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    5,000 pcb layout 份搜到的工作,货币单位为 USD

    我有路由器上下壳需要设计: 1.尺寸是250X160X50mm; 2.接口包括5个以太网口,3个USB A type,一个DC插座,一个复位按钮; 3.顶部中央有圆形LED指示,直径50mm; 4.带两个扬声器,开口朝下; 内部PCB 参考附件。 要求: 设计简洁有几何艺术感,文件格式SKP

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    CAM 350 相关版本工程专业 ***************************** panelized 专业小时 界面GPIO或 FPC链接布线 双面混六层 没有太多责任高求 快速完成~付款‘套餐’ 写个脚本 价钱另议

    $2 - $8 / hr
    $2 - $8 / hr
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    PCB,PCB assembly的公司设计logo

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    BLDC无刷电机控制器 已经结束 left

    1、精通模电、数电,有丰富的layout经验。 2、有无刷直流电机驱动硬件设计经验,有电动工具方面产品的开发经验更佳; 3、 直流无刷电机驱动的硬件设计开发。

    $250 - $750
    $250 - $750
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    Build a Website 已经结束 left

    ...love for the environment and a positive outlook on life are mandatory! We are working to a fairly tight schedule (sub-6 months for the full development), and so the applicant should be able to deliver within those timelines. We are initially offering an equity stake in the business, with the potential for the addition of a full-time salaried position. Responsibilities - Create website layout/user interface by using HTML5/CSS3 practices. - Integrate data from various back-end services and databases. - Be responsible for maintaining, expanding, and scaling our website. - Stay plugged into emerging technologies and apply them into operations and activities. - Optimize website for maximum speed. Requirements - Experience in coding with PHP, MySQL, and JavaScript. -...

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    我的专长是设计与制作手工作品 设计如: logo,t-shirt,banner,bunting,flyer,magazine's layout,website layout等等 手工艺品如: make by clay,paper craft,paper toys,木制等等

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    1. App download to allow user to ac...using scan QR codes to let clients know where they are at precisely 4. USING wifi, A-GPS and GPS to access location INSIDE the building and on different floors 5. Allow downloading of pamphlets and documents helps references for services provided in the entire 10 story building along with each specific floors 7. Will need ongoing support for at least 1 year, 8. Within the app, the layout for the client changes and makes changes based on the wifi positioning. 9. Smart app controller, allowing the app to control simple internet connected items (lights, switches) will have a timer based on when the client enters the building, if exceeding that time, all app functionality is disable until client contacts IT for new download session of the ap...

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    ...智能不是庞大的功能 智能不是复杂的操作 智能就是让生活更简单 革命性的三段延时关闭功能,以简短的操作,满足您的各种需求 多种控制方式,适应您所忽略的生活习惯 轻按打开,长按打开,全按打开,多种控制方式 独家专利智能手势识别,防误操作 独家同状态双控设计,让您的生活更简单 独家双控设计 典雅的呼吸灯设计,渐亮渐暗间,仿佛智能有了生命,为您的家装画龙点睛。 优质的用户体验需要强大的硬件支撑。 开关面板、触控面板、防静电保护板、电子芯片组、PC阻燃底座 基于3毫米加厚钢化玻璃材质,弧线凹槽精致研磨,打造最舒适的触摸感受,轻松实现盲操作。 兼具防水功能,使您的家人更安全。 3毫米加厚钢化玻璃材质 曲面弧线凹槽精致研磨 兼具防水功能,使您的家人更安全。 超标不计成本大尺寸触控原件,实现多方式精准操作 强弱电隔离,信号无损传达,正真做到“芯”领神会。 进口KB-A级双层PCB电路板; 30ms之内触摸响应速度, 进口触摸芯片Atmel 固体钽电容; 专业星型防干扰布线设计 德国拜耳进口PC材质 最高阻燃等级V0 配音/欧盟CE标准为您的安全加分。 几十次的试模,只为确定最合适的宽度 几十次的打样,只为做出最完美的弧度 几十次的手板,只为确定最佳的边缘倒角 几十次的样品,只为确定最均匀的导光板制作方案 每一次零点几毫米的改进,都是工程师们对细节的极致追求 寓智能于简单,隐科技于无形,究品味于细节 润泽细腻的圆角设计、时尚倒角设计、适合人体工程学,弧线凹槽 COOLTOUCH充分考虑到了不同的装修风格,精心设计了几种不同款式,提供丰富的个性化选择,智能与艺术的结...

