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    I need someone with good grasp of english to summarize different product in an excel file. Everything is available online with a google search, all you need to is define some in your own way; do some paraphrasing. There are a total of 95 technical products in the excel file, 5 of them are already done. So out of 90 you need to summarize 86 of them in 55+ to 80 words and 4 of them in 100+ to 165 ...

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    This project is about two types of metals and needs to be done in 2days.

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    paraphrasing -- 2 19 小时 left

    I have some paragraphs (total 680 words) that need to be paraphrased and I need it within 2 hours without using software or online tools.

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    Article Writer 10 小时 left

    Looking for a good and professional content writer to write reviews and recipes, food related. Singaporean writers are preferred. 0.03 USD per word. Negotiable if you are good. Hit me up to know more. Please have samples for my review. Examples of articles would be 'XXX Boutique Review' according to metrics i will give you, or 'XXX Rice Recipe'. according to a format that i to...

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    Need paraphrasing -- 3 已经结束 left

    Urgently need someone to paraphrase my slides within 3hours. If it is not possible to finished within this range, please don't bid. Thanks

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    At [登录来查看链接] you can see an overview of the 12 Houses of Astrology according to the Vedic system. Within this area, for example, [登录来查看链接] are detailed explanations of the effects of the planets on an individual according to the planet's location in a particular house. The descriptions are complete for most of the Houses, For planets in the 11th and 12th Houses there is only dummy text. I&#...

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    Our company needs 2-3 professional proofreaders/ghostwriters to edit texts in English. It requires both creative writing skills, due to the fact that you'll have to rephrase and paraphrase almost every sentence in a given text. The texts are related to politics, literature, economics, finance, etc. Each one of the selected candidates will be given the relevant fields to work with. This job i...

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    Paraphrasing 已经结束 left

    Paraphrasing a report to make it plagiarism-free.

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    I need an article writer for a new upcoming website. Writer who has a beginner knowledge for Search Engine Optimization will work. This will help me to promote articles in the market as well. Looking forward if someone can help me out, for the reference, I’m adding some samples also I need the article with same title/heading. Kindly have a look- 1. [登录来查看链接] 2. [登录来查看链接] 3. [登录来查看链接] 4...

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    Research essay question – Language & Identity In the works “Aria: A Memoir of a Bilingual Childhood” by Richard Rodriguez and “How to Tame a Wild Tongue” by Gloria Anzaldúa, the writers share their accounts of negotiating languages throughout lives. Therefore, because of that negotiation, what is an outcome for both writers when having to do? How has tha...

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    Paraphrasing 已经结束 left

    Please do not bid and then ask me what is my offer. I have two pages of report (1553 word) (introduction and related work) which I need to be paraphrased/rephrased. It should convey the same content but in completely different words. Out of 1553 words there are many technical words which you should keep and i can highlight them. I have 6 to 7 hours for this work. Please bid if you can do as requ...

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    Must be a native English language speaker with experience in IEEE papers in computer science. The paper is 7 pages two columns and has figures, tables, and references that will stay the same.

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    for Mark _paraphrasing 已经结束 left

    mark i need to rewrite the abstarct avoid the abbreviations and paraphrasing for paragraphs whıch wrıten in red

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    please write the answer to this question at the top of bid "what is the capital of new zealand?" hi need a person to help with paraphrasing and to start now the work amount is rather small 500 words, or 600 words please write "i can start now and paraphrase 2000 words for _____usd" budget 10 to 35 can make hourly project final paraphrase has to get passed 15% on turnitin

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    hello on my wordpress site, I scrap articles that come from another site in French. my site is also in french to avoid duplicate content. So I would like to create a wordpress plugin that is able to reformulate or paraphrase it's article automatically french to french with the [登录来查看链接] site which is specialized in reformulating and paraphrasing text automatically. you can see the api her...

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    An experienced academic expert required who can paraphrase the engineering report without using any tool. After paraphrasing the individual must make sure that the meaning of the sentences remains the same. A person is capable of reducing plagiarism and deliver an excellent work. (Budget 8aud per 1000words)

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    I need 3 blogs written by experienced authors that have knowledge about the Real Estate Industry and about SEO optimized content and Title optimization, Short Paragraphs: no more than 3-4 sentences per paragraph. Formatting: Provide a clear takeaway or learning for readers. Use headings, subheadings, and numbered lists/bullets to structure your writing. Topic- TBA (1000words) 2 keywords - 1 searc...

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    comparison/contrast essay 已经结束 left

    You choose the subject 1100-1200 words, MLA Format 5-6 outside source (direct quotes with in-text citation, no paraphrasing) (published after 2015)

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    paraphrasing work 已经结束 left

    RE-writing the attachhment old report of 4 pages. About (Designing Android App about Transformer) Requarment: 1. paraphrasing the report so that it looks totaly diffrent (withot my teacher know that its from old file). 2. exactliy the same information just Change the topic from ( Android aoolication about Transformer ) to ( android Application about DC Motor ). [登录来查看链接] need to put figures. jus...

