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    ...accomplishments, experiences and how they benefit the United States. The letter must explain why the applicant deserves an exception from the job offer requirement and why his or her presence in the United States is in the national interest. Evidence of achievements and contributions: Documentation that proves the applicant's professional, academic or research achievements, such as publications, patents, awards, letters of recommendation, participation in significant projects, among others. Proof of impact and relevance: Evidence that demonstrates how the applicant's activities benefit the United States in a way that goes beyond individual or commercial interests, such as scientific advances, contributions to the economy, job creation, technology development, among ot...

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    I am in urgent need of an Intellectual Property (IP) professional with expertise in Drafting and Filing European Patents. This expert will be tasked with the critical duty of reviewing my existing patent project, revising it with professional terminologies and ensuring a higher level of protection for my cybersecurity invention. Key Duties: - Review existing patent - Draft and Rewrite patent using professional wordlines - Develop a more robust structure for better protection - Preparation of documentation in OEB/EPO XML/PDF format ready for filing The ideal candidate should have a deep understanding of cybersecurity technologies as the invention is technically based in this field. Mandatory Skills/Experience: - Profound knowledge and experience in IP legal drafting and filin...

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    I am looking for a highly skilled Financial Analyst to aid in evaluating the worth of our company's intellectual property and patent assets. This role requires you to do: - Perform a comprehensive analysis and valuation of both our domestic and international intellectual property, as well as our patent assets. - Confirm the ownership of all the IP and patents in question. This project aims to evaluate the worth of our company and it is critical that the freelancer possess deep knowledge in IP and patent valuation. Experience working with both domestic and international assets is also a key qualification for this role. We are taking a deep dive into our resources and we need a professional who can provide clarity and thoroughness. Preferred Skills: - Previous experience in i...

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    ...Introduction to the Bachelor of Innovation Degree - Personal Statement o General personal statement or targeted statement o Picture optional but preferred - Innovation Development Essay - Curriculum vita - Working resume - Senior Capstone Project, if applicable from other classes or requirements - Demonstration of team projects, possibilities include o INOV 2010 o INOV 3010 o INOV 4010 o BLAW patents and Trademarks 2 o INOV 2100 Technical Writing, Presentations, and Proposals o Game Design and Development capstone projects o IECE student teaching and practicum o Primary volunteer responsibilities, on campus or in the community - note these items may also be included under demonstrations of leadership. o Note: While you have referred to team projects in the curriculum vita, this s...

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    I am seeking a professional with experience in intellectual property law, specifically in drafting and filing provisional patents for technology-based inventions. My primary goal is to secure a priority date for my moderately complex tech invention. This project’s success is critical for protecting my invention while I explore further development and funding opportunities. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Strong background in intellectual property law, especially provisional patents. - Experience working with technology clients. - Ability to understand and articulate moderately complex technological concepts in a patent application. - Keen attention to detail and precision in drafting legal documents. - Familiarity with the patent filing process and requirements for ...

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    ...the process of creating a technological invention that I need assistance with filing a provisional patent. I lack the desired patent drafting skills, and thus, I am looking for an expert intellectual property attorney who has expertise in drafting new patents, especially in the technology sector. You should have: * Proven experience in intellectual property law with a focus on patents * Previous successful experience drafting patents for technological inventions * An understanding of the specific requirements and complexities of technology patents Your role will mainly involve drafting a clear, concise, and comprehensive patent document for my new invention. I look forward to working with an expert in this field who can provide guidance in navigating this c...

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    ...comprehensive and complete. I am looking for an experienced professional to further develop this draft into a fully integrated policy that covers the collective protection of our inventions, patents, trade secrets, and confidential information. It should also clearly define the guidelines for employee IP ownership. This policy should be in Arabic to align with our company's communication standards. The specific IP assets we own and generate include: Trademarks Copyrights Patents Ideal candidate: Possesses extensive experience in Intellectual Property Laws Has a deep understanding of Trademarks, Copyrights, and Patents Is capable of constructing employee guidelines concerning IP Adopts a detail-oriented approach to policy development Please note that there is...