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    鉴于现目前的网站基础(java为主)写出CMS平台出來用于日常內容update。 或者 采用wordpress, 根据我方提出的layout design,写code和完成整个网站代码建设,拼接和修改。 具体信息详谈

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    编写 iPhone 应用 已经结束 left

    提供安卓APP 开发,设计 iPhone应用开发设计 产品工业设计,结构设计,硬件layout设计及软件外包测试

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    1.PCB工厂,海外市场的推广 2.实现PCB工厂在海外市场拓展及开发 3.争取海外市场订单

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    PrestaShop 1.6 网站 已经结束 left

    定制PrestaShop, 基于1.6版本,UK的英文网站, 大多数功能1.6版本已可实现, 不需要在线付费, 后台基本不用改, 所需四点定制如下 1. 实时更新价格 -已有live xml feed,需要根据feed每过几分钟更新一下产品价格即可 2. 根据公司现有的主网站定制shop的模板, - 只需重用现有的css,layout和图片 3. 产品价格的基础上增加percentage based commission - 类似折扣但是增加一个百分比,比如产品价格是100圆,commission是2%,那么价格应为 100 + 2 = 102 4. 扩展用户注册 - 第一步和现有的prestshop一样 - 第二步要根据公司的用户登记pdf表格增加一些信息 价格可议, 有意者请留skype,QQ 或email

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    Website Design 已经结束 left

    We're building a new website We need a clean, professional and kindly design to make visitors feel comfortable and trustable. These aspects must be considered: - Layout - Color - Font - Paragraph At least, there're 3 pages to be designed: - Home page (header, footer, Ad zone, product shortcut) - Product details (left product list, product information) - Discuss page (questions and answers, search)

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    I have already developed a website, primarily filled with written content that is ready for Google AdSense. It currently receives less than 1,000 visito...AdSense. It currently receives less than 1,000 visitors per month. I'm looking for someone with experience in Google AdSense approval to assist further. Ideal skills would include: - Extensive knowledge in Google Adsense - Proven success in obtaining Adsense approval - Knowledge in website optimization for increased traffic Your tasks would include but not limited to: - Reviewing the website layout and content for AdSense compliance - Implementing changes and strategies for a successful AdSense application - Suggesting improvements for website optimization. Experience with similar projects and demonstrable success would...

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    As a client with a design ready on Figma, I'm seeking a creative and skilled developer to construct a custom static website. Your platform of choice can be either WordPress or Webflow, I'm indifferent. Keys tasks include: - Implementing the content layout as per the Figma design - Translating color schemes and typography styles into the website - Ensuring the website is responsive on both mobile and desktop platforms - Optimizing the site for SEO to guarantee visibility on Google search with suggested links - Ensuring rapid loading times for all pages - Installing security measures to keep the site secure and resistant to attacks. The project calls for professionals with a deep understanding of WordPress or Webflow, excellent skills in SEO, cybersecurity, and respo...

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    ...website on WordPress using Elementor, but it's currently optimized for desktop only. I'm in need of an expert who can optimize it for mobile and tablet responsiveness. The areas that need optimization include: - The navigation menu - Images and media - Text content - All pages The mobile version of the website should maintain an aesthetic match with the existing color scheme, use a responsive grid layout, and keep my brand consistent throughout. The primary goals for this mobile and tablet optimization include: - Achieving smooth scrolling and navigation - Ensuring a speedy loading process - Implementing clear and visible call to action buttons If you have a keen eye for design, a strong understanding of responsive web practices and you're well-versed in Word...

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    Design Services Graphic Design: Creating visual content to communicate messages. Web Design: Designing the layout and user experience of websites. Product Design: Designing new products with user experience and functionality in mind. Brand Identity Design: Developing visual identities for brands, including logos, color schemes, and typography. Interior Design: Planning and creating interior spaces. Animation and Motion Graphics: Creating animated visuals for various mediums. 3D Modeling and Design: Creating three-dimensional models for various applications. Technology Services Software Development: Building custom software applications. IT Consulting: Advising businesses on how to use IT to meet their objectives. Cybersecurity Services: Protecting systems and networks from ...

