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    Site is Marine water activity company in the US. Site has been using Joomla 2.5 with tour(custom activity booking module)and some modules. Need merge,migrate and recreate a site. We are discuss to upgrade latest Joomla version but, wordpress has more capability, extension and integrations, decide to migrate and integrate to wordpress. >>>>>>>>&...

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    Hi freelancers, I need Joomla developer who have the following qualifications: 1. Experience more then 1 year in Joomla only. 2. Knowledge of event booking,community builder joomla extension. 3. Have excellent knowledge of developing custom extension like component,module,plugin. 4. No company,no team, only independent developer. If you have any of

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    Update Website 已经结束 left

    ...====== h) Make K2 Extra fields appearing as "Additional Info" with bigger font [登录来查看链接] ====== i) Coding to add the PhocaGallery Module inside the K2 Article in nice way and mosaic view format [登录来查看链接] ====== j) Define variable that sets ordering of appearance

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    Hi, I have the joomla extension JChat Social ([登录来查看链接]). I would need to have a "link" on the community Builder profile that opens the chat box with that respective person. YOUR TASK 1: Modify the core JChat (preferably as an override so that we can still update the component) so that we can have a link which

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    In summary, I will give you an update of what I am using, extension wise in Joomla, and what I am looking for at this stage for development. Joomla 1. Akeeba Admin Pro – All security protocols, updates etc 2. Akeeba backup 3. Advance Module manager 4. Sh404sef – Management of all links, canonicals, meta data, directives etc 5. Site Search Console

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    I have vchart module which deal with all type of google charts which develop by wdmtech vChart is an advanced charting Joomla component that fulfills any data visualization need. It contains a lot of customizing options and a very simple and intuitive data input option in back end. You don't need to worry about data format to input. It eases the

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    We are looking to set up an online exam extension (module or otherwise) that can be installed in a Joomla site for individuals to login and generate a practice exam from a database of potentially thousands of questions (sorted into categories). The idea is that users can select one or more categories of questions to be examined on and the system

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    Hello Freelancers, I need a simple and clean responsive la...Freelancers, I need a simple and clean responsive layout for product catalog extension (component/module) for my website. Here is an example what is exactly I want my product catalog should look like: [登录来查看链接] I'm using Joomla 3.8.1 Thank you.

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    ...if you click an article you will see that). I have also purchased this module: [登录来查看链接] I need you to make it so that Facebook content automatically pulls through to my blog page from Facebook using this extension ideally. As you can see from the website, this is for a charity, so we

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    I have Joomla 3.x website. I have installed JM HOT NEWS (version: 1.0) EF4 template. I try to install this extension: ([登录来查看链接]) After installing this extension the website does not work properly. If possible you can install other extension that can be

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    Adjustment and extension works to an existing fully working Joomla 3.8.2 multi language responsive layout website (Protostar responsive template based on bootstrap 3.0). Core subjects: - Installation of a language switch functionality in regular as well in responsive menu (no 3rd party modules desired!) - Two minor layout fixes (image width on main

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    Project for Vivek K. 已经结束 left

    Hallo Vivek K., as discussed, please update joomla and allits plugins and modules + install the extranet extension. We also need a menu item which needs to show up after installing the extranet module. I thought under Kontakt, you should add a new menu item "partner portal".

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    ...commerce électronique CMS Joomla 3.6.5. Actuellement, certaines commandes avec uniquement l'un des transporteurs pause problème. En fait, ne ce moment, certaines commandes rentre et sont en transport gratuit ce qui ne devrait pas être le cas. Le eCommerce de Joomla est gèré par JoomBuzz Shop qui est une extension de Joomla et le...

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    ...highly in demand nowadays Please find the source code here - [登录来查看链接] The component has never pass the beta stage but it was working fine with very early Joomla 3 version as it was built for 3.X version for the first place, with recent version, it become buggy and the internal menu starts to broken itself You need to make it working

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    In my Joomla 3 , I have a "Membershippro" component and a "SClogin" module, I want to take the "registration function" (a part of membershippro) into the "login function" (SClogin). SClogin only support user login function , I need to combine registration function on the same page(dialog). You only delivery one thing. 1. Coding's...

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    I want to change the some design layout for home page. Only those people are apply knowledge Hikashop extension module in joomla.

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    Looking for a joomla expert that can create new module positions and also work with css of current template to ensure that all looks good and presents well. Should also be able to modify existing extension to make design improvements and ensure all parts are functional properly. Preference will be given to those who have lot of experience with

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    Hi, I want to redesign the home in joomla. My project in local [登录来查看链接] can access only team viewer . => Have you knowledge in HikaShop extension module? I have attached the new design [登录来查看链接] check and give the finale estimate.

