic, improving search engine rankings and increasing conversion rates. Responsibilities: - Develop and implement SEO strategies for a portfolio of websites, with a focus on improving search engine rankings, driving organic traffic and increasing conversion rates. - Conduct thorough keyword research and analysis to identify target keywords and opportunities. - Optimize websites for on-page elements, including title tags, meta descriptions, header tags, content optimization, and image optimization. - Collaborate with the content team to create high-quality, keyword-rich content that is optimized for search engines and users by suggesting blog articles, landing pages, an...

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    It would be helpful if someone qualifed in the chinese language could help me with a chinese article

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    We are looking for creative thinkers who can research and write on technical subjects for the IT Industry. You may be required to write blogs or web copy for Digital Marketing, Ecommerce Blog, and Affiliate blog related articles.

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    Web Research 6 天 left

    For a list of approximately 75 property addresses in the United States (single neighborhood / homeowner's association), I would like complete data for all: Owner names (all) Owner contact information (email / phone / social profiles) Resident / Non-resident Property tax info (homestead / non-homestead) Property loan information (balance, mortgage or not, etc) Property attributes (square footage, bedroom count, all details, etc) Demographic info (employment, income, etc) Vehicle info (make/model/license #) All other possible data.

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    Tableau Project 1a 6 天 left

    ...include steps on how each table is done. 1. Prepare the Data Source The data within nyc-rolling-sales is very dirty. Many of the data types were not recognized properly by Tableau. Spend time exploring and clearing up the data before moving on to building tables. More specifically, make sure to clean: -Field data types -Dimensions and measure classifications 2. Create Table 1 The real estate investment company you work for is interested in analyzing a record of every building or building unit sold per borough in the NYC market. They would like you to build a table that compares all the Boroughs within New York City real estate data. Instructions: 1. Create a Borough Name field Create a calculated field that uses a logical statement to change the Borough field from number...

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    Review and optimizations to multiple existing websites to better position with SEO. Set up tracking and performance metrics. Optimize across multiple search engines (Google, Bing). Track performance. Research competition and estimate competition ad budgets. Two existing sites to improve: Two new sites launching within 4-6 weeks to configure from the ground up.

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    I’m looking to do a market research for a company called Swift-Cut. I’m looking to check on the UK market only. The brief is per below Competitors Analysis: Using our provided Range information ( can be found on website) Identify 3 key competitors in our market place. •Briefly outline there strengths and weaknesses? Swift Jet pro – High pressure water jet cutting •Identify 3 key market sectors that they could target and outline reasons why? •Outline what techniques you would adopt to go after and grow our sales within this market.

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    We are a software company looking for potential customer leads. The project scope and criteria for the leads we're looking for our outlined in the attached project scope.

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    Task Summary We developed a Chrome extension for research purposes. It scrapes the feeds on Facebook and Twitter and records the encrypted data into a MySQL database. It also had the capability to hide posts/comments. We would like to update the functionality of the extension to do two things: (i) identify ads on Facebook and hide them (instead of posts/comments), and (ii) record clicks on ads that users make. Current State of the Code The extension was fully operational as of 3 months ago. The core functionality was recording encrypted data and hiding content. Immediately upon installation it started recording posts/comments on Facebook and Twitter into an encrypted database. 2 weeks after installation it was starting to hide certain posts/comments from the feed. Task Descriptio...

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    I have a ebay store called 'Imperium Living'. The store sells living essentials. Mainly electronics (wireless charger, hdmi cable ect, electric whisk, coffee grinders),welness and fitness (water bottles, resistance bands, pincluding supplements), pet supplies. I need the following 1) design a ebay listing template, needs to have in design postage, returns...template 3) make the listing compatible with tagbot 4) create instruction file for using the template with tagbot. 5) design banner image for ebay shop. 6) create upto 6 featured category image for ebay shop 7) optimize logo for ebay shop All should be mobile, tablet responsive. All should be according to ebay rules and regulations no active content. Needs to be clean and modern. Please to the research into above befo...

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    Trophy icon white paper article for publish 20 天 left

    I need to write 10 pages unique white paper article to publish on article website. I need someone who has background of IT and good experience on write article on any software development application. I need someone who has article research experience. Need to write unique paper on below any topic. Full payment done once article approved and published on website. Paper should be written unique by yourself, if you copy paste content from any books or online source then your paper not acceptable. you must include below points with other contents details in your articles. See attached reference template for more details. Maximum 11 pages. ABSTRACT General Terms Keywords INTRODUCTION CONCLUSION REFERENCES Applications of Computer Science in Modeling. Visualization and Multimedia. Data...

