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    hi I need an activex control for uploading and downloading files from secure site (ssl) with a smooth progress bar(mandatory) with some optimization logic which may increase Internet download ,upload . something like what Internet download manger does. should be able to download ,upload files upto 20mb without hanging users browser and should be able

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    ATL Com Serial Control 已经结束 left

    Hi All, I am trying to write a serial activex control using atl 3.0 . I could write data to the port but couldn't read from it. I have the code placed here [登录来查看链接] Please show me the mistake. Thanks, Pr ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete

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    ...have the option to select the mixer or waveout device for the recording in the mixer program (double-clicking the speaker icon), like most other soundcards do. We need an activex component that will allow us to do loopback recording with these headsets. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well

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    We have an ActiveX which is downloaded by the client on his computer. The ActiveX's only job is to download 2 remote files and register them locally. ( one is a DLL, the other is an .exe ). Right now, the ActiveX is marked as 'unsafe' by Internet Explorer. We can make it 'safe' by implementing the IObjectSafety method. We require somebody who will do

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    I am using a commmercial ActiveX control (Angular Guage at [登录来查看链接]) in a web page which works fine when the control is installed/registered on my test machines. However when delivered across the Internet, the control fails to render, presumably because the correct files haven't been downloaded/registered on the

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    A simple but secure home automation package written in visual basic 6. The system will take digital inputs (switches) from the parallel port on a windows 98se system. The system is basically an alarm. When disabled, the system prompts for a pin number to either activate the alarm or change settings. When the alarm is activated, the system waits a given

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    Video Conversions 已经结束 left

    I have an existing video converter activex control that needs some work. Actually, I have two. One writes WMV files from AVI, MPG, and other WMV files. The other writes AVI, MPEG-1, and MPEG-2 files from AVI, WMV, and MPG. The problems are mainly with resizing and the MPEG-2 files not muxing reliabily. I need someone who is experienced with video conversion

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    Custom VB6 Slider Control 已经结束 left

    ...development time. This project needs to be finished soon, and I am *willing to pay a significant premium* to bidders who can guarantee expedited quality. The control in question is a Visual Basic 6 ActiveX control component. It consists of a variable number of sliders arranged in a radial fashion which encapsulate (1) an integral value between 0 and 150 and (2)

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    Iam have a HTML MENU on a webpage. I also have a Activex Control(FarPoint Spread Control) to show the Data. When I expand the Menu, It goes under the ActiveX control. I need a way to keep this Menu on top of the SPread control. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable

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    IE ToolBar 已经结束 left

    ..._____________________________ Below Terms are a *MUST*, do not waste our time and yours if you do not agree to any of the below: Terms: 1) The project should be in *BOTH* activex and exe. 2) the programmer must be ready to work with people back in our office to integrate IP based system we have. (later as an upgrade - a simple counter which will show

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    Convert VB App To C++ 已经结束 left

    ...as its done rather than waiting until the end to pay. The VB app I have uses alot of API calls so you should be familiar with this. And one part of it does use an FTP activex control which I assume can be used in C++ also. So what your bidding for is to help convert the VB app to C++ in the version given above, commented code and explanations in email

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    Webcam ActiveX Control 已经结束 left

    I am in need of a simple webcam ActiveX control. I know that Microsoft supplies one, but I will need one of my own. This control will be used in an application that allows users to chat and view webcams. I need the control to be completely made by you, not simply a modification of another control. The control needs to have several methods, such as :

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    activex control 已经结束 left

    I need an Activex Control to be writen in VC++ with ATL to allow me to copy cds in raw mode the same way that CDClone do it with all the feature that CDClone provide in copying cds ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Installation package that will

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    PropertiesList ActiveX 已经结束 left

    PropertiesList control similar to the control used to manipulate properties in Visual Studio, with a view extras (background picture, calendar) The PropertiesList control presents a full logical object model (including PropertiesList, PropertyItem, ListItem, ImageItem, Page, ToolItem, ColumnHeader objects and related collections) that allow simple manipulation

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    I am looking consolidate membershipaccount info between my private area script and my shopping cart. This also needs to be streamlined with the order process so they can create their login on the checkout page. Bonus, I need to expire the user account based on their order terms. Basically, I am looking for a dedicated coder that I can use for all my sites. Thanks. ## Deliverables 1) Complete a...

