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    网站的导航条有5个栏目:首页、产品、解决方案、成功案例、关于我们 每个栏目下的分类规划如下: 首页:布局精简 产品:Microsoft、Citrix、Symantec、Sophos、Vmware、HP、Dell(可以自主添加条目) 解决方案:虚拟化、云计算、IT安全(可以自主添加条目) 成功案例:待定(可以自主添加条目) 关于我们:公司背景、宗旨方向、招贤纳士、团队风采、联系我们 附加说明: 1.当鼠标停留在某个栏目上面时,会自动列出该栏目下的分类信息 2.对于每个栏目下的页面,希望参考以下布局格式,在左侧框架点击某个条目后,右侧框架显示出相应的条目详细内容。 3.在网站的首页边侧放置一个固定悬浮框,用来放置公司的二维码图与联系信息

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    I need a power automate flow developed that connects to sharepoint list. The flow needs to add an entry for every date provided in the sharepoint list

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    Seeking a SharePoint expert to elevate our platform and tailor it precisely to our business needs, ensuring seamless document management, intelligent workflow automation, and eye-catching customization and branding. With an active user base of 50 employees, our project demands more than just surface-level tweaks. We're aiming for profound integration and development, pushing the boundaries of what our SharePoint environment can achieve. **Key Requirements:** - Deep dive into our SharePoint setup to overhaul document management, enabling efficient storage, retrieval, and collaboration on documents. - Design and implement automated workflows that streamline our processes, reducing manual tasks and enhancing productivity. - Create a unique, branded SharePoint...

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    More details: What specific issues are you experiencing with MS Outlook? multiple 365 accounts; one drive; sharepoint; wordpress - I recently sold my business and created a new 365 account. I still have the old account on my computer as well. The two accounts are fighting each other. What do you need help with regarding multiple 365 accounts? Account management - I have a ministry, small business, and need general assistance in managing my new 365 account. What aspect of OneDrive/SharePoint do you need assistance with? Backup and recovery - had my files of my old business backed up, and those files were uploaded to my new 365 account. I'm trying to move those files to specific loacations and am having problems do so.

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    Sharjah Education Academy is currently seeking a talented individual to create a custom SharePoint page that facilitates seamless communication and collaboration between two different entities using the Sharepoint Teams site. Key Features: Header with Photo Gallery: Create an aesthetically pleasing and functional header with a photo gallery to showcase important visuals and highlights related to the entities. Message and Event Calendar: Integrate a solid messaging feature to make communication between the different parties easier and more effective Integrate an event calendar for easy tracking and scheduling of important dates and activities. Project Data: Develop a section for comprehensive project data, providing a centralized location for key project information. Int...

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    ...for further analysis. **Key Requirements:** 1. **Website Selection:** Identify the target website from which data needs to be scraped. 2. **Data Extraction:** Develop a Power Automate flow to extract desired information from the website. This could include text, images, tables, etc. 3. **Data Transformation:** Clean and transform the extracted data into a structured format (e.g., CSV, Excel, SharePoint list). 4. **Error Handling:** Implement error handling mechanisms to deal with any issues that may arise during the scraping process. 5. **Schedule Automation:** Set up the Power Automate flow to run at specified intervals to ensure regular data updates. 6. **Documentation:** Provide clear documentation on how to use and maintain the Power Automate flow. **Deliverables:** 1. Full...

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    I'm seeking a skilled Sharepoint and Power Automate mentor to teach me to automate critical aspects of our workflow, specifically focusing on data entry, report generation, and email notifications. This automation is aimed at enhancing efficiency and ensuring timely execution of tasks on a weekly and monthly basis. **Requirements:** - Automate the data entry process to minimize manual input and errors. - Generate reports from our databases, utilizing the data collected from automated data entry. These reports will be needed on a weekly and monthly basis. - Setup email notifications to inform stakeholders of report availability or any significant data updates, again on a weekly and monthly schedule. **Current Tools:** - Our team currently utilizes Microsoft Excel for data entr...

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    I'm urgently looking for an experienced SharePoint 2010 expert to configure SharePoint 2010 server Setup. The core feature required is: - Must have ready sharepoint 2010 server setup (DO NOT APPLY IF YOU DO NOT HAVE sharepoint 2010 server setup) Although not specifically detailed, additional attributes like file sharing, synchronization, document versioning, and searchability might be beneficial for future scalability. The job requires immediate attention and I need someone who can begin work immediately. Ideally, you should be highly proficient and experienced in SharePoint 2010 server, with great attention to detail and a keen understanding of Document Management procedures. Your skillset should enable you to deliver high quality, efficient resul...