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    I am looking for a talented individual who can develop a project report template in a PowerPoint format. Ideally, the person for this job should have substantial experience in both data visualization and creative design. Key aspects o...manner. - The style of the report should lean towards the creative side. While the content is based on serious data, it's vital that the presentation doesn't bore the audience and instead manages to keep their attention all throughout. Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in PowerPoint - Experience in data visualization - Creative flair and appreciation for aesthetics - Strong grasp of color, layout, and typography. If your skills align with the needs of this project, I warmly invite you to bid. This could be the start to a fruitful w...

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    I need an expert in designing 2D floor layouts for residential properties. The initial files will be in AutoCAD format. Requirements: - Expert knowledge in AutoCAD to effectively manipulate and design floor layouts - Familiarity with specific design styles as guidelines will be provided - Proven experience in designing residential property layouts - Attention to detail to maintain the consistency of the provided style throughout all layouts Ideal skills: - AutoCAD proficiency - Interior design understanding - Ability to interpret and apply style guidelines effectively - Experience with residential projects. For your proposal, please provide a brief explanation of your experience creating residential floor plans, and ideally any visual examples of your work that correspond with the requ...

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    Trophy icon Minimalistic Logo 4 天 left

    I'm looking for an exp...discovery. This could be a stylized eye symbolizing knowledge and insight, or an abstract symbol representing the diversity of the world and the fascination with the unknown. Colors: Use an appealing color palette that grabs attention while conveying a sense of confidence and professionalism. Bright and vibrant colors could arouse viewers' curiosity and promote their interaction with the channel. Layout: Place the text and symbol harmoniously and balanced in the logo. Make sure the logo is easy to read on both large screens and small devices. One possible design could depict a stylized eye surrounded by a sparkling starry sky to convey the idea of ​​wonder and discovery. Below this could be the text “Everyday Wonder” in a friendly an...

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    ...validación, etiquetas más calidad, genera marca. 9. Se entrega via API información a software interno para la generación de Guia Despacho más Facturación. Dashboard. 1. Dashboard de seguimiento de solicitud. Punto 6. 2. Dashboard de pendientes. 3. Dashboard de solicitudes en proceso. Requerimientos especiales. 1. El software debe tener perfilamiento. 2. El software deberá permitir modificar el layout de las etiquetas por usuarios administradores. Requerimiento tecnología. 1. El software deberá estar en Azure o AWS. 2. El software deberá ser SaaS 3. La trasmisión de datos a través de API deberá estar ofuscado. Entregables. 1. Todo el código más infraestructura y modelo de servi...

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    I am in need of a designer with a strong skill set in both Inkscape and PowerPoint. The project involves making corrections to the figures in my article. Specifically, I need help with: - Adjusting the layout and size of figures - Modifying color schemes - Adding or modifying current design elements. There are between 6 to 10 figures in total that need to be worked on. Ideally, the graphics should be professional-looking and demonstrate good artistic judgment.

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    Wix Webpage Design Revamp 6 天 left

    I need a proficient designer who'd be passionate about revamping a Wix webpage with a keen view on aesthetics and functionality. This project encompasses: - Altering current layout and design: This involves re-arranging content sections, modifying colors/fonts, and integrating fresh images/videos. Ideal candidates should have significant experience in creating visually compelling and logically structured layouts. - Implementing new features and updating content: This part requires adding a contact form, integrating social media for increased connectivity, and embedding e-commerce functionality for selling products within the webpage. Familiarity with technological advancements and e-commerce trends would be a plus. Candidates should be proficient with Wix, and have prior...

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    Laravel Layout Modification 6 天 left

    ...current layout. Here are specifics for the tasks: - Apply styling changes across the site, such as font sizes, margins, and alignments - Integrate new sections into the existing user interface for increased functionality - Rearrange current sections for improved user experience and clarity To successfully fulfill this project, you should be a Laravel professional with proven experience in website design and CSS. You need to understand the importance of aesthetic yet functional design and be able to complete the tasks within a one-week timeframe. As for the styling changes, I envision an overhaul of the layout design. Familiarity with modern web design trends will come in very handy. A flexible and creative approach will help us to achieve a more visually-appealing and u...

