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    I am looking for someone very fast at quickly correcting images and designs created in AI. Mostly silhouette of faces, hands,...can do multiple small edits very rapidly, with high quality, at very reasonable cost. Using of masking tool and other key photoshop features is key. Have currently 30 designs that need small edits. In the example attached, you can see face needs some features (nose, mouth, some hair), also the board needs to be symmetrical. These should be quite quick. In the second design, need to remove the "plants" growing from the surfboard. You can see that these are mostly simple edits, and therefore someone very advanced should be able to do extremely quickly, and therefore edit and correct multiple designs in an hour. I will have probably multiple b...

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    Looking to create a 3d male character in the form of a mango. I am looking for the charact...male character in the form of a mango. I am looking for the character to be a male-oriented figure. I want the character to portray a cool, young & active personality. The character needs to have arms and legs. Also, I think it should wear sunglasses. I require 2 separate images of the same character. The 2 images will be: 1. The character just standing in a cool pose 2. The character on a surfboard. I have attached 2 files, which put together give a resemblance of the character I am looking for (remember this character must in be 3D, similar to the surfing fruit file attached). There will be other designs to follow that need to be created for this character (not form part of ...

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    Surfboard! -- 2 已经结束 left

    We have a surfboard mounted on our yard wall, it is white, and we would like a ocean wave scene painted on it (maybe with a surfer?) for our pleasure.

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    Draw me a picture 已经结束 left

    Just need someone to redraw an image from the 80s and get it back to me in high resolution. The image is for a custom made surfboard. Please don’t ask for more pics, this is all I can find.

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    For example I would like to have 1 for Christmas (with a Santa Hat) I would to have one for Easter (With Easter eggs all scattered around) 1 for Winter (wrapped up in a beanie & scarf shivering) 1 for Summer (hanging 10 on a surfboard in an Hawaiian shirt)

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    Hi Jose - As discussed, please find this project request to provide design / color for surfboard jet motor - you have already provided a great version in black. Requesting same version in metallic blue. Thanks!

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    Trophy icon Character design for merchandise 已经结束 left

    Need a character design for a sporting goods company. This isn’t our main logo, just a character for certain product line. Our brand offers a nice product, this is a more casual sub brand. Think party brand rather than boutique. The character will need to be modified for future art work. Alternative logos will be wanted and encouraged depending on themes, events, holidays and such for merchandise. Needs to be good as standalone as well. Will be on printed material and embroidered material so color selection and detail will need to be kept in mind. The main logo idea is this: A human like flamingo wearing sunglasses. Smug design, wearing sunglasses. This dude likes to party. He may do other activities like ride in a golf cart, have a speaker on his shoulder, ride a ...

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    I am making an electric hydrofoil surfboard. It will be powered by 12s4p Basen 26640 batteries. I need to arrange the batteries as 2 packs of 6s4p to use a 6s charger. I need to arrange the batteries in rows of 4, stacked 12 high. Batteries will be mounted inside a carbon fiber vertical mast which is underwater, so battery walls will be touching carbon fiber, with a thermally and electrically conductive epoxy, so they will be cooled by the water on the outside of the mast. I am a mechanical engineer not electrical, and I need detailed schematics and a parts list on what I need to build this, and what design problems I may have created with this idea.

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    “It’s a zoo out there” Promotional tee shirt design for surfboard repair shop. Various animals of various skill levels surfing a wave, with some chaos including chickens going over the falls and feathers in the air along with boards. Would like some proper surfing mechanics/body positions. I have a shoddy pencil sketch version with various animals on different equipment. Im not attached to exact positions but I like the general layout. Black and white is fine. Cartoon level of detail fine and preferable.

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    surfboard 已经结束 left

    Necesito un ilustrador para realizar una imagen que ira impresa en una tabla de surf. Tengo la idea, el boceto, solo queda dejarlo bonito :P

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    ●Overview Maha Surf Club is a membership surf trip club for wealthy people. ○What is a surf trip? With a surfboard in hand, he travels in pursuit of waves around the world. A surf trip is a trip for surfing, and is a combination of "surfing" and "trip". This time ・HP ・Logo design please. It will be a Japanese site, but we will prepare all the sentences here and support you so that you can copy and paste. ● HP I want you to make The logo design you want me to make with the same font MAHĀ YACHT CLUB →MAHĀ SURF CLUB ○supplement ・Please also select high-class photos that match Maha Surf Club. ・The number of pages will be the same as the reference website. ・ Please link to Blog, Facebook, Instagram

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    Trophy icon Event Poster + Working File 已经结束 left

