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    Job Description: I need to automate my messages on gumtree, i look for landlord who have properties for rent and need to automate my message as i have to keep and copy and pasting my template which takes long, So i want to have a facility where basically it automate the message whenever a new...need to automate this, so i need something where it automates and sends them a message or bulk message to current and new adverts on Gumtree, There are some different searches examples, Property for rent apartment for rent flat for rent 2 bedroom apartment for rent studio apartment for rent On Gumtree you can search different area, but i want to have nationwide search So i want to have an automation where the message are being sent automatically and whatever respond i get on gumtree i c...

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    Hi, I need some QA-Automation tester to give training for 1 hour per day. Please bid if some one give training per day. Language- Hindi if possible In the bid please mention which tools you are best and how much time it will take to give complete knowledge. Happy Bidding

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    I have excel sheet I need searchable 3 drop down list on EOD DYNAMIC DATA sheet in my excel 1-NIFTY 50 STOCKS 2-NIFTY 100 STOCKS 3-NIFTY 500 STOCKS I have one EOD DYNAMIC DATA sheet in my excel I need automation where I have to pass this all nifty 50 or nifty 100 stocks one by one to cell F2 and if value of J11 = ENTRY OR EXIT then I have to copy row A11 to ANALYSIS sheet with single click all 50 or 100 stocks must pass to the cell and should get the value in ANALYSIS sheet as mentioned I am attaching the excel file kindly check

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    Hi Garima S., As discussed new project after the Anodic Goods project. Brief is I am setting up a website for my IT Consulting company. I am designing my first product an automation and reporting product aimed at simplifying corporate device patching. Still finalising product but my vision is simplified and automation of IT process, and improving user experience.

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    Hi, I noticed your profile and would like to discuss my project. I would like a script that will call: 1) A folder of GIFs 2) A folder of MP3s 3) A "rarity" text file, where each MP3 is named following a score The script will match every GIF with a random MP3 according to the text file. For example, if there are 5 songs, all weighted 20, MP3s have an equal 20% chance of being matched to the GIF. The output should be an MP4, and the GIF should loop to the length of the MP3. Price estimate?

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    We are looking for someone to build us a custom design for a Wordpress website, which will be used to promote a new electriain's business. However, we have multiple businesses and are looking for someone who can build us designs on an ongoing basis, so please consider the possibility of long term work when placing your bid. As a rough outline, we would look for something...placing your bid. As a rough outline, we would look for something similar to , however we will send you a more detailed brief with the list of changes + colour styles, etc, once you've succeeded in the bid. We are looking for someone to build the homepage as well as a template for a post page, for example something like

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    python automation testing 6 天 left

    This is kind of a job support. I am looking for python automation testing which has docker and Linux as VM.

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    hi, I need help on a project that require to auto login and retrieve data. But the main problem is that I think there are some security blocking bot to auto do task in headless (puppeteer js). You can check by trying to type "username", and press "login". if it successfully allow you to type password, then I think it will work. You can type any random username, as long as it is more than 6 character. And the reason why I want to use headless is because it will be faster. Requirements: 1) Make sure it is headless = true (headless = false work in the website, but when change to headless=true, it wont work due to the website security or something blocking) 2) preferable puppeteer, but if other library can use headless too, then I do not mind

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    I'm going to automate a straightforward React web application for Discord. The program needs to connect with Discord, get data from front-end requests, make automated announcements, hold raffles, and submit the winners' Discord ids back to the front end.

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    Looking for someone with cognizant intelligent test scripter experience, who can automate testing of a salesforce application.

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    Create a python Script to automate Google Ads Campaign creation using Incogniton () as Browser Look, it's not Incognito by Chrome it's Incogniton The script needs to: 1- Create new Incogniton profile for each client 2- Ask for the email and the phone number 3- Create campaign on google ads with determined keyworlds and site URL 4- Auto verify with the SMS key which need to be provided by the client 5- Create a loop to keep verifying campaign status of each profile on Incogniton and show the status of the campaign

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    Tradeview Alerts Automation 6 天 left

    To automate current alert setting process within the Tradingview platform. This will entail absorbing a currently available indicator from the platform. Modifying it to create alerts based on user defined distance from an indicator at a user defined 'launch' time of the day. The alert should have custom text to name the alert with the asset name, date stamp of creation and other user inputs.