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    ...protocols and regulations. User Interface: The user interface should be user-friendly, intuitive, and accessible to users with varying levels of technical expertise. Integrations: The system should integrate seamlessly with existing enterprise applications and services. 5. Technology Stack Programming languages: Python, Java, JavaScript Frameworks: Django, Spring Boot, React Databases: SQL Server SharePoint MySQL, PostgreSQL, Elasticsearch AI libraries: TensorFlow, PyTorch, scikit-learn Search Engine: Bing Search APIs 6. Deployment and Maintenance Cloud-based deployment for scalability and accessibility. Continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipeline for automated updates. Comprehensive monitoring and logging for system health and performance. Regular maintenan...

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    ...notifications via WhatsApp. The main goal of this project is to streamline two key areas of my business: customer support inquiries and appointment scheduling, validating and customer communication including multi media. By leveraging Power Automate in conjunction with Twilio's API for WhatsApp, I aim to improve responsiveness and reduce manual handling in these processes. I want to integrate with sharepoint lists and Teams. Evidence of previous working solutions is mandatory. Outline of solutions will be need to be included in proposal. **Requirements:** - Expertise in setting up and managing Power Automate flows - Proficiency in integrating Twilio's API, specifically for WhatsApp notifications - Experience in automating customer support inquiries and appointm...

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    I'm seeking a skilled developer to create a CoPilot Bot with integration to a pre-existing Sharepoint 365 account. The primary function of the bot will be to deliver detailed responses to questions and queries, retrieving necessary data from our Sharepoint library. Ideal Skills: - Experience with CoPilot Bot creation and customization - Proficiency in bot programming; knowledge of Python, JavaScript or C# preferred - Familiarity with Sharepoint 365 integration for bots Task Overview: - Develop a responsive and accurate CoPilot Bot - Ensure seamless integration with Sharepoint 365 - Program Bot to provide detailed responses based on Sharepoint data and generative AI

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    I'm looking for a seasoned professional to conduct a tailored SharePoint training focused setting up users and limiting their access to specific folders and permissions. **Key Training Areas:** - **Introduction to SharePoint:** A brief overview, ensuring all participants have a foundational understanding of the platform. - **Document Management:** Detailed training on managing documents in SharePoint, including creating, sharing, storing, and securing documents. - **Collaboration Features:** Insight into SharePoint’s collaboration tools to enhance team productivity and efficiency. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proven experience in conducting SharePoint training sessions - Strong knowledge of SharePoint's document management and collaborat...

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    I'm in need of a skilled developer to create a Python Rest API that seamlessly integrates with Power Automation and SharePoint. This system will be crucial for automating workflows and enabling efficient data interactions. Here's what I'm looking for: - **Python REST API Development**: Your main task will be to develop a Python Rest API that can perform multiple functions including user authentication, data validation, and error handling. This API will serve as the backbone of our data management system. - **SharePoint Integration**: The API must be able to connect with SharePoint to facilitate data storage, retrieval, and manipulation. Experience in SharePoint is vital. - **Power Automation**: Knowledge in Power Automation is essential as the ...

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    I am looking for a skilled freelancer who can assist me in developing and enhancing our company's internal processes by leveraging SharePoint, Python REST API, and Power Automation. The primary goal of this project is to streamline our workflows, improve data management, and ensure seamless integration between various applications and systems we use. **Key Areas of Focus:** - **SharePoint Customization**: Develop a customized SharePoint site that caters to our specific needs, including custom workflows and automations. The site should also integrate smoothly with other systems to facilitate a unified workspace. - **Python REST API Integration**: Utilize Python for REST API integration mainly for the purpose of pulling data from external sources as well as pe...

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    Powerapps and sharepoint tasks

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    ...urgent need of a skilled Python developer to create a Rest API for seamless data exchange between SharePoint and various systems, as well as implementation assistance within Python-powered automation processes. The critical focus is to enhance our current SharePoint usage, integrating it more deeply with our existing databases and workflows through a Python-based API. **Requirements:** - Develop a Rest API in Python for efficient data exchange between our SharePoint setup and other systems. - Expertise in SharePoint and its API management. - Strong proficiency in Python, with experience in creating and managing APIs. - Familiarity with Power Automation and how it can integrate with Python and SharePoint. - Ability to work fast without sacrificing acc...

