Shelf bracket installation long side against wall工作


    5,000 shelf bracket installation long side against wall 份搜到的工作,货币单位为 USD

    Due to the business needs of the company, we are now looking for part-time interpreters in Japanese, Russian, Spanish and French related to medicine Requirements: 1. At least 3 years translation experience in related industry; 2. The daily translation volume is stable at more than 3000 words; 3. Proficient in using CAT tools such as Trados/MemoQ and Xbench; 4. Take a test translation of about 300 words.

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    Task details: I am purchasing an Apple Enterprise Developer Program account from the seller, which requires a total payment of $5000. I have set up two milestones, each of which is $2500. Task Step: When I create and release the first miles...Apple Enterprise Developer Program account, I will modify the ownership of the Apple Enterprise Developer Program account. After obtaining the ownership of the Enterprise Developer Program account, I will create and release the second remaining payment of $2500. Default content: If I do not obtain ownership of the Apple Enterprise Developer Program account within 3 days, I will file a complaint against the seller and will not create the second milestone of $2500 in the original plan, and will recover the $2500 already released from the first ...

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    因为我不是很清楚代码, 但是我有程序能提供给你方便查看了解,下手 更多详情请直接联系我,方便沟通,方便联系,内容不复杂。请DDD我

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    投标前请务必仔细阅读以下的内容, 并且附上 100 字左右的中文个人简介。 【 工作要求 】 我们已经有一套既定的文案模式, 是透过全面市场分析后所拟定的, 只要跟着我们的步骤和指示完成文案就好。 在写作上,你并不需要十分精通中文, 更不需要天花乱坠的用词, 只需要擅长写广告,文笔简单直白、富有创意, 即使是同一个产品,也懂得用上万种的题材切入,吸引客户的目光,领导他们阅读文案。 【 酬劳 】 我们的酬劳将在彼此取得一定的信任和合作默契以后提高至 35% - 50%, 目前 10,000 字是 10 美元,分为 10 个篇幅,每篇幅度只需 1,000 字左右。 每周至少需要 30 篇,多劳多得。 如果你具备这些要求,也接纳目前的酬劳数额,欢迎随时投标,谢谢。

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    資料會以问卷式輸入,可以自由用任何程式建造 (Web base or apple App) 但必須能夠在ipad 上使用 ,把需要资料输入后, 可建立一份报表( html , pdf or excel 格式 ) , 报表包括pie chart , table . —————————————————— Create a questionnaire form and print out a report based on the data from questionnaire , the form should be able to run on ipad , so it can be web based or ios app , the output report can be html , pdf , excel or any else ( as long as it can be print out in A4 side ) . The report are including a pie chart & table .

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    你好。我想开发app。[Removed for encouraging offsite communication which is against our Terms and Conditions -Section 13:Communication With Other Users]

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    我们首先要做一个的app壳进行审核通过,过审内容不限,只要...直 接通过webview打开我们给定的url地址给用户就行了。 We must first do an app shell for review and approval, and the content of the review is not limited, as long as it can pass! After the success, we will dock our API to read the homepage content display! We require LOGO, product name, introduction map, developer account, and Aurora account to use our. We have our own main website platform. In order to promote our main website platform, we need to make a lot of vest apps for a long time, and then guide users to our main website game. Therefore, the function of the app you make is only for the reviewers. Just to deal with the review, after the app is put on the shelf, directly open the given url address to the user through the webview.

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    我们需要一位有基督教背景的Free Lancer帮忙抄錄錄影。 不需要time stamp,每一video大概50-60分钟。 希望找个可以长期工作。

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    Development language is not required, the budget is 10,000 RMB, the price can be discussed Main function: The software uses the QQipad protocol to automatically exit the QQ discussion group (also called multi-person chat) Need to be green software without installation and direct operation, to minimize the background operation QQ exists in the discussion group will automatically retreat, must be seconds back Details: If the QQ of the login protocol is bound to the security device, you need to pop up the phone verification or QQ security center verification to ensure that you can log in and use normally. After the login is successful, the current status is displayed next to it, and then you can start and stop the button. After starting the run, the list of historical messages below...