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    Hello, Looking for support who has experience in Selenium, BDD, Core Java from 8:00 PM to 1:00 AM IST and any two hours in afternoon IST.

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    Hello , we are an IT startup focusing on web development and automation . We are looking for a long term developer who would be interested in working with us on project basis. Payment would also be made based on the project . Please state which tech stack you use and how much experience you have in it . Further details will be discussed in the chat .

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    Web Automation. I have other's website login details, Where I need to submit data automatically from my website. Is that possible by any automation system? If yes and you can , than please contact.

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    We're looking for someone who can work on qualified lead basis payout and we'll be providing all of the following, your role would be to introduce the company/product/service and schedule demo's/meetings: 1. Target Lists with Phone #s 2. Calling Script and Calling Soft Phone 3. 1-2 qualifying questions Our tool description Each lead payout is fixed INR250rs and it increases to INR300/lead after 20 leads.

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    Automation Work 5 天 left

    to login to a website with credentials to select and assign few tasks in different tabs action 2 there are few conditions which need to be scripted ie to accept inputs as user requirement - a front end

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    Automate excel spreadsheet to collect cell data from various separate excel files and collate into one data base.

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    Boost...these 3 steps, with the exception of the tailored content management is almost fully automated by the Booston SAAS solution. So connecting their external backoffice software, setting up the environment, setting the website live, etc. are all done automatically. This might be valuable to know, giving the content manager freedom in styling within the set op tooling available. Because of this automation, a trained content manager can setup a new website from start to finish withing a timeframe of 1,5 to 2 days on average. We imagine (but let's discuss) at some point we turn this into fixed little projects. On average we can offer up to 5 of these projects monthly. Are you a proven and dedicated freelancer content managing with a ++ interest in creating beautiful pages, ...

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    PR & Communication Project 5 天 left
    已验证 startup company is in the process of budding its brand through communicating its technological advancement and breakthroughs. The startup is seeking a PR/Corporate communication Expert who can offer 1-3 articles monthly, discussing company’s edges in the following fields: - Artificial Intelligence - Cloud Computing - Asset management - Business analysis and Analytics - Process Automation - Adaptive Learning - E-Commerce, Q-Commerce Technologies - Fleet & facility management Expert should be: - Native English speaker - 8+ Years of relevant experience - Capable of articulating complex concepts in a simple, short, and concise fashion - Aware of technological trends Expert will be working with technology experts within the company who ...

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    $30 - $50 / hr
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    3ds Max Script 5 天 left

    3DS Max Script Automation Expert Needed Automate script to do the following: -Import an Inventor file into 3DS Max via API -Change some material properties. -Render the model from a specific camera position. -Pre-defined environment and light setup.

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    Hello. I Need an executable file for Windows (Server 2012 R2+) Ideally built in C# (source code is required). This script should be a multi-thread s...Memory when finished processing. It should also log exceptions to error file. A sample script would be: c:/>automate c:/ (this command will ask the program called automate to read file) file would have the following sample instructions (one per line) focus "AppName" sleep "10" sendkey "Alt+3" sendkey 1 sendkey "H" sendkey enter exit The intention of this simple automation script is to help with our testing and to automate report creation. So we need the ability to focus, send keys and wait. (keys should allow "special" chars like tab, enter, shift+, etc - including combinati...

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    Hi I have fully functional automation software written in PHP, hosted in a VPS. I need an experienced programmer to go through the entire script and give me some insight, answer my question, and feedback, The task is done with any desk. Please inbox me and show me your profile with highly experienced PHP knowledge. Thanks

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    c sharp automation WORK 5 天 left


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    The requirement is to support the creation of building automation panels with 3D and dynamic graphical images, such as heatmaps. Our application works on server using pixel Streaming. The task is mainly aimed to create the dynamic scenes and to link 3d graphics to data. 3D data should be available through blender.

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    Currently Sumo Rewards plugin active. Need to activate and customize automation and rewards for clients.

