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    ...customer show up in the perfect calculated amount. Also the looks and design need some extra. Its still looking kind of simple (its having a accordion function wich is not active now). This will be a longlasting project with afterwards we go live published we will have many wished to get more possibilities for customizing the glasspanels for showers or doors, glass walls etc. Our main site is on Virtuemart now and needs to be replaces with this new site in Wordpress with Woocommerce and this plugin formbuilder. It has a learn curve but if you have good skills you can do it. We need someone who is quick and reliable, is good at formula's and has good commucation skills. Also we will need you on long term basis. About price we have to talk because maybe its better to ta...

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    virtuemart integration 已经结束 left

    i want API plugin or solution to integrate virtuemart with montypay () payment method . they have plugins for many payment except virtuemart can you make this integration?

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    I have an existing Wordpress/Woocommerce plugin I want changed. Basically it is a simple task. Today, I use self develpoed code in a Virtuemart installation, but we are changing to wordpress. The plugin I found is closest sends orders to my warehouse as an email with the order attached as pdf. Instead I want the email sent with the order as xml-file. Only thing is I want to have the xml-file follow a specific order and not include all info from the pdf.

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    Hi, We currently run a website - - this runs an older version of Joomla and Virtumart which needs to be upgraded. We are looking for someone who can :- PLEASE LOOK / TEST THE WEBSITE BEFORE YOU BID TO ENSURE YOU KNOW EXACTLY WHAT YOU NEED TO DO. 1. Keep the same functionality as existing site but on a system that we can keep up to date ourselves without having to use coding etc. 2. The existing site has a shipping system which recogises the post code and charges postage according to this. 3. It doesn't have to be Joomla / Virtumart, but something easy maintainable is fine. 4. We will keep all the same pages and content on the new site, but we would like the design itself refreshed. 5. You must setup everything as it is now, so payments will be Paypal etc. 6. CRITICAL : If you ...

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    I need my mobile view for Virtuemart to have some minor fixes. I have a new one page checkout system and the one setting up the old one made some issues for me. I added 4 photos and they are named wrong 1 and 2 and correct 1 and 2. This is the errors I need corrected to show like in the correct named photos. I need the: "Pris før MVA" text gone. It only shows on my mobile and must be because last worker did not use the language overrides and somehow thought it was a good idea to do it elsewhere. Also, you see the text "endelig pris" where it breakes the template with the large number. I need that text gone but only from that one place. Lastly I cannot sort the category photos the order I want them. I want it same order as my dropdown menu: Til henne ...

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    I need to add deposit system to VirtueMart - I need to allow customers to choose couple deposit options when they choose product.

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    Hi Please check the below requirement... You need to work on Virtuemart integration with Linnworks The client manages inventory on Linnworks You need to integrate it with Virtuemart The linnworks gets updated with stocks and all they want is the website products stock to be in-sync. Regards to orders refund dispatch etc that will be done via admin Please let me know if you have any queries Thanks, MAK - WDMtech

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    We have Joomla 3 site and we need to restore to yesterday's period due to some issues on the site. today client had a couple of orders and couple of new users on the Virtuemart site. we need to export and after import just new order and users.

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    The client somehow clicked the update from VirtueMart 3 to VirtueMart 4 and now the design of the category page and the product page is default Joomla CSS and should be like what was created before. We need a Virtuemart / Joomla expert who can asap resolve the issue and the CSS of the category page and product page is like it was 2 hours ago.

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    Joomla customizations 已经结束 left

    Hello eveyone, To complete the job successfully it is important to observe all points and to meet the requirements. Requirements: • To do this job you need knowledge of Joomla 3.10.8 and the shop extension VirtueMart 4.0.0. • Joomla plugin and extension experiences • Worked with VirtueMart and created costom fields If you meet all the requirements the job will be done quickly. Information about the platform: The German shared flight headquarters call in German „Deutsche Mitflugzetrale“ and is a company which private pilots offer the opportunity to offer free seats in their aircraft. The passengers share the operating costs through the pilot. The passengers pay the commission to the company. The „Deutsche Mitflugzentra...

