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    ...GOOD!!! (In other words if your bid text appears on my screen within one minute, then it is an auto bid and you are wasting your time and mine. You will be rejected. No pleading, no arguing!) I have between 80 and 90 images, all 1000 x 500 pixels, in JPG format. These need to be reworked as transparent background PNG images.. Crop the existing

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    I need a lawyer 已经结束 left

    Someone sues me. I need help review my pleading and procedures.

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    I need. A book cover with a MSN and a woman the woman is facing away from the MSN she is in a side [login to view URL] the MSN. The man is on a frontal position. He is on a pleading position. They are both Black. The woman has s. Large behind .There is a bed room background

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    ...represent in Court. Specialize in wrongful termination, discrimination, ADA violation, etc, breach of contract etc. 1. Just paper prep work $50-$75 hourly by Attorney or by Lawyer like Paralegal who now how to pleading complaint with all elements and cause of action correctly using CACI -California Civil Jury Instructions formatting) 2. Court

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    Transcribe recorded phone calls into Microsoft Word, pleading paper, as the transcription will be for presentation in a California court. Some calls are difficult to hear, so require patient listening & possibly repeating parts of the call. If you have phone decifering equipment to make it easier to hear the call, that would be a plus. Pls mention

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    Trophy icon general Mattis 已经结束 left

    I need a picture of general mattis - US sec of defense with the phrase -- ‘I come in peace. I didn’t bring artillery. But I’m pleading with you, with tears in my eyes: If you fuck with me, I’ll kill you all.’

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    I have been wronged by local county agents, and need help to prepare a Title 42, 1983 federal counterclaim. Additionally, I can use help with local state code pleading in the original state misdemeanor case.

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    ...experience in php an sqlite this task should be done fast. ( 2 / max 4 hours ) conditions fast payment when successfully done - only one single final milestone pls no pleading for rating...

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    I have pleading need some customisation to make it work.

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    27 竞标 kneeling with her hands in the air as if she is worshiping or pleading for help with her struggles. The image of the woman should be directly below the letters “HER STRUGGLES” and should be a dark black image that does not show facial details. We are open to some ideas to help make the logo stand out and present the brand better. The purpose of

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    Write a pleading letter 已经结束 left

    Need US or UK native write a pleading letter Budget: US$20 Time: 1 day

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    ...handing by their limbs( tail or wings for animals 1 to 8 and pawslegs or tails for animals 9 to 16). Perceptive = you are looking down and to the side of the animal. Large pleading cartoonygoogly eyes. Think - puss in the boots from shrek. 2nd part - Create cartoonish depictions of animals that are hiding themselves. Wide sacred eyes. Hind is up

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    Build a Website 已经结束 left

    ...files and folders appear. This is not a website that needs to be "pretty" its an information website that the user can start from the beginning to the end and read every PLEADING, MOTION, ORDER, TRANSCRIPT, DISCOVERY DOCUMENT etc if they want (which they won't because that would take weeks. But they will want to review specific documents or dates during

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    I need a letter written to the judge for a court hearing tomorrow morning stating that it was my fault w...more my fault to consider giving my boyfriend another chance. He is a business owner a father and a wonderful boss and many people depend on him and we are all asking and pleading for him to have one chance to just get out one last chance please

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    Need one page legal pleading to Florida Superior court regarding 90 days extension. Need the response completed ASAP The response is only one page, please review the lawsuit, and provide a quote for the revised response, I will need to have it done on Legal pleading to the Attorney and the Court

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    I need a legal pleading response to a civil lawsuit. I wrote the response, however I need to ensure it is court compliance and it properly responds to the Civil claim. Florida Civil court. Need to complete within 48 hours

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    Trophy icon Red Panda Mascot For Language Learning Site 已经结束 left

    Hi there, We're a language learning web application called Language Zen: https://languagezen...[login to view URL] The mascot should look good with different expressions: serious, happy/excited, sad (with big, pleading eyes). We'll be using the mascot with animations so please make sure the file is an .svg.

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    Pleading Papers 已经结束 left

    Writing pleading papers and legal research related to property dispute. Additionally we work on Contracts.

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    I am looking for someone skilled in Legal Research to help write a series of Pleading Papers in Las vegas, Nevada for lawsuits. Also write contracts. You must be in the United States, be FLUENT in English and Law with exposure to Business, Patent, Mortgage and State laws prefered.,. and ability to effectively research and find applicable laws to my

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    Need Legal Research 已经结束 left is a quick test .....if you can send me the first 4 pages of the initial complaint pleading in Word or PDF format for the case attached in JPG file I will award the job to you.

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