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    In need of experienced and quality video editors who are familiar with Youtube. Ideally looking for an exclusive editor, or there's the possibility of work for an agency if all editors are on same level. This will be ongoing work for the right candidate. 2-3 videos per week @ 5-10 mins long. Editor, will need to source all videos themselves. ( under fair use laws) VOICE OVERS & SCRIPTS WILL BE PROVIDED. Please apply with either a link to your portfolio or send it in the DMs. Please apply with a true pricing offer. ( if you quote $10 then later say its $50, you'll be removed) Happy to work on $ per minute of video or overall video $

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    Automation Scene IFTTT 5 天 left

    I am looking for freelancer who can develop IFTTT type rule based MQTT scheduling of commands . The Application is similar to ewelink App where user can define scenes . Eg Turn on lights at 4am . And mqtt will send command to the device Eg When motion detected turn on alarm for 10 sec These rules will be dynamic and will be set by end users based on the devices which he owns . For Inexperienced developers this will be super tricky so please ensure you are ready for some nasty logic execution and code writing . Preferably 10+ years are suitable who have MQTT , ANDROID , NDK EXP

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    ...some cases, the backend needs updating and further development. We're looking for 2 ppl who can commit at least 3 days per week for a total of ~100hrs per week. OUR SOFTWARE: The platform you will be working on, Outshinery Studio, provides digital visual content for alcohol brands. Currently used by over 2K+ brands around the world, Outshinery is using the latest advances in 3D technology and automation to create curated imagery. ABOUT US: We are a fully remote team, highly motivated and creative! We are looking for agile people with a high capacity for adaptation - if you have worked in hectic startup environments before, it will be an advantage. We love people who show initiative, are reliable and can make decisions! TECHNOLOGY: You need: • skills: over 5 yrs exp...

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    I need a solution to read an excel worksheet that contains a google drive file link and some data. The program has to download the file (an image) and generate a post based on a template that uses the other data at the worksheet. The solution has to avoid any manual interaction.

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    Minimum 5+ years of proven experience in automation OR manual testing. Experience in Automation tools like Tosca, Selenium with Java, TestNg, and Cucumber. Experience in POM, page factory, BDD Experience in CI/CD pipeline Experience in both UI and API automation. Experience in REST Assured. Script maintenance, improve code quality and review automation script created by the team. Good knowledge of Agile Methodology, release plan, and test closure.

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    I need a script to automate the process.

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    Need a simple automation script I will share the video

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    Need a video editor, content creator, YOUTUBE Automation, video production we are Hiring also, so Bid with your attachment.

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    Need a video editor, content creator, YOUTUBE Automation, video production we are Hiring also, so Bid with your attachment.

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    Hi Hope you are doing good, I can perfectly help you with that in quick turnaround. I am a professional Excel expert holding 7 years of experience in utilizing advance level tools, creating dynamic dashboards and Excel (including VBA and Macro) to perform Data Analysis, Data Visualization, Automation and complex calculations. I will be happy to discuss in detail how I am highly suitable for this project. Kind Regards Arun

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    Random Python AI Works 4 天 left

    We have dozens of python projects because we want to focus AI for our social media platform. Please check our social media platform, in google type in travpart. The job are : - Developing user interface - Making bots (10$/weekly run it) - And more Works may includes natural language processing, NLG, ML, AI, automation, web scraping, tensor flow, etc Long term work a. Are you willing to work and sticking around for long term? b. Would you accept $50/bot/script ? $10/weekly/run for the bot? c. Please list out to me your relevant skills for this job ? d. Please send me the past similar working experience in a screen video record. e. Amongst these python's skill set, please tell me which do you possess and good at ? : Keras TensorFlow R Google Sheets API Selenium WebDriver...

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    We require the services of a tester experienced in testing Windows Applications. We want to automate the tests as far as is possible using tools such as Appium. However as this is a greenfield project we are open to your suggestion of test automation tools. Full or part time available. Long term work if desired.

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    We are looking for a Automation & "Solutions" Developer to build and troubleshoot the technical aspects of our business. The position - You will be responsible for setting up tools, connecting them to other software and build all technological related aspects of our business. - You will research new tools and test them out for us. - You will be in contact with the support of tools to fix bugs and accomplish your work. - You will very likely have to constantly learn new parts of this position, since our company is constantly evolving - You will plan and execute project independently in coordination with the CTO. Example We are currently building a backend for our clients that also integrates with a mobile app. The database of the backend will live in Airtable, the b...