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    I'm looking for someone skilled with ESP32 to help create a PCB that focuses on logging data from sensors. It's important to know about different sensor types, since they will be the main way we get data. The ideal candidate should: Have experience with ESP projects Understand how to log data from sensors Know about connecting batteries, storage, and display Your job is to design and set up a system that can collect sensor data accurately and reliably using the ESP module. Please share specific examples of similar projects you've done in your proposal.

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    I require a detail-oriented freelancer to copy type from scanned English PDF documents. Here are the specifics: - You will convert my scanned PDF documents into editable text. - Knowledge of English language is essential. - No specific format (like MLA, APA) is required, but professionalism in terms of structure and layout is necessary. Ideal candidates should have proven experience in copy typing, English proficiency, and keen attention to detail. Applicants adept in using PDF and Word processing tools are highly sought after.

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    I have a 115-page scanned PDF document that needs to be faithfully converted to a Word document. The layout of the scanned PDF is single column which should be maintained in the Word version. Here's what is required: - The font size should be at least 12 pt (if the page numbering doesn't change), you may use narrow margins, etc, if needed. - The headings, centering, spacing, bullets, and numbered lists in the Word document should be retained just like in the original. - There are no images, charts, or graphs to be included in the conversion. - The page numbers should remain the same, ie. page 50 in the word doc, should have the same content as page 50 in the pdf. - Pages should be paginated (have a number at the bottom, like the pdf, it can be on the right if needed) I&#...

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    Visualization Concept: The video should start with a fully stocked shelf in a modern retail store setting. As time progresses, products will fly off the shelf (...possibly through lighting and background changes. Data Integration: We will provide sales data for each product, indicating the time and frequency of sales throughout the day. The animation must accurately reflect this data, with products leaving the shelf at the correct moments. Style and Quality: The animation should be realistic, with attention to detail in product design, lighting, and store layout. We're looking for high-quality, engaging content suitable for social media and marketing campaigns. Deliverables: Final 30-second 3D animation in 4K resolution, source files, and a brief on the animation process and...

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    I'm seeking an experienced WordPress developer to revamp my music festival theme. Theme - This includes: - Changing the current color scheme - Fix CSS - Customizing layout to better suit our needs - Adding a bevy of new features to the existing theme. The new features should comprise: - Event scheduling system - Artist profiles - Convenient ticket booking system In addition to the above, integration of PayPal , Visa/master, Mobile banking as the primary payment gateway and a timely order notification system will be required. The right candidate should have profound knowledge of WordPress customization and Payment gateway integration.

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    I have a photo that needs a decorative caption/title added at the bottom. Here's what I'm seeking: - Artistic flair: You'll need to have a knack for design that grabs attention,...have a photo that needs a decorative caption/title added at the bottom. Here's what I'm seeking: - Artistic flair: You'll need to have a knack for design that grabs attention, yet complements my photo, rather than overwhelm it. - Color matching skills: The caption has to blend with hues found in the photo to create a seamless visual experience. - Professionalism: I require a clear and concise layout that doesn't distract from the photo's content. - I would like it to say always gaming at the bottom If you're proficient in photo editing software and have an ...

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    I'm looking for a skilled architect who can provide me with a traditional home plan. * The home needs to be small, having 3bhk * An important feature of the plan must be a well-thought-out layout for a 3BHK (3 Bedroom, Hall, Kitchen) structure and if Pooja hall also separately or in the kitchen or some other place traditionally. * I would prefer someone who has substantial experience with traditional home designs and can deliver a unique and functional space that adheres to the quintessential aesthetics of such designs. * Use of natural materials, craftsmanship detailing and a harmonious bond with surroundings should be the key elements of this project. I value creativity and am open to any kind of suggestions. Looking forward to witnessing some amazing concepts! I got a sa...

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    ...a real estate owner, I'm interested in having a sophisticated, interactive website similar to the design aesthetics of The cornerstone of this project will be showcasing my 3-4 properties via captivating, animated 3D site diagrams. I am eager to engage potential buyers with the following features in the 3D site diagrams: - An overview of the properties' layout - Comprehensive views of the surrounding areas - Detailed imagery of each room within the properties Freelancers interested in this project must be skilled in web design and development, have experience working with 3D animations, and show competence in creating user-friendly interfaces. A strong background in real estate website creation will be considered an asset. The finished product should

    $1410 (Avg Bid)
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    ...HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Having proficiency in these areas is essential since the main task revolves around: - HTML Coding: A clean, minimalistic design is needed. A design that embodies simplicity but does not compromise user experience. - Implementing Functionalities: The chosen talent will need to embed interactivity, responsiveness and data representation into the HTML code. - Design and Layout Preferences: I prefer a minimalistic design. Clarity, simplicity and ease of navigation should be inherent in the design. Suitable candidates must prove their proficiency in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, exhibit notable expertise in initiating interactivity and responsiveness, and be capable of representing data in an user-friendly, efficient manner. A penchant for minimalism in desi...

