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    ...fast desktop database application running under all 32-Bit Windows platforms (including Win95 on a 200MHz Pentium) independent of third-party licenses (no MS Access, no MS Excel, no .NET, no Borland Database Engine...etc). This database should offer to edit, search and select product records, with individual products coming from different vendors

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    ...be a free site membership, you will be able to order payslips, some duplicate documents. Forum access will be restricted. Scheme 2. Premium membership, £29.95 per qtr, included Sealand CA anonymous secure email account. Use of most parts of CA forum, most parts of website viewable. Entitled to order any CA products or services Scheme 3. Advanced

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    I need an application written in VB6 that will do the following: 1.) Read XML files that are in the PDX (Product Data Exchange) IPC-2578 package format. 2.) Store the related information from the PDX (Product Data Exchange) IPC-2578 files in both an MS SQL database and an MS Access database. 3.) Be able to read the data back from the

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    ...have links to direct site visitor to another page. Flash presentations will be used. Excel spreadsheets and graphs will be included. Designer must have experience in implementing these to pages. Contact Us page will provide an emailing format that site visitors can directly email company from the page (i.e will not pull up Outlook to send

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    ...from OScommerce shopping cart to be exported with custom field names and in a certain order to an excel spreadsheet. It can not be a csv, tab delimited, etc. It must me in native excel format. I have a script that generates what I need in tab delimted format but not in excel format. I have been told that this can not b...

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    ...convert a simple dictionary written in MS Word to a well-formed XML file. The dictionary consists of 26 separate MS Word files, one for each letter in the alphabet. The result of the conversion should be a single XML file. Each entry in the dictionary consists of a single paragraph starting with a word or expression in bold, followed by a hyphen and ending

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    ...entry application in Pocket PC. 2.? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? A library for excel for the data sorting (or other standalone application). The function is simple: The data entered and recorded in pocket PC saved in a file and will send back to a server. User shall be able to download the file and sort all data using excel. The transport layer

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    ...believe that it might be an excel doc. Please respond with application samples. Am adding the fact that we have migrated the access database to a sql server 2000. What I am hoping to get is an application that can format external data and parsed to match the backend. The application is for a product called Mail Order Manager from dydacomp and

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    ...file. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Installation package that will install the software (in ready-to-run condition) on the platform(s) specified in this bid request. 3) Exclusive and complete copyrights to all work purchased. (No

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    ...Clients should only be able to view stats for their own site Data should be (A-Z) sortable in the browser, for each column of data Ability to change dates in order that traffic can be viewed just on a particular date It should be possible to export the reports in Excel & to email them from the site to a user-specified email with their own subject & ...

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    ...study I have made an Excel file/template designed to provide specific information to a particular sector of the service industry. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Installation package that will install the software (in ready-to-run condition)

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    ...to mysql from the various accounting packages and excel as well as import customer data, order, inventory information, etc from mysql to the various accounting packages. What we need is a program that will connect to the database, show us what we select such as customer - show all their data as in form that collects that data on website; orders- show

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    ...result. We have a large number of contact lists (@ 1000 at present), for which we need a web based retrieval system. These lists come in all different shapes and sizes. The fields they contain differ, and they range in size from 50 records to 250,000 records. New lists will be added steadily, but once a list is added, it will not need to be updated.

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    ...coding to format our distributor's CSV spreadsheet in order to import to osCommerce's catalog. The enclosed zip file provide additional details in order to let the developer know the scope and finer details. In short the shopping cart should contain: · Batch upload of items, their description, images, prices, quantity available using an...

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    I am trying to find a computer program that I can use in Microsoft Excel that will allow me to make my bank statements with entries, deposits, withdrawals, interests, etc. exactly as my credit union does. I have noticed that within the past 6 months or so, that there have been an increasing amount of "unknown" withdrawals and transfers from my account

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    ...contained in it so I will not release it to the masses. Here is my idea, Take the existing program and make the following modifications: 1-Take out the hard coding of the user name and password 2-Have the program access the website page with the price list and download the retail price list to the appropriate folder convert this text file to an excel file

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    I need an invoicing program created with the following requirements. 1. Data for the program must be extracted from an excel spreadsheet(see the attachment) 2. When I open up the program I am prompted for an invoice number, percentage(35,50,75). 3. After I enter the information and press Continue I will be taken to an invoice creation screen. 4. At

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    I want a HTML form that allows people to attach files eg Word, Excel, Images etc (Should be able to browsed or drag and drop into an area on the page). Once dropped I want the file to be converted into a HTML format (may require api calls to the source application in order to 'Save as HTML' etc.) and then when submited all relevant files to be uploaded

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    ...take buy and sell signals from a software package, Tradestation, and transmit them to an API of my brokerage service. Most of the code for the API is already written in a functioning Excel spread sheet and the Tradestation has the code for handling the tradestation event. all API data can be found at [登录来查看链接] --> trading systems -->

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    ...numbers for the cards purchased is shown along with the card denomination. The cards must be shown in an ascending order of the denomination. There are 5 denomination cards $5, $10, $25, $50 and $100. The PIN numbers are available, in an MS Excel format. Once sold, the database must keep the details of who the card was sold to and when. The backend must

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    ...our server. Since no credit card information will be entered into the program it does not need to be on a secure server. Ideally the program could post the data to a .xls file in the background so after we enter the data we have the option to "download the .xls or .csv" file to our hard drive to save a copy. This program would be accessed a couple times

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    ...existing MS Excell sheet into an executable program. The static, data and calculated fields of the program are as in the excel spreadsheet. Turn existing excel spreadsheet into a windows (VB or C++) executable program with help tips as shown in the comments. The offer should take into account a pre-release which will be tested by us. After the tests the

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    ...my visitors from any page on my site. When any page loads, it should check if the pass variable is already in place. If it is not, it should capture the href, store it into a database and assign its pass variable. If the href already exists in the database, it should add a hit and send the same pass code through the pages. I need to track the code everywhere

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    ...equipment configuration and selection application. It will use a Three level Login system with name and passwords stored in My-SQL db. The application will have one parameter input screen with about 150 fields that are to be stored in the My-SQL db by user and project. All of these fields will have validation and default values. Once the information hass

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    ...like it to be redeveloped as follows: The game should start as a multiple choice, random order quiz game: 1 question, 4 answers, 1 right, 3 wrong. (I already have the questions in Excel format, they would need to be converted to some sort of binary file format that can be read by delphi without plugins, and that the user can't cheat and find the right

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    ...an ecommerce site (available in tab delimited form) and automatically generate an invoice showing: 1) Order number 2) Customer name and address 3) Item's ordered, unit price, shipping, and total cost 4) Components given in example invoice file Program or macro must be compatible with one of the following: 1) Microsoft Excel (preferrable) or 2) Microsoft

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    ...for commission calculation needs to be put in. The database should be able to generate an excel report or a report in a list format that lists all of the above fields for all deals-to-date in date ascending order with headings. A method should be provided for me to be able to upload this said list from Excel into the Access database and over-writ...

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    The deliverables should give a good idea of what is needed. Complete and functional code is a MUST in addition to the deliverables listed. For detailed deliverables, please contact the buyer. ## Deliverables CSoftware requirements: Use Visual Studio and Access. [登录来查看链接] MS Access database that keeps track of signed agents/resellers, deals, and commissions

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    ...program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. Main screen should have a button for a connection to database #1, a button for a connection to database #2, A button that says "compare databases", and a button which allows the user to view the error report. The error report should be exportable into Excel format also. As

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