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    Need SharePoint, Python Rest API along Power Automation. It's a part-time opportunity 2hrs per day payment will be accordingly 25-30k per month

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    ...being fetched from a SharePoint data source. The task will be: - Developing a function or script that triggers a loading spinner when data from our SharePoint source is loading. - Ensure the loading spinner is smoothly integrated and doesn't interupt user flow. - Test the functionality to guarantee its flawless operation. Freelancers eager to bid for this project should be proficient in PowerApps development and have prior experience working with SharePoint as a data source. A sound understanding of user interface design especially custom loading indicators will be key to accomplishing this task. Please highlight your relative experience when bidding. Your bid should also include your approach to fulfill the task. KEY SKILLS: - In-depth Knowledge of Power...

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    ...operations. - Set up and configure ten Microsoft 365 licenses (deliverable: being able to send and receive email through Microsoft Email Exchange) Requirements : - Proven experience and expertise in system migration, specifically from IONOS to Microsoft 365 platforms - Domain name management knowledge - In-depth knowledge of Microsoft 365 environment and services, including Exchange Online, SharePoint, Teams, and other collaboration tools. - Strong project management skills with the ability to plan, organize, and execute complex migration projects. - Excellent communication and collaboration skills, with the ability to work closely with our internal team to understand requirements and address any issues that may arise. - Attention to detail and a commitment to delivering high-...

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can help me with converting an Excel file into a SQL SharePoint database. The purpose of the database is to track inventory. We are looking to put into a web based format which can be searched, and have links to each category, as well as export results to excel and pdf. Each item will be able to be edited, and deleted. - Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in Excel, SharePoint, and SQL - Experience with SharePoint and database management - Strong attention to detail and ability to accurately convert data - Knowledge of inventory tracking systems is a plus SEE ATTACHED The database should have a specific structure or format as per my requirements. I have a clear idea of what I want, and I need someone who can create i...

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    Looking for skilled MS SharePoint administrator to help me manage and customize my SharePoint environment. My project revolves around three key areas: user management, site customization, and integrating OneDrive for advanced data management and synchronization. What I require: 1. **User Management**: - Experience in managing SharePoint users and groups. - Setting up and maintaining access permissions and roles. 2. **Site Customization**: - Skilled in customizing SharePoint for document storage and collaboration sites to fit the specific needs of client's organization. - Knowledge of SharePoint Designer or relevant tools for site branding and workflow customizations. 3. **OneDrive Administration**: - Deep understanding of OneDrive...

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    I'm seeking a skilled SharePoint Administrator to elevate our document management and collaboration system on SharePoint Online (Office 365). We have a growing team of over 50 users, necessitating a robust, scalable solution to support efficient collaboration and document handling. **Key Requirements:** - **Expertise in SharePoint Online:** Proven experience in configuring and managing SharePoint Online environments, especially for large teams. - **Document Management:** Ability to set up and optimize document libraries, permissions, and versioning to streamline our processes. - **User Management:** Experience in managing a large number of users, including setting up user groups and permissions. - **Collaboration Tools:** Familiarity with SharePoint'...

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    I'm in need of a freelancer with expertise in PowerAutomate, to fix the errors of an existing Flow. It has duplicate items in the excel. - Check c...expertise in PowerAutomate, to fix the errors of an existing Flow. It has duplicate items in the excel. - Check current PowerAutomate flow - The excel export has duplicate Unique System ID. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Microsoft PowerAutomate - Solid experience in generating and manipulating Excel documents through automated flows. - A good understanding of inventory management principles - Sharepoint Feel free to reach out if you have any innovative ideas or if you need further clarification on our project needs. I am excited to work with a skilled individual who shares our vision for efficiency and accuracy in invent...

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    I'm looking for an expert in Microsoft Flow and SharePoint to create a system that sends out scheduled workflows on a weekly basis. These workflows need to include attachments such as documents and spreadsheets sourced from a SharePoint list. **Key Requirements:** - Proficiency in Microsoft Flow and SharePoint - Ability to automate workflows to send weekly - Experience with handling document and spreadsheet attachments - Knowledge in configuring SharePoint lists to work seamlessly with Microsoft Flow **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Previous experience with SharePoint list management - Familiarity with Microsoft Flow automation processes - Expertise in managing and automating document and spreadsheet attachments in flows - Strong problem-solving...