    $13 (Avg Bid)
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    I'm looking for a skilled web developer to create a portfolio website that incorporates a payment gateway. This website should showcase my work while allowing for transactions directly on the platform. **Essential Features:** - **Payment Gateway Integration:** Secure and user-friendly to handle transactions. - **Portfolio Display:** Elegant and responsive layout to showcase work. - **Contact Form:** To facilitate easy inquiries. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proficiency in web development languages (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) - Experience with payment gateway integration (e.g., PayPal, Stripe) - Previous work on portfolio websites - Strong understanding of user experience and website design - Ability to ensure website security I envision this project as a seamless blend of ...

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    PLEASE READ THE INSTRUCTIONS! We want to use a STICKER - and no full-print-design! #wtf +++++++++++++++ I'm looking for a craftsman who can desig... of a brewery - whatever. As the pouch is black wecan imagine some nice colored stickers. Size of the sticker should be maximum 100mm width and 120mm height. The name of the product is "Bier-Chips" and there are two variations "Mit Kümmel" (english: "With caraway") and "Classic". these variations should be considered and they are part of the job. The variations can be customized by the same layout, just with a different color. There is also the subslogan "Crunchy & lecker", which should be added somewhere. The design should be attracting and outstanding! It must match t...

    $270 (Avg Bid)
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    ...add 3 new product sections in the menu to better categorize and showcase our offerings. Homepage Layout Adjustments: Modify the "FEATURE PRODUCTS" section on the homepage to match the size and layout of the "BROWSE OUR CATALOG" section for consistency and improved aesthetics. Update the "FUTURE PRODUCTS" section to feature different products (e.g., 100G, 200G, 400G, 25G). Content Updates: Revise the text in the "WHO WE ARE" section on the homepage. Address a picture error on the "About Us" page. Database and Functionality Enhancements: Resolve a database issue causing lag when selecting a brand in the product scroll menu. Implement a "Quality Commitment" addition to the website. Fix layout issues in the...

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    加精 加急 加封 保密协议

    I'm on the lookout for a talented designer with demonstrated expertise in Bootstrap who can refresh and optimize the design of my current system. Here's what I need but not limited to: - An updated color scheme from our current blue and white layout; - Typography enhancements that are both legible and visually appealing; - A layout configuration that simplifies usability and amplifies user-friendliness; - Inclusion of a delete button seamlessly into the system interface. The end goal is to create an interface that emanates a friendly and approachable feel to the users, while maintaining functionality. Proficiency in Bootstrap is a prerequisite. Got these skills? I'd love to see samples of past related work. Let's create something user-focused and visually ...

    $68 (Avg Bid)
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    I'm in need of a proficient Wordpress developer with expertise in theme customization, notably layout and structure. Your tasks will include: - Recreating my existing theme into the multi-page layout format. - Liberate your creativity and skills to ensure a navigable and seamless user experience. Experience in creating multi-page Wordpress sites is crucial for this role. Please share your portfolio demonstrating similar work you've done in the past. Proficiency in design aesthetics and an eye for detail will be greatly appreciated. Hi, I am hoping to get a cost for a some wordpress work using the woodmart theme and Dokan multi vender? I have everything mocked up in photoshop based on the woodmark theme. The site is called Tvadi, its like fiverr but for tv statio...

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    Timeline : 1 days (should report time to time) Budget: 15 $ more could be added if cooperative Please have a look to this webpage. Seeking experienced developer/team to enhance UI and fix layout bugs for existing personality bot. Responsibilities: *Improve UI for better user experience. *Fix layout bugs on mobile/PC. *Change something that I need. *Skills: Bot dev/debugging, design a plus. Prior personality bot experience preferred. Open to unlimited revisions. Excited to collaborate!

