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    AUTOMOTIVE MARKETING TOOL Required development: PHP, javascript, MySqli. Situation: There are two parts in this projects: the User part and the Admin part. The Admin part already exists and works. It is an interface where we can create profiles of car selling companies and also the cars that they sell. The database exists and works. It has been done

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    ...Finanzas, Contabilidad, OMS) .NET, MVC, HTML 5, C#,CSS 3,Javascript,jQuery,Bootstrap,PHP, SQL Server,APIs ERP migration to Web in Cloud AWS Amazon 2 Apps (Sales, Inventories, Purchases, Finance, Accounting, OMS) .NET, MVC, HTML 5, C #, CSS 3, Javascript, jQuery, Bootstrap, PHP, SQL Server, APIs For more than 20 years we have been offering integral technology

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    Sales Website/Software 已经结束 left

    ...starting new it company i developed php scripts and software like real estate script, online shopping , matrimonial , recharge portal , b2b marketing , several erp for pharma and fmcg companies and management software . Now We are team of 10 peoples , i want BDM for online bidding on web projects and seller to sell our scripts and software on market

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    14 个竞标 Healthcare Classifieds /E-bazar Automobile-Cars Travel & tourism Company Directory Engineering & Building Material Services & Consulting I need a web designer/PHP my SQL developer, I am going to offer my customer in different categories a Onepage website. I would like to have your advice on the using page builder Elementor, DIVI, etc.

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    Modular website - marketplace to buy/sell various products Requirements: Modular design: - Secure authentication with 2FA+/-Session or more secure auth (login, signup, change, reset, admin) - all data save into MySQL but possible to use different database as long as wrapper is available - Presentation of products to sell (insert, update, delete), user and

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    ...have experience with other freelancing websites and job sites. I am a beginner in freelancing and I find it very difficult for me to get projects. I am looking for someone to represent me, to apply for me, and sell my skills. Anybody can apply. If you read this description add the word "fire" at the beggining of the application. Please let me know why

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    ...seen that you have experience in payment modules for prestashop. My project is related to the "paydollar" module for Prestashop to version 1.6.x. I need the version for Prestashop As you can see in this link: [登录来查看链接] only offer 1.5 and 1

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    Hello, *Please read carefully and respond with stuff from this post, as I ignore automatic bids. This job is for someone with good PHP, Javascript, Html, CSS, and WordPress knowledge with a design eye. You must have a design eye. We have a site that is practically done but needs a few tweaks in order for it to be completed and need someone to bring

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    ...transactions,... (like is [登录来查看链接] or [登录来查看链接]). Above this, the website will allow users t buy or sell orders from their dashboard(Manually or automatically if the position reach a certain condition --- mini-bot ---)for example placing trailing buy and sell order, auto close position within time,stop loss... This is the point of this website so you have

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    ...there is a better way. The website is for an IT agency, It is designed to both sell and collect freelancer profiles that have been "vetted" by the agency. The budget for the project is around $400/week , I expect it to run 2+ months at this level. However, I'm fielding projects on a regular basis, and the last guy that was working on this just got put

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    Im looking for this theme: Wordpress version of theme, if you have you can sell it to me

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    Project for Rajdeep A. 已经结束 left

    Hi Rajdeep, I noticed that you already worked on Yobit API in this project: I'm looking for something similar to this, so I'd like to see how it looks like and discuss with you sell with some additions. Please don't care about the price I put here, since we'll discuss that in any case.

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    Custom Web based software 已经结束 left

    ...simple web based software which will need around 7 masters, 2 webservices, 2-3 transaction form and around 3 simple reports. I prefer the software in open source platform like PHP/LAMP. The application is simple database application and do not have much complexity. I like the project to be completed in max 30-45 days so team or person who can complete

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    I am building an ecommerce website to sell tshirts and hoodies. Design and sites content is complete in PSD. Need someone to create the dynamic site pages to integrate the shopping cart and ordering system.  Should be rather straightforward for decent php programmer. You will have plenty of backup help with any monotonous tasks. You only need to

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    Web development -- 2 已经结束 left

    i want to sell php projects website

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    Write some software 已经结束 left

    I need you to develop some software for me. I would like this software to be developed using PHP. i want to sell php projects of website

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    I am a construction project manager and my partner is a web-developer. We are based in Munich Germany and are looking for a long-term partner for future projects. We are in need of somebody or a team that can develop an photo management and archiving app that works on Android & Apple Smartphones and Tabletts. It is called PICTOCOM. We will handle