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    I have a website (Joomla) and need to develop tournement register form to be displayed on home page, User can select different tournements from a list. After selecting tournements register form shows up on the right side. User fill out register form and click payment button. User is redirected to payment site to finish payment. After payment user

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    Audio conference communication module for Joomla website. It is not vital to be a joomla extension but whatever you find more suitable. Video is not need. I have a Joomla website and want to host a conference between A) Me (the admin) B) Client (one client) C) Cooperator (One cooperator). The admin would give access to the other two and will connect

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    ...comprising of a Joomla and two Mediawiki components. Joomla contains the welcome page and links to the two Wikis. The two Wiki components reside in two foreign subfolders in the Joomla file system. One of the Wikis is a bit heavy. Its archive is almost 3 Gigabytes. Until recently the global search, yielding results from both Joomla and Wiki pages

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    Would like to extend the Minitek Wall Pro extension so that categories, or tags can be used to select profiles. that way each user to be displayed does not have to be selected per user ID, for example: country, year etc.. to narrow down to the users we would like displayed with this joomla/jomsocial module. Price to discuss. Thank you

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    Adjust "fresh" Joomla-Website: - optimize Menu appearence - add and setup free appointment-list extension - remove elements - change image slider appearence - alter footer - make optical adjustments - install free news-component or setup build-in news - make module adjustments - and some other small improvements - no custom made things

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    I'm looking for a Joomla extension to present maps with routes and Places of Interest (POI) using gpx files. The focus of the extension is on the routes. The extension should use Leaflet javascript. [登录来查看链接] API reference: [登录来查看链接] The following is a very detailed description of what I’m optimally looking for.

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    iOS ^ Android NATIVE Apps 已经结束 left

    ...Both apps are fundamentally extension of an INTERACTIVE Joomla website. Hence tight backend integration with Joomla site is a must. You must understand Joomla very well and be ready to write a secure webservice to access joomla tables. The key features of the app are 1. Display the content of the website 2. A quiz module (Not available in the webs...

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    ...create an interactive directory for all European companies/enterprises that sell and/or buy cars in B2B professionally. I suppose the fastest way is to use a platform like Joomla, but other suggestions are welcome even a project from scratch. Interactive means: - there is the directory with +/- 400.000 garages. - a registered user can make contact

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    I am looking for a freelancer to me with my project. The skills required are CSS, Joomla and some add-ons. I am happy to pay hourly as this will be an ongoing project. Our first task is to add a Live-Chat module to the website and get some training in how to use it. This is a good example: [登录来查看链接]

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    ...looking for someone to customise the JoomSport ([登录来查看链接]) extension to do what we want, specifically; - We need to create custom usergroups within JoomSport (3 or 4 custom groups) with each custom usergroup having different permissions so also need to create new permissions in standard Joomla Users so they are linked. Essentially we want someone to

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    Develop new content to existing websites. - New service section - Component for start page - Slider start page - Joomla/Extension upgrades - New module for searches

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    I am working with Joomla component named: ConfigBox [登录来查看链接] This component makes it possible to sell products online and lets the buyers configure the variety of products before purchase in new online print store [登录来查看链接] We need to style the configurator page and make few changes. See attached

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    30 个竞标 已经结束 left initial $250 project to install and edit a new Joomla site template. Client is [登录来查看链接] Hosting should be set up tomorrow. We will be using this Joomla template [登录来查看链接] I will give ALL you login credentials tomorrow for FTP, Joomla & cPanel. I will FTP up to hosting server the

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    Create a Joomla Template 已经结束 left

    Looking at building a Joomla template with all documentations. We have the mock-up design ready. The project to include documentations on template positions and module variations. The template will include a video library and event calendar extension. The template will allow for section background to be an image (including parallax image) or video.