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    ...experience in C++ software development in corporate environment - Active command of English - Creativity, high level of independence - Experience in software design - Experience in software development in an embedded environment - Familiarity with iPhone, Android, Linux, Windows CE, or QNX programming DevOps Engineer/Service Manager/Site Reliability Engineer: - Provide DevOps solutions - Develop automation and processes to enable teams to deliver software artifacts - Control and maintain CI systems - Design and implement Continuous Integration and Delivery practices - Create and configure projects and repositories in DVCS (Bitbucket server) - Integrate static code analyzer and quality measurement system with build pipeline (Sonar, Coverity, TIOBE) - Contributing to building ent...

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    ...experience in C++ software development in corporate environment - Active command of English - Creativity, high level of independence - Experience in software design - Experience in software development in an embedded environment - Familiarity with iPhone, Android, Linux, Windows CE, or QNX programming DevOps Engineer/Service Manager/Site Reliability Engineer: - Provide DevOps solutions - Develop automation and processes to enable teams to deliver software artifacts - Control and maintain CI systems - Design and implement Continuous Integration and Delivery practices - Create and configure projects and repositories in DVCS (Bitbucket server) - Integrate static code analyzer and quality measurement system with build pipeline (Sonar, Coverity, TIOBE) - Contributing to building ent...

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    Trophy icon Create a logo 2 天 left

    I need a logo designed for my business. My company's name is Richards Automation and I do engineering consulting for manufacturers. I work a lot with electrical, robotics and machinery so if that can somehow be integrated into the logo that would be great. I also like when logos have a mountain background if that could work as well.

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    Hi, i've never programmed neither used python before. i just bought a bot for automation on python but i don't know how to set it up. if you could help me i think it will be a matter of minutes

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    Devops engineer working on ansible tower automation along with jenkins

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    I am running a strategy on tradingview, and connected to Tradestation on tradingview. I need a script or something to open and close trades on Tradestation when alerts come through on tradingview.

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    ...with a strategy that utilizes Bitsgap, a trading software system, executing hundreds of transactions each day for the cryptocurrency coin. When the bot buys or sells coins, users will make micro profits from each transaction, whether or not the price goes up or down. As the software is making hundreds of transactions per minute, the profitability multiplies each day. The key is to set up the automation with exact rule-based strategies that are researched from the web or even chatGTP. I know nothing about coding and quite a bit about the markets online. I have the strategies to implement but need a bot that I can implement the strategies with. Of course it would be nice if it's at all possible to create the bot and make it so all the user needs to do is one click to get it ...

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    Want to modify our scraper for SPORTS STATISTICS and automatic the results. The Scraper is written in PYTHON language, but you can use any language you're comfortable with. The results need to be Bulletproof and accurate. We have used our scraper for some time but want it to run either on my computer or in the cloud whatever is best. This is part ONE as it will accomplish what we do daily by hand. We want to automate these steps first. Later we want to go to another step with these results and put everything into one file by trimming some excel fields. Also, in step two, we want to automate the new scraper program that you have modified to continue to fetch data every 30 to 60 minutes. Please don't send auto BIDS without inspecting the program. IT's not professional an...

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    Event managements and incorporating system logic and communications from cloud control to scada database in the cloud and based on events to do effortless logic for plc S7 based on current conditions as per the flow chart of logic systems which will be shared in due course.

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    We are looking for an experienced cypress automation tester. Please only apply if you have 1. 3+ years of automation experience using cypress 2. Good hands-on javaScripts 3. Poovan experience in as an automation tester using cypress Initially, my budget is very tight for this project is $50. And in future will get more work. 1. all three types of survey 2. Dashboard verification 3. profile details edition with validation 4. login and signup flow

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    ...there are three signors. Each type of fee agreement is named in a custom drop-down field in Zoho. I also have a word document for each of the fee agreements. I would like an automation that I can run through a button which will send out the correct fee agreement (based on the one selected in the drop down) via Zoho eSign with the correct number of people needed to sign. The client and the client spouse will sign first, and then I need to sign. After the document has been signed, the deal in CRM needs to be updated with a tag indicating the agreement has been signed. I am looking for somebody to create the automation or workflow to accomplish these tasks. I also need you to upload all of the documents to Zoho eSign, and format them correctly with about five merged f...

    $244 (Avg Bid)
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