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    ... PICTOCOM requirements: 1. Server and Online Web-App: 2. Web server: Apache or Windows Server 2016 3. Database: Mysql 4. For Frontend and Backend interface work with PHP 7 5. XML construction for the structure 6. Mobile Frontend Feature: 7. User Login and Logout Feature 8. Admin and User roles 9. Camera Interface 10. Temporary local save

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    Lead UI/UX Designer 已经结束 left

    ...platforms: CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, PHP, Android, iOS Effective verbal and written communication skills are a must as you will work in a team environment (I.e. will need to present/"sell" your solutions) Ability to handle the pressure and fluidity of a fast paced environment including multitasking: juggle multiple projects simultaneously to meet strict

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    ...I am looking for an experienced PHP and ANGULAR.JS developer who can help me in developing a trade bot for creating strategies based on my indicators, backtesting, paper trading and executing orders on various crypto exchanges. I need to have all the indicators that i normally use built into the bot(there’s a php library called TRADER they should

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    ...allows sellers to upload photos of items, both physical and digital, set the price and sell them online. We are going to modify the shopping cart to sell tickets. How? A feature or modification will be applied so that whenever someone is creating a new product to sell, there will be a radio button or drop-down that asks if the item you are creating is

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    ...product to sell Step #2: Go to Google Keyword tool, Find keywords for the Clickbank product (No trademark infringement allowed) Step #3: Buy appealing domain name based on the keyword Step #4: Build a blog in wordpress for this domain name and allocate DNS. Step #5: Write two articles for this blog Step #6: Get traffic to Blog Step #7: Sell Domain

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    9 个竞标 The Inner-East Artisans Cooperative was formed in the early 1990s, when a small group of talented artists (including painters, potters, jewellers, and wide variety of other arts and crafts), began to sell their creative products at regular Sunday morning market stalls in Melbourne’s

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    10 个竞标 The Inner-East Artisans Cooperative was formed in the early 1990s, when a small group of talented artists (including painters, potters, jewellers, and wide variety of other arts and crafts), began to sell their creative products at regular Sunday morning market stalls in Melbourne’s

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    Hi, I need a new big website. The common idea: members can add their specific products (real and digital) to sell, and other members of website can buy these items, can communicate with sellers etc... Something like social network based on the market. Actually this website will be unique as far as this will be based on the unique business idea

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    Hire a Web Developer 已经结束 left

    I have a almost completed piece of PHP software I need finished. You should have experience working with PHP, Mysql, databases pipehandlers, email handling and preferably MWS. I am hiring a individual, you may NOT outsource, you will be required to do the work yourself. I don't mind if you use open source code however. I need somebody who is committed

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    Project for muktadir 已经结束 left

    Hello, I saw you was awarded for this project: Did you create this module? Can you sell the product o us also? Is this project live as a module?

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    ...) where you can buy and sell I'm looking for someone fully expert in php, html as well as graphic design. We provide the content and pictures. Please consider that ,this project will include plump features and This is a long term project, After completion , We will require more orders for this project along with other projects that already up and running

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    Project for techieshub818 已经结束 left

    Hi! I just saw that you bid on this project and say you have already done this proje...saw that you bid on this project and say you have already done this project. So I was wondering if you are willing toi sell my the bot at $40, no more, nor less- Thanks! This is the project:

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    I need to find Full-Time Freelancer for supervising our projects. Will need to review, edit, repair, change, create, supervise websites, scripts, plugins, sell them, add banners, making SEO, and so on and so on. This work for few year or more. We will not need full time from this freelancer - but we will need to find him and connect anytime for

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    Get a Website Built 已经结束 left

    ...their existing locations; b. Internships & Secondments: Temporarily jobs and projects in Africa c. Advisory: Members can engage as investors or advisors for ventures, startups and projects d. Africa Talent relocation: Opportunities for members to relocate to jobs or projects in Africa. 2. Companies and organisations: In-Dloop Platform is for companies

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    We sell software products through After each successful sale, ClickBank sents an IPN via API to [登录来查看链接] and MQLLOCK stores the customer data and order receipt on admin panel on Note that the ClickBank integration to MQLLOCK is setup and has been tested. What we need now is: After customer has made

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    We sell products through Everytime there is a successful sale, ClickBank sents IPN via API to [登录来查看链接] and MQLLOCK stores customer data and Order Receipt in our account on Every time a customer wants to run our software (robots for metatrader4/mt4), the account is authenticated via [登录来查看链接], based on

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    Get a Website Built 已经结束 left

