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    I need someone to edit my essay and add a conclusion and expand on the introduction. Also to make sure I have included everything below. Building on the topics presented in Assignment One, you are to write a major essay on your chosen topic. The essay must be approximately 10-15 typed pages, double-spaced. The body of the essay must include: a historic...

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    I need some to write 3000 words essay on paramedics case study. Based on Australian standards, and some who is proficient in medical writing and know the terminologies. Note: Must adhere to the guidelines provided in the file and provide quality work paper. Must submit a full paper in 4 days, with half paper in 2 days. Fixed bid, in AUD we also

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    I need you to write a research article. I have a medical assessment needs to be finished as soon as possible, the questions needs to be answered and an essay as well..

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    I need someone to write a 2500 words essay about a certain type of Cancer. This is essay should be completed n Sunday. Essay will include treatment (chemo protocol ) and pre chemo work ups with at least 20 references and disease prognosis and studies. This is a master's degree so if you are not in a medical field please don't bed!

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    I need someone to write me an essay about Patient narratives of their illness experience at master's degree. The person to write should be in a medical field to understand the context. Send me a sample of Medical essay you have written and we'll work from there.

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    ...details before bidding please. Art or Science A reporter once said "...medicine is an art, not a science..." which could essentially be said of any profession. Using a medical ethics case (some options are available in below but you may choose any case discussed this semester), explain the influence of the ethical issues, pro and con, and your perceptions

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    I need you to write an academic article. A 750 word causal essay with an outline . I can provide instructions for the layout of the outline. The topic is "The united states is one of the worlds most devoloped countries, yet has some of the highest medical costs. What is the cause of this?"

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    I need you to write an academic article. Write an essay about the goals i plan on achieving in life. I'm a first year medical student and I aim on achieving a medical degree in Gynaecology. The objectives are: 1)Write the goal you want to achieve in two sentences 2)What's the importance of the goal in 3 sentences 3)Write the ac...

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    I need to write a research project for my class . it will be around 3 pages long. And i need some one who is really good experince in research writing because the person will find an idea and wrtie the essay. the idea shoould be unique. it can be about computer , internet , a medical tool ,or even comparasion.

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    I need to write an essay covering all of the following into one major theme. Between 700-800 words. Medical school statement outline: Being a physician is very rewarding Why do I want to be a doctor? Save lives, provide hope, rewarding career, make the world safer and more humane place to live, betterment betters me, dedicate my life to serving

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    I need an experienced writer who can write the admission essay for a medical school. I basically need help in rewriting, editing and modifying ideas to make sentences sound better. It is one essay that answer to a question (approximately 1000 words) It should be a well written essay with good grammar.

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    I need an experienced writer who can write the admission essay for a medical school. I basically need help in rewriting, editing and modifying ideas to make sentences sound better. I have the drafts. I'll be providing all the important points and ideas that should be stated in the essay. I need four essays in total, they answer four different q...

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    Need to complete a 5-10 page research proposal, with bibliography, and annotated in the Chicago Manual Style. This would be for a history subject, NOT medical. .......Engages in paper writing, for an upcoming project or two this semester. Primarily this would be for a historiographical essay, approximately 5-10 pages. Is it possible to get any pricing

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    Critical appraisal – Essay Writing - Epidemiological research Study Area: MEDICAL Details: Background - The purpose of this assignment is to apply the knowledge and understanding about epidemiological research that you have gained from the lecture series to evaluate and critique published epidemiological research. A primary paper of the study to

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    Need someone to write a medical school personal essay. Email for more details

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    ...from the superior mesenteric vein to the left renal artery, via the hepatic portal vein, heart and lungs. Describe all major structures you pass by or through (but you don’t need to indicate every “side road”). [login to view URL] you’ve arrived at the kidney, enter the nearest nephron by crossing the glomerular membrane into Bowman’s capsule. Describe the...

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    97Argumentative Essays 已经结束 left, political, economic and transcendental issues. The essay should follow PEEL format. I will give direction on how to write using PEEeL format, and also detailed information on how the introduction and conclusion should be written. I have several dozen essays that need to be written. Each essay should be plagiarism free. The writer understands that

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    ...but my paper FAILED. I want someone who is a fluent english writer. Write a Persuasive Research Essay with a Planning Report with an Annotated Bibliography FIRST, choose an option to write about, write a planning paper with the template below and then a 1000-1200 word essay in MLA or APA format persuading the reader to agree with your opinion.

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    I have a medical diagnosis of manic depression, or bipolar 1. I have had such a variety of really extreme experiences over the last 18 months and I am at a point now where if something huge doesn't change, my life will become irrepairibly deprived unless an awareness of all these intrinsically linked independent incidents is brought to the right people

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    ...body; and 1 page for the conclusion. Many of you tend to write about a certain issue from a descriptive standpoint--describing, for example, what goes into having an abortion, pictures of a fetus at various stages, etc. In a philosophical essay, however, we are not as interested in a medical description of an abortion, but rather the ethical/moral

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