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    I am on the hunt for a SharePoint engineer with expertise in Power Automate to enhance our SharePoint Online environment. My goal is to streamline processes within our organization through sophisticated workflow solutions. Here's what the project entails: - **Custom Development in SharePoint**: Crafting unique solutions that cater to our specific business needs. This might involve developing custom lists, libraries, or site collections that go beyond the out-of-the-box features of SharePoint Online. - **Power Automate Workflow Development**: The primary focus here is on automating basic tasks related to data entry and retrieval. The ideal candidate will create workflows that not only improve efficiency but are also scalable and easy to maintain. ...

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    Looking for SharePoint, Python Rest API along with Power Automation developer it is a remote connection. We will give 24-29k per month. For 2hrs a day from mon-fri

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    Need SharePoint, Python Rest API along Power Automation. It's a part-time opportunity 2hrs per day payment will be accordingly 25-28k per month

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    ...seeking a freelancer with expertise in SharePoint Online to conduct a comprehensive security assessment of our environment. The audit will focus on three key areas: 1. **Data Security**: Ensuring our data is protected against unauthorized access and breaches. 2. **User Access Management**: Evaluating how access is granted and controlled, including roles and permissions. 3. **Authentication Methods**: Reviewing the strength and implementation of our authentication processes. Report should include: -- Review and implement best practices for external sharing settings. -- Identify any vulnerabilities or potential security risks. -- Recommend improvements to enhance the overall security posture of SharePoint Online. Additionally, it's crucial that our SharePoint ...

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    ...protocols and regulations. User Interface: The user interface should be user-friendly, intuitive, and accessible to users with varying levels of technical expertise. Integrations: The system should integrate seamlessly with existing enterprise applications and services. 5. Technology Stack Programming languages: Python, Java, JavaScript Frameworks: Django, Spring Boot, React Databases: SQL Server SharePoint MySQL, PostgreSQL, Elasticsearch AI libraries: TensorFlow, PyTorch, scikit-learn Search Engine: Bing Search APIs 6. Deployment and Maintenance Cloud-based deployment for scalability and accessibility. Continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipeline for automated updates. Comprehensive monitoring and logging for system health and performance. Regular maintenan...

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    I'm seeking an experienced SharePoint developer to enhance my team's communication and productivity. Key components of this project will include: - Implementing document management to streamline file sharing and storage, reducing time spent locating essential documents. - Creating collaboration tools to foster team engagement and coordination, allowing for more efficient group efforts. - Establishing workflow automation to minimize tedious manual tasks and increase the productivity of our small team, which consists of less than 10 members. Additionally, I require basic user level permissions for this SharePoint project, ensuring appropriate access and restrictions for team members. Ideal candidates will have a strong understanding of SharePoint, proven expe...

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    I need assistance with installing, setting up, and customizing Microsoft Forms. The primary aim is to use these forms for collecting and ...Forms. The primary aim is to use these forms for collecting and tracking requests from our internal customers. Here are some key requirements for the project: - The forms need to be integrated with other Microsoft tools like Excel or SharePoint. This will help us seamlessly manage and analyze the collected data. - The project includes the creation of an intake form from which users can select from a list of services. Ideal Skills/Experience: - Expertise in Microsoft tools setup and customization - Strong CAP in combining the functionalities of Excel, SharePoint, and Microsoft Forms - Ability to create an efficient intake process for s...

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    Hi Thilaga - I'm looking for assistance resetting fields on a PowerApps linked Sharepoint Form. Would you be able to offer guidance? A button, when clicked, should set three yesno fields back to no, and blank out three date and text fields. If you're willing to help we can either zoom or I can send you a screenshot of what I'm trying to do.

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    ...intrastate on SharePoint. Although I didn't specify certain functionalities, I would still want a functional and streamlined setup. It should be an intrastate , where i have multiple parties on boarded , each party to have their own login - once upon on boarding is complete, for On boarding each party need upload their documents , that should go to specific document structure and retrievable upon needed. My Price is 25$ with a Turn Around Time of 1-2 days Here's what I expect: • A project proposal detailing how you plan on approaching this project. Your step-by-step approach should be well express, so I can understand your thought process and strategies. • Intermediate expertise in SharePoint is crucial for success in this job. I am expecting you...