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    Budget is €50 and it is simply creating a registration page for Trade in a Virtuemart store. The work should take 1 hour. The purpose of the page is to inform the professional-client that we do have a “Trade Client” solution with trade prices that requires the client to sign-up. The work would be done for both English and Portuguese languages. Ideally, registrations would be saved in a database and forwarded by email.

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    On the product detail pages and also in the shopping cart, it should be possible to use the classic "Paypal Express" button for direct payment with transfer of the buyer's data to the store system. Joomla 3.10.10 Virtuemart 4.0.2 The function should also remain with updates Virtuemart / Jommla. Paypal is already integrated as a means of payment and the required API access data is available.

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    ...need a PHP coder and web designer in order to complete and fix an e-commerce website based on Joomla! 4 + Virtuemart 4 using helix ultimate 2 free version + sp pagebuilder 3.8 free version on PHP 8.1. The website will have to be fully GDPR compliant, have a newsletter popup with GDPR privacy check, implement an antispam security check that does not involve third parties, use nice public domain fonts without getting it from google or other thirds parties and in general remove all third parties dependencies and bottlenecks. I do have an extension to manage the GDPR requirements, can be integrated with other components, will have to be settled to require the user consent for virtuemart accounts, newsletter, contact forms, orders, and every other function that requires the u...

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    Hi, I have a Joomla/Virtuemart Website and I need some custom fields added to the product page by the product price. Some of these custom fields need to include some calculation based on other custom fields and the product price and then displayed in a particular way. I have attached two images from a similar website which show the type of custom fields I need.

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    We have the Virtuemart website. There we are using an HRK currency. On modules, category page, product page, and on the order page (cart). Due to the law change and implementation of the euro € below each price on the HRK currency, it should be the price listed in Euros €. It should be rate conversion so that price in HRK is like it is now but below or next to it should be a price in Euro € via conversion rate automatically. Final: all the time should be visible both prices in two active currencies. We need to set that after 1.1.2023. when we disable HRK will be visible only prices in Euros (€). We need a person who can modify this asap. We have multiple Virtuemart websites. Maybe is best to create a custom plugin or the simplest possible solution.

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    Joomla + Virtuemart 已经结束 left

    PÁGINA WEB -No se debe realizar modificaciones sobre el core de Joomla. -No se debe realizar modificaciones sobre el core de Virtuemart. -Personalización de una nueva plantilla de acuerdo a un diseño predefinido. -Es importante realizar un diseño exclusivo, no una plantilla que otros clientes puedan usar. -Utilizar tecnología responsive para una correcta visualización en todos los dispositivos. -Utilización del archivo “/css/” para la personalización de la plantilla. -Configuración de la etiqueta “theme-color” en la plantilla. -Botón siempre visible WhatsApp. -Configuración de Google Analytics. -Utilización de al menos dos fuentes personalizadas (woff): títulos, y p&aac...

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    Fix Joomla Website 已经结束 left

    I require our Joomla Website to be fixed as it is not loading a number of pages correctly/ at all ie: VirtueMart Cart page / Customer Account Page. Also, links on other pages don't seem to be loading either

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    With rotation capabilities nad zoom

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    We have the Virtuemart website. There we are using an HRK currency. On modules, category page, product page, and on the order page (cart). Due to the law change and implementation of the euro € below each price on the HRK currency, it should be the price listed in Euros €. It should be rate conversion so that price in HRK is like it is now but below or next to it should be a price in Euro € via conversion rate automatically. We need a person who can modify this asap.

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    Bonjour, Nous avons créé et nous nous occupons d'une dizaine de sites web depuis plus de 10 ans (un site est pour adulte). Comme nous avons de plus en plus de choses à faire, nous voulons à présent trouver un prestataire qui répond à nos demandes afin de nous alléger le travail. Certains travaux seront faits ensemble. Nous cherchons donc un webmaster connaissant bien PHP, MYSQL,Virtuemart, Joomla et ses composants et si possible Moodle. Nous voulons travailler à long terme avec une personne efficace, débrouillarde, réactive et sérieuse. Elle devra faire les mises à jour de plusieurs sites, voir comment les améliorer, les rendre plus esthétiques, etc. Tarif à disc...

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    We ve a website, called , we sell shoes but we re having some problems in certain issues that don ´t let us sell all we could. So i need a diagnosis and the solution for the problem. and i need to add a filter to get a better navegability. Thanks a lot.

