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    ...>After organizing existing products, we need to add new collections and fill products from third party websites and drop shipping >Remove previously created collections after the new collections being added. >Images & Banners needed to be organized and used within the resources from Websites. >Need to maintain Google sheet and update for every task being

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    ...reduce text sizes and text dominance to meet this requirement. You can remove and reduce the amount of text used for the acebook banner as long as the message is clear :) All UNLAYERED .psd or .ai files to be submitted in handover please along with the final .jpg versions of the banners. ----- Remember. Please look at the example images I have uploaded

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    ...template from ZoHo and it works for the most part for what I need, but it needs some extra functionality for my products. I deal mostly with rolled goods. Rolls of vinyl, banners, etc etc. So I’m entering inventory in square feet. This is great, I always know how many square feet I have on hand, but it could be across multiple rolls. So what I’d like

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    ...we will go for iPhone. No need to start iphone first. I will not provide anything so I need rates and your creative samples individually for WireFrame/MockUp Logos and banners Content write up Development Please share the profile / cv of the developer who’s gonna be working on the project. Project description:- -> Whiteboard -> Toolbar to

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    Need a shopify expert to add a banner to the header our website that will sit at the top of our page. I need to be able to remove/change it in a few weeks myself so not made in html please. I have attached two banners to see which fits best.

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    Trophy icon Banner for Florida Ended

    Hello, I need 2 banners made for our new franchise in Tampa Bay, Florida. The colors should be Orange, Blue and Green. Our company colors are Blue and Green so try and use those Blues and Greens with the Orange. I will attach similar banners we used for previous franchises that you can use as a reference. The first banner is " Here We Come"

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    ...Labour & Birth it will only display paid banners and articles from the right side and top of the subcategory horizontal banner 600x60 related to this categories listed only. image ProjA1 Different categories like baby, child development etc. will have each own right side paid banner listing style. To cater paid banners and articles. categories are clickable

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    Hello friends, Am looking for PHP coder who have good knowledge in currency e...looking for PHP coder who have good knowledge in currency exchanger script. I already have website script, But need to remove bugs and want to add some more features. 1. Bugs Removing 2. Want to add 3 to 5 features 3. want promotional banners 5. Good responsive template

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    ...zoom out when being tapped again or when one decide to continue moving the wheel of cards backward/forward) - be able to remove a card from the wheel by holding and swiping a card (using panGesture) - bonus would be to have banners at the top following the curvature of the spinning wheel, where the banner starts and ends at specified cards (thus, a mechanism

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    ...Monitor member contributions * News Feed Management - View Posts, Remove Posts, * Notifications on User Registrations, Group Creations, Wallet Deposits, Withdrawal Requests, Contributions Reports, etc * Push Notification to users * Ads - Featured Listings for Groups, Pop Up Banners, Banners in Search Results...

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    1: Need to remove / disable magnifying glass search from mobile (and also if it is visible anywhere) 2: Remove grey overlay on vendro's shop banners. 3: There is Heart (on products) that should work as Like button instead of "Add to Wish List"

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    ...above right column without space above • Minimise space between banners in RHC INDIVIDUAL PRODUCT PAGE • Mashshare buttons to replace current social icons • Product Images - make 1 display above 3 other square images. Instead of pop up it should be displayed in main image box. • Remove additional info & reviews • Add product title & ISBN field and...

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    I need 7 new banners for a website I am launching. They need to be 2000px by 2000px. The site is We sell two way radios and accessories. I need the following banners for sure: Hawk Lapel Microphone Hearing Options/Ear Inserts (Remove Ultra Fin and Replace with Ambi Fin) PCL Soundwaves Pryme Lapel Kit New EPG Line of Products

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    ...Server - Will need server space for email and website Website Description - Will have About Us, Services, Products (will be kind of ecommerce where we should be able to add/remove/modify products whenever needed), Blogs, Contact Us, etc. The website will also have explainer videos, 3d modelling pictures of landscapes, etc. Digital Marketing - The team

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    ...available on all the country views and languages available: Saudi/UAE - ENGLISH and ARABIC EVENTS TRACKING Your Shopping Bag - Save for Later - Remove - Apply (Coupon Code) - Proceed to Check Out Checkout - Next - - Proceed to Payment - Place Order - Apply Discount Code Checkout Success/Thank

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    Hi I require help with removal of image background and also creation of 4 website banners please, required completion within 24 hours (urgently)