    We are an Ocean Based Sea Sports club holding an event called "Bali by the Sea" where we work with the Balinese Community to put on an event with traditional Indonesian food, dancers, music, entertainment and market stalls. I need an A4 poster designed with the sea...with the sea/ocean and Balinese theme and be SUPPLIED WITH THE WORKING FILE EVENT/FLYER DETAILS: Ocean Reef Sea Sports Club Presents.... Bali by the Sea Saturday 12 November 2022 Members - $15 | Members Kids $5 Non-Members $25 | Non-Members Kids $10 Traditional Indonesian Cuisine, Cocktails, Bintangs, Music, Massages, Henna tattoos, Bouncy Castles, Hair Brading, Bucking Mechanical Surfboard, Traditional Market Stalls PLUS Ocean Reef Sea Sports Club LOGO *Flyer from last Bali event attached FY...

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    Tsunami surfers 已经结束 left

    Tsunami surfers. Recently competed in a Red Bull activity/competition. Built this contraption out of bicycles as a frame, built a float on top of it with a surfboard and then have my wife on top of the surfboard with a surf kite. Wondering if we could get a 3-D model of her with the Surf Kite and the float float

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    Basic surfboard art 已经结束 left

    I would like a very basic picture drawn that I would like to be placed onto a surfboard. Ask for more details

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    Hello! I need a logo designed for a watersports company, specializing in wakesurfing and wakeboarding. Name of the company is Yalla Watersports located in Dubai, UAE. The logo needs to be creative yet professional with elements of water, surfboard and Dubai landmark.

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    *Realistic* Photo Edit 已经结束 left

    Attached are 4 files of a surf board and 1 image of grass. Your job is to make the black surf board appear broken in the same style as the orange surfboard. There are two final deliverables: 1. Top view of the broken surfboard in the same style as the orange surfboard 2. Side view of the broken surfboard in the same style as the orange surfboard You should not be able to tell that it has been photoshopped or edited. It should look REAL. A few things to note: 1. There is a divider line in the side-view of the orange surfboard. The edited photo should not have this. 2. Make sure to pay attention to lighting and details to make this REALISTIC In your bid, please provide samples of similar work. Maximum budget $60.

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    Photoshop designer 已经结束 left

    I need the black carbon surfboard to appear broken on the grass using the picture of the orange surfboard as a template.

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    Trophy icon BC company logo SIMPLE 已经结束 left

    I want it to look EXACTLY like this logo layout. Where it says Saltwater I want it to say "Beachside" and leave "Cowboys" where it is. Where it says On Shem Creek, I want it to say "Coastal Living". Where the little shrimp is I want a fishing pole. Where the pig is I want a surfboard. To the left I want "ESTD" in same format as seen in the picture and on the right I want "2022" also in the same format.

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    Trophy icon Beachside Cowboys surfer logo 已经结束 left

    I want this to be a clean design with font to match the theme. Leave everything in the middle of the logo alone except the guy with the surfboard. I want him to be in board shorts and boots with a beer in one hand and holding the surf board with the other. Thank you!

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    model 3d piece -- 2 已经结束 left

    create a surfboard keychain , sent a stl design for copy measurements and dimension etc. add letter /logo on the surfboard add, pic for example

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    Caricature drawing 已经结束 left

    I need someone to draw a caricature of my son riding a surfboard while playing golf, to show his interests in both hobbies. I want him to be riding a wave dressed in golf attire, swinging a golf club.

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    I am requiring 10 Sketchup models to be converted to DGN Files V8 2004. Alternative i need some basic models DGN files for a mountain bike, racing bike, surfboard, golf clubs and racking if someone has some on file and are willing to share? Attached is an example of the type of files i need converted

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    Trophy icon Logo for Pickle Cozumel 已经结束 left

    I'm creating a new company which is a pickleball ...Color Ideas: SW 6785 Quench Blue SW 6787 Fountain SW 6958 Dynamic Blue SW 6738 Vegan SW 6746 Julep The company name is called "Pickle Cozumel " with the .com ( small letters for the .com ) going up the side off the l in Cozumel. Then design in the middle in a circle which if you look at Margaritaville design something very similar. Include in the design: Palm tree surf boards beach chair (maybe a paddle and ball lying on chair? VW Beetle Make it a tropical look! Things similar to pickleball and Margaritaville. I like the pillow look with the bike an surfboard look its also on the chair. See attached. That kind of look. with Island Life below ( with the i in life being an upside down pickleb...

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    Roostersftmyers 已经结束 left

    I woukd like (1) to add an alligator under my roosters feet, like hes standing on it and (2) do same with surfboard under feet...pool cue can be removed, darts in pocket can be teplaced or removed (3) id lije tgese two each done as is and with sunglasses on.

