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    ...project need document to be edited online, -> for which java applet opens ms word application from the local system, -> the application is also posted the remote url doc file (eg. [登录来查看链接]) -> user will edit the file and save / post to remote url for upload. This needs to work integrated to workflow / web application, i.e user logs

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    ...would like this software to be developed using Java. In this assignment, you are to implement a 3-tier enterprise application based on the following scenario. The application scenario An online car sale company needs to implement an e-business system. The system is a typical 3-tier enterprise application that integrates a presentation tier, a business

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    ...3-tier enterprise application for a movie and electronic game renting company. The application scenario Century Entertainment (CE) is a chained movie and electronic games rental store. To manage its growth CE has planned to implement a Renting Information Management System (RIMS). The system will be a 3-tier enterprise application that integrates a

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    First,some of the requirements should have laibrary API. Secondly, we need all applicatiin as a web application, bc as we know there is a web and a desktop . Main Requirements : Display PDF files Print PDF files Convert text and image files (gif, png, jpg, tiff) to PDF on the fly Fill and save interactive PDF forms Markup PDFs (all PDF

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    ...output (The protected file) MUST be able to be opened on both Windows and Mac OS X computers. Based on this I believe the only acceptable platforms would be Java and Adobe AIR type application for the protected eBook or a separate compilation build for Windows and Mac OS X of the generated file. The software would connect to an online database where

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    ...output (The protected file) MUST be able to be opened on both Windows and Mac OS X computers. Based on this I believe the only acceptable platforms would be Java and Adobe AIR type application for the protected eBook or a separate compilation build for Windows and Mac OS X of the generated file. The software would connect to an online database where

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    We need to create a Java desktop application to allow document uploads to our web application. Note - in all cases where the Web App is required to do something - we will program that function. We require the Freelancer to only work on the Java component. The Java application will: 1) Allow the user to login to the Java A...

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    ...coded in?** The requirements for this project needs to be cross-platform. It needs to be a stand-alone application, or if it's web-based, it needs to be able to be put on a CD, and install to sell. I am open to suggestions. It can be programmed in java, Silverlight, adobe air, html5, or any other cross-platform. I would like to discuss this further. If

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    $500 - $5000
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    Hi, we currently have an Iphone application that needs to be ported to Blackberry. We will post later on vworker a bid request to develop it, but right now I need help to write the bid request. When we send bid requests to vWorker, we send them very detailed with all the librairies/functions to use and right now we don't have enough informations

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    I would like a program/script written in PHP and/or Java (or ANY other language) that will help someone locate instances of copyright infringement on the Internet of documents that the author has written. This project would be divided into THREE PHASES. In your formal bid, please bid *ONLY* for Phase ONE and TWO. If you can ALSO complete Phase THREE

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    ...multiple open source software applications with our legacy software applications in an effort to optimize our business processes and patient care. List of needed elements: 1) High-quality database, linking CMS, Intranets, CRM, and legacy applications 2) An effective website using open source CMS. 3) Establishment of two intranet sites using open source

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    Alfresco Desktop Client 已经结束 left

    Alfresco is an open source Document Management System. On the server-side it is running on top of Tomcat. The problem is on the client end. There is indeed a choice between a web interface (HTML + Javascript) and a webdav interface (Webfolder on Windows). To put it another way it forces the user to sacrifice either ease-of-use or stability

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    Erp Crm Pos Dms Cms 已经结束 left

    We need to recode or develop aOpen source ERP CRM POS with Webstore, Document managment and content Managment. PLs see a attached list for complete understanding of requirements. Do not waste time if u have no interest of completing this work. Each day the code will be uploaded to the rent a coder with info as what was done if u need extra time pls

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    Hello! I am looking for a team of Java programmers to create a very special application for me. Since this is a big project and I need it done quite fast I am only looking for team of coders and not for individual freelancers. In your bid you MUST provide UML diagrams, design and architecture of this application and some of YOUR ideas how you will

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    ...transfered to other departments and other companys. This is a guideline to the program. To the winner I send a complete description of the routines, it is a 10 pages document. Complete program has about 50 forms/screens and about 50 reports. Some screens had only 5 fields, about 10 screens, some have 4 fields, about 10 screens, some have

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    ...Architecture: 3-tier architecture (UI, Business logic & DB/Filesystem) Technologies: Java (JAXTA), XML, AJAX and other suggested technologies Project Description: Web application that allows members to link other selected members to information (a document created online or a file that they uploaded to an online database). Member will also be

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    This is a summary, please see the attached zip with Word document and graphic. This application would preferably be written in Java in order to use it cross-platform. We would be willing to go Windows only if it affects price in a major way. Application should be able to open jpg, png, gif, tif. Vector art (eps) would be a plus. It would need to be

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    Hello, i need arabic word processor application written in Java. Java JDK 1.5 Unicode 4.0 features to be included:- multiple document/pages such as in MS Word, OpenOffice, StarOffice document to cater right to left directionality and vice versa. create new document open document edit and save document print preview print ...

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    Online Community & News Portal based on Open Source / phpBB Brief description and feature list for our new Online Community & News Web Portal Our new Online Community & News Portal must be developed in Open Source / phpBB. We have a high focus on getting the right and easy to use Portal, so it’s possible for us to keep adding new modules

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    SMPP java application 已经结束 left SMS. Logica provides free open source API for java at [登录来查看链接] The specific download area is [登录来查看链接] the application should be a java application compatible on win2k3, win xp and lunix systems. please reffer to the attached word document for more information. please

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    The software to deliver is a java JNI dll implementing the following functions: * Icons. I need the standard icon for a particular file extension. So I need a java method “[登录来查看链接] getIcon(String extension)??. * Implement the “GetFileInformationByHandle?? function. So I need al the information in BY_HANDLE_FILE_INFORMATION * Implement

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    Web based POS with .Net 已经结束 left

    This is to develope a web based point of sale (POS) system to manage several retail locations for Cellphone Stores selling phones, accessories, service plans, etc. 1. Tracking inventory with serialized and non-serialized items, 2. tracking service plan activations for commissions due and paid from the service provider, 3. handling sales to retail

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