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    ...for updates and, if updates have been made, parse the XML file into a PostgreSQL database. We then need to add to the website two PHP pages running off this database: 1. All rentals. Displaying the name, rental and thumbnail for each rentall property. Links to: 2. Property details. Displaying all details for that rental property contained within the XML

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    Dating Project 已经结束 left

    ...members) **, Profile Hits, Last seen feature, Manage Comments and Messagies, Terminate account. ** Pictures: Pictures are displayed in the profile as thumbnails. If Thumbnail is clicked the picture Maximizes. Admin should be able to set the size limit of a picture in kylobites and the number of pictures displayed in profile, both through control

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    ...type of form or a web based uploader. I need for a user to be able to upload an image from this browser based form, and have it add to an php or html file. If possible I would like the image to be resized either upon upload, or server side for the thumbnail. If this is not possible by the restrictions of the language the upload page must need to have

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    Website Downloads Page 已经结束 left

    Brief: A dynamic downloads page with an addition to our existing admins page for us to add downloads to the site. We will provide all required fields and layout. Background : We have a database driven website under development, all the major design and database programming have been completed and we need help implementing additions and changes

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    ...please don't bid. This project is to create a new ecommerce web site for my customer, a small United Kingdom Greeting Card publisher. They already have a basic html web site and that will remain separate from this site. Hosted on my dedicated server running Linux, Apache, and PHP. I will order a new domain name, IP address and SSL certificate

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    I need a simple PHP content management system that I can use and re-use for small websites. Needed Features: -------------------------------------------------- 1) The ability to create, edit, and delete pages 2) The ability to create, edit, and delete textual content on a page with no knowledge of html 3) The ability to edit content in

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    13 竞标 modify and skin a coppermine gallery installation. Needs to be done in a day or less. I will pay immediately. [登录来查看链接] This software is entirely written in PHP and MySQL. The software has users and an admin. The galleries fall into 4 categories: Map, Location Shoot, Misc and Props. Each user is a client of ours. I want the shots further

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    3 竞标 20:00 GMT. Please don't bid if can not finish this project by then. This project is not big and can be completed within a day.I will require this project to be scripted in PHP and the database to be in Microsoft Access. The site design is already created. If you have any questions please send me a message through the ScriptLance message board. I can

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    ...comments (if there is more than 10 comments, then show them on more pages). - Top 10 women, top 10 men page: thumbnails, username (linked to profile page), number of times rated, avarege rating, etc... - Show top 10 women and men on first page as a block in ezportal by - While viewing topics a picture is shown beside profile/www/email

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    Coder should have a good understanding of the CMS PHP-NUKE, otherwise you will not understand this bid. In PHP-Nuke there is a Post story function which posts your story in the main page. There are 2 parts to the story, the story text and extended text. The story text is what the visitor sees on the homepage and extended text is what the visitors sees

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    Photo Gallery Login 已经结束 left

    We have a web site designed and will have the HTML complete soon. The web site is for a home building company and they need their clients to be able to login it the site and go to their own page that contains pictures of their home being built. They would login with the client name and each client would have a unique password, to be determined by the

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    We have a small project - need experienced php and mysql programmers who can also do some image work and server component setup. Please only bid if you have all of the skills needed to complete this project. 1) I have a MySQL database with 100 to 400 images within a table in the DB. At the time we were allowing users to upload images at any file

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    7 竞标 help me with php/mysql and build simple news modules. I have learnt how to upload / thumbnail and put in mysql and know how to display the news. I can just about join tables but getting it all together I just cant! What I Need::: A:an upload image page that inserts the image into a folder and thumbnails it and adds the thumbnail into a sub folder

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    ...need a PHP and MySQL system for members profiles. A member can add their information, as pre-set by me and add up to 12 images as standard. Their email will be hidden, but there will be a form for users to contact them. The member will be given a username and password to be able to edit their info or change images. All images will be a thumbnail on the

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    ...everyone. I’m interested in a custom build of phpauction 2.1 NB GPL. Available at: [登录来查看链接] The end product would be used on my two auction web sites. I liked this particular version of phpauction because it is stable, secure, and easy to configure. It’s almost perfect the way it is. For this project, I would like to

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    I am posting a large photo gallery on a clients upcoming site. I need a javascript that will open a new window when a thumbnail is clicked, the window needs to be a fixed size (lets say width350x height350) or (an automatic resizing of the window to fit the various images would also be cool), it needs a close window button, and I want to disable "right

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    Modify simple PHP content management system CMS (no database) * * *The modifications I want to make are: **1. Integrate htmlArea v3** for cross-browser WYSIWYG editing. At the moment it uses a simple preg replace eg [heading: your text here] inserts <.h1>your text here<./h1>. Other details: * The htmlArea integration must have 2 "content