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    ...TensorFlow, Kubeflow or whatever engine you are familiar with and deem necessary to offer an optimal, forward thinking, scalable user experience. One single language and currency. FRENCH EURO 3/6 month project Milestoned to delivery. Monthly maintenance and upgrades. Basics: - Deeply analyze the features and architecture of the LODGIFY platform - Upholding awareness towards competition's potential patents or intellectual property and adhering to strict business ethics throughout the course of the project’s execution - Ensure the integration of RESTful APIs for smooth communication between the different parts of the application - Set up a robust and efficient database - Ensure the platform’s security against common tread such as SQL injection and cross-site scri...

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    ...magnetometer and accelerometer technologies, exploring their principles, functionalities, and interrelations. - Balanced analysis of their roles and applications in current technology landscapes. Though the focus on future trends was skipped, a brief mention or speculative insight would be appreciated. - Emphasis on scholarly research, integrating a wide range of sources including scholarly articles, patents, books, and reputable technology reports. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong background in physics, engineering, or a related field, with specific expertise in magnetometers and accelerometers. - Proven experience in academic writing, particularly at the PhD level, with the ability to employ a formal, nuanced, and precise academic style. - Ability to research comprehensiv...

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    加精 加封 保密协议

    Project Description: We are seeking a qualified patent attorney to assist us with filing a provisional patents in the medical/technology field. The ideal candidate will have experience in handling patent applications. Skills and Experience: - Proven track record of successfully filing provisional patents in the medical/technology field - In-depth knowledge of patent laws and regulations - Excellent research skills to identify potential prior art and ensure patentability - Detail-oriented and organized approach to documentation and filing - Strong communication skills to effectively communicate with inventors and patent examiners Location: Australia

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    ...ideal candidate should be adept at clearly articulating key elements of the patent. Robust research capabilities are also essential, as delving deep to comprehend the novelty of our invention is a key aspect of the role. Applicants are also expected to contribute arguments based on U.S. court precedents related to the non-obviousness of other inventions, with similar obviousness rejections whose patents have been granted. Your task will also involve incorporating cited jurisprudential references into the body of the patent application, to bolster non-obviousness arguments. If you are well-versed in such intricate matters, I would be pleased to have your assistance. If you are enthusiastic about contributing to our mission of ensuring patentability and safeguarding the intellec...

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    To enhance our data management system, we're seeking to: - Boost data security - Ensure regulatory compliance for data protection - Improve data quality Our data set consists of personal data, financial data, and intellectual property; including names, addresses, social security numbers, bank account numbers, credit card information, patents, and trade secrets. Our data infrastructure is of medium scale with a moderate number of data sets and some complexity in data structures. We're looking for a freelancer having strong expertise in data governance and data protection, particularly with Purview. Familiarity with data structures and understanding of data protection regulations is crucial. A track record of successfully improving data security & quality is essential...

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    1 个竞标 the intellectual property rights of my technology invention, which has similarities with existing patents. The ideal candidate will have: - Proven experience in EU patent filings - Knowledge of technology sector intellectual rights All our patents are registered in China, and some are registered in Korean and Japan. we will provide the translated patent document with drawings. Your main tasks are: 1. provide advices on changing structure of current ones to suit UK, EU or USA applications. 2. provide guidance on how to submit the patent in these countries. 3. If possible, check the content of patent and provide advices in legal and professional way. We need to submit 10-15 patents in these countries per year. so it will be a long term relationship. ...

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    Biotech Patent Drafting 已经结束 left

    I am seeking an expert with deep understanding and experience in Biotech, speci... The ideal candidate should have: - A strong background in Biotech and Life Sciences - Extensive experience in patent drafting, particularly within Biotechnology - A clear understanding of the innovative aspects of Biotech patent drafting - Strong communicative skills to articulate the patent’s technicalities in simple language for comprehensive understanding Past experience in dealing with patents within these specific areas would be highly favored. Your primary responsibility will be drafting the patent application, describing all aspects of the invention, and its operation in a way that sets it apart from existing technologies. Please make sure your bid reflects your expertise within these s...