    $30 - $250
    加急 加封 保密协议
    $30 - $250
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    I want to see stl file in my virtuemart detail product page on joomla

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    We have a Joomla 3 / Virtuemart 3 website. The client needs to have an XML feed that is created per external company instructions/manual for download to other websites so that they can import the client products and details on their pages.

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    Virtuemart eshop 已经结束 left

    I have an eshop built on a Joomla template and virtuemart and need to make some changes. Fix a couple of errors with tags to make it compatible (WCAG), complete the Paypal checkout integration, fix some translation errors, check for any updates / errors. The job should be completed today. Expected not more than 3-4 hours to fix errors. Max payment 50$.

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    We have Joomla 3 and Virtuemart 3 website. We need a simple excel component for updating the products. The component will have just 3 fields and simple rules that we will explain to you. All that user will need to make sure of is to upload the same style file to update the product price and quantity.

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    Our client has a Joomla / Virtuemart website and it is built per client-designer from the Figma file. However, 90% is done properly but 10% of things haven't been finished. We need an expert who has done a similar task to modify the remaining details so that the design is 100% similar to the Figma file. 1. On the home page - spacing and hover are not right 2. VM category page - title and breadcrumbs style 3. Some inner pages have the wrong image space and the hover style is missing 4. Some other minor things We have the full file and design in Figma. We need a pro person who can today modify these changes.

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    Side menu correction , presentation, Correct bug related to mobile version, bugs in mobile version..

    $35 (Avg Bid)
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    Hi, It seems my domain is being used to send spam. My site uses Joomla and virtuemart. I have spoken to my host and they said :- "It seems that the e-mails are being sent using a script in your file from your public_html directory" ", we are guessing that you have a signup form somewhere on your website that is unprotected and therefore being used to send spam towards different e-mail addresses" "Please make sure to implement a captcha form to any contact/signup form you may have on your website. You may use Google reCAPTCHA, as an example: " We need someone who can stop whatever is being used to send SPAM.

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    I need some adjustments in my general joomla template and in my virtue mart template. I'm running the actual joomla version as well as virtue mart. My main template has an asteroid Framework and the design of the shop elements do not fit together. There are 3 main categories because I need the changes: 1st 1-5 SEO reasons 2nd 6 optical reasons to adjust the virtue mart design to web design 3rd 7 optional / extra depending on time, price & resources Please ask for the according document to receive further instruction to discuss the details. Takao.

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    Marketplace basado en Joomla+Virtuemart+Customfield Filter +Búsqueda de productos+Comparación de productos+Calculadora de precio tipo YR Price calculator+Lista de deseos Usuario/Grupos de usuarios/ Niveles de acceso Breezingforms Community Builder Red social Todo con una bonita plantilla, idioma principal español e inglés, otros: francés, alemán, etc. Favor enviar precios y tiempos por fases. Otro paquete cms (wp+woo) podría ser una opción, si se cumplen todos los requisitos anteriores. gracias por su tiempo e interes

    $1316 (Avg Bid)
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    Joomla based Marketplace+Virtuemart+Customfield+Product search+Product Comparison+YRPrice Calculator+WishList User/User groups Breezingforms Community Builder Social Network All with a nice template, main language english and spanish, others: french, german etc Please send prices and timing by phases. Other cms pack (wp+woo) could be an option, if all requirements from above are achieved. Thank you for your time and interest

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    We need to do some mass updates of the product data and need a good sql developer to write the scripts.

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    I have a Joomla CRM website with an online smart home store template from smartaddons and I need to get 20 or more items setup, it currently has some items but with 'lorem ipsum' text though out. I need to add basic smart home products like nest thermostats, cree smart wifi lights, lockly door locks, ring doorbells and lights, samsung QLED smart tv, and like things. I need to have descriptions and images added. Website is up and running with sample data entered, can give access to add products immediatly.

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    Create a complete payment module for Virtuemart using Bambora. Bambora has guidelines and all information avaliable online ( ) Required paramaters by Bambora should be possible to change in module. We will provide a testenvironment, the module has to work in that environment.