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    Hi, I need to find a programer who is good with PHP Scripts. I need a few things to be automated - all involve 2 elements 1. Create auto image thumbnail galleries by dropping folders into an ftp folder - it scans them and created the thumbs automatically. 2. It grabs 3-5 thumbs and creates thumbs in a row for a preview set like -

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    ...contains the image, I would like Webquerysave to fire up a java agent that attaches two resized images - a web image that is 400 pixels wide and a thumbail image that is 150 pixels wide. The webimage should be named [登录来查看链接], while the thumbnail should be named tb_imagename.jpg. ## Deliverables 1) Java code for complete and fully-functional working

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    Image Hosting Package 已经结束 left

    ...coder's Seller Legal Agreement). This is a very simple script for anyone who knows what they are doing. This script is an image hosting service that should utilize PHP/MySQL in a Redhat Linux server environment. The Essentials Of The Script: A user will sign up for this service using their first name, last name, username, password

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    I need an exe to be called from a web page. I would like to stay with PHP or javascript. First, the image must be uploaded (securely) and segmented from other user directories Second, the image must be displayed like a common web album, (unchanged image + a thumbnail) Third, by a button click, he image must be processed by a special .exe sitting on

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    $200 - $300
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    I'm in need of an easy thumbnail creator like the solution provided by IPix (Rimfire) [登录来查看链接] Its a very straight forward little application. Not only do I need to be able to do these simple image size modifications, but also the app actually post over with a form post and allow for me to grab and upload

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    Database driven Sites 已经结束 left and Movehouse (holiday villa rental site). In the first instance please reply with Name: URLs or similar work: Rough Estimate of Cost: Location: OS: (ASP/SQL) or (PHP/MYSQL) After I have that Info I will discuss in details with interested parties Overviews HowCute Howcute is a self-publishing site that has the following functionality

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    $200 - $300
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    Need ability to save a website as and image which can be displayed as a thumbnail image in VB? ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Installation package that will install the software (in ready-to-run condition) on the platform(s) specified

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    was wondering if anyone was capable of doing a photo upload script t...wondering if anyone was capable of doing a photo upload script that auto-thumbnailed and was able to show on index like here: [登录来查看链接] See how a thumbnail is clicked and it shows in the frame? could really use that for car auction site im working on

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    Need a Self Service Real Estate listing web site. Like [登录来查看链接] Catalog page of up to 20 properties with thumbnail pictures and short caption and price, one for each listed property. These thumbnails are linked to individual listing pages that have more description and pictures such as <http://realestate

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    Flash Thumbnail Gallery 已经结束 left

    I need a fairly user friendly Flash thumbnail gallery, possibly a component. The following is a list of the features I would like: 1. Infinite scrolling of the thumbnail images. All of the thumbnail images should reside on a single line and highlight on mouse over. I would need to have unlimited thumbnails. 2. I would need to be able to adjust the

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    This is what I need user will be able to have image thumbnail and original image auto re-sized on unload User can additionally choose not to have image resized. Use can choose maximum sizes for thumbnails and main image Resizing is done on zip file of images or individually. Have program that uploads image zip files and unzips them

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    I need someone who will make some thumbnail for me(You need to do manually, script wont work) from Large picture I have and then use those Thumbnail to add products on Oscommerce. You also need to rotate all picture. See attachment for Sample I got 40 Products now, need them by tomorrow, if you are good at those, shouldnt take more than 3-4 hours

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    ...Categories, Category relationships, etc. 2. Web site integration with database. Web site users should be able to browse or search the product database through the web site. 3. Administration panel. A password protected section for administrators to use the import tool and configure other web site settings. ## Deliverables The deliverables

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    Please look at [登录来查看链接] and read what I need. I tried to draw it out what I need and hopefully you will understand. I believe it to be simple but since I can't code, what in the hell do I really know. Payment to be made after testing of your product to determine if what you created is what I need. I can pay by scriptlance escrow, paypal or ikobo. The actual script will be run on [登录来查看链...

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    ... type of disease, or day of snapping Result thumbnail is displayed in two colums, left side called BEFORE will be the photos of the first day, and the right side called AFTER will be the latest day snaps. The idea of two colums is to show the client the progress of their treatment. since the result page will be showing thumbnails, it should be possible

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    ...Interface which will add/remove/edit products listed with gui and simple clicks not editing the code. Make sure new pages are created if products # goes above the 20 on that page. Make sure catagories can be added/edited/removed. Site needs to be redesigned to look better. Need to have all picture files with site name ([登录来查看链接]) in photoshop psd

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    Looking for a small, fast thumbnail browser for Symbian which will become part of a larger project. Needs to allow users to view and select multiple photots on their cell phone. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Installation package that

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    Thumbnail Picture Gallery 已经结束 left

    The Thumbnail Picture Gallery is a Macromind "Flash" script that will display thumbnail images, along with clickable links. The images will appear in a scrollable window. Please view this page [登录来查看链接] and scroll down to "About the Tiffany Store" to see an example. A web page will

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    ...countie. I already have a search page that can do the searching, if you can use the code. its [登录来查看链接] So basically I want a client to goto [登录来查看链接] and click on a countie, this will then search for all members listed under this countie, and display the results by way of thumbnail hyperlinked to the photos profile

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    ...file is stored in a non web-accessable folder called user_images. Inside the user_images folder is a set of sub folders from f-0/f-0. These will be where the images are stored based on the first two chars of the md5 name. (EX: user_images/f/3/f3h2hj23hgjkg23g2jk3g 4. There is also a thumbnail created upon upload. The thumbnail is stored in user_images/thumb/f-0/f-0

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    ...DESCRIBES THIS PROJECT IN FULL. Urgently need a web application or script (ASP, PHP, DHTML, PERL or whatever) that will create and manage a dynamic art gallery that displays images of works by different artists. The script should display a page of works by each artist that are displayed as thumbnail images which can be clicked to display a larger

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    296713 Website Tasks II 已经结束 left

    Quality is non-negotiable so please do not bid if you do not have a portfolio to show or if your bid will exceed my maximum budget. Web site is 75 percent complete the site needs and additional 6-10 pages. Data from designated areas of the site must be configured and stored into the company DB running MYSQL. Also, the following is needed : forms

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    ...Matchmakerpro program scripts. I would like some page tweaks that are not in the standard program. Tweak one - on [登录来查看链接] this is a page where members have a list of profiles they like, next to their details I would like a thumbnail picture taken from their profile page. Tweak two - I would like a search page (2 really 1 for male, 1 for female, both look

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    We need a thumb nail viewer-cum-slide show maker you tell us the feature that best fit in. and we can go ahead accordignly. adult and non-adult version. Below Terms are a *MUST*, do not waste our time and yours if you do not agree to any of the below: Terms: 1) the programmer must be ready to work with people back in our office to integrate certain per-made modules we have. 2) the programmer will ...

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    Hi all you PHP and MySQL'ers, I have an extensive web-gallery project I would like to pursue, and believe rentacoder is probably the best place to get it done =). Here are the major features: - Different export format options. - Automatic thumbnail / enlargement generation. - Admin ability to modify/create/remove database items. (This includes database

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    ...Real Estate Auction web site. I don't really care too much about DB, however, probably MySQL. I need an interface for users that can query the type of property (4 or 5 different types) they are looking for and maybe a zip code query point too. The subsequent results of this query page will show the list of properties and thumbnail image of the property

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    I need the html to show the thumbnail images but also to be able to create a thumbnail image from a regular sized image. ## Deliverables The completed html to show the thumbnail image being created from a regular image ## Platform Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP

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    ...javascript code to show how to display an image as thumbnail only. When they click on the image, then on another window the image shows up in full view. If you do not have any pictures, I can provide the picture to use for it. ## Deliverables The html/javascript page to show images as a thumbnail to reduce download time. When clicking on the image

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    Only high quality web/graphics design experts need apply. You will also need to sign a confidentiality agreement. We need some template theme design for our thumbnail gallery section. Basically, we have a blank page with small image thumbnail and need a designer to add a graphical theme around it. There is minimal graphics involved, but we do require

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    video chat system 已经结束 left

    ...can be added/edited in special page for administrator. must be accessible to ALL web (using the nicks registered on the site database, for this purpose I can user a PHP session variable). not registered (or not logged) give option to enter thier nick with '~' added to begining of their nick. will be mounted on RH linux PHP+MYSQL server. it could be a very

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    77434 Gallery database 已经结束 left

    ...project, i am after a gallery script options will include: MySQL and PHP Easy installation Thumbnail Support Ability to modify html the way i want the site to look Run both thumbnail and Text listings on the same page Customize how text links look with variables Customize thumbnail tables for size, border, cell space and padding. Option to have differe...

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    Functional Requirements : User will go to our site and choose the wallpaper from the image gallery for his desktop. Thumbnail images will be displayed, versus the full wallpaper image. When the user clicks on the thumbnail image, the user's desktop wallpaper is updated and changed to the image selected.... using the full sized version of

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    Fast Thumbnail Software 已经结束 left

    Basically what I need is a small Delphi 6-7 or VB6 Thumbnail Software. This software must be easy to use and with greate GUI (nice skin). In you bid let me know when you can start and when you expect to have it done. If you have any great ideas to improve it, let me know ... Some functions I want included is: (1) Full graphics WYSIWYG with instant print

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