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    I'm in need of a specialist with a robust background in patent law, specifically, an expert who is versed in technology patents. An existing patent I hold needs an extension and your responsibility would be to perform a patentability search focusing on strengthening the functionality aspect. An in-depth knowledge of past and related patents in our locale is vital as an international search isn't necessary. A proven track record in identifying prior art promptly and accurately is highly desirable for this project. Ultimately, your skills and experience will help determine the potential for achieving the patent extension.

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    I need an engaging, user-friendly website for selling auto oil should specifically target vehicle owners who are keen on maintaining their vehicles in top condition. Key Features: - Product Descriptions: In-depth and clear details about the various filters and their functionalities should be available. - Purchasing Process: An intuitive and easy-to-follow process for purchasing the filters online should be in place. - Patents and Technology Descriptions: Information about the patents and technology used in the filters should be provided. Ideally, I am looking for a freelancer with experience in creating e-commerce websites, who can create a site which not only provides information about the products but also drives sales. Understanding of the automotive in...

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    I am looking for a knowledgeable patent consultant with specific experience in software inventions. My needs include but not limited to: - Patent Application Filing: Assisting in preparing and filing a pa...Patent Application Filing: Assisting in preparing and filing a patent application for my software-related invention. - Patent Search and Analysis: Conducting a comprehensive patent search and analysis to assess the patentability of my invention as it has not been carried out yet. Ideal skills and experience for this job: - Thorough understanding and hands-on experience in dealing with software patents. - Proven track record in successful patent application filing. - Proficiency in conducting patent search and analysis. - Knowledge in patent infringement assessment could be adv...

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    The main objective of this project is to have access to any IP publications (trademarks and patents) on the Suriname Official Bulletin, in order to keep our records of industrial property updated. RESPONSIBILITIES AND DUTIES: - Obtaining every Suriname's Official Bulletin, as they are being released. - Scanning all IP-related publications. - Emailing all the scanned documents. QUALIFICATIONS: - Lawyer, Solicitor, Paralegal or related career (desirable but not a must) - Fluent in English - Microsoft Office (Word, Excel). - Experience/knowledge/familiarity with Trademarks and Patents (desirable but not a must) BENEFITS: - Flexible hours - Remote work

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    analisis de patentes 已经结束 left

    I am looking for a freelancer who can help me with patent analysis in Mexico. The purpose of this analysis is to identify potential patent infringement. I already have specific patents in mind that I would like to analyze. The level of depth required for the analysis is a comprehensive report with recommendations. Skills and experience required for this job include: - Strong knowledge and understanding of patent law and regulations - Experience in conducting patent analysis and infringement assessments - Ability to provide comprehensive reports with clear recommendations - Attention to detail and strong analytical skills.

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    As an entrepreneur, I find myself in need of professional assistance in obtaining patents and trademarks registration. The core of my interest lies in the area of design inventions, a field I am looking to explore, protect and establish my unique designs. Let me highlight some main focal points for this project: -Provisional Patent and Patent Application: One of the tasks involves laying the groundwork for a patent application for a design invention. -Trademark Registration: I am also looking forward to support in registering a trademark. -Research & Analysis: Since I am uncertain about the existence of similar patents or designs, part of the job would involve thorough research and analysis to rule out plagiarism risks. I am particularly seeking freelancers with dem...

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    I own a car dealership, race track, and esports league in a metaverse carrying 9 patents and created with Unreal Engine. I have the exclusive rights in the metaverse for automobile sales and racing esports. My dealership is set up a somewhat of an art gallery, which I am filling with developers who can deliver game ready automobiles while I focus on marketing, the racing league, and other aspects of the business. I am currently looking for 1 developer, and will pay $100 per car sold. A bit more about our presence and ability to sell cars. We are the largest metaverse project ever created on Unreal Engine, and the first cross platform metaverse to have gained approval from Steam, Xbox, Playstation, VR, Android, Apple, and Linux. We have a very large investor backing us, and over $193...