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    I need to remove the background from 100-150 photos,I want to make a brochure ( I have the design from the one side) and 1-2 banners

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    Trophy icon Design a Banner Ended

    ...this banner need is to be good looking and make customers want to click on it! I've got 5 apps that will use the same exact banner design, the only difference between the banners should be the apps name, the rest will be exactly the same, so this is 1 banner design but exported to 5 png images. Design guidelines: 1. Text : The app name for example

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    Hi David S., The first is to modify the business card to remove the "Agile &" part - I just want it so say "Kanban Coaching & Training". The second is one of the banners - with "Coaching", "Training" and "Workshop Facilitation" - I'd like to remove the "Workshop Facilitation" part and just have "Coa...

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    ...Header: remove navbar that includes ( Home button, About us...etc). + Modify the slider to be Fixed with add possibility to enable & disable it. + Home page will be just banners & some featured products with possibility to enable & disable it. + Remove hero product. + Footer: add bar of newsletter subscription. + Remove review products. + Remove Ta...

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    ...address more prominent in header - change colour 2) Reduce image sizes for optimisation Category Pages: 3) Remove banner image on category pages 4) Move blurb from the top to the bottom of category pages Product Pages 5) Remove top banners on all pages 6) Swap add to cart and upsells sections around so that the add to cart is above the fold

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    72 竞标 suit the following 1. Keep the same content as our existing website 2. Website banners to be uniform (the same site wide) but enhanced 3. We want 4 different theme options 4. All websites must be mobile compatible and be widescreen on desktops 5. Remove prices from safes 6. Colour to suit our logo 7. Modern theme NO AWARD OF THIS PROJECT

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    I am looking for majento web developer -Need some changing to remove some buttons -Add link into buttons -Checkout procedure must be responsive and user friendly to use. -In signin account enable messages & ticket function -Help & FAQ i need Help form and some Faq which i will send you. Then you can copy and paste -Change some button look and

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    ...image on the home page (use placeholder content) Again the homepage should have 6 post with image,a few text and read more -->[login to view URL] 1a)Remove this images from the homepage-->[login to view URL] 1b)I need a submit button for email on the Home Page-->I will provide a url to insert on the submit

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    ...three differing packages can be added to or removed to display our 3 x Package offerings. I have supplied the biggest package as an example. Once completed this it's easier to remove them build onto the original example. Naturally the bigger the package the more sponsorship branding / offers the sponsor would receive at the event. Package 1:

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    I recently purchased a website, and I don't know how to remove the exisisting ads from yllix. you can check my website at [login to view URL] there are banners for yllix advertising. I want all the yllix advertising removed. I want you to then install my google Adsense code.

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    加精 加封 顶级竞赛 保密协议

    ...pages Ecommerce platform Woocomerse platform CMS - so they can manage pages/ content and cms for products, to add remove products SEO firendly - yoast Logo and banners design for the whole website Redesign exist banners and design new Design business cards and stationary brochures State of the art design for the website including logo

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    Trophy icon Design a Logo Ended

    W...- we remove the word "and" from Extract Transform and Search in the new sub text. From a technical point of view, we need a high quality vector format (like svg or eps), in addition to the jpeg, png and (animated) gif ? The logo will be displayed on webpages, on presentations and documents but can also be printed (stickers, documents, banners).

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    ...[login to view URL] 1. Home Page - Remove 3 TXT areas located on left top below the site LOGO.. around the Profile area... 2 of the fields are controlled within the Admin area (Setting - Meta Tag) and mandated on, the 3rd comes from regions unknown... 2. Remove Google Adsense banner from bottom of Home Page. Banners are controlled from the Admin area

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    I need someone to remove the background from 200 product photos (shoes, slippers) and refine colour and edges and 9-10 banners for the starting page of my new e-shop.

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    I have a video. And I want to remove the banners from it !

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    ...image full and above right column • Minimise space between banners in RHC PRODUCT PAGE • Mashshare buttons to replace current social icons • Mobile - 4 images need to be made responsive • Remove additional info & reviews • Related products - Add Title (linked) instead of category, Remove add to cart pop up & small layout adjustment ...