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    I'm in immediate need of a SharePoint developer with expertise in SPFx web parts for a two-fold task: - Troubleshoot and fix issues with SPFx web part deployment promptly. - Update the web part for dynamic interaction, replacing HTML content with SharePoint list data. Ideal candidates should possess: - Profound knowledge in SharePoint Framework (SPFx) development. - Proven experience in SharePoint lists and data integration. - Strong problem-solving skills for deployment issues. - Familiarity with user interactivity within SharePoint web parts, though specific requirements are flexible as this aspect was not detailed. - Ability to work under tight deadlines and deliver quickly. I require someone who can begin work immediately. If you are confiden...

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    I'm currently having critical issues with the integration of both ZoHo and Sharepoint. The problem lies predominantly with data migration, which is preventing proper and efficient operation of the systems. Specific Areas of Concern: - All data types aren't syncing as expected. This includes customer data, product catalogues, sales data and additional adjusted data in SharePoint access. Ideal candidates for this job should have: - Extensive experience and technical skills in ZoHo and Sharepoint Integration - Proficient knowledge in data synchronization processes, particularly data migration - Ability to solve complex software synchronization issues - Quick and effective problem-solving skills Your task will be to identify the root cause of the problem a...

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    ...professional to create a robust Microsoft SharePoint ecosystem tailored to my business needs, ensuring secure and efficient operations. **Essential Requirements:** - User-Specific Login Credentials: - Implement a secure login system allocating unique credentials to each partner. - Data Repository Features: - Advanced search functionality to navigate documents easily. - Version control to track document history and changes. - A permission management system for secure and regulated access. - Power Apps Functions: - Custom data entry forms for operational efficiency. - Workflow automation to streamline business processes. - Integration with external systems for comprehensive functionality. **Ideal Skills:** - Proficiency in SharePoint and Power Apps deve...

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    I'm searching for an experienced developer to create an AWS Lambda function that will process incoming webhooks and upload images to a specific subdirectory in Microsoft SharePoint. The webhook will provide the URL for the image to be uploaded.

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    I'm searching for an experienced developer to create an AWS Lambda function that will process incoming webhooks and upload images to a specific subdirectory in Microsoft SharePoint. The webhook will provide the URL for the image to be uploaded.

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    SPFX development 已经结束 left

    I'm seeking a talented SharePoint SPFX developer to craft a custom web part for our intranet site. Efficiency and expertise are key, as we're looking to implement this feature immediately. Key Requirements: - Develop a web part for SharePoint intranet. - Optimize for rapid loading and smooth user experience. Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in SharePoint Framework (SPFX). - Experience with web parts - Ability to work quickly and meet tight deadlines. - Strong communication skills for progress updates. It's essential for the project to start right away, so please consider the urgency when applying. If you have the expertise and are ready for an immediate start, I'd be excited to hear from you!

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    As the client, I'm experiencing a frustrating issue with my SharePoint workflow. There aren't any specific error messages popping up, but the data from my database, intended for an automated email, isn't being extracted correctly. Even though extraction is automatic, the transition from database to email is not happening. Ideally, I need a specialist in SharePoint workflows, particularly those experienced in troubleshooting data extraction issues. Furthermore, understanding of automated database to workflow transition will be beneficial. I'm eager to understand the root cause and apply a permanent solution to avoid future disruptions. Key Requirements: - Proficient with SharePoint workflows - Understanding of automated data extraction - Problem-...

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    I need a skilled professional to create a business-focused PowerPoint presentation. My business operates in the retail sect...and Process efficiency. Expertise in crafting compelling, easy-to-understand presentations are a must, in addition to a strong understanding of the retail sector. Previous experience in illustrating complex concepts like customer service improvements and process efficiency would be a considerable asset. We've Used SharePoint in our new process as a method to automate our process rather than using paper checklist. In other words, I prefer someone who has prior experience in SharePoint to convey the message in the presentation because we've created Site, including templates. In the attached files, you will see a presentation draft that I did ...

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    Looking for an expert who can seamlessly migrate our email system from Google Workspace to Microsoft Office 365. The main purpose behind moving is to better integrate with Microsoft tools in our workflow. The new setup should seamlessly integrate with: - Microsoft Teams - Microsoft SharePoint - Microsoft OneDrive - Office 365 In relation to this, our project requires the migration of 10-50 user accounts. Therefore, the ideal candidate should have significant experience in similar projects and boast a deep understanding of both Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 environments. Confidence in ensuring minimal disruption during the transition will also be an asset.

