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    ...a website, where I can sell online serial codes. The website works like this. There are different sections you can unlock by purchasing access. Each section has a number of modules. Each module gives 1 serial code You buy access to a section for a period of time. Like 1month,3,12 or lifetime. If a serial code doesn't work, there will be a

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    I have ubuntu 16.04 running on my laptop. I have installed Qt Creator based on Qt 5.10. I need to build a GUI in Qt on the ubuntu and have the code run on the Beaglebone Black. I have install the needed cross toolchain for arm, install the proper Qt libraries on the Beaglebone Black, Configure Qt to program Your task will be to remote into my system and check that why I am not able to install Qts...

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    Need Software for entering Mobile phone Imei serial numbers with supplier name.

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    ...look for: The name of the client The serial # Mark Model Year Start-up date On a MSSQL database, I will provide table and field name. Then the application must allow to be able to take a photo (s), to be able to attach a description of the photos The information entered must be stored in a MySQL database and the file of the photo (s)

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    software Advanced Installer database check serial confirm Advanced Installer database check serial see the link below, this is what I need [login to view URL] necessary function that I need my install .exe "advancedinstaller" check the serial in an online database software that I use to build

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    ...[AndiceLabs],[GeekWorm],[MoPi],[18650 Battery Shield] • Battery management – battery charging (prevent over/under charge), flexible battery configuration (3.7V 1/2/3 cells parallel, serial? Can I use 18650 battery?), LED display (Red-charging, Green- fully charged), remaining level monitoring. Auto shutoff power to prevent a full discharge. • I2C o ADC

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    The Script: [login to view URL] Replace the serial printer with a usb printer Dymo LabelWriter 450 Dymo LabelWriter 450 is ready: [login to view URL] Job via TeamViewer

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    Simple app that reads and writes data to USB serial port Undocumented protocol, freelancer needs to have experience with interpreting data structures from USB analyser software Has to run in Windows but no GUI needed Bonuses for adding more functionality after working demo

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    Read the serial number of nfc card ( mifare 1k i.e.) and write this with timestamp to mysql server .

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    Raspberry pi communicating with a PC. The PC responds with code, that gets to the GUI. Wkill explain more on chat

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    To implement a serial algorithm in parallel CUDA

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    SERIAL ACT WITH FACEBOOK CHATTING Contact me for more Details

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    We are looking for an IMEI checking server setup on my VPS, supporting DHRU API (important) and Genie API for various suppliers. We need to create Account for customers with dashboard: customer credits, history orders, with option of add store credits via PayPal (auto add fund) and via Crypto currencies (manually add fund) for registered users. Check server should be supporting via API of supp...

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    ...each task is completed. Must accept project to start process. Please see: +Dashboard - Database Fields. Please connect routes and live tracking section to Tracking Lanes: -Serial (81A345675) -Shuttle (Shuttle # 1) -Status (Connected/Not connected) +Leftside/Devices: -The design on the left side design is done. -The left side must be connected to

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    I have an existing project, I want to correct minor bugs in the system for final finishings, also add a list of accepted activation codes/serial key which the user will have to enter during installation, finally make the application click once windows installs for easy installation by users

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    ...Create new stock transfer record • Edit items in a record • Delete items from a record Print PO transaction • Directly print the PO Transaction (code will be provided for serial printing). 3. Developer’s Responsibilities The developer should provide: • A GitHub account for online repository for collaboration and sharing of source codes. • Shou...

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    I have some existing code but need to add a serial connection to the hardware. More details to be provided.

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    Arduino coder required. Development of small sketch to obtain i2c serial data stream from Blackmagic Camera Control Arduino shield (full API/libraries are available for the shield) and output this stream via both serial (RS-232) and ethernet (UDP stream) simultaneously. Corresponding sketch to be developed to receive the RS-232 and UDP streams and output

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    ...on the USB audio device) 2. USB-Serial 3. and just simple receive and send of data for each interface. >> so if you plug in the controller, it have to show up as USB-MIDI device and also as Serial-Device. On top of your example code I will build my midi library and protocol. The second endpoint (USB-Serial) will be used later for configuration

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    I need an iPhone app. I would like it designed and built. The project includes iphone gui and app that communicates through bluetooth to an external... The project includes iphone gui and app that communicates through bluetooth to an external ble [login to view URL] external device shuld be designed to support bidirectional Rs232 serial format from /to iphone.