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    "I am seeking a skilled individual with expertise in patent applications, particularly design patents, to help me file for a patent for a functional design intended for the technology industry. The freelancer ideally possesses: - Intimate knowledge of the patent application process - Adept at technical and legal writing - Background in technology-based design - Strong attention to detail to ensure nothing is overlooked in the application process. It is important that the chosen freelancer fully understand the characteristics and intricacies of functional design patents in the technology field. This will ensure precise representation and protection of my design in the patent application."

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    ethical hacking 已经结束 left

    ...hacker to assist our fight against Chinese counterfeiters. Objective: - We have specific targets in mind that are described below. Reporting: - After the ethical hacking process, we would need a basic summary of accomplishments. SUMMARY: • Chinese counterfeit ring targeting small, family-owned business • We own an extensive US utility patent, US registered trademarks, and US copyright • Patents pending in Canada and EU • Over 1100 separate sellers and listings offering counterfeits on major marketplaces • We use service to identify and remove counterfeit sellers on marketplaces • Have found over 40 independent sites also selling the counterfeits • All infringing sites have registrant info hidden via proxy services • Large ad budge...

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    ...and submitting a utility patent. Type of Patent: Utility Patent Existing Drawings: Yes, I have existing technical drawings or blueprints that can be provided. Previous Patent Attempts: Yes, I have previously filed a successful patent for this invention, but I am now seeking a new patent. Skills and Experience Required: - Experience in patent writing and submission, specifically for utility patents - Familiarity with the patent application process and requirements - Ability to understand and interpret technical drawings and blueprints - Strong attention to detail and ability to accurately describe the invention's unique features and benefits - Knowledge of patent laws and regulations - Excellent written communication skills to effectively convey the invention's tech...

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    I'm seeking a qualified freelancer with strong mechanical drawing skills, preferably with past experience in creating patent drawings. Specifically, I the level of detail. I anticipate these will be detailed and technical, complying to patent application standards. - Important views to be included are front view and side view of the invention, providing general details trimmed from any excess. Ideal candidates will have experience in mechanical engineering and patent applications. Proven success accurately drafting complex inventions for patents will be highly regarded. Familiarity with patent laws and application processes will be advantageous to ensure the drawings meet all necessary requirements. Quick turn-around, precision, and confidentiality are prerequisites fo...

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    I am looking for a skilled designer who can create patent drawings for a silencer and tube. The purpose of these drawings is to demonstrate the appearance design of the products. Specifically, I have ...drawings - Knowledge of patent office guidelines, particularly those of the USPTO - Ability to bring design ideas to life and effectively communicate the appearance of the products If you have the expertise and experience in creating patent drawings that meet USPTO guidelines and can bring my design ideas to life, I would love to discuss this project further with you. see: the patent drawing must follow those guidelines and have the attached patent drawing appearance the silencer and link will be similar to the attached picture

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    I am looking for a freelancer to assist me in filing 3 design patents in Switzerland. The ideal candidate should have experience in filing design patents and be familiar with the patent process in Switzerland. Skills and Experience: - Experience in filing design patents - Knowledge of the patent process in Switzerland - Familiarity with the technology industry

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    Draft Patent 已经结束 left

    I am seeking a skilled freelancer to assist me in drafting a utility patent in the field of technology. Although I do not have an existing draft, I have a rough idea of what I want the patent to cover. Requirements: - Experience in drafting utility patents - Strong understanding of technology and its related industry - Proficient in patent law and regulations - Attention to detail and ability to accurately capture the invention's unique aspects - Strong communication skills to effectively collaborate and gather necessary information

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    ...Existing Similar Patents: Yes - Specific Competitors: Not Sure We are looking for a skilled professional who can conduct a comprehensive patent landscaping analysis for our technology design patent and create a design using AutoCAD based on the discussion. Key Requirements: - Expertise in conducting patent searches and analyzing existing patents in the technology field - Familiarity with patent databases and search tools - Ability to identify and analyze potential infringements or similarities with existing patents - Strong knowledge of patent law and regulations - Excellent research and analytical skills - Ability to design in AutoCAD - Attention to detail and ability to provide clear and concise reports Responsibilities: - Conduct a thorough search of existi...