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    check uploaded files 已经结束 left

    ...uploaded files for unwanted filetypes. What I want is a **compiled** solution (not only a PHP or ASP script) for both PHP and ASP. For ASP this will be an **ASP com object (ActiveX?)** and also for PHP I need a **Module** which can be loaded during runtime (without restarting PHP for re-loading the [登录来查看链接]). The modules must get params for choosing for

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    Web Installer 已经结束 left

    I am looking for an ActiveX that allows your customers install your applications from a web browser with one click. It should provide a seamless download and installation for your customers to get and run your software. It should be a the fast and easy solution to Web-enabling your software deployment. I don't care if it uses a VB script, MSI script

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    ...source (reference only please) at: [登录来查看链接] INSTALLATION Installed easily on the user's computer using ActiveX (is there a better way?) Uninstall cleanly via Windows control panel. We need to be able to customize URL list w/o having to recompile (INI file or HTML like [登录来查看链接]'s ?). DETAILS 1. No easter eggs, spyware

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    ActiveX ColorPicker 已经结束 left

    ColorPicker ActiveX control. Control starts with a color combobox, which gives a standard palette when you access the combobox. See top 2 pictures. (Extended/Normal) When pressing the 'More colors' button, a color dialog is displayed (2 bottom pictures) where you can choose a color. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s)

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    Okay, here's the situation. My web host Dream Host, provides a built in mailing list system for its members to contact website visitors with newsletters, etc. The Problem is the system only takes subscriptions through a form. They provide the html, which you'll get if you take the job. There is no “subscribe by email?? feature. Since I'm not paying for the system, rather than ...

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    User definable toolbar and menu themes including: - Default, Office 2000, XP, 2003 style themes - True Office/.NET look and feel - Dockable on top...ready-to-run condition) on the platform(s) specified in this bid request. 3) Complete ownership and distribution copyrights to all work purchased. ## Platform All Windows ActiveX compatible containers

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    ...which functions as the one at the link below does. -Toolbar must implement a tooltip for each button (just use the button's text) -Toolbar must be able to instantiate a VB activeX object and listen to events from it and display the appropriate icon in response (whether pop up blocking is on or off) -Must not crash IE, ever -Code must be readable, and

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    ActiveX Modification 已经结束 left

    This is an ActiveX that allows the rotation of VB6 shape control. It allows the user to reshape the control by dragging with the mouse into an ellipse and to also rotate it. At present moving the mouse over the shape causes a sizing frame to appear within the borders of the control What I want is for the sizing handles to appear on the outside border

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    System tray based, SDI Style Application with a split view: The left hand window is a listview which shows the tasks the user has created. The RH view shows the settings for that task. In short: the LHV has the summary, the RHV has the details. If you look at my website ([登录来查看链接]), you'll find an app called G-Winlurk. This project will replace the G-Winlurk app. G-Winlurk uses a timer and cl...

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    ...will say "convert now" and it will save that powerpoint file into a powerpoint 95 file. I also found an ActiveX control that Microsoft distributues, i need someone to embed this into a vc++ form and make use of all the properties that the ActiveX uses... This will be done using vc++, the viewer and plugin part should be easy... ## Deliverables 1)

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    WYSIWYG HTML Editor 已经结束 left

    ...simple, intuitive, fast. Example would be WebEdit Professional: [登录来查看链接] Code should be PHP or PERL based. Use Javascript, but avoid Java, ActiveX, DLLs, etc. HTML, PHP, PERL and/or Javascript, to run on shared accounts of standard Unix server. Will integrate a PayPal subscription button (with IPN) and require payment

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    ...automatically and it can't be faked. Therefore, here's what I came up with: An ActiveX acts like a proxy, and replaces referer header when it comes through. My website will reference the images in such a fassion: http://localhost:79/http://remoteserver/[登录来查看链接] ActiveX will run on local port, extract the URL it's passed, and replace any outgoing referer

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    I'm writing an MFC ActiveX control. I need to return a picture to Visual Basic like: LPPICTUREDISP CMyCtrl::GetPicture() { return [登录来查看链接](); } where CPictureHolder m_Picture; I've got raw image data that I need to write directly to a CPictureHolder. In VB you'd use something like PSet (x,y),color. How do I do this in C++ with CPictureHolder

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    I need an ActiveX control (or maybe a Browser Helper Object) that can run inside of IE for the purpose of authenticating users using hardware specific checks before allowing them to view certain webpages. Theory of Operation: 1) User tries to login to a webpage on our server 2) Control loads if not loaded (Only IE is supported for this system) 3) Control

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    activeX uploader 已经结束 left

    ActiveX uploader will be embedded as an .ocx on a web page. It will support a 2-pane approach. Left pane shows an explorer like tree view of the files on a clients system. The right pane will display the list of files (upload list) a user chose to upload. The explorer will default to displaying the "Desktop" files. The uploader will look like an ftp

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    I am in need of a File Transfer ActiveX control for Visual Basic 6.0. I am a programmer myself, but I am working on a very big project and simply do not have the time to make it myself. I would offer more for this project, but I am on a tight budget right now. The coder who wins this bid will definately be asked to help with bigger projects in the near

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    I need an ActiveX for VB6 which will monitor 4 serial ports and read the values of the CID number and name that come thrpugh the port into an access database. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Installation package that will install the software

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    I need a "small-scale" sales automation tool that will be hosted on the web. There will be 3 different levels of users: Administrator, User, and Staff. The "Administrator" will create a "Campaign Roadmap" which will look something like this: On day 1, send prospect a particular letter. On day 15, send prospects a particular postcard. On day 30, send

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    Looking for a web solution that does the following: 1. Log into the server using socket. 2. Sends two numbers over the same socket connection to the server 3. Wait for response from the server 4. Continuously update the client side with any subsequent response from the server Server, which is already done will be supplied ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in ex...