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    I'm looking for an experienced professional specializing in SharePoint web customization. The project's goal is to create a hyperlink on SharePoint that connects to a shared drive. This task requires an individual skilled in SharePoint administration with a strong understanding of the user interface design. Key Responsibilities: - Customizing SharePoint web - Setting up a hyperlink connecting SharePoint to a shared drive Ideal Skills: - SharePoint customization proficiency - Familiarity with SharePoint User Interface Design - Strong Workflow Processes and Document Management knowledge

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    I'm seeking a skilled developer to create a system that integrates with Microsoft Forms to validate pay entries against a SharePoint Excel document. Key Requirements: - Integrate with Microsoft Forms to access pay fields. - Link to an Excel document on SharePoint that lists valid pay ranges. - Implement real-time validation against this Excel document. - Generate error messages for invalid pay entries. - Do not block form submission; just notify users of errors. Ideal Skills: - Experience with Microsoft Forms and SharePoint. - Proficiency in Excel and data validation. - Knowledge of scripting for form validations. - Strong understanding of user experience design. The successful candidate will ensure seamless validation processes to enhance the accuracy of pay...

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    I am in need of skilled Powerapp developer who can expertly utilize SharePoint and create a dynamic approval request system. This project aims to automate our approval processes, ultimately streamlining our workflow and improving efficiency. Key functionality needed: * *Multiple Approvers Option*: The system should allow for multiple approvers per request; * *Document Attachment Feature*: Approvers should be able to attach documents during the approval process; * *Push Notifications*: Status updates of approval processes should be communicated through email notifications. I need you to have advanced Powerapp and SharePoint skills coupled with strong developer experience in automating approval processes. Prior projects in a similar subject field will be advantageous. Yo...

    $222 (Avg Bid)
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    ...strong background in designing apps for workflow automation. My project involves creating a PowerApp that integrates seamlessly with both Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Dynamics 365. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proficient in developing with PowerApps - Familiarity with Microsoft Power Platform (Power Automate, Power BI) - Experience with Microsoft SharePoint and Dynamics 365 integration - Skilled in implementing workflow automation solutions - Ability to provide insights and improvements for process efficiency **Key Responsibilities:** - Design and develop the PowerApp for workflow automation - Ensure integration with SharePoint and Dynamics 365 is smooth and functional - Test and troubleshoot the PowerApp to ensure reliability - Provide documentation...

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    I nedd someone to help create a platform on sharepoint for document exchange. Specifications document attached.

    $177 (Avg Bid)
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    ...seeking an experienced SharePoint professional to: - Set up SharePoint sites - Customize SharePoint templates The ideal freelancer would have a firm grasp of document management as one of the prominent functionalities of SharePoint. The sites will be primarily used by employees within my company, meaning a working understanding of internal data sensitivity is a must. Specifically, your tasks would include: - Developing and launching SharePoint sites for my company's internal use - Tailoring SharePoint templates to our specific business needs - Establishing a robust document management system within SharePoint Previous experience setting up SharePoint sites and customizing templates will be highly valuable for this project. ...

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    ...Flow for a custom SharePoint list. The requirements for this project are as follows: 1. Trigger: - The Power Automate Dynamic Approval Flow should be triggered every time a new entry is made to a custom SharePoint list. 2. Approval Authorities: - The approval flow should include dynamic approvers based on the specifics of each list entry, with a limit of up to 5 approvers. 3. Post-Approval Actions: - After the approval process, the following actions need to be executed: - Dispatch an email notification - Update the SharePoint list - Summarize the request, including details about approvals (people, date, time) in a PDF file 4. Notify the requester on each step and level through email. The successful candidate must have proven experience...

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    I need help in generating custom unique IDs for every item in my SharePoint list. The unique ID should follow a specific format, which consists of a fixed alpha prefix followed by a sequential number. This requires expertise in SharePoint, along with proficiency in formulating and implementing custom ID formats, specifically: - Understanding of SharePoint list functions - Knowledge on sequential numbering in SharePoint - Experience in incorporating alpha prefixes in unique IDs Once completed, every item in the SharePoint list should have a unique ID with a fixed alpha prefix plus a sequential number. Your work can significantly enhance the order and organization of our growing SharePoint list. For example, the first ID should be SPR24-0001, secon...

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