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    Long term TaiWan native customer phone call service 长期合作,招一个有责任心和耐心的台湾本地人做兼职电话客服,待遇详谈

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    Long term TaiWan native customer phone call service 长期合作,招一个有责任心和耐心的台湾本地人做兼职电话客服,待遇详谈

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    Web penetration 已经结束 left

    1、掌握MySQL、MSSQL、Oracle、PostgreSQL等一种或多种主流数据库结构以及特殊性。2、熟悉渗透测试的步骤、方法、流程、熟练掌握各种渗透测试工具。3、有主机、网络或Web安全渗透测试相关项目实施经验 。4、掌握安全漏洞发现和利用方法,具备一定的实战经验 ,有丰富渗透测试实战经验者优先。具体联系方式 [Removed for encouraging offsite communication which is against our Terms and Conditions -Section 13:Communication With Other Users]

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    min $56180
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    你好,我想做个游戏赌博网站。 请你参考以下链接 [Removed for encouraging offsite communication which is against our Terms and Conditions -Section 13:Communication With Other Users]

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    香港翻译公司招收全职SOHO中文网络小说中翻英译员 请登录网站了解本公司 (香港工商注册号:63547843-000-07-14-6)。 本公司与网站有长期合作关系,现在需招收4-6名全职网络小说译员 1. 网络小说译员是一项全职SOHO工作,在家上班。我们只招收对中文小说翻译真正感兴趣,希望以此作为稳定职业的译员。 2. 工作性质:将著名中文网络小说,包括: 历史,仙侠,修真类等,翻译成英文版本。 3. 翻译速度要求:每天至少翻译4000中字。多翻多计稿酬。 4. 翻译质量要求:可采取机器翻译+人工编译或人工直接翻译的形式。方式不限,但交付译文的质量要求一致:英语语法native或者near-native水平,行文流畅,没有重大错译漏译。 5. 原则上每天交稿。如果需要外出,当月需要及时补交工作量要求的章节。 6. 工资标准为6000人民币/月,也可外币结算。上不封顶。 7. 稿费支付方式:每月结算,直接打入译员账号。 有意者,请提供简历、自己翻译的中翻英样稿发送到: minlingua@, 我们会筛选简历以后安排测试。 因为项目内容为三百万字的网络小说,而且后续还有长期合作,所以测试字数为1000字。这是书稿翻译的行规以及客户的要求。如果测试通过,双方签订合作合同,该试译会计算稿酬。非骗译! 以下译员请勿投送简历: 没有职业转型计划或者不打算将网络小说翻译当全职工作; 英语水平一般,没有专业英语背景。 本广告绝对真实,这段时间都有效,欢迎扩散!推荐成功有referral fee!

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    English Version of the Ad is below ! 诚聘APP开发程序员/团队,负责开发一款提供特定服务...Chinese source code and regulations. 5. Ability to develop the apps within 5 months max. Context: The basic outline of the app would be into 3 features where “client” will chose a service from “provider” 1. Find an available nearby provider within 1-3 Km: a timer will calculate the fee and the distance. 2. Book for a later time: A fee according the time required. 3. Awarding Service: a simple wall where Client can post a service request 1 per month detailing fees, service description, address/location and upload JPEG then gets notification. 4. Simple rating system for both providers and clients. We are willing to pay market price, whether fixed price or an Hourly rate as per mileston...

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    寻找在中国工作生活的中德,德中翻译的translator, 经常在线,方便交流。 我们这边的项目有些是文档的翻译,有些是需要及时的回复的1-2句德文的翻译,所以希望你经常在线,然后可以做这种短时间一句话的翻译,我们可以一次支付你一定的money,可以每周结算一次。 长期有项目,不会做几次就没活了。符合条件的,请联系我。谢谢

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    Build a Website 已经结束 left

    ...send to manager's email for approval, manager can approve from the email link d. therapist management function, can easily add/delete employee, and arrange employee on duty. e. service management function for cashier, payment calculation for employee and cashier. f. coupon management, coupon will have expire date. g. interface for manager to publish some information on the side new feed bar. h. support google map. 网页设计要求 1. 设计大方简洁,适合按摩店特色,支持手机浏览以及预约,可以支持多个按摩店(不同名字),不同主页 2. 语言支持:英文 3. 需要有适合手机浏览的页面 4. 需要有用户管理功能: 客人,经理,员工 4a. 客人注册 (电话,邮件),客人邮件需要和pommo软件同步,pommo是一个开源的邮件发送软件。 4b. 客人可以邀请其他客人 4c. 客人可以网上预约,预约邮件发送到管理员邮箱,管理员可以通过邮件确认并答复 4d. 服务管理功能,可以参见现有服务列表。 4e. Coupon功能。manager可以给客人发coupon,coupon有失效日期, ...