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    Thesis research 7000 words 6 天 left

    Hi my deadline is on 11th Feb - i need help with the Methodology , Analysis ( secondary Data ) and conclusion chapters total word count 7000 - must be finished on 11th Feb - this is high-quality research using peer-reviewed journals - do not waste my time if you do not have the experience in research and how to conduct secondary data analysis

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    PLEASE READ THE DETAIL BEFORE will start earning and it will be as long as we will be working together. Talking about the investments that will be done by me for all the needs and what I will expect from your content skills is writing the best possible content. Let me know if you are interested and have any questions regarding this. Creating, developing and managing own website required a lot of skills, processes and investment but if a website starts providing better results then it can become a source of long-term income. I know it is risky that is why I will be bearing all the risks. If we will be able to succeed then we will achieve something in the long run otherwise we will learn a lot on this journey of creating something for ourselves. Waiting to hear from...

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    E-waste management 6 天 left

    I want someone who can write a small research project for me. It's related to e-waste management.

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    I am looking for a group of scientists to collaborate with them and to submit a paper research in web of science

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    Hello Freelancers, My project is that I need a freelancer to write for me a research proposal for PhD application to a university, and one of admission requirements is to have a good written proposal either gramatically or scientifically. The field of research is the medication safety, pharmacovigilance and drug safety and because Im a pharmacist my interest is about pharmacy and how to keep patients safe while they took their medications. Researchers in the Pharmacoepidemiology and Medication Safety cluster aim to improve the safety and benefits of the use of medicines in practice. Medicines are meant to improve patient health; however, some necessary conditions that require meeting include (i) the choice of therapy having to correspond to patient’s clinical requ...

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    ...ranking #1 for all of our listings. Monitor and track local SEO performance and adjust strategies as needed to maintain and improve rankings. Geo-grid tracking for keywords. Requirements: At least 2 years of experience in Local SEO with a focus on Google Map Pack rankings. Strong knowledge of local SEO best practices, Google's algorithm, and ranking factors. Ability to conduct keyword research and on-page optimization. Experience with link building and citation building. Familiarity with Google My Business, Google Maps, and other local listings. Excellent communication and project management skills. To apply, please provide: A brief introduction and your qualifications for the role. We are looking for a long-term partnership, so only serious candidates should ap...

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    I need help organizing, designing and implementing engaging, entertaining courses for busy perimenopausal women on lifestyle changes (diet, exercise) to help minimize symptoms of menopause and Perimenopause. Each course will be based on a specific symptom. I have just about all of the research and informational content. I have drafts of courses that are not very entertaining. I may need help with making it less technical and more relevant to the layperson. I will have a specific, calming theme for the site that I would like to carry into the course. The site itself will be based in Squarespace.

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    I need a research paper on it and is the format fo research and

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    I am looking for a research assistant for a book being written on the creation, migration and history of humans based upon the ancient Sumerian texts. The main researcher/writer is in her 80's and is having difficulties researching and writing in her later years. The position would be to assist researching maps, pictures, and documents, as well as inserting such into the document being written. The position will not include ARGUING the positions of the main researcher, but instead pointing out inconsistencies in evidence or conclusions presented and where clarifications for readers are needed. The main researcher/writer is located in Bradenton, FL. The position requires meeting with the researcher/writer once a week for 4-5 hours, and the day is flexible, but needs to be m...

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    Hi Ishan S. As already discuss on chat, you can start working

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    Hello everyone! I recently started my social media marketing agency and am looking for potential clients. I need someone who has a basic understanding of social media marketing and will be able to conduct a table of a 100 instagram and tiktok accounts who might be interested in my services. These will include small business owners or influencers who are just starting up, and have a followers base under 500 followers. You will need to provide a google sheets table that includes the name, the type of the business, the contact information, its website, the follower number. Let me know if you're interested and will meet over zoom so I explain you all the necessary details. This Is an entry level job, however you have the opportunity of promotion and becoming an established in my company...

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    We are looking for different crypto experts to help us with our video content. We need video on: - Testing crypto products - Academy on specific topics - Market research and technical studies - Memes and jokes - Explanation of news etc, etc The platforms we are going to work on are: - TikTok - Reels - Youtube videos Requirements: Perfect English You must be able to make the video yourself with the technical and aesthetic specifications of the brand. Proposal: We expect you to tell us in this proposal what you can offer, how much you charge per minute or per piece (or explain how you do it). Do you think you could add value to any of the points in the offer? We want to read you!

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    精选investment research社区文章