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    Brief summary: Develop a system to allow access to USB devices over Ethernet and manage remote USB and Serial devices. Essentially we want you to develop a system that will function like Flexihub [login to view URL] Purpose: this will be used to connect to usb devices plugged into the clients computer remotely over the internet. It will be

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    i need special browser same feat...i install this special browser should be include mysql, php and apache etc after installation i need to have two option trial or license if i choice trial this is should be having 30days only then program will not start and ask serial key and give my mobile no. if i choice license i should enter serial key.

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    In this project you will create four MySQL queries. The schema is below, I have attached an EER, and a database dump including sample data will be provided on project acceptance. We have a database that stores records of earnings and expenses for various machines. For earnings, half of the machines show their earnings as a single amount, e.g. $1

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    Weighing Scale with Serial port RS232 Its weighing reading should be transferred to Excel in computer. VB, C++, .net

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    Need Barcode developer or Solution provider with existing SQL database system. want a developer who must have knowledge of SQL and excel. data would be fatched through...must have knowledge of SQL and excel. data would be fatched through excel and enter that thinclient or smilar entry points. Also thinclint connect with weighment system on serial port

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    Upload my script on folder name: admin Ex: [login to view URL] Must be developed by using: Laravel 5.5 framework. Bootstrap 4. Mysql 5.7 VueJS 2 framework. Users: (List users): First Name - Last Name - E-mail - Actions: (Edit User - Delete User). (Add user): First Name - Last Name - E-mail - Username - Password - Confirm Password

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    ...battery connector, - On-board LED for battery operations status, - File Safe Shutdown Functionality, - On-board LEDs for power supply (24v, 12v, 5v, 3V3, battery, UPS) and serial line activity, - Lcd connector (16x2), - external ADC (Analog Digital Converter) connected via SPI to Raspberry Pi, - Real time clock (RTC) with on-board lithium back-up

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    ...WPF/WCF MySql Client-server application for its customers. The project will be a new version of software used by client currently. All analysis and data will be provided. Experienced Team only contact for the bid. Software Have Following Modules: Master Data Management Random Serial Number Generation Barcode Generation/Printing [Random Serial Numbers]

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    I am looking at developing a Fleet management template where we can can have all the vehicle details, thei...Vehicle Maintenanance tracker, we can weekly update the KM reading and the template alerts us on repair when its close to 5000 KM. details of repairs, tyre details - Their serial numbers, when was tyre replaced, how many replaced all automated.

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    Need an SMS application . i have GSM modem. the application need to connect the serial port to send sms . whenever the DB recive the data. the applivcation should trigor and put back the respondse in DB

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    I have a php application with a mysql database behind it. Now I would like to offer it by SAAS to the public. That means the application and database has to become extended for multi customer use, a proper login or starting parameter with serial key and in a second step it should be multilingual. And there is a lot of more ideas in further steps. So

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    I have a few issues with application written in golang, running on Raspberry Pi. It does communication wi...happens randomly and in 99% of the cases immediately repeating the request is received and processed ok. I think it's something to do with the sequence of read/write on the serial port and/or the sync/poll commands overlapping with the request.

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    Need to fix my Serial Port command execution issue.I have ready source [login to view URL] exactly showing commands on Serial Port [login to view URL] my code,commands executes very fast or [login to view URL] have to work on Team Viewer [login to view URL] getting perfect response from you,will continue on next task for the same project.

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    I need Avada theme. Someone who already has it, can give their working serial to download and activate it. I only need it for one site.