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    food express to power 已经结束 left

    double space, 5-7page, MLA style, persuasive research paper, I already finish 2 pages and outline of this essay, please help me to rewriting this 2 page. use at least 4 sources to explain how and why food is connected to some dimension of the social or societal realm, the paper's goal is to use research findings to help the readers take a side on a particular issue. use evidence from sources to analysis and support the thesis need at least 2 requirement sources in the file. and also, need at least 2 sources from library website, I already found it and add it in the files. there totally have 4 sources in the files. 2 library source link (i also sent in the files)

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    我有进行中的、与之前的项目相关的工作long-term graphic designing job'

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    /painting on the 5 meter long wall,in chinese restaurant

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    我有一个持续工作,之前与之相关的项目为'Build a server side website'

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    Requirement 3d model file(at least .stl ) into console and display this model by opengl and other lib and scale model by mouse operation, switch camera position (between front,back,left,right,top, one buttons one view ) the model nicely, lighting simulation is need as well the solid model ,make it hollow. (offset the mesh faces to one side, give it a thickness ) you have the ability to change pointcloud to mesh, plz notice us. f. windows platform . c++ is best for us. Criteria a. realize all the requirements i mentioned. b. submit the relevant source code c. finish in two or three weeks. me know you are solo or not btw ;) 一.软件要求 1.使用opengl等显示3D模型(最起码支持stl格式) 2.能够使用鼠标对模型进行旋转缩放等编辑,同时摄像机位置可以切换fr

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    1 个竞标 2 sizes thumbnails (featured image now called) with short excerpt.(just look 90% like [color changed] is totally my idea but the largest thumnails (what's Hot column) should be left hand side instead of right, and "The New Stuff" Column in the middle and then right side bar ) sharp modern colored simple style papers for content area and side navigation.(right side bar every page including content page) small size social plugin panel on every thumbnail-post excerpt Navigation and Category Headers banners. Unique search design function Google font installation with fonts of my choice Decorative blog post title, date and time Revisions until I am satisfied with the design PSD layered source files as I need to also hav...

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    I need some professional assistance with IT support for two key areas: 1. Software installation and configuration - Specifically, I am requiring help with Rosetta Stone. I have three versions: English, Spanish, and French and I need them installed and correctly configured. 2. Network setup and maintenance. To be suitable for this project, you need to display: - Proficiency in IT support, particularly with software installation and configuration. - Experience with Rosetta Stone software is a big advantage. - Skills in network setup and maintenance. - It's also important that you're reliable, as I may need ongoing maintenance services in the future.

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    ...boost internet connectivity. - Aim: Enhance internet connectivity using multi-mode fibre optic cabling. - Environment: The cable will be installed on the exterior of buildings, experience in such settings is necessary. - Skills: Thorough understanding of fibre optics, especially multi-mode cables, and ability to install them in a built environment is required. Experience in outdoor cable installation and internet connectivity solutions is also essential. Our Virgin media WiFi is constantly cutting out. We very recently got the Hub5 and have had problems ever since. The technicians came to ‘upgrade’ the external cabling and instead it has just knocked the WiFi off and our speeds are really inconsistent. Can we have a technician come to fit the correct cabling for ...

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    I need an experienced painter who can paint a floral pattern on my bedroom walls. The walls are in good condition with just small cracks or imperfections, but no significant damage or peeling paint. Key tasks include: - Prep the walls by filling small cracks and smoothing imperfections - Paint a floral patterns on the wall in cool colors (blues, greens, and purples) The ideal freelancer for this job has experience in painting patterns on walls, particularly floral and detail-oriented work. Knowledge of different paints and their proper application is fundamental. You must also know how to prepare walls with small cracks or imperfections for painting. Please provide examples of similar work you've done. I look forward to transforming my bedroom into a soothing and beautifully ...