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    patent auttorney 已经结束 left

    ...obtaining a design patent. - This is not my first time dealing with a patent dispute, but I need additional help from a professional to ensure a successful application. - I am looking for someone experienced in the field who can provide a professional opinion and guidance throughout the application process. - The ideal candidate should have a strong background in patent law and expertise in design patents. - They should be familiar with the specific requirements and procedures involved in applying for a design patent. - Excellent communication and organizational skills are also important for effectively navigating the application stage. - The selected attorney will be responsible for providing guidance, reviewing application documents, and ensuring all necessary requirements are ...

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    I need an urgent update on my WordPress website. I require general website updates, including the integration of new services. Home ...produtct - Photo chagnes - Make in India - image chagnes and add content - Our Product - Pronto patten slider check and all product slider show - Discoverour - space - slider is smoth - footer above images changes > all product images related Product update Menu on Our Products Product page - All product show - Proto Patents only selling - Product detail only one page show and remove all other think - Monther is title and Grade - Our Products Categories Product - Proto Patents - remove Photo Patanet and one line small - One page all product Skills and Experience: - Extensive experience with WordPress development - Proficiency in them...

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    $7 - $18
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    Patentability Search / Novelty Search I am looking for a freelancer ...Search / Novelty Search I am looking for a freelancer who can perform a patentability search or novelty search for my invention in the field of technology. Although I do not have a prototype or detailed designs, I have a clear idea of what my invention entails. Requirements: - Experience in conducting patentability searches or novelty searches - Knowledge of the technology industry and related patents - Ability to provide a comprehensive report on the patentability of my invention - Proficiency in conducting thorough research and analysis Timeline: - Immediate completion of the search is required Please provide examples of previous patentability searches or novelty searches you have conducted in the technol...

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    1 个竞标 analysis or sentiment analysis. 8. **Legal and Regulatory**: - **Recent Legal Issues**: Any recent legal challenges or regulatory issues. - **Compliance Status**: Status of compliance with relevant regulations. 9. **Research and Development**: - **Innovation Initiatives**: Information on the company's R&D efforts, especially in technology and cybersecurity. - **Patents**: Number and type of patents held, if relevant. 10. **External Relationships**: - **Partnerships**: Key business partnerships or alliances. - **Industry Involvement**: The company's role or involvement in industry groups or associations. Suggested data sources that may help with this. Information : 1. **Financial and Business Information Platforms**: - Website...

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    I am looking for a patent attorney who can provide advice and consultancy for my invention. The invention is currently ready for patent filing. Skills and Experience: - Experience in patent law and filing - Knowledge of patent regulations and procedures - Ability to review and provide advice on provisional patents - Familiarity with patent infringement risks and potential legal issues Scope of Work: - Review and provide advice on the provisional patent for the invention - Identify any potential infringement risks and provide guidance on how to mitigate them - Assist with the patent filing process, ensuring all necessary documents and information are included - Provide ongoing support and guidance throughout the patent process Please provide examples of past work and any relevan...

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    Title: Patent Attorney Needed for 3 Provisional Patents in the Technology Field I need help drafting a provisional patent. Subject Matter: Technology Prior Art: No, I have not found any similar patents Project Description: We are seeking a qualified patent attorney to assist us with filing 3 provisional patents in the field of technology. The ideal candidate will have experience in handling patent applications specifically in the technology sector. Skills and Experience: - Proven track record of successfully filing provisional patents in the technology field - In-depth knowledge of patent laws and regulations - Strong understanding of technology and ability to comprehend complex inventions - Excellent research skills to identify potential prior art and e...

