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    We have a social network site that is location based. ([登录来查看链接]) People can sign up and "visit" a location and/or create their own location. We would like a MOBILE PHONE version created. Here are a few items that our site already currently offers... - We use Google Maps. - Each location on our site has a lat/long coordinate.

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    I need a Phone application built for Iphone, Ipad & Android (If you can only build one; Iphone or Android please reply) that selects phone numbers from different groups in different areas in the USA or selected country, to be aligned for group texting (maybe by location tracking). The app must be able to text the group of selected numbers. The app will

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    We have a website where we need a mobile phone version created. We have attached job details and mock up designs. We are seeking a coder that will work with us, be dedicated to the project until completion, offer suggestions, and assist us if we missed anything. The mock up designs must be followed, and we (employer) must agree to every

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    2 个竞标 (smart)phones iPhone, Blackberry, Android, Nokia, etc. I want to use this web application for Marketing use (advertising company) and commercial use (public website). QR codes are to be used for both commercial tracking applications and convenience-oriented applications aimed at mobile (smart)phone users (known as mobile taggig). QR Codes

    0 个竞标 clients using the business' website, or an IPhone or Android device so they may obtain product pricing estimates for standard catalog items, as well as solicit product pricing for custom products. Client registration (via website or app) will require client name, company name, address, phone number. An account number and price multiplier (discount

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    ...develop an application to track the current position of a cell phone even on the move by location based system using Network based technique, GSM localization & GPS tracking. Need a software component for the following phones so that we could use GPS system and locate the phone even on move continuously. 1. iPhone 2. Blackberry 3. android phones

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    I need an Android “share via?? (similar to the defaults of “Friend Stream??, “Mail??, “Messages??, and “Peep??) that will send via HTTP the text that user selected to my web URL using the following URL: <[登录来查看链接]>&Title=TTTTTTTTT&URL=UUUUUUUUU where: ####### is the phone number (or other unique

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    ...installation. We want an iPhone application to support our expense tracking system. On initial use, the application must enter setup mode where the user's email address is added and saved. A setup menu to review/edit this information must be included in all screens. Once the setup information is saved, launching the application will bypass this step with

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    Hello, We need someone to create a simple GPS tracking appliacation for a mobile phone that has Android operating system. The software should be able to send the coordinates of the device to the internet every time the device (phone) has changed its location more than 10 meters. It should check its location every ten seconds for example. That's

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    Hi, I need to write a mobile GPS tracking software. It need to phone to use its integrate GPS to locate the Lat and Lon. if there is no GPS signal available, the software will activate the wifi to get the nearest ip in order to locate the location. Once the Lat and Lon with the speed is obtain, it will send the information to our server using our

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    A local towing company wants a customized application that does the following: Step 1: tow truck booking: Using GPS tracking, the application will pin-point where the user is located and prompt him/her if he/she wants to send a tow truck to that location. Next, the user is given 6 choices (car boost, key unlock, car accident, etc.) Afterwards

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    We know we need the most efficient, cost effective web based application to communicate with all OS's of mobile apps. There will be a group admin you can create a new group and manage it via the website, who can add members. Member profiles will have all pertinent contact info. These members will be notified via email of there logon info (to update

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    (1) Tracks signal strength, wifi strength, SSID and (where user gives permission) location via GPS while application is running. (2) Stores data and periodically sends data back to our website. Informs user of date/time of last upload. (3) Periodically pulls down a graphic (you tell us the dimensions) from our servers for last 24 hours, last 7 days

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