    $1500 - $3000
    $1500 - $3000
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    I'm seeking a professional painter who can perform a wall and ceiling painting using bold colours and a matte finish. - Painting Task: The job includes painting walls and ceilings in my space. The chosen colour scheme is vibrant and bold. The painter would need to prepare the surfaces adequately for a matte finishing paint application. - Experience and Skills Needed: Ideal freelancers should have experience in house painting, specifically, they should be skilled in working with matte finish paints and bold colour schemes. Adequate knowledge of surface preparation, prior to painting, is essential for the job. The freelancer should have a keen eye to detail and have a high standard of workmanship. If you're experienced and passionate about painting, then this project is r...

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    I'm looking for an experienced technician to setup a Minecraft 1.16 server with tailored plugins. My server requires: 1. Economy plugins: Implement a experienced technician to setup a Minecraft 1.16 server with tailored plugins. My server requires: 1. Economy plugins: Implement a fully functioning system allowing player trading, a designated in-game currency, and a dynamic auction system. 2. Role-playing plugins 3. Building mechanic plugins The freelancer should have a proven track record in Minecraft server setup, expertise in plugin installation and configuration, and extensive knowledge of Minecraft 1.16's gameplay mechanics. Experience building with economy systems within Minecraft servers is highly desirable. Please only bid if you can fulfill the specif...

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    Product Photography Needed 6 天 left

    ...of a single product. I have a sleeping bag that I want professional photos for my website. • Lighting Style: The optimal approach centers around studio lighting to highlight the product's features and details. • Number of Products: This project will focus on one item that needs to be captured from different angles and with various setups. • Background Requirements: All photos need to be shot against a pure white backdrop to maintain a sleek, clean, and professional look. The ideal freelancer for this project is experienced in studio product photography, has a keen sense of aesthetics and detail, and the ability to bring out the best in our product through photography. A solid understanding of studio lighting and how to use it to enhance the appearance of p...

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    I require a highly skilled System Administrator with extensive knowledge of Magento 2, Linux, and MySQL. Your tasks will be to: - Install Magento 2, elastic search and import code and DB into new server. - I'm open to your recommendations on the Magento 2 version that would best suit our project. Successful applicants should have: - Proven experience with Magento 2 installations - A deep understanding of Linux server management Please, note that effective communication and strict adherence to deadlines are crucial for this project. I'm looking forward to your bid.

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    I'm seeking a skilled Android developer with specific experience in TWRP installation for an important project. The focus of this project is my Hometech 10TX PRO device that needs to have TWRP installed and should be compatible with Android 12. Time is of the essence here as I am hoping to get this done as soon as possible. Ideal skills and experience: - Comprehensive knowledge of Android development - Expertise in TWRP installation and troubleshooting - Experience with Hometech 10TX PRO model will be an advantage - Ability to work under time constraints This is an urgent assignment, hence, your ability to work swiftly without compromising on the quality and guarantee a satisfactory TWRP installation would be the key determinant for this job.

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    ...corporation's operations with its long-term goals, financial stability, and market competitiveness. This justification elaborates on the multifaceted roles and benefits of budgeting within a corporate setting, emphasizing its criticality in ensuring a company's success and sustainability. Strategic Planning and Goal Setting Budgeting is the backbone of strategic planning, offering a systematic approach for setting and achieving financial and operational goals. By defining clear, quantifiable objectives, a budget acts as a roadmap, directing resources to areas of strategic importance and prioritizing initiatives that drive growth. It enables corporations to allocate capital efficiently, ensuring investments are made in projects that align with the company's long...

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    I'm looking for a talented artist in the UAE to add a touch of magnificence to a large wall in my property. The project involves creating a landscape painting that truly brings the room to life. Specifications include: * A landscape painting, showcasing your ability to capture the beauty of the natural world. * Creation with a marble and golden color scheme, adding an air of elegance and opulence. * The wall to be painted is vast (more than 2 meters in width), requiring good scaling and planning abilities. The ideal freelancer would be seasoned in painting large murals, with a specific focus on landscape art. Knowledge and experience in the use of marble and golden hues are a must for the harmonious realization of this project. The ability to work within a given timefr...

    $30 - $250
    $30 - $250
    0 个竞标 this; I used Chat GPT to come up with some ideas, I particularly like the dark blue, grey and white theme along with the circular logo Chat GPT spelt the logo incorrectly – It should be Paragon not Parigon I am hoping that you will be able create something similar to the logos attached – however, if it is a circle logo, I would like the ‘P’ in the middle of the circle instead of off to the side as shown. I also don't like the white background on the dark website, so can you create something that won't look bad. I also want the logo to detail 'Paragon Assurance' - do not include the word 'services'. The final deliverables should include the logo in various file formats suitable for different uses including website, mark...