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    DHTML Ticker/JSP... 已经结束 left

    I need the following, i need a DHTML / JSP developer to create ticker which will scroll news and stocks in a ticker format, i want to stay away from activeX controls and applets, i want the ticker to grab the stocks from a source like [登录来查看链接] or reuters or some open soap service, the user should be able to customize the ticker items and the news items

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    ExplorerBar ActiveX 已经结束 left

    ExplorerBar ActiveX control Mimics the Windows XP ExplorerBar Features/Specifications: - Built-in imageList - Windows XP Themes: Full support for Windows XP Visual Themes, rendering the look and feel of the ExplorerBar according to the active theme. Theme support can be disabled or overriden if required. - Background: The ExplorerBar background can

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    PDF Print Driver 已经结束 left

    ...Express from InstallShield Licensing Component: Modified version of ProtectionPlus from [登录来查看链接] (C++ and VB examples available) PDF Library: Licensed library (DLL and ActiveX versions available) ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Installation

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    ...VB6. Someone can inform me of a free to use OCX that I could use instead, or bid for converting the above url into VB. One solution might be to Compile the C++ code into an ActiveX OCX. I'm sure there are many other ways too. Please let me know what the best/easiest/cheapest way would be to do this. I want to have a few methods in VB I will use: .OpenZip

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    Web Site Crawler 已经结束 left

    ...access to the web site content, extract specific data, insert the data into a database and download images after renaming them. This application will be developped in VB6 (Activex Components) and ASP scripts. An other alternative could be a Desktop VB6 application. The parser must be dynamic in order to use the same application to parse different web

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    MUST USE .NET FRAMEWORK [登录来查看链接] AND ACTIVEX WITH ALL INSTALLATION GUIDE client side 1. user login (userid,password,integer1,integer2) 2. making connection with server using socket 3. display 'login successfully' if server pass the password checking 4. client's screen has two label 5. label1/label2 show the value passed from server through socket

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    We are in need of an ASP component that can request information from an activeX component installed on a users computer. How the process works: 1) User downloads / installs the component onto their machine via a webpage. 2) Server component will request a variable (e.g. computer name) 2) Client component transmits requested data. 5) Loop until all requested

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    ...Application"). It works great under IE, but it doesn't work with Netscape. I need someone to help me find a solution for this problem. As far as I know now, NS does not support activeX objects, so I was thinking about making a java applet that takes the image's path as an argument, and opens the excel preview window. I am open to suggestions, but this needs

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    ...have written a control using VB6. I would like for a coder to convert it to ATL. I need for the new ATL based control to function in Net without the VB runtime files as is the case now. I will provide the source code for the existing control, as well as samples in VB6. The new control will function in the same manner as the existing control. All source

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    ActiveX Imaging control for displaying, modifying and saving images using Microsoft Internet Explorer for both desktop and PocketPC2002. Users select a simple image (example provided) and may then select a word that annotates the user's drawing on the image. Should provide the following functionality: 1. Allows server to define an image to display in

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    Develop an ActiveX control in Visual C++ 6.0 that can hook into the Microsoft operating system's LSP chain, and intercept and block TCP/UDP packets. After packets have been intercepted, analyze and evaluate packet contents for words that may been deemed inappropriate. Read attached document for more information. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional

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    ...Visual Basic 6 utilizing Object-Oriented techniques where possible. Reusability and extensibility must be demonstrated through the proper use of class files and UserControls (ActiveX). Would like to use Microsoft Data Report Designer to design the invoices that will be mailed to clients. Images will be embedded into these invoices. I DO NOT want to use

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    Hello, We would like specific source to be developed for us. Basically, it would involve writing an ActiveX control that is going to be used in Internet Explorer. The component has to be written in C++ (Visual C++ 6 or .NET), _without_ ATL or MFC. Just plain Windows API (as much as possible, since it will of course use COM). The objective is

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    Web Page Printing 已经结束 left

    ...request. 3) Complete ownership and distribution copyrights to all work purchased. Functional Requirement ??" Printing from Web Page Acceptable coding options: - May be an ActiveX control ??" must be secure ??" such as ScriptX ([登录来查看链接]) - May be MS I.E. 5.5 or above (no requirement for Netscape or earlier versions of IE) DESCRIPTION 1. Activated

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    2D & 3D plot 已经结束 left

    I am looking for a Visual Basic programmer having experience with any Plotting ActiveX component. I am currently using a product from ComponentOne to display 2D & 3D plot. However if the programmer has experience with other tools then that will work. Most of the ActiveX tools have some chart type built into it (like bar chart, pie chart etc.). I want

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    GUI Programming for Linux 已经结束 left

    ...should allow the programer to access system level resorces and calls easily, much like API calls in Windows. This program should also allow the programmer to create "ActiveX" type mini programs to include in larger projects. This program should also function as a "super" text editor to edit PHP/Perl files much like MS Visual InterDev does

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