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    27 竞标 has been pasted from a word document   Remove social media icons from everywhere   Divorce services High conflict coparents – add a line that says “ For more details on my co-parenting class, please click here. Hyperlink here to the latest blog on the subject   Marriage & Divorce Assessments Remove quotation marks from the text in the last

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    ...font in Terms of Service section 4) adjust size of footer logo 5) make other buttons around the website round cornered 6) change banners in terms, contact, blog and faq (and any other) 7) adjust contact us to remove actual address, phone, etc and leave just contact form making sure it works 8) in [login to view URL] (category

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    ...have 40 banners that we would like a designer to make look more vintage. Firstly we need a negative strip (photo negative) added to the top and bottom edges to make them look more vintage. We also would like a designer to deep etch (remove the background) the photos of the women so they stand out better. Overall we would like the banners to look

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    ...mimic the Shopify's shop frontend to support the following features: HOMEPAGE/OTHER PAGES SIMPLE CMS: * Displaying a homepage with the chosen sections with products or banners dynamically * Create pages and choose if its a sectioned/static text page (more templates will be added in the future) PRODUCTS: * Displaying a product listing * Search

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    ...smaller than the AI pages due to how he designed it. Summary 1. Merge the Powerpoint with the AI layout (background image, image boarders, and divider line, and header banners) to create a PDF. 2. Keep the powerpoint layout (11.5in Wide, 8.5in Height, and 2 pages on each one) (if you have a suggestion to make this easier let me know) 3. Each page

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    Social Media Banners (1. Facebook, 2. Twitter, 3. YouTube) for Everyday Psych Victims Project: I need 3 differently sized banners for a human rights organization about a group which is ignored and disfranchised by ALL “human rights” organizations. It is the first Anti-Mental Health Organization. The theme is: GREEN, Protesting, Speech Bubbles, Be

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    Trophy icon Design a banner Ended

    ...only. Cannot promote properties or development projects or advertise agency promotions or competitions. Cannot include property listings (cannot mimic a listing either). Banners are not allowed to include a competitor’s logo or brand on them. URLs should only click through to an agent’s webpage, Lead Capture Form, Lead Generator, Agency Profile page

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    ...) We need a good honest designer for create banners , remove background, make products nice... This is permanent work as we need 1 to 2 hour daily. Designer need be good and quick, good inspiration and quickly on tasks Designer need have arabic fonts as somtimes we have to make arabic text on banners. Designer need done the tasks on same day assigned

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    Need updated banners to read: Over 35,000 educator and 600 head of school appointments since 1990 That is the only change. 32,000 to 35,000. 500 to 600. Remove the "s" from educators, to say the word "educator." Need final files as png, pdf, and Illustrator file. Two sizes: 552x150 pixels 620x150 pixels All final work is property and right of Search

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    Need to add Contact us POP up on the front page and remove some banners and change the subscription plan.

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    Trophy icon Shopify Slider/banner Ended

    ...bedroom walls, or on top of a fire place. So I added some sample scenarios, but you are free to use these (remove any webaddresses) or to use your own. The winner will be invited to work on the final project worth $200 to complete more banners and other design to add to the store. Please see attached files and samples. Use as a template. Good Luck.

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    I need designer who can design banners for me. $10 per banner. If you are going to charge more, simply don't bid. **I really don't like freelancers who increase budget after bidding. I will remove that bid immediately if you do so. Thanks

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    I need designer who can design banners for me. $10 per banner. If you are going to charge more, simply don't bid. **I really don't like freelancers who increase budget after bidding. I will remove that bid immediately if you do so. Thanks

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    ...subcategories section. You can go on and take a look on the following link: [login to view URL] 1. Please see the Categories and Sub Categories screenshot attached. Remove the color. I don't need all different colors. One simple color is OK or go with the overall color scheme of the entire page. 2. Following is the weblink for the top non-flash

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    I need designer who can design banners for me. $10 per banner. If you are going to charge more, simply don't bid. **I really don't like freelancers who increase budget after bidding. I will remove that bid immediately if you do so. Thanks

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    I am looking for someone to edit my Etsy and Facebook Banners. FACEBOOK BANNER Resize and replace the two images in the frame on the banner with my “bridge” images. Replace “NEPTUNE30” with “SPLASH30” Replace “NEPTUNE ART PRINTS // On Etsy” with “SPLASH ART PRINTS // ON ETSY” ETSY BANNER Resize and replace the t...

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    ...invoices automatically and email customers using their login email Be able to calculate shipping costs Be able to accommodate discount codes Different banners, that can be changed Option to 'remove' items from shopping bag and deduct the amount from total To include GST in price, but then show separately at check out It needs shopping bag in top

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