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    As an owner of a building experiencing both foundation and interior wall cracks, I'm in need of a thorough evaluation tackling the perspective of structural integrity. The main areas of interest are: - Foundations - Interior walls I am primarily concerned about whether these cracks indicate any serious structural flaws. If you are an experienced structural engineer or have a background in civil engineering and architecture, and have dealt with similar projects before, your expertise would be appreciated. Your responsibilities will include - - A comprehensive evaluation of the foundation cracks. - Thorough assessment of the interior wall cracks. - Determining whether these indicate serious structural issues. - Providing a report with findings and recommendations af...

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    I am currently experiencing issues with my website server-side, where error messages are constantly appearing. The specific error message I am encountering is "Server not found". I will share more details with the selected candidate. My budget is 10$ for this task only took 2 hours max to resolve. Thanks:)

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    I'm in need of assistance with the creation of high-detail 2D and 3D plans for my ecological straw and wood house located in a village in Normandy, France: - Area: between 50 and 70 m2 (= 538 and 750 square feet) - 1 level with convertible attic. - Wooden structure. - 6000 m2 plot located in the countryside (=65 000 square feet) - Provision of a small terrace on part of the house. - Wall insulation: 100% straw. - Size of straw bales: Height: 37 cm, Width: 47 cm, Variable length: 80, 100, or 120 cm. - Minimize cutting of straw bales for openings (windows and doors) taking into account their dimensions. - Attic insulation: hemp, wood cellulose, or any other ecological material. - Exterior cladding: natural plaster or wood. - Maximize natural light while minimizing energy loss fr...

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    Trophy icon Engaging, Detailed Logo Creation 6 天 left

    Need a logo compagnie name is 123 express cargo Color one of those combinaison Blue orange green Green blue Orange blue Orange green 123 express cargo we offer hotshot pick up and delivery transportation need a nice logo to go side of my truck and trailer your work will be driving everywhere in canada

    $58 (Avg Bid)
    加精 加保 加封
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    The home page of your web site gives a brief introduction of your hotel (note the hotel shall be named after your real name or your team’s name) which includ...these views. Your system allows user to search their reservation(s). To simplify your implementation, you don’t have to ask user to login to the system in order to search the database. Simply use the confirmation number and others like last name or email to search. Your system should allow user to cancel their reservation(s), or modify a reservation. Requirements • Use XAMPP • Use PHP as server side script (if you decide to use others, talk to your instructor) • Use MySql. Design your own database and table(s). • Use MVC pattern to design your website. • Name your web site yourNamePHP &bul...

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    I require a capable freelancer who can effectively execute the installation of a print designer on my ERPNext system.

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    ...improve their racing abilities with in-depth statistics. - Extensive Avatar customization: This feature will give players the ability to customize their jockeys and horses in a variety of ways, creating an immersive gaming experience. - 3D Virtual World: I am looking for the game to also incorporate a lifelike 3D virtual world where players can race and train in the perspective of a jockey/rider against other players similar to the reference games mentioned. Prospective freelancers should have extensive experience in developing web-based multiplayer gaming platforms, specifically in 3D environments. A portfolio demonstrating past gaming projects, especially those that include online simulations, is highly preferred. I'm interested in freelancers with a creative approach to...

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    ...capable of building formulas and functions for analyzing data. This data originates from a pair of our inventory databases which need to be matched with incoming inquiries. These inquiries include specific fields such as make, model, part name, and part number. Main Job Details: * Creating Excel formulas and functions for the specified data analysis * Focusing on indicating our inventory levels against these inquiries The ultimate goal is to have you shift all matched rows to a separate sheet within Excel based on the analysis. I am listing scenarios to solve for, by increasing complexity level Matching with available part numbers (exact matches) Matching with available part numbers (approx matches eg MAN B&W parts where the centre bit doesnt matter) Eg 123-05H-1235 ...