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    Manus 50 years birthday 已经结束 left

    I want to make a memorable card/poster for my friend for his birthday. He is a professional atleth and for him its all a professional atleth and for him its all about mindset... and gear and time is just an excuse. So I was thinking that the headline could be "its not a gear game - its a mind game" (then som drawings see attached) and underneath the drawrings "and here Manu is the Champ" congratiolations. He just bought an old Fiat Panda - and he will soon carry his surfboard on top of it :-) he also has a scooter which he also have used to carry surfboard (inflatable) - so a funny drawing with a scooter/fiat Panda - all geared up with surfboards, and then manu in the center of it... is what im looking for. He has a very caractaristics face, so ...

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    Logo Design 已经结束 left

    We are hosting a conference in San Diego, CA called "Avalon Test Equipment Network Testing Conference." The name is subject to change. I would like the following elements included. -Fun, bright colors- Beach theme logo with maybe a wave, sun, and surfboard since it's in San Diego -A cellphone tower incorporated since it is the telecom industry -August 24th and San Diego, CA on the logo -Avalon's logo incorporated -2022 somewhere I added our logo and sample screenshots to help with inspiration.

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    Kenoath Sandman Surfboard 已经结束 left

    To design a Kenoath Sandman logo with a surfboard.

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    Home VPN Setup 已经结束 left

    I have a dlink DSR-250 router, Arris surfboard modem. I want to remote desktop to my home computers while I travel. I want to setup VPN and need help.

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    surfboard design 已经结束 left

    I commissioned a tattoo years ago and now need it enlarged for a surfboard, but the image is too small and I need it re-created at a higher resolution, simple scaling will not work. Attached is the image.

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    I like to model 3D CAD drawing based on pictures and information from website and YouTube . The model should match manufacturer specification. The CAD drawing can be Solidworks or 360 Fusion.

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    I need alogo designer 已经结束 left

    We have been called Nick's Shaved Ice Paradise but are changing to Nick's Differently Awesome Treats. The surfboard is our current logo. I like simple vintage style logos. I want a simple logo again using colors that play off of our yellow trailer well.

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    Tshirt designer needed 已经结束 left

    We are looking for a graphic designer who can design a tshirt but also our business logo. We are looking for a beach them logo palm tree surfboard with a silhouette of a man with a beer.

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    Trophy icon Professionalise this logo 已经结束 left

    Brand name: Good and Thready. I make handmade surfboard covers, sponges, macrame plant hangers and other items from fabrics that have been discarded. So upcycled goods/ repurposed/ sustainable. I have made a sketch of a possible logo that I can print on tags to attach to the covers and sponges. Maybe one of you can improve it/ professionalise it so that the idea of the brand (and possibly the name) comes across, and send me the files so I can get them printed. Thank you!

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    To design a graphic for a surfboard

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    Trophy icon Create 3D animated character walking 已经结束 left

    Wanted an artist to join our art if we didn't want to employ you. Depending on the quality there may be more than one entry purchased. So give it your best shot, we're tooling up for the Meta-verse so there's plenty of work coming for skilled people to join our team. THE TASK: Create a 3D character from an Adobe Illustrator file to be provided (see png) if required. Character in the image provided will need to walk with a surfboard under arm To be used in: o 3D Video for website o 3D architectural model built with Twin Motion (unreal engine) o 3D game environment Core elements like clothing, hairstyle etc are already provided as layers in the adobe illustrator file AI file provided but feel free to dress the character along the lines of any of the imag...

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    Trophy icon Edit Two Surfing Photos 已经结束 left

    We want to Photoshop these photos to enhance the spray coming off the surfer. The project is to add to the spray coming off the surfboard in a natural way. It should be the same looking spraying white water just extending out a little further. Please ask if you're not sure! We have more work if this one goes well.

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    Project for Andy Budhy S. 已经结束 left

    Hi Andy, we have a new layered character project for you. I am going to upload an image with a file of changes that are required. Looking forward to hearing from you again. - Use the example image and change the head to make various character like before, 3/4 face - remove the goat from board and replace with DEST ...hearing from you again. - Use the example image and change the head to make various character like before, 3/4 face - remove the goat from board and replace with DEST logo (uploaded) - front and back foot positions need to be more sideways, across the board at least 45 degrees Variations layers; - 4 different hair, - 2 expressions - 3 clothes - 2 eyes & 2 sunglasses - 2 beards + no beard - 3 surfboard colours - 3 backgrounds (1 like the example, 1 VR background,...