    $20 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    Title: Patent Attorney Needed for 3 Provisional Patents in the Technology Field I need help drafting a provisional patent. Subject Matter: Technology Prior Art: No, I have not found any similar patents Project Description: We are seeking a qualified patent attorney to assist us with filing 3 provisional patents in the field of technology. The ideal candidate will have experience in handling patent applications specifically in the technology sector. Skills and Experience: - Proven track record of successfully filing provisional patents in the technology field - In-depth knowledge of patent laws and regulations - Strong understanding of technology and ability to comprehend complex inventions - Excellent research skills to identify potential prior art and e...

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    ...contract for $2700 2. Payment: In consideration of the Developer's services, the Client agrees to pay the Developer the fees as detailed in Exhibit attached hereto and incorporated by reference. 3. Deliverables: The Developer shall deliver the Product as outlined in the project specified . 4. Intellectual Property: a. All intellectual property rights, including but not limited to copyrights and patents, in the Product and any related materials shall remain the property of the Client. b. The Developer hereby grants the Client a non-exclusive, royalty-free license to use, modify, and distribute the Product solely for its intended purpose. 5. Confidentiality: Both Parties agree to keep confidential any non-public information exchanged during the course of this Agreement. 6. Ind...

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    Trophy icon Company Logo 已经结束 left

    Project Title: Company Logo Description: - I am looking for a talented designer to create a logo for my company. - The name of my company is Protorama. - We specialize in start up companies, patents, and innovative ideas that need to go into production. The logo should demonstrate these capabilities. - I would like the logo to have a literal or iconic style. - I am open to any color scheme for the logo. - The logo should be visually appealing and professional. - The ideal freelancer for this project should have experience in logo design and graphic design. - Strong creativity and attention to detail are important for this job. - Knowledge of current design trends and the ability to create a unique and memorable logo is required. Unique and original designs only. All others will be...

    $30 (Avg Bid)
    640 项参赛作品

    I am looking for a skilled technical content writer to help me create a patent description for a new doorlock feature. The purpose of this patent is to protect my new invention and establish ownership. Skills and Experience: - Extensive experience in technical writing, specifically in the field of patents - Strong understanding of patent law and the requirements for patent descriptions - Ability to write in a moderately technical manner, clearly explaining the technical details of the invention without overwhelming the reader - Excellent research skills to gather the necessary information and technical details for the patent description Project Details: - The patent description should be 4-6 pages in length, providing a thorough and comprehensive explanation of the new doorlock f...

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    ...task- it is important for me to find a freelancer with a good knowledge of programming in this field. The data that needs to be filled in the PDF form is in XML format. I have a specific template for the PDF form. I need a program that can batch fill json or csv format data to a pdf with fillable forms, which is a xfa format. Please find attached. or () Json file, for example, would look like the following. There can be more than, for example, one data in “us_patents”. In such a case, the table should add a new row as if “add” button is clicked, which will add a second row with cite no. 2. After the data is filled in the pdf forms, I want the pdf file to be saved without flattening it. Therefore, the

    $169 (Avg Bid)
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    My name is [name] and I am looking for a 3D designer to help me with design patent work. Specifically, I am needing a design of an electronic product, but I do not have any specific dimensions or scale in mind for the 3D model. I do, however, have a preferred software for the 3D modeling: Blender. I am looking for a designer who is experienced in designing for patents, has a great eye for detail, and is knowledgeable in Blender. It is important that the person I hire can quickly turn around a prototype after revisions and who is willing to offer up creative solutions for problem solving. The completed 3D model should be able to give me an accurate sense of what my product will look like and must adhere to design patent regulations. If this interests you, please contact me and let...

    $5 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    I am in need of a skilled individual who can write...skilled individual who can write a patent for my design. The design patent is specifically for a product that I have detailed documentation for. The invention is in the field of analytical chemistry and associated electronics. Don't bid unless you are a patent writer. If I don't see a patent in your work history I will ignore the bid. Skills and Experience: - Experience in writing design patents - Strong understanding of patent laws and regulations - Attention to detail and ability to accurately describe the design - Familiarity with the patent filing process - Excellent communication skills to ensure the patent is accurately represented Intended Use: - The patented design will be included in our company's IP ...