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    Paraphrasing 已经结束 left

    I need the attached work Paraphrased fast. Please make sure that you are able to do a good job before putting your bid. I will pay $6

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    I am looking for an article of around 5000 words related to cloud computing. You should cover the following details. "Introduction about cloud technology" "Types of cloud" "Cloud computing delivery models" "Financial Institution and Cloud" "Security of cloud" This work is for an assignment that will be submitted to Turnitin for plagiarism checking....

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    I need someone to do paraphrasing for my research proposal which is in materials engineering. its about 5000 words. I need it to be done in 24 hours.

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    Project for Muhammad A. 已经结束 left

    paraphrasing for a research proposal in materials engineering

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    I need this rationale to be proofread,Some sentences required paraphrasing and restructured.I will mess also plagiarism to be [登录来查看链接] can go down by 200 it’s fine

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    This care rationale is based on a scenario with multiple [登录来查看链接] is to discuss EATING AND PAIN MANAGEMENT VIA COMMUNICATION .I NEED TO PROOFREAD AND PARAPHRASING AND IMPROVEMENT OF THE CONTENT

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    paraphrasing 已经结束 left

    I have some short paragraphs that need to be paraphrased.

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    I am looking for someone specialised in a science field to paraphrasing 5744 words

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    There are some scripts (science & engineering field) that need to be checked and corrected and paraphrased. if you have experience in that sort of thing, please contact me

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    I am looking for contractors to hire for rewriting (paraphrasing) jobs on a regular basis. The hired person must be a native English speaker. The pay rate is 5 euros per 1000 words. (SEO knowledge will be preferred). First project is for 5700 words, therefore the first job is small. For Rewriting: The text needs to be PARAPHRASED (not summarized): * You will restate each sentence * All citati...

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    I need a summery and paraphrasing 5000 words article to 1500 please don't do place saving bid REAL NUMBERS ONLY

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    Hi everybody, I'm searching for someone who can support my PhD research in terms of categorizing, paraphrasing, proofreading, editing and other research tasks . The work does not contain any academic ghostwriting or academically unethical stuff. The work will be about 10-20hrs per week which can be conducted very flexibly. Please just apply if you already have a PhD or have significant ...

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    I need your help to proof read the attached paper whole paper but the yellow highlighted paragraph need to be paraphrasing to avoid plagiarism.

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    Hi, I need someone to help me write hundreds of texts for hotel units. For each hotel I will need: - A small text of 200 words - A bigger text of 400 to 600 words (The text must have an introduction + 3 headings: Location/Accommodation/Facilities) The text must be unique of course. NOTE: this is a very easy task as it is mostly paraphrasing. I will provide you will the hotel website + other sourc...

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    Paraphrasing everything in red color.

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    Hello, I need a freelancer that can rewrite a 5000 word document. Nothing complicated, plain english, no technicalities. You must be able to change all the words and order of ideas while keeping the main concepts clear. Paraphrasing, adding some filler phrases or words, expanding or summarizing as needed. I will need a small demo for this to see the quality of work and similarity to the origin...

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    I want someone good in paraphrasing the can do it asap as I need it after two hours

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    Hello freelancers, I need help in paraphrasing 5 pages (1.5 space) of a research paper. the paper is on the transportation field and a statistical methodology is applied. So, previous work on a quantitative research paper is a plus. Providing good quality writing will extend our collaboration further for more writings this week. Thank you,

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    Hi Isabella Hills, I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. I need your help in paraphrasing 5 pages (1.5 spaceline) of a research project. We can discuss any details over chat.

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    Manuscript paraphrasing 已经结束 left

    I have a manuscript titled ( Anemia among cancer patients ) with about 5000 words. I need someone professional to paraphrase it ( in an academic way ) in 3-5 days. If anyone interested I can hire him/her 30-50 $.

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    Write a logbook by watching the videos and pdfs provided, in a word document. They must need to write all the content in detail by paraphrasing and using point form as much as possible and have to write a four-page summary atlast in brief. The content of the logbook is meant to jog the memory.

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    The project entails reading and reviewing 1 document and summarizing and paraphrasing the contents.

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    Paraphrasing everything in the red color.

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    paraphrasing manuscript 已经结束 left

    I have a manuscript and want someone to edit and paraphrase it in an academic and scientific way

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    CV / Cover Letter / Essay 已经结束 left

    CV / Cover Letter / Personal Statement / Essay Writing / Proofreading / Editing / Paraphrasing

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    I need help putting together a document for a grant proposal. The document is a review of the available evidence regarding telehealth and knee rehab and measurement of knee range of movement - specifically in allied health/rehabilitation. I have done the literature scan and identified the articles I wish to use; around 100 articles. I have summaries of most articles already prepared and will sup...

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    Paraphrasing 已经结束 left

    I have a text with 11.400 words. I would like to have the text pharaphrased in Ph.D. level English. The ones who are interested in this job are expected to be familiar international relations or economics concepts and provide a Turnitin report proving no plagirisim in the text. Of course she or he should be experienced in paraphrasing. Due date is 16th October

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