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    ...the calendar popup windows to work in all sub-pages. The developer of the Joomla car rental addon extension [登录来查看链接] has told me the following: you have JavaScript errors in your pages that should be fixed. the module "icemegamenu" file /mod_icemegamenu/js/[登录来查看链接] is using some old deprecated

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    ...need an expert web developer for my ongoing projects. For this post, you must be proficient with MVC framework and all types of Joomla development. Current project needs you to know easySocial and jReviews with latest Joomla version. I need an independent freelancer to work within my team. If you are from an agency or such, please ignore this job

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    I have a freelance website on joomla based on joombri extension ([登录来查看链接]). I need to fix some bugs, rearrange the layout and add 2 payments options. 1- Fix bugs to install extensions : Package Install: No package file specified. 2- Fix bug : Main menu button doesn't show in mobile mode 3- Fix problems to login : login doesn't work sometimes

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    ...calendar popup windows to work in all sub-pages. The developer of the Joomla car rental addon extension [登录来查看链接] has told me the following: you have JavaScript errors in your pages that should be fixed. the module "icemegamenu" file /mod_icemegamenu/js/[登录来查看链接] is using some old deprecated

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    i need a joomla extension for Ooyala, like this one which is for drupal, whith the below details to be done for plugin, modules, and articles (native article system & K2). [登录来查看链接] The Ooyala module allows for your site to be integrated with the Ooyala video hosting service. Current functionality includes:

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    ...updated a joomla site to latest version and when updating the module (ext joomla /extension/dj-imageslider) the css override changes I had made previously were lost. Attached image shows the image slider is not filling the intended space. You will need to create some css override to fix it, or preferably install a different free slider module that is

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    Build a Website 已经结束 left

    Need a experienced Joomla developer with good experience in module, component, plugin and custom theme development. Having experience with OS property extension of Joomla will be given preference. We have continuous work in Joomla for various sites so need some extra hands to finish Joomla projects and would like a developer for long term. Please

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    Create a Joomla Template 已经结束 left

    Hi, we are looking a serious joomla module or extension developer to do our joomla project. Please share your joomla extension project , we only need expert

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    We are using the Joomla MyMaps ([登录来查看链接]). We would like an add-on module created that uses the My Maps component database to geo-locate the user's location and then publish the closest location(s) to the user. Output would be similar to the green bar at the bottom of the Trex . com website, which shows

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    I need to create an extension for joomla to manage: 2 zones 1) Radio Stations: a database with radio stations that i could manage (add, edit, delete), every radio station must have logo and description, every radio station must be showed on a module at the front end and the module must show a list of 20-30 radios and if there's more of 20

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    Hello, I'm looking for someone to build a Joomla Extension/Component/Plugin (whichever is best) that allows users to: *Create a custom background or outline color for a module's body *Create a custom background or outline color for a module's title *Create a custom font color for a module's body *Create a custom font color for a module's title

    $50 - $350
    $50 - $350
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    ...experienced Joomla web designer/developer to help me look for and set up a hotel reservation extension (free or paid - we will cover cost if needed). We had IceBooking but the extension is no longer being updated and no longer functions so we had to settle for a contact form in the mean time to get some inquiries (you will see the module on the side

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    ...someone to build a Joomla! component / module that allows the user to import and parse a specific set of XML files into our existing database powered Cobalt 8, a CCK by Joomla! Also will use the data to perform basic calculations based on an algorith we provide. Nondisclosure/non-compete agreement required. Proven Joomla! extension development experience

    $250 - $750
    $250 - $750
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    Improve our merchant list in Joomla and Wordpress Intro Bookingfor is our online booking engine for hotels, camping and travel agencies (called “merchants”). We developed a complete integration with Joomla and Wordpress (via API), here our github repository [登录来查看链接] Here you can see our Joomla merchant list: [登录来查看链接]

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    Bookingfor search tool Project for Joomla and Wordpress - 100€ for advance delivery Intro Bookingfor is our online booking engine for hotels, camping and travel agencies (called “merchants”). We developed a complete integration with Joomla and Wordpress (via API), here our github repository [登录来查看链接] Actually we have 3

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    I have a Joomla Site with Gantry 5 framework. Project is to adjust template to display the two new added components correctly. 1. Adjust new photo gallery component to display 2. Setup custom module to display registration text and button. To display only on public pages not registered pages 3. Fix briefcase component items to display properly

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    ... You see a carousel module (Karussell), an imagelink (Bild-Link) and a textual link (Text-Link) module. The “Prospekte im Regal” link opens our last module, a rack module, holding multiple flyers inside a book rack. All our modules open a browsable flyer inside of the customer’s homepage. What we need is a Typo 3 extension to insert and ...

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    JomSocial Developer 已经结束 left

    Looking for a JomSocial developer who can help out by programming an extension/module/menu. We are working with JMS multisites for Joomla and here we have different multisites with different JomSocial installations all deployed in one database. The challenge is to create a Module/Extension/Menu which collects JSevents from every multisite and displays maybe

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