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    ...understanding of WordPress theme structures, PHP, and front-end technologies. **Key Responsibilities:** - Convert HTML files to a WordPress theme with clean, maintainable, and efficient code. - Ensure the theme is fully responsive and optimized for various screen sizes. - Develop a user-friendly backend options panel to allow easy customization of the website, including changing logos, colors, and layout settings. - Incorporate widgets and features as per the existing HTML design. - Ensure compatibility with major WordPress plugins and adhere to WordPress coding standards. - Optimize website for speed and performance. - Provide documentation on theme customization and maintenance. - Perform testing and troubleshooting across multiple browsers and platforms. **Skills and Qualif...

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    I'm seeking a gifted UI/UX designer who can deliver a user interface with easy navigation, consistent branding, and a responsive layout. Our focus is creating an interface that resonates with millennials, professionals, and seniors alike, leaving no one behind. The goal of the project is three-fold: - Increasing user engagement: It's crucial the interface is designed in a manner that attracts and retains our varied user base. - Improving conversion rates: The design should be geared towards transforming casual browsers into committed users. - Enhancing brand perception: With consistent branding and a sleek interface, we aim to elevate our brand's perception. Ideally, I am seeking a freelancer with a successful track record in the following areas: - User Interfac...

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    ...owner of an existing personality bot, I’m seeking an experienced developer or a team who can tirelessly work on improving the user interface and ironing out some layout bugs that have shown up on both mobile and PC. Here's a quick overview of what the job entails: 1. User Interface Improvements: - Based on the design mockups I provide, you'll need to enhance the user experience and engagement with the bot's interface, making it more user-friendly and intuitive. 2. Bug Fixes: - Address layout bugs popping up on both mobile and PC. These problems will be detailed in the documents I’ll provide that include screenshots of layout issues. Ideal Skills: Experience in bot development and debugging is a must. Additionally, having an...

    $20 (Avg Bid)
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    ...Secure payment solutions for processing transactions. Order Confirmation: Automated email or SMS confirmation sent to customers upon purchase. Admin Panel: Ability for admins to filter orders, export reports, process refunds, calculate costs, and manage vendor payments. Design Preferences: The website should be visually appealing, reflecting our brand's warmth and creativity, with an intuitive layout that enhances the shopping experience. Technical Requirements: Responsive design for accessibility across all devices. SEO optimized to increase visibility. High-level security features to protect customer data and transactions. Ideal Candidate: Experience in developing custom e-commerce platforms. Strong portfolio showcasing similar projects. Proficiency in web development l...

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    I'm seeking a skilled architect with a modern design aesthetic to craft detailed plans for a building I envision on a 30' by 74' plot. Key requirements are: - A modern style. - It's a G+1 building. - Provisions for a lift. - Need 4 sides elevations - Design should accommodate potential for two additional floors in the future. - While I haven't specified a room layout preference, I would appreciate your expert advice on what would work best in the given space and style of architecture. Provide 2’ set out all sides Parking ht. will be 3’ from NGL and GF home will be 4.5 to 5’ from NGL. (Because if we use overall 5’ it will difficult to use the ramp for parking the cars) GF – 3 car parking space and two - 2 BHK flats FF –...

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    I'm looking to make improvements to an already published Spanish book. The project focuses on content revisions and additions as well as formatting and layout enhancements. Here's a clear idea of what I expect: - Content Alterations: I specifically need alterations made to Chapters 1 and 2. These will need revision and addition of new content. I'll give the specific details upon project commencement. - Layout Enhancements: The layout of the book needs adjustments in alignment and spacing. I will provide directions on where to insert new paragraphs where needed. If you have a strong background in book editing, detail-oriented and excellent at maintaining the essence of the original context while making necessary changes, you're the perfec...

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    ...realistic depiction of the proposed architecture. • Detail level: I don't just want to see basic structures. I'm expecting photorealistic structures with the right lighting and textures. You will base your work on renders created previously by our team in Enscape. We have multiple renders to guide your work. Examples attached. • Architectural elements: The emphasis will be on the interior space layout. Example attached. Ideally, you should have a strong background in Enscape software and architectural rendering, with a portfolio showcasing photorealistic renderings of structures that you completed in the past. I look forward to seeing your bids and the potential realization of my project....

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