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    I need someone to construct a professional e-commerce website using Shopify. The website will be selling fiberglass, resin and consumables for the marine/surfboard/DIY/hobby market. I am looking to use stock images to start with. When I receive my products I will get some professional photos taken. The website will need a logo/font/ graphics design completed, so samples will need to be provided. The website needs to be easily setup and fool proof for back-end alterations & product additions. The brand name is Kiwi Fibre Co. The branding/logo needs to incorporate New Zealand somehow. I will provide written content for the website.

    $336 (Avg Bid)
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    Hi Alexander, Project has been cut to two characters for now. Size: 46cm x 168cm @ 150dpi if possible. Please reduce size or reposition hand on iguana sketch. We need the surfboard to be unobstructed (on both characters) The basic pose (surfboard in vertical position) is ideal for each character. Width has to be reduced to fit within above specified dimensions for both characters. Rooster: Please include cigar and surfboard.

    $150 (Avg Bid)
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    Trophy icon Generic 3D Surfing Caricature 已经结束 left

    Surf & Yoga Pty/Ltd is an Australian company which requires artwork for its Surf Resorts projects. The company requires artists to collaborate with its art director to create a 3D character. The finished drawing must include at least three 'work in progress' sketches. The concept is for a "wannabe surfer" standing pose with surfboard. Def of wannabe: he would like to be a surfer but isn't, or pretending to be a surfer. We will generate the background image to paste him into. This contest is only for the concept illustration and for you to provide a quote for the finished 3D layered artwork in the event that you win. The winner must produce a PSD layered file with multiple props (ie hats sunglasses etc). The surfer must be generic so it requires some res...

    $20 (Avg Bid)
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    Trophy icon Character sketches / Illustration 已经结束 left

    ...for a surf cafe and these characters should be "FUN & BEAUTIFUL", though not a cartoon. Final product will land somewhere between pen/ink and airbrush. Characters to sketch: 1. Iguana standing on hind legs, holding a surfboard and smoking a cigar 2. Rooster holding a surfboard and smoking a cigar 3. Surfer guy holding surfboard and smoking cigar 4. Old crusty cigar-type guy holding surfboard and smoking a cigar. These will be vertical stand-alone signs placed on sidewalk, so characters will need to have a relatively small footprint while being between 4-6' tall. Surfboard on each will ultimately hold a message so they will need to be mostly visible. I've attached three very rough sketches (i'm not an illustrator), of ea...

    $50 (Avg Bid)
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    Vector silhouette 已经结束 left

    I need an image of a surfer and surfboard turned into a line vector silhouette. Outlines not solid please. It needs to be clean and accurate to the source material. No facial detail or wave required - just the surfer and his board. Similar look but more detail to the outlined image suplied. Clean lines and attention to the body posture.

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    Trophy icon Create a logo and sign 已经结束 left

    Logo creation for motel and sign to go with it. Logo to have the following words The Carmel Yamba Modern retro feel see attachements, colour palette and font. Sign size 2m wide x 1.2 x high Sign needs white font on colour Logo colour Surfboard or palm motif to be used in logo Graduated stripe in logo with main colour being the turquoise

    $154 (Avg Bid)
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    Trophy icon New logo for new business 已经结束 left

    Looking for new logos for a business. The business is efoil Scotland, basically an electric surfboard school to teach people how to use these boards. I want one similiar to the one below but it needs to be different as this is from another owner. Welcome to any ideas. Thanks

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    Trophy icon Surfing Caricture Cartoonist 已经结束 left

    Wanted an artist to join our art studio. Prove yourself by sketching a CARICATURE of Mick Fanning. NOTE: A caricature is a funny drawing, of a person in w...Fanning (the famous surfer) on Pinterest or Google and create a caricature using this style of the files provided. For further examples check out, “The Boda Surf Family.” Image must be amusing, edgy and colourful. Your final image will need to be in a format for code generating (PSD) and creating multiple versions from the original. I.e the surfer may be used for a different identity, or change surfboard or direction. Successful artist will be offered additional paid projects. Your version of a "black diamond CLUB MEMBER" logo must be used to brand the surf-board. MUST BE YOUR OWN WORK! CLIP ART AND COPIES...

    $75 (Avg Bid)
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    Pick up racing board (similar to surfboard) from residence in Wollongong and drive to Sydney. See photo of load bellow. Board can be fixed to roof racks of place in van.

    $20 - $100
    $20 - $100
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    Design a logo for a poke bowl shop. It should cointains one or more of these elements: Fish Surfboard Palm tree exotic elements (hawaii style) The style must follow the main style of other competitors, surf the net for more ideas

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