    $511 (Avg Bid)
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    More details will be shared with potential freelancer

    $8 - $39
    $8 - $39
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    More details will be shared with potential freelancer

    $8 - $24
    $8 - $24
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    More details will be shared with potential freelancer

    $8 - $24
    $8 - $24
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    More details will be shared with potential freelancer

    $8 - $23
    $8 - $23
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    CXML PUNCHOUT for VIRTUEMART More details will be shared with potential freelancer Joomla, PHP, MySQL, FileMaker, Virtuemart 10CAD - 30CAD

    $15 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    CXML PUNCHOUT for VIRTUEMART More details will be shared with potential freelancer Joomla, PHP, MySQL, FileMaker, Virtuemart 10CAD - 30CAD

    $15 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    Our Client has a need to connect to the Ariba systems via a cXML PunchOut Catalog. Your task is to develop a component that will allow us to set customer specific details for all instances of a cXML PunchOut Catalog. This component must be able to be updated for future use easily and be able to adapt to the customers needs. Please quote this let me know how much time this will take. We are in a hurry. Ariba is the target system we have a need to connect with.

    $534 (Avg Bid)
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    We need someone who will modify the already developed BitPay Virtuemart plugin to work with any self hosted BTCPayServer compatible with Joomla 3 and 4 and the latest Virtuemart version.

    $220 (Avg Bid)
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    Hi, I need an experienced Joomla/VM developer to help with 3 tasks 1) display data to a front end menu (data is already in the database) 2) Check and adjust a tax formula 3) adjust the payment system to allow customers to pay by installments via Paypal. Currently, customers can pay via PayPal but in full and also can pay by Credit card Only bid if you can start straight away and is an experienced Joomla developer. Budget: $150 Thanks

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    Need help with Virtuemart 已经结束 left

    I'm making a website with virtuemart and in the category view the short description of the product doesn't show and i need someone to correct the issue. In the images attached is where i want the short description to be shown.

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    Necesito hacer el desarrollo de campaña de email marketing para tienda online de parafarmacia. Sobre todo el proyecto está enfocado a la implantación de la herramienta y explicación de su uso y funcionalidades. Sólo gente de España.

    $236 (Avg Bid)
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    I have one e-shop in Greek language which is made with Joomla 3 and Virtuemart 3 the side bar appears the custom filters of my products to side bar (left) but in mobiles appears at the bottom after the products. I would like to in my e-shop to large and medium screens to stay there on the left, but on the mobiles and very smalla screens appears to off canvas ( or something like that ) and not be visible at the bottom. I would also like the page not to be affected until the final changes Unless the candidate is 100% aware of the changes. has a lot of traffic and I would not want it to look unfinished. Also the search bar for virtuemart products which is at the top of site is on "top bar" passition but on mobiles disappears. I would like to appears on the top ...

    $122 (Avg Bid)
    加精 加急
    $122 平均报价
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    I need a PHP coder and designer who knows virtuemart in order to complete and fix an e-commerce website template based on helix ultimate free version + sp pagebuilder free version taking care to fix details to render it fully GDPR compliant, have a newsletter popup with GDPR privacy check, implement an antispam security check that does not involve third parties, use nice fonts without using google fonts or other thirds parties and in general remove all third parties and bottlenecks. At the moment being I still prefer to have it on Joomla! 3 and virtuemart for Joomla 3, that means that will be on PHP7 latest version possible. In a future I will ask to migrate it to Joomla! 4 on PHP8, thus for what concerning GDPR I already have an extension which allows to integrate its functi...

    $12 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    I need to refresh a current template for virtuemart/joomla i want the current template to be updated to look more current with a custom dynamic cart component

    $26 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    Joomla 4 + Virtuemart 已经结束 left

    We need a custom build online store according to the mockups attached. The php version should be 8, and we would like to work with Joomla 4 and virtuemart. Open for dsiscussion regarding other shop should be in 2 languages (with possibility to extend to a 3rd one) .Specifications needed: -Checkout basket and automatic client notification order and payment status (basket should be similar to mockup attached. On checkout there should be a dropdownmenu where the client has to check the source of recommendation- the dropdown list should be easily editable in admin panel Selectable delivery services - Implementation of different credit card payment done - seo optimized - 2 admin panels, one normal superuser, 1 with editable only frontend content clientside - easy stock verification

    $1435 (Avg Bid)
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