    ...monthly subscriptions ). 4/Posting projects like . ( These posts are not for free but a commission is taken from sellers or monthly subscriptions ). 5/Posting video tutorials for free. 6/Posting general articles for free.( it's for admin and for private user order ). Website Specifications : PHP programming language 7.1 Laravel 5.4

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    My Disposals Project 已经结束 left

    Sell bottles of capsule for anti-stress, energy booster, for sleep-deprived people, with insomnia and for liver cleansing. Selling price is 3,000 php per bottle (180 capsules). Sell 3 bottles until April 15th (Saturday). Per bottle sold, I'll be giving you 250 php. If you have completed the project within the time frame given, I'll be extending more

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    Design a Website 已经结束 left

    Hire Freelancers Work My Projects Help Search USD $0 00 Profile Picture Profile Picture traceysniche Plus Member Upgrade Profile Membership Settings Refer a Friend Get Support Logout Home My Projects OPEN · 1 DAY, 23 HOURS REMAINING cyber services website $125 USD Description Entries 55% Congratulations on awarding

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    Many years ago I created an event ticketing system using OS Commerce, a PHP / MySQL based system. I am looking for someone to modify Open Cart in a similar way, so I have the ability to sell event tickets through the shopping cart. When adding new products on the back-end, a simple radio button asks: Is this item a ticket YES | NO If a product

    $30 - $250
    $30 - $250
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    ...responsible and experienced programmer for this and future projects with real estimated prices. A person who has no intention cheating western people. You must have the ability to think about problems and solutions for this. You must be able to work out solutions independently. I search for long term projects and contract. Must have experience (otherwise,

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    Get a Website Built 已经结束 left

    We want to sell our digital goods on a monthly subscription basis with payment systems like Credit Card and PayPal. The online selling website should be very simple and should use bootstrap+CSS3, jQuery, PHP and MySQL. "NO" readymade CMS. We want whole code to be clean and clear without garbage variable/function names. Should be secure and user details

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    Our budget is $150 to $200 MAXIMUM for this Java JSP & PHP project. We will be doing a lot more work on this website over the next 6 to 9 months. Therefore we are looking for a skilled and reliable Freelancer to work with on a long term basis who is looking for regular work, on a monthly basis. This will be available working on this long-term project

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    24 个竞标 normally used by Organisations to distribute apps internally within their Company. The script has no shopping cart. We are therefore customising this Java/JSP script to sell apps publicly by adding a Wordpress Shopping Cart on the frontend. The App Store Script consist of 3 elements. It has 1) A Gateway 2) A Publisher and 3) A Storefront. The script

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    Hello K...the link of the project : Could you explain to me in more details what functionalities were included in the software and how they were done ? I am really interested in this software and would appreciate if you could sell it to me or work on it from scratch. Thanks

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    ...the script to sell apps publicly by adding a Wordpress Shopping Cart. The App Store Script consist of 3 elements. It has 1) A Gateway 2) A Publisher and 3) A Storefront. The script is a fully functioning script which is ready to run from 'out of the box'. You will NOT be building the script from scratch. You will simply be using PHP, Wordpress and

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    ...the script to sell apps publicly by adding a Wordpress Shopping Cart. The App Store Script consist of 3 elements. It has 1) A Gateway 2) A Publisher and 3) A Storefront. The script is a fully functioning script which is ready to run from 'out of the box'. You will NOT be building the script from scratch. You will simply be using PHP, Wordpress and

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    Small CRM/ERP system 已经结束 left

    ...login/registration, client database, staff database, appointments (date/time), sell product (choose from database, choose a client); ability to create a report (input into database) / new leads, and contact form. Overall 6 pages: - Dashboard - Workplace - Leads - Projects - Reports - Email excluding data entry pages. I have drawn a sketch

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    Get a Website Built 已经结束 left sell products or charge credit cards? As a non-profit we will accept simple (or recurring) donations of various values. Will need to encrypt the transmission via SSL, o Content Management Software: We are open to the CMS software. o Back-end Programming Language: If custom web software must be developed, which specific language, such as PHP, or

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    ...basis until we have proven that we are a good fit together, then we will offer salaried positions to the right candidates. Summary: If you are a top WordPress developer and php coder and want to be working with some of the sharpest minds and maximise your income, this is the perfect opportunity for you. Welcome to a team of business & marketing giants

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    Hi, I was looking for clones of you did the project? If so, do you have a demo and a price you could sell it to me for? I am new to freelancer. Are we able to have a quick chat over Skype?

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