    $2442 (Avg Bid)
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    Seeking an experienced freelancer to assist with obtaining a utility patent in dentistry for personal use. The ideal candidate will have: - Extensive experience in the field of dentistry and knowledge of patent laws - Proven track record in successfully obtaining utility patents - Strong understanding of the patent application process and requirements - Ability to provide guidance and recommendations on the best approach for patenting a dentistry-related invention - Attention to detail and ability to draft comprehensive patent applications - Excellent communication skills to effectively collaborate with the client throughout the process.

    $452 (Avg Bid)
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    patent attorney 已经结束 left

    I am looking for an experienced patent attorney who is able to assist with a design patent near completion that requires filing both domestically and internationally. To get started, I need someone knowledgeable ab...make sure my invention meets the requirements set by local and international patent offices to ensure that it is secure. The ideal candidate should be comfortable navigating the patent process as quickly and efficiently as possible, and have prior experience working with clients in similar circumstances. Additionally, the attorney must be up-to-date on the local and international laws surrounding patents, as well as the filing process itself. Past portfolios of successful patent filings are a must. If you meet these criteria, I am ready to discuss further details of thi...

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    Formal Patent Drawings 已经结束 left

    I am looking for a skilled designer who can create formal patent drawings for my project. The drawings needed are for a design patent. Although I have some sketches available, they are rough and will need to be refined and finalized. I also have some photos available to c...Although I have some sketches available, they are rough and will need to be refined and finalized. I also have some photos available to create sketches from. The drawings must adhere to specific patent office requirements, specifically the USPTO and EPO standards. There should be about 8-10 drawings in total. Skills and experience required: - Proficiency in creating formal patent drawings for design patents - Ability to transform rough sketches into finalized drawings - Familiarity with USPTO standards for paten...

    $391 (Avg Bid)
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    I need someone to complete the detail design phase of a new patented permanent polymer formwork system that is used to build "cast-in-place" (in-situ) concrete walls. Further details can be obtained from US Patent No. 11,773,608. Use Google Patents to download the patent and schematics. We will supply the conceptual design phase drawings. Attached are some polymer formwork examples of our competitors. Our product is radically different but the attached photos provide some insight into what needs to be detail designed. The detail design drawings should be able to be used for development of PVC extrusion moulds.

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    Hi, I'm a pharmacist specialist in pharmaceutical and cosmetic product development. I have experience with new drugs, skincare, and haircare product formulation. I have already developed numerous products like moisturizers, anti-aging produ...pharmacist specialist in pharmaceutical and cosmetic product development. I have experience with new drugs, skincare, and haircare product formulation. I have already developed numerous products like moisturizers, anti-aging products, serums, hand creams, foot balms, shampoos, conditioners, hair oils, and many more that are in sale. I participate in scientific communications and have deposited patents in organic skincare products. So, If you want to develop your own skincare/haircare product or formula for your drug, I will be glad to ...

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    I am looking for an expert who can assist me with patenting of an idea. I have a rough idea and the complexity is quite simple, involving only one concept. I am also looking for individuals to help me with CAD design, logo design, and script writing. If you possess the required skills for any of these services, I would be very interested in learning more about your offerings.

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    I am looking for a CAD designer who can create accurate drawings and models of a flag pole. The project requires the following: Height: The flag...would like to calculate wind resistance while varying the thickness and/or diameter of the aluminum pole. There are some minor details and features that need to be discussed in a virtual meeting. Timeline: The project needs to be completed within a month. Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in CAD software and 3D modeling. - Experience in creating accurate and detailed technical drawings for patents etc. - (Optional)Knowledge of flag pole design and engineering. - Ability to incorporate additional features and details as required. If you have the necessary skills and experience, please provide examples of similar projects you have ...

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