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    Menggambar dan mewarnai 16 gambar background dalam 1 minggu untuk serial animasi hello pawmily yang ditayangkan di TV Korea

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    ...small pos software to use on touch screen computer. I wan to do is: Create Customer Scan product & Scan Serial number of product Create Invoice/Receipt Product Warranty check, when customer brings item back, i need to scan product serial number and see when it is sold and how much it is sold for. It can be any ready made software as well, i

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    ...December 29, 2018 Serial Number: c584990b27f18fb83e771b010dfce6f4 Signature Algorithm: sha256WithRSAEncryption Issuer: COMODO RSA Domain Validation Secure Server CA Common name: COMODO RSA Certification Authority Organization: COMODO CA Limited Location: Salford, Greater Manchester, GB Valid from May 30, 2000 to May 30, 2020 Serial Number: 27

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    ...need a serial interface that can be controlled by Alexa voice commands This serial port should output a configurable string based on voice commands. The serial port should be based of a low cost interface card/dongle. Example: "Alexa, Switch on the Main Light" Serial Port Output: "a" Example: "Alexa, Switch off the Main Light" <...

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    I need to create one field in a table that is composed from the strings from other 2 fields Table1 - Field1 (text) - Field2 (text) - Field3 (text) <-- This should be the the text that is in Field1 together with the text that is in Field2 with an underscore in between them, such that: Field1 Field2 Field3 Steve Smith Steve_Smith Carla Bean Carla_Bean F...

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    ...There will be extra services added if this service becomes popular and income allows. Im open to using cheap or free template services. I was looking at using ASP.NET MVC with MySQL, but I'm open to other languages. I'm looking to find a developer I can work with long time too. I have 90% of the web pages made up in Google Docs. With all the button

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    ...the user during the first part of registration and saved to a MySQL database: First Name, Middle Name, Last Name, Primary Phone Number, Secondary Phone Number, Primary Email Address, Secondary Email Address, Date of Birth, Nationality, ID/PASSPORT Number, Password, Confirm Password (The MySQL Database should also have a field called ‘Biometric ID’ which

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    Get the data from UART and send it over bluetooth to a mobile app Get the data from a bluetooth application on mobile app and send that data over URAT Target CC2640R2F

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    ...Protocol Code for each email (document) sent This unique code will be numeric: Year (2 digit) Month (2 digit) Day (2 digit) Serial (2 digit) = Document Protocol (concatenation 8 digit) i.e. 18022304 =23 February 2018 serial 04 2. The new mail body should contain the following information while protocol should go in the header: Document Type:

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    I have an Arduino code that processes a 17 byte incoming HEX string and outputs to an LED display. Currently it acts on only 4 bytes of each string, ignoring bytes including the start byte and checksum however I wish to make the code more robust by using the start byte and checksum that exists in the HEX string. The checksum is a one byte XOR appended to the end of the HEX string.

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    ...IP:PORT:USER:PASS Must be multithreaded If when clicking continue, a new webpage is loaded dump what 8 digit code was used into a text file. Basically, I want this to continue to retry serial numbers until one works and when it does send that code to a text file The 8 digit code can be A-Z 1-9, example of one is X6M85X30 ...

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    hi i have a gsm modem 16 port, need php code to send sms and ussd through serial port.

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    hi i have a gsm modem 16 port, need php code to send sms and ussd through serial port.

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    ...pins of the Raspberry Pi board, - On-board LED for battery operations status, - File Safe Shutdown Functionality, - On-board LEDs for power supply (24v, 12v, 5v, 3V3) and serial line activity, - Lcd connector (16x2), - external ADC (Analog Digital Converter) connected via SPI to Raspberry Pi, - Real time clock (RTC) with on-board lithium back-up

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    Program Raspberry pi 3. Raspberry pi ---- USB ---- USB/ ttl ---- pelletstove I want to read data from the pelletstove to import to domoticz. Serial Baudrate 1200 and 2 stopbits. Already installed Debian and domoticz.

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