    $74 (Avg Bid)
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    ...authentication. Implement robust token refresh mechanisms if desired. Best Practices: Enforce input validation and sanitization to prevent vulnerabilities. Protect against common attacks like SQL injection and XSS. Securely store passwords using strong hashing algorithms (bcrypt or Argon2). Implement proper error handling and provide informative error messages. Write clean, well-structured, and documented code. Consider using environment variables for sensitive information. Handle sessions and token expiration effectively. Bonus Points: Implement password reset functionality. Integrate email verification for signup. Add rate limiting to protect against brute force attacks. Use middleware for authentication and authorization. Write unit tests for API endpoints. Implement ...

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    Hi, I have a python project that is working fine on local system but now I want to deploy it on the server "pythonanywhere". Currently it is not working because of configurations, faulty installation because I dont have much experience of deployment. Write "pythonanywhere" in the start of your proposal. Please bid only if you can deploy the project successfully on the "pythonanywhere" server. Thanks.

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    ...application integrated with Keycloak. The primary objective of this project is to facilitate user authentication and enable single sign-on for internal employees of my company. Moreover, expertise in developing similar applications tailored for internal usage would be greatly beneficial. Current Implementation: * I have a server-side application hosted on IIS with Windows authentication enabled. * An Ionic application is in place, connecting to the server-side app through http/https web APIs. * The current setup functions only when Windows authentication is disabled on IIS. The primary project requirements encompass: * Ensure the Ionic application functions seamlessly with Windows authentication enabled on IIS. * I am proposing the use of Keycloak for implementation. ...

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    As the owner of an art channel, I'm in need of a fresh, vibrant logo that leans on the bold side. It should cleverly incorporate the initials 'SD'. Apart from that, I'm giving you the creative freedom to decide what else to incorporate into the design. Key elements to consider include: - Color: I have a preference for blues and greens. The design should speak to these color selections without compromising visibility and clarity. - Style: Bold and vibrant. Remember, the logo should stand out among other art channels, and in thumbnails or display pictures. Ideal freelancers for this job would have experience in creating logos with a bold and colorful style. A familiarity with art-related channels and their branding would be beneficial. If you're applying, p...

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    ...illustrated art-themed wall calendar. This project will require the following: • Design expertise: Your portfolio should include previously designed wall calendars or similar projects to showcase your ability. • Illustration skills: The design approach should center around illustrated art. Ideally, you're an artist who can breathe life into a calendar with your unique style. • Customization: The calendar should have specific designs that highlight certain events. While I'm not specifying what these events are at this moment, your flexibility and skill in incorporating these designs seamlessly are crucial. If you believe you have the artistic prowess and the eye for detail I'm looking for, please hit me up. We'll iron out the specifics a...

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    I'm looking for a talented designer to create a sleek, minimalist label for our brand's microgreens. The label should stand out on the shelf and appeal to eco-conscious customers. Key aspects to include on the design: + Variety of microgreen + Net weight + 'RAW PRODUCT' label Though we offer a range of microgreen types including radish, sunflower and pea microgreens, the label design ought to be adaptable for all varieties. Ideal skills and experiences: + Label or packaging design + Portfolio demonstrating minimalist design style + Experience in creating eco-friendly, sustainable product packaging would be advantageous Please include relevant portfolio items in your bid. Thanks!

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    I'm looking for an experienced Linux professional who could assist me in installing iResponse on my system. There seems to be a significant issue that's hampering the process and I need an expert to troubleshoot and execute this effectively. Skills and experience required: - Expert knowledge in iResponse setup - Familiarity with different versions of iResponse, especially the latest version - Extensive Linux operating system knowledge - Deep understanding of how headers can affect inboxing - Problem-solving for similar technical software issues Not only this, but I'm also facing challenges with the header causing an inboxing problem which I need to be fixed. Therefore, a thorough understanding of inboxing mechanics is crucial for this project. The primary aim is to get...

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    ...What models you choose to display, how they’re laid out, and what information is shown up-front is completely up to you. <aside> ⚠️ Just keep one thing in mind: don’t create a list of models within the client-side code. Instead, create a mock API using a free REST API like [{JSON} Placeholder](), and then leverage this API to enrich your interface. </aside> - **A wall to display featured models.** Some models are shown more love than others, and your application should show these loved models on a separate wall of their own. Tell us why these models are featured: have they been viewed a lot of times, maybe certain devs have added them to their list of favourite models